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Chaudhry launches claims interim PM poorly advised

September 30, 2008

Top of the morning bloggers. This one is from One National News yesterday. There is definitely no honour amongst thieves and now the knives have come out for slippery Sami, Ayarse and Chand, but wait for their response. Their dirty linen is now being aired out in public. We at SV are watching for Chodo to come out with claims of slippery Sami being notified of the coup several months in advance because at this moment, Datt and Professor Biman Prasad are claiming that Chodo knew of the coup and gave it his acquiescence, despite the fact, his Party was involved in the Qarase Multi Party Cabinet! Chodo Jnr given his big mouth will continue his personal vendetta against the illegal junta and they in turn will respond and this will definitely be to our benefit, because their big egos will expose who the ‘shadowy figures’, so bloggers be on the alert and watch this House of Cards come tumbling down!!!

One National News

Outspoken Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has launched fresh criticisms against the interim government. Two days after interim Prime Minister’s address to the United Nations, Chaudhry says, Frank Bainimarama is surrounded by poor advisors. For a man whose party and father until recently were members of the Interim Government… Rajendra Chaudhry’s outbursts against the current regime are getting bolder. Rajendra Chaudhry has gone to the extent of naming names.

The outspoken lawyer is now blaming Frank Bainimarama’s advisors, for Fiji’s deteriorating international relations, and the delay in elections. Chaudhry goes a step further, calling on Bainimarama to get rid of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Parmesh Chand and John Samy. And calls for an interim civilian government are nothing new. The Interim Attorney General says, he will not be roped into this debate, as the current administration has a job to do.

Goff supports Commonwealth call and so do we at SV!!!

September 29, 2008

Top of the morning bloggers. Well the illegal junta is continuously under pressure and this time it is interesting that the NZ Government has acknowledged for the first time, that the majority of people in Fiji object to the farter Charter because they believe the only legitimate way and change can be proposed is through a democratic elected government. The NZ Government has in effect rubbished John Samy’s futile efforts in trying to support Vore and his cronies. SV asks the NZ Government to review John Samy’s residency papers and see whether he has brought NZ into disrepute through his involvement with the illegal junta. We also ask the NZ Government, to investigate allegations made by Victor Lal that John Samy months before the coup, had been approaching several Government Officials regarding the draft farter Charter. If this is true, then John Samy is guilty of treason and we hope that NZ will try him for his crimes.


Monday, 29th September 2008.

Goff says it is clear that the Interim Government’s efforts to pursue electoral and constitutional change in Fiji through the people’s Charter is being met with significant opposition.

Taken from / By: Google

Monday, 29th September 2008.
The New Zealand Government representative in the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group Phil Goff has welcomed CMAG’s reaffirmation of its strong support for the Pacific Islands Forum to achieve the restoration of a democratic and constitutional government in Fiji . Goff made the comments after Action Group held it’s 13th meeting on Saturday in New York.
Speaking from New York, Goff says the Commonwealth has made its support clear for the Forum roadmap to return legitimate government to Fiji.He says the Forum in Niue earlier expressed its support for the Commonwealth-led process of independent and inclusive political dialogue to be advanced and the two organisations are clearly working in a complementary way to see the situation in Fiji resolved.

The New Zealand Trade Minister says Papua New Guinea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Abal and he were able to update CMAG colleagues on the recent discussions among Forum Leaders in Niue and to highlight the viable ‘exit strategy’ the Niue Communiqué roadmap provides to assist the interim government and political stakeholders to resolve the current impasse.

Goff says it is very clear that the interim government’s efforts to pursue electoral and constitutional change in Fiji through the People’s Charter is being met with significant opposition, not just because there was no consensus at this stage on electoral or constitutional changes but also because it is increasingly recognised that only a legitimately elected government can pursue such changes.

He adds that the only viable way through the current situation is to proceed to advance preparations for an election under the current Constitution, and at the same time pursue parallel efforts at political dialogue between the interim government and political stakeholders.

