Fiji’s temperature blinking at HOT RED!

SOS: Qarase begs Forum help
Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has written to the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum requesting their intervention in returning Fiji to democratic rule.Qarase said “the longer Fiji is burdened with an authoritarian government, lacking in constitutional and legal legitimacy, the greater will be our national decline”.

“I therefore entreat the Forum leaders to use all the diplomatic, political and moral authority at your disposal, to bring Fiji back to respectability and legality.”

He said: “The people of Fiji will owe the Forum a lasting debt of gratitude if it can prevail upon Commodore (Voreqe) Bainimarama and his regime to stand by their Nukua’lofa obligation. There is no reason whatsoever why an election cannot be held by March 2009”.

In a statement today, Qarase said he had written earlier this month to the Pacific leaders in his capacity as the leader of Fiji’s largest political party, which won the 2006 elections, to brief them on the current situation in Fiji. 

He wrote that the 2006 insurrection and the military regime “have widened our ethnic divisions, created bitterness and alienation and inflicted much suffering on the people”. 

“They have been hurt through job losses, shrinking incomes and widening poverty.  There have been countless abuses of human rights and constitutional freedoms. Cronyism and nepotism have reached unprecedented heights.

“From the Forum’s perspective, the Fiji situation represents a real challenge.”

Qarase said it is shameful for the Commodore not to honour the election pledge he made in Tonga.

“Never, in the history of the Forum, has a member country reneged on an assurance freely given to the Island leaders,” he said.

“The shame of this for Fiji is that, under the leadership of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, we were instrumental in the founding of the Forum.  It was his vision that provided the initial guiding influence.”

No comments could be obtained from Commodore Bainimarama at this stage.


15 Responses to “Fiji’s temperature blinking at HOT RED!”

  1. Say True! Says:

    It’s good to hear from Fiji’s Prime Minister Qarase. His calls are not unheard.

  2. qitawa Says:

    Qori dou vakarau sara na vakateratera tiko qori sa vakarau mai qori na invasion. Sa vosa tiko mai o minisita ni mataivalu ni Niusiladi. Sa voleka nai valu ragone. Macala saramada.

  3. Say True! Says:

    Fiji condemnation continues at Pacific forum
    By New Zealand correspondent Kerrie Ritchie
    August 20, 2008 – 8:16PM
    Source: ABC
    The condemnation of Fiji continues, following the interim government’s decision not to take part in talks with 15 other Pacific leaders at Niue.

    Commodore Frank Bainimarama announced two days ago that he was boycotting the Pacific Islands Forum to concentrate on political issues at home.

    He is now saying he was forced to commit to holding elections by March next year.

    The chair of the Forum, Tongan Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele, told the crowd at the opening ceremony that Fiji’s military-led government has made a lot of excuses.

    “Unfortunately the relationship has deteriorated from the promising situation it was in Tonga to one that is disappointment and an uncertain future,” he said.

    “As forum leaders, we are very disappointed at the interim government’s decision not to attend.

    “He wasn’t forced to set a date. He agreed to it. We are keen to help Fiji move forward but Fiji has to play it’s due part.”

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in Niue for the forum, signing two development agreements with Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

    Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare thanked Australia for taking part in the seasonal workers scheme.

    Mr Rudd listened intently from his seat on the stage.

    Earlier he said Fiji had made a grave error by not coming.

    “He hasn’t just gone one step too far, he’s gone many,” Mr Rudd said.

    New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark likened Commodore Bainimarama to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

    “This is like de ja vu with Zimbabwe,” she said.

  4. vatukaca Says:

    Spend a couple of weeks in Fiji and visited some high profile areas, some institution and meeting some high profile people who were victims of this coup and general public. The story is the same, unless there’s an election soon, the whole country will collapse. People are just going to work for the sake of bread and butter, there’s no more commitment to what they do @ work especially the civil service. You don’t have to ask to find out the status of the country, just drive down some feeder roads, lucky if you have your 4 tires intact after the drive.

    The government of USA, Australia and NZ needs to put a lot of pressure on these regime so that they can ensure election is held on May next year.

  5. Striker Says:

    People like Dauniwalesi should take note. The pig’s lies have now been uncovered by the international community. Is this what the clean up is all about?

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Way to go LQ. We must not remain quite on our fate while idiots play god with our lives. Now the pigs lies are catching up with him. And his cowardice is on display for all to see.

    We must commend with gratitude our regional neighbours on their stand against the actions of the ig being represented by the pig himself. Kudos to Helen Clarke and Kevin Rudd on their strong stance and tirade against the pig. Time to tighten the screw and let the pig pop. We must thank them for their concern for us the ordinary Fiji citizens who are suffering under this regime and are unable to do anything physical since we face the guns with only our bodies. Wiser to use the pen, the brain and the strength of prayer to bring this ig down.

