Felicity is learning on the job, people!

It appears that this nincompoop of a parachute-supervisor-of-elections FELICITY HEFFERNAN does not have a clue about what she should be doing and in what order… she’s running around town like a chicken-without-a-head seeking lunch appointments here and there! Oiyawe fakapo! Ka cava mada ka mai valata?!

SV asks : Is the nincompoop actually LEARNING ON THE JOB? At the people’s expense?

To Felicity : either you stop wasting Fiji’s precious time and get on with the fcuking job OR give it up now and go home!

In the meantime Mr. Karavaki, stop acting like God Almighty and help the poor woman get on with the job so Fiji can go to polls next year. And Mr. Karavaki, with all due respect, if you ever take up your old position again, just remember the people do not give a sh!t about your sabbath day on Saturday, have your Plan B in place for you are not indispensible.. the people’s collective right to their freedom to ballot is far more important and overrides your individual right to practice your religion anywhichway you want..

Fiji’s ousted Supervisor of Elections Semesa Karavaki has turned down an invitation for talks with his successor, New Zealander Felicity Heffernan.

Karavaki confirmed he had turned down a lunch offer by Heffernan.

This amid hopes by Heffernan to be fully briefed by him on steps to take to prepare Fiji for the upcoming general elections.

But Karavaki said he had reservations with the Elections Office because everything that is happening is unconstitutional.

“My conscience dictates that I don’t be part of anything that is unconstitutional,” Karavaki said.

Heffernan however said that people like Karavaki, Walter Rigamoto and Jon Apted who have had vast experience in taking Fiji to the polls can help the Elections Office with their suggestions.

She said she has briefly met with Apted and hopes to have talks with Rigamoto and Karavaki.

She has likened the election process to that of a roadmap which has its potholes adding that her office is also looking at recommendations by the European Observer Group who observed the 2006 elections.

Heffernan added while everyone is entitled to their opinion, her job is to remain neutral.

Fijilive 20AUG08

22 Responses to “Felicity is learning on the job, people!”

  1. Wailei Says:

    please neutral my black arse sara!!

  2. Frida Says:

    If you do not have any clue as to what you are suppose to do then say so and stop wasting our money and raising false hopes. Otherwise talk to the EU sponsored guy who should be your number two as his CV shows he has had more experience than you in facilitating and conducting an election.

  3. Fijilassie Says:

    I agree with SV on karavkii – he was playing god on earth while the flp was claiming all sorts of things – they used to deliberately issue press statements on satirday when karavaki used to accept questions from the media – what a pity

  4. Tim Says:

    A side issue, but one I wonder whether SV might like to use as a separate subject:
    Fiji has been missing out on the seasonal work scheme with NZ.
    Australian has announced it will introduce a scheme as well – which Fiji will miss out on.
    Together there is also to be easier means of making remittances that incur lesser interest and fees.
    Also there is to be an infrastructure improvement fund – you guessed it, Fiji will miss out.

    Reviews of PR status for members of the junta and their families?
    Further travel/transit restrictions?
    Reviews of landing rights for airlines such as Korean Air who breach court orders or do not abide my conventions? (such as in the case of Hunter’s deprtation)
    Sanctions on business transactions for junta members?
    Freezing of funds held offshore/investigatins into funds held offshore?

  5. Tim Says:

    *by conventions (apologoes for my eyesight and lack of dexterity)

  6. Tim Says:

    …..ALSO, WHAT FURTHER OFFERS could/should be made?

    E.G. say 5 year secondments/bonds to AUS NZ other Defence Forces for RFMF personnel, not related to Senior Officers involved in the coup.
    maybe training and obtaining trades
    establishment of say regional Pac Forum force for emergencies, search and rescue, infrastructure improvements (electricity, water, roading, communications, etc).

  7. Wailei Says:

    Hey has any1 seen Budhau he is quite all of a sudden.

  8. Wailei Says:

    Ohe yeah! This is one of the examples of a Fly by night individual. Who hasn’t got a clue what the hell she is doing! Just stop wasting money; people here are getting poor. Just piss off mada! We dont want your kind around who rides on Fiji’s back to up their CV!

  9. painter Says:

    Yeah, that’s too bad about Budhau, Wailei. He’s probably out there licking his wounds. I thought that he & I would make a good team BUT FOR his love obsession with my karua – mr. chorochoro. Oh well, as you said, plenty fish in the sea…

  10. anon Says:

    Wailei, how about NP ?

  11. lawcast Says:