Goff further added that New Zealand would continue to work within the Forum and the Commonwealth to encourage the interim government to engage constructively on both election preparations and an appropriate political dialogue process.

The 13th meeting of the Action Group held in New York on Saturday has resolved that Fiji must adhere to the Mrach 2009 deadline for the General Elections and the engagement of the Commonwealth in Fiji should continue to be based on encouraging a comprehensive political dialogue that is broad-based and involves all major stakeholders of Fiji.

It affirmed that any changes that may come about through this dialogue must have due legitimacy and be implemented within the framework of Fiji’s existing Constitution.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


Fiji army renews bid for UN missions – too bad says SV

September 28, 2008
Bloggers following in the same vein of the 2 previous posts, we have Vore’s plea to the UN to include Fiji soldiers in new Peacekeeping Missions. We now know, Fiji soliders have been out of the invitation loop for over 12 months! Must be hard on their pockets! Vore is so devoid of any intellect or moral attributes, that he does not see the irony of his plea? How can Fiji soldiers be invited to Peacekeeping Missions overseas, when they are brutalising and violating their very own people’s human rights at home! How can these stupid goons extend peace all over the world, when all they do is inflict terror in their own backyards? SV asks the UN to temporarily freeze all UN engagements until democracy and the rule of law is restored in Fiji. SV also wishes to remind Vore and his military goons: Charity begins at home or as they say in the Fijian Heartland…Me tekivu mada e Jerusalemi.


Fiji’s military head Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama today urged world leaders to include Fiji soldiers in new peacekeeping missions, a year after he made a similar request. One year on, and still no offers to Fiji, Bainimarama admits that the relationship between Fiji and the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations(UNDPPKO)  has been under strain because of the Fiji Military’s involvement in the Government in 2006.

“It would be less than honest on my part if I did not observe that undue external influence appear to have been brought to exclude Fiji from participation in new peacekeeping missions,” he told the United Nations 63rd General Assembly this morning (9.30am FJ time.) “I express the hope that the opportunity will be extended to us to participate in new peacekeeping missions.
“Fiji’s Military Force has shown that its training and ethics are an asset to peace-keeping operations. “We continue to work very hard to keep intact this exceptional record.”



September 27, 2008

Methinks the bipolar ones desperate plea for his insignificant ig to be recognised by the UN will fall on deaf ears again. It’s the same old same old – broken record of lies.

Methinks also that if his URGENT plea for world leaders to include Fiji soldiers in new peacekeeping missions is vetoed AGAIN – he will fall on his own sword.

He’s over in New York trying to sell his mantra to the world, but doesn’t have any idea, not a clue, not one iota that the world is really and truly fed up with dictators – especially a near illiterate one like him with nought to contribute towards the well being of Fiji nor the world at large. He seems to have missed the fact that his heroes musharaff and mugabe are out of the picture and have been and will always be condemned in their own countries and every else, so get with it voreqe bhai.

I wonder if Ratu Epeli Nailatikau deliberately declined to go with the bipolar pig to the UN because of the acute embarrassment he would face there for being associated with the ig. He is well known and popular in the diplomatic circles and would be hardpressed to answer the vital questions put to him by his colleagues for why he accepted illegal ministerial positions. The embarrassment would continue with the inevitable jokes made about the ig, voreqe bhais inability to distinguish right from wrong or to give a credible answer in plain English to his hijacking of a legally elected democratic government, apart from the mantra – “Cleaning Up Corruption and Good Governance”.

They would then shift to the expatriate lawyers who have suddenly attained positions within this ig that they would never ever reach in their home countries. The likes of Gates for one and Jocelynne Scutt another – scut being so close to the part of the anatomy that excretes waste – all scuts nevertheless. Can you imagine the hoots of laughter and derision. Ratu Epeli was wise not to go to the UN.

