Is this a trait of character we want in a leader??

Regardless of the fact that her case was eventually discharged by the US District Attorney’s office, this was an UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL act by a Fijian Parliamentarian. It is unbecoming of a woman of her stature or of her age, to be acting like a scorned, lovestruck teenager in a public place!

Fiji’s youth deserve better than having this kind of people sitting in their Parliament making decisions that will affect their lives, a rotten egg (amongst some others who know themselves) who can’t even put their OWN HOUSES in order! Shame on you woman!


US court dismisses ex-Fiji minister’s case

Ousted Fiji Minister for Women Adi Asenaca Caucau’s assault case against another woman has been dismissed by a South San Francisco court in the United States of America.Adi Asenaca who faced charges of assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence appeared before Judge Justice Stephen Hall yesterday.It’s been confirmed to Fijilive that on a motion by Deputy District Attorney Megan Schwedhelm, the case against Adi Asenaca was dismissed in the interest of justice.

The victims in the matter failed to appear in court and the prosecution was unable to prove their case without corroborating evidence.

According to information provided to the court, Caucau and her Fijian male companion were planning to get married in Sydney and were booked to board a flight to Sydney from the San Francisco International Airport on the evening of July 20.

Unfortunately she arrived late and missed her flight and while checking to see if her Fijian male companion had already departed, she observed him hugging and kissing another Fijian female who had apparently transported the male to the airport.

The report said that upset at what she was witnessing, Caucau approached the pair and hit them both with her high heeled shoe.


15 Responses to “Is this a trait of character we want in a leader??”

  1. qitawa Says:

    Never mind i still support her for she was from the SDL. Never mind she has a court warrant waiting for her in Fiji. She did not overthrow a governemnt. Whats wrong with her screwing a ex-CRW convict in the US and wanting to marry him. Thats her personal life and she is a chief from kubuna so dont talk about my chief like that.

  2. painter Says:

    @ qitawa – too bad you can’t stomach that, who cares about who she screws, when you take public office, you’re accountable to the public! Being of chiefly status is besides the point.

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    These are the characters that SDL should discard like a bad smell as they give the Party a bad name

  4. Wailei Says:

    Trues up @ Dauvavana! some integrity please! there are more fish in the sea.. Kemuni! Lai nunu tale… e tu na kanace, saqa, na qio, na sokisoki, vei mataqali ika kei na roka. 🙂

  5. qaraniduna Says:

    Dina o dauvavana kei wailei-characters as such and like the carpark incident guy should have been relieved to maintain moral integrity

  6. Jose Says:

    Segai, sa kana baci na ika.

  7. Striker Says:

    Fury has no match like a woman lover scorned. Blame the pig and the coup; she wouldn’t have been galavanting all over the world otherwise!

  8. church mouse Says:

    If a bloke is playng up, he deserves a smack with a shoe! The matter is barely newsworthy anyway.

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    It is an amusing story, but obviously the US court gave it no more attention than it deserved. It shows that she is human and a woman, not afraid to show it. I am sure the courts have more important things to do and People deserve some privacy, particularly when they are no longer in their country or in public office.
    I liked her comment about the weeds, however. So true! Look at that runt John Samy, for example. He is a weed that keeps turning up in someone elses garden. Mahen too. Look at how he tried to undermine like a snake the efforts of the elected government. He could not even do it transparently through the position of Leader of the Opposition. I guess he is too used to crawling under rocks and springing up amidst nourishing plants.

  10. painter Says:

    @ Nostradamus!

    Indeed, it is quite amusing when the joke is on Adi Asenaca. I totally disagree with your comment that people like her deserve some privacy ‘since they’re no longer in their country or in public office’. Says who?? Just You..

    If you’re here blogging on the position that the ousted government is still THE legitimate government, then naturally, that makes Adi Asenaca a legitimate Fijian parliamentarian, do u agree? Or why else did the scorned woman whip out her DIPLOMATIC passport in an attempt to talk her way out of trouble with the US authorities?

    Aside from abusing her parliamentary privilege with that ‘weed’ comment, the fact that you agree with that RACIST remark speaks volumes about YOU. You don’t deserve to be here blogging for the same freedoms that everyone is entitled to as of right!

  11. lawcast Says:

    She is a total disgrace to her Family!

  12. Tui Says:

    Ok let’s not start ripping at each other folks. This is an anti-coup blog remember. There are SDL supporters here too! We might not agree with the pro-Labor and other looser parties, but our common enemy is the dictaker konanda vore pig! OK focus tiko ragone, keep blogging for freedom, democracy and a better Fiji for all.
    Ke sa lasa tiko i tuba o noqu kai mai Amerika, that is her bussiness. Let’s not focus on petty issues like a gossip column.
    Anyway my 2 cents for today. Bless and take care all.

  13. newsfiji Says:

    I’m a big fan of the SDL Manifesto – great piece of work, well thought out and is fair to all. It gives us the indigenous fijians no reason to worry about our resources being stolen from under our noses etc. On the contrary it provides us the opportunity to make full use of it to earn big $$ without losing it.

    However, that’s the only thing i fan – just the Manifesto and the party leader.

    The SDL Party seriously needs to re-do it’s criteria for candidates!

    Adi Asenaca Caucau needs to go! Everybody else needs to go!

    SDL – a piece of advise – you need a new young generation of people, fijian, indian & others.

    Together we can make it work.

  14. Tui Says:

    Good point newsFiji. I think SDL will gain more support if they recruited a new brand of dedicated Fijians who truly have Fiji at heart. Somehow we need to find common ground and solve our problems by making every single individual in this nation, proud to be a citizen of Fiji. Fundamental to all of this is the land issue. I may be branded a communist for saying this and you might not agree, but I always maintain, that we must look at land reforms to solve most of our economic handicaps.
    The next government must make it their priority beside the reduction of the RFMF. If we cannot solve our land problems, we may never rid this country of the coup culture.
    Look at Cuba. It has stood against the tyranny of the United States since the “Bay of Pigs” incident and the economic blockades. It had to apply those drastic land reforms for the good of the country.
    It made sure the masses had free education and access to land they could call their own.
    They don’t have massive scales of economy but they are turning heads in the field of medicine, education and lately at the olympics.
    Fiji has the potential to do likewise. Only if we had a new generation of leaders who really want to make a difference for the better and for all races!
    My 2 cents today, peace and blessings.

  15. Tim Says:

    I see Whiskey Joe Yakabi is at it again – all the old hacks will be out in force bleating their usual BS, one by one, feigning putting their personal self interests over and above the people. The very same people they’ve been complicit in denying human rights, self-determination, economic and social wellbeing over the past couple of years. Here’s Whiskey Joe:

    “A member of the People’s Council for Building a Better Fiji, Citizens Constitutional Forum CEO Reverend Akuila Yabaki, said the time is right to explore the formation of a government of national unity (GNU)”. – FijiLive

    Which is as opposed to a government of national aggression and turmoil (GNAT)

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