  7. george of sydney Says:

    People should understand that the main reason he could not hold the election is because :-
    – he had lost the support of genuine people who could have offered him the correct advise.
    – He is too smart(or too stupid ) to seek or listen to expert advice and opinion.
    – He listen to people who are just using him for their personal and political interest.
    – He is scared and that is why, he is pushing for the charter for that is where his life and future rests. Election has to be done on his terms for the changes made will allow his puppets to enter parliament and protact him from a permanent holiday in Nukulau. OR MAYBE IT HAS TO BE SOMEWHERE FAR FAR AND FAR AWAY.

    – Finally, he could not hold the election for he DOES NO HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE. Very Simple!!! If he did have the support, the people and important institutions would have already shown their full support on the changes recommended in the electoral reforms, charter, and other important recommendations to allow the election to happen.
    Now , part of him is threatening the people by saying, “People should accept that the implementation of the People’s Charter will proceed without initial consultations with important stakeholders ”
    Deep inside he perfectly knows that he does not have the support and confidence of the people and to tell you the truth, he is scared that the people may revolt against the regime. Especially when the current GCC and the biggest religious institutions (whose majority in composition are Fijians) have openly indicate their opposition to the changes if it is not done constitutionally.
    The main thing that this interim illegal govt lacks is RESPECT. Well it is simple WHEN YOU DONT GIVE RESPECT, YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED.
    They arrogantly condemned any institution that does not see things their way. They are full of pride that they see THEIR WAY IS THE ONLY WAY. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

    You know what ? The 1997 Constitution is still the supreme authority of the land. Therefore since it is clearly defined under the constitution that any amendment made that has direct effect on the native fijians should have the absolute majority of parliament plus the consent(votes) of the senators that were nominated from the GCC.
    Since it is crystal clear that a lot of the issues and changes recommended in the Charter does have direct impact on fijians (eg. change of names, removal of common roll), the original and legal GCC (Not Puppet Jo’s committee) will have to discuss and their views will have to be respected for it represents the view of the majority of the Fijian’s and it is LEGAL.
    Once upon a time he humiliated our chiefs by telling them to go and drink grog under the mango tree. NOW HE IS USING THAT SAME MANGO TREE TO HIDE. THEN WITH THE $189000 AUTHORISED BY CHODO AND SOME FROM CHODOS MILLIONS, THEY ARE READY TO ELOPE FAR FAR AWAY.

  8. lawcast Says:

    Chiefs should now unite and organise meetings. They do not need funds from the govt. They need a bit of backbone to start sending signals to Bai that enough is enough. They are chiefs for the good times and bad. Now is the time for chiefs to stand up and be counted!

    A chief is to lead not sit quietly and let his people suffer, otherwise they become mere spectators and are consenters to all our suffering through doing nothing!


  9. Save the Sheep Says:

    Frank is just Sooo predictable, especially when the Werewolf Moon is high.

    ‘You dont agree with me so I dont like you’. I bet anything that as a kid, if he wasn’t allowed to win in the playground he would take his bat and ball and go home.

    Man! So go ahead and withdraw from the Forum Frank and continue to show us what you are made of….

    Sad thing is the greater fools in this country are the people supporting this “Lunar Tic”

  10. Islander Says:

    Get ready to rock and roll back to Democracy.

    Voreqe, start kissing your self-imposed “sweet life” goodbye and get ready for hard labor if you even survive to make it that far.

  11. Islander Says:

    Oh! And it’s good to hear the REAL PM taking a tougher stand and vigilant in this, they have been silent and “weak” for too long. Blast the ILLEGAL regime back 100 years.

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    The news that we might be kicked out from the Forum is very disturbing.

    What would be the economic implications in terms of trade as well as losing the income and collateral advantages we accrue from hosting all these regional and international organisations as the hub of the Pacific?

    Today Frank has demonstrated that his ill gotten advisors are truly holding us to ransom. I wonder if he fully appreciates the meaning of all this?

    What a very sad day for Fiji and her people.

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    maybe those idiots within the Military Council may act now and get rid of him!

    Wishful thinking????

  14. newsfiji Says:

    Birds flying around a whispering the same thing…”that the military council want Voreqe out, along with the Epeli’s”…they’ve passed their used by date…sa expire makawa..

    Hopefully, the military council will finally see the light and think of the rest of us who are suffering…

    Since Voreqe is now the self appointed Minister for Finance, shall tell all my friends who have business’s etc NOT to pay any taxes until an elected govt. is in place..

    Qori – qai macala mada where they get their paisa from – dou lako sara yani i Haryana…

  15. Glatombloli Says:


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