So off went the piggy to market with his floozies in tow – all three of them with hides as thick as all hell – and brains to match – so full of themselves in their cheap suits. Oh the shame! Yet these idiots think they represent the Nation of Fiji. Man I’m just cringing at the thought – uuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

Let’s wait for their return and how they will recant everything and come up with some spin – “aaaaah no wun unnasans me man” well they better come up with a jolly good spin for the military – no peacekeeping jobs – no kana ra sotia – maybe then the worm will turn.

Do we have another TAVIOKA PATCH DASH coming up – get those video cameras and mobile phones ready to record it in colour.

Help us remove coup culture boci Vore urges UN

September 27, 2008

Bloggers, the boci Vore just doesn’t realise how stupid he looks in the International Community when uttering these foolish words. To claim his overthrowing the Qarase Government was to break the coup culture is simply nonsensical! We ask this boci, how can his coup, stop future coups? It can’t. but will only perpetuate more coups! Imagine World Leaders looking at the Fijian Delegation and seeing 2 Indians accompanying this boci, when he is uttering these words. We are not racist at SV, but perception speaks a thousand words. SV says the only way we can stop the coup culture in Fiji, with the UN’s assistance is to hold boci Vore accountable for treason together with all his cronies and supporters, including all those in the illegal junta, appointees, etc. What say you bloggers???


Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama this morning asked the international community to not focus only on the removal of government but to rally behind his regime move Fiji forward. In speaking at the 63rd United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, Bainimarama stressed on how Government plans to remove the ‘coup culture and to commit to democratic and just governance and the rule of law.He said that while the coups of 1987 and 2000 “were executed in the interests of a few, based on ethno-nationalism, racism, and greed”, his overthrow of the Qarase Government in 2006 “were not for any such extremist motivation”.
 “I wish to assure the international community that I am, personally, deeply committed to breaking the cycle of coups. Equally important, I am committed to breaking the cycle of bad and unjust governance which Fiji has suffered, since May, 1987. 
“…it is imperative that policies which promote racial supremacy, and which further the interests of self-seeking political, religious and traditional elites, are removed, once and for all.” Bainimarama said that he had anticipated the international community to support the noble goals in helping move Fiji forward, but “regrettably, so far, this has not happened”.      
“Travel sanctions continue, imposed particularly by Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA.  “These sanctions have had significant, adverse effects on our economy as well as on the functioning of our key institutions of State, those on which we rely, to promote good governance and accountability.”Pressure has been mounted, on regional and multilateral agencies, not to extend to Fiji the much needed financial, development, and technical assistance. “As a result, we have not been able to make as much progress as we should have.”Fijilive

Watchdog snoozes, awaits State funds – Vakaloloma says SV

September 27, 2008

Morning bloggers. There is so much news that we could have selected for discussion, but choose this one. We chose it because it goes to the substance of this illegal junta. Here you have the Commerce Commission being intimidated by the illegal junta by withholding its quarterly operational grants. Remember bloggers, the Chairman Charles Sweeney no doubt would have been appointed by the illegal junta and now they are at odds. It was also reported today that the Nausori Town Clerk has been suspended for fraudulently using a Council mobile phone to win a car and rake up a Council bill of $3,200! It is highly conceivable that the Town Clerk is a member of the FLP, but our question is has there been any drastic change in the people’s culture to eradicate corruption, as claimed by Vore when he took over? Remember Vore’s naive claim to totally eradicate corruption before elections? The Town Clerk was only texting last month! We believe the state of affairs in Fiji has become worse. The main lesson to draw from this post is that when Watchdogs such as the Commerce Commission are withheld funds for its operational budget, it could either mean some political infighting going on, which unscrupulous investors will take advantage of or the illegal junta is facing a serious financial meltdown. We at SV say, the sooner this illegal junta is brought down the better. Any ideas on how to bring it down?


Fiji’s competition watchdog the Commerce Commission has closed for business because of no funding from Government, its executives have revealed.

The commission chairman Charles Sweeney had written letters to the Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade and Communication on September 19 and again on the 24th to the Attorney General to remind them of the commission’s precarious finance situation, but to no avail. By yesterday the commission still had not received its quarterly application of funds from Government which was due on July 1 this year, so it had to close because of its inability to pay its bills, including staff wages.

Commission chief executive officer Miliana Racule was given assurance via phone yesterday morning that the funds would be made available next Monday, but Racule replied that it would be “too late” because unless funds were received yesterday, the commission can not afford to trade next week.

In his letter to the PS a week ago, Sweeney indicated that with its balance of funds, the commission will not be able to pay staff salaries due on September 29. “After payment on wages on Monday, the commission will have $72 in its account. It therefore cannot continue to trade,” he said.

“This is the second successive quarter in which the commission has been subjected to this kind if financial strangulation.” For its part, the Ministry of Trade and Communication Industry had indicated yesterday that it wants to do an audit on the commission’s accounts.

Sweeney however told the AG that the commission’s accounts had already been scrutinized by the Audit Office. “Using “audit” process as a means of intimidation of an independent statutory body is unacceptable,” he said. Meanwhile, as the department delays releasing funds, a number of the commission’s projects are on hold.


From Cassandra’s Desk

September 26, 2008

My dear readers, have you ever wondered how a pair of shameless old scoundrels might possibly become heroes in the eyes of practically every man, woman and child in our beautiful Fiji ?Of course, I realize none of you has ever wrestled with such a bizarre question, but that’s not going to stop me taking you through it anyway.

First, which old scoundrels ? Well permit me to introduce them, notorious as they are.

For some time now your humble correspondent has held a very low opinion of the two Epelis (Ganilau and Nailatikau) in Frank Bainimarama’s illegal and hopelessly inept “interim” government.

Their present roles have lost the public respect, notwithstanding the fact both are highly educated former commanders of the RFMF who also bound through their kurau relationship to the Mara clan.

Until January 2007 each had a record of outstanding military and public service.

Then each of the chose to mortgage his honour by becoming ministers in Frank’s phony and fraudulent “interim” administration.

That single, treasonous act made a sick joke of the values and ideals that each had previously publicly upheld and, we must presume, attempted to live by.

However, over the next few days, those two scoundrels have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves. Ganilau and Nailatikau could become national heroes.

How is it, I hear you ask. Well dear readers, let me explain.

With the dictator out of the country the two Epelis have a golden opportunity to save their nation, and, incidentally, save themselves in the process.

All they need to do is call on President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and make the case that nearly two years of non-governance by an llegal “interim” government has wrought huge damage to our nation;s economy, population and international prestige.

Who knows ? Our ailing and rarely seen president might be stirred into action if someone tells the truth for a change! Surely we must assume he has the best interests of the country at heart.

The idea is not as far-fetched as you might think. And, most importantly, its a plan that could be executed without violence.

Ratus Epeli Ganilau and Epeli Nailatikau are both former heads of the military and Ganilua is acting interim Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, so they are well-positioned to take the RFMF with them, espeically with Pita Driti currently in charge of the shop.

Whatever else you think about Ganilau, Nailatikau or Driti, somewhere in their hearts they must surely harbor a lingering sense of loyalty to the RFMF and therefore share a desire to see the restoration of that institution’s once proud reputation.

Well, they can make all that come true in their own lifetimes by acting for a chnage like the loyal and professional soldiers they once were.

All they need to do is dosown that raving madman, Frank ($184,000) Bainmarama, and re-pledge their loyalty to our wonderful nation and her beautiful people.

And then there’s Teleni. If the two Epeli’s fronted him with their proposal and simply asked him to do his part by instructing the police to maintain the peace, is it not beyond reason that the police commissioner might also seize upon this opportunity to be patriot and true son of Fiji (and avoid an otherwise inevitable lengthy spell in the clink)?

OK. Lets suppose for the moment that the two Epelis, Pita Driti and Esala Teleni actually have it in them to act like true men. What next ?

My suggestion would be that they propose to the President that the interim regime be instantly stood down and replaced with a multi-party ruling group led by a respected figure, whose main taksk would be to organise free and fair parliamentary elections no later than March 2009.

Several possible candidates for this vital interim leadership role came to mind and include the likes of highly principled individuals such as Commissioner of Prisons Iowane Naivalurua, former minister Kaliopate Tavola or former Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

But I hear you ask, what about the unprincipled feral pig, the dictator ?

Well, what’s the betting he would choose to return to Fiji once he knew he had been profoundly but peacefully usurped ?

Dont forget how he’s demonstrated to all of us that he’s a towering bully while he’s got the guns, but I’ll wager he’ll be reduced to a sniveling, craven coward once he knows they have been taken away.

So dear readers, that’s my rough blueprint for our immediate, peacful return to the path of prosperity.

Its a blueprint that I strongly commend to the two Epelis, Pita Driti, Esala Teleni et al.

And I once again remind them that they only have until this Tuesday to save our nation, and their own skins to boot.


Charter untouchable says Vesikula, but we at SV say you are dead wrong!!!

September 26, 2008
Top of the morning bloggers. Well Vesikula who used to have some shred of decency in the past has now shown himself as someone unworthy of any position of power. Remember he was in Rabuka’s Interim Government after the 1st 1987 coup and on 4 Corners that year, he told Reporter Gillespie, that he felt he was ‘called by God to come and lead Fiji?’ Well now we have this. What SV finds astounding, is that Vesikula and Tevi are now claiming that no Political Party will dare change the farter Charter after it is being accepted by the people! We ask Vesikula, how can the people accept the farter Charter, when they never had a say in it in the first place? Vesikula and Tevi, the supposedly ‘chosen few’ by Iloilo, who have no common touch or are people friendly are so out of sync with the rest of Fiji, that they simply will not acknowledge the people’s repudiation of the same all over Fiji. We now have the SDL, NFP & Methodist Church sending out its own forms to its members to fill in saying they reject the farter Charter! As for claims of corruptive practices as the cause of Fiji’s problem, Vesikula fails to inform his audience that the Qarase Government was removed on allegations of corruption during the ‘Clean Up Campaign’, however 18 months later, not a single SDL Minister has been charged with corruption and convicted! The illegal junta on the other hand has been carrying on with corruptive practices since the ‘selection of the 1st interim Cabinet’ in January 2007 and the most recent the mother of back-pays to Vore and 40 of his Senior Officers, which were authorised by Chodo ‘Robin Hood’. SV wishes to remind Vesikula & Tevi, that neither of you speak for any group of Fijians, so can you both just shut up. Each time you open your mouth with those verminous lies, it only makes you look more stupid than you already are because the great majority of Fijians never has and never will support the illegal farter Charter irrespective how long the consultations will be extended for, so we at SV say piss off and find a life!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

National Council for Building a Better Fiji member Ratu Meli Vesikula says no political party will dare touch the peoples charter if it is being accepted by the people of this country.

Ratu Meli made the statement at the Tailevu North charter consultation yesterday. Ratu Meli stressed the charter will take away the work of corruption that has been circulating the country in the past.

His counterpart Loraine Tevi told the audience that 50% of the students that attend kindergarten do not make it to primary schools and 50% of whom that attend primary schools do not make it to secondary or tertiary institutions. Tevi says this was the effectiveness of poverty in the country. She says the country cannot continue on that path and it is the individual decision that counts in building a better Fiji.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD

Qarase warns UN before interim PM speaks

September 25, 2008

Bloggers, sorry for not updating this blog, but we have been busy attending to other matters. Well Vore is attending the UN and Qarase has cautioned its Secretary General. One wonders whether any protests will be launched in the US, but all eyes are now on Driti and whether he has the moral fortitude to bring the Military into line with the rule of law and reinstate Qarase as the lawful PM. If Driti did this, it would put the illegal wannabe CJ Gates and his cronies to shame because Driti would be reinstating the lawful Government, making the Gates decision irrelevant. Imagine the mass resignations of the junta appointees. Come on Driti, repent and start cleansing your soul, by doing the right thing, which is to sack Vore and reinstate Qarase as PM now!!

Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has written to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemning Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama before he addresses the 63rd UN General Assembly tomorrow. Qarase confirms he stressed in his letter sent yesterday that Commodore Bainimarama hopes to win backing for the draft People’s Charter during discussions with some heads of State while in New York.“Many of our citizens are concerned that Commodore Bainimarama will make the General Assembly a forum for the kind of propaganda and disinformation that is the hallmark of his regime,” Qarase said. “Commodore Bainimarama is relying on the Charter to delay a return to parliamentary governance.

“He has consistently threatened that elections will not be held until the people of Fiji approve the Charter. “He has also declared that the military will enforce it if necessary, without specifying exactly how this will be done.” Qarase added that the People’s Charter, which the army says will be its exit strategy after overthrowing Qarase’s regime in December 2006, has several proposals that can only be approved through Parliament, in line with the Constitution.

He said Commodore Bainimarama has indicated that elections will not be held until a new voting system is in place. “The main purpose of this communication is to emphasis to the general assembly that the Fiji interim Government is an illegal regime, which seized power through force of arms.

“In the view of the SDL (Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua) party, it has no legal authority to establish a National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF), with a mission to virtually remake the country through the proposed Charter. “The sweeping changes that are envisaged are the job of a properly elected Parliament, not an interim administration which came to office through an act of treason.”
He said the inclusion of the Charter in Bainimarama’s address to the UN summit would be nothing more than a bid to gain some kind of validation and legitimacy for a proposal that is in breach of the principles and ideas of the UN.


Ratu Epeli heads new ministry

September 24, 2008

Bloggers, this must be a demotion for Eveli Ulukau, now being relegated to Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs. Although it maybe seen as a strategic move by the illegal junta to try to win over the sympathy of the people by putting Ulukau there, SV believes it will not go down too well with Eveli Ulukau. Imagine with the Pacific Islands Forum Special Meeting in PNG in several weeks, Eveli Ulukau at least had some familiarity with the Stakeholders, now it will be interesting who will be approached by Vore to take up the job. Desperate Bole may be lined for the position, as he has experience in diplomacy or Santa Claus Vunibobo may be vying for the position, and what a time to lobby Vore whilst he is in New York. Both Eveli’s who have been influential over Vore must be seething when they are seeing others like Slippery Sami and Pramesh Chand having more control. Imagine Vore now acting Foreign Affairs Minister plus Finance Minister and interim Prime Minister. This bastard reminds me of Idi Amin Dada, who had so many titles next to his name. Lord Denning once wrote when made Ambassador at Large, that he hopes he never fits into the definition of a Diplomat as being ‘an honest person sent abroad to lie on behalf of his country.’ Vore does not come within this definition because he is ‘a deceitful man, who goes aboard and lies on behalf of the country he usurped.’ Have a nice weekend and let’s hope the weekend brings good news.



24 September 2008Update: 12:39PM


Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has now been appointed the new interim Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs. Ratu Epeli earlier looked after the ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Civil Aviation.

Ratu Epeli takes over the responsibilities from interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who held the portfolio of Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs in addition to his other portfolios. 

Commodore Bainimarama, before leaving for New York yesterday, said Ratu Epeli will take up his new role from October 5, 2008 upon returning from the Heads of ACP States Meeting in Accra, Ghana.

“I have decided to give him this new responsibility given his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on the workings of the Civil Service, Governments role in rural development and the sources of assistances available to facilitate such development,” he said.  “He also has excellent public relations appeal, which is very much needed in outreaching and inter-facing with rural people.”

Commodore Bainimarama added the Ministry for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs, in addition to its existing role will have broader responsibilities to oversee the development of infrastructure, particularly in rural areas and outer islands.  The responsibilities the ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Civil Aviation will be handled by the interim PM in the meantime, until a new Minister is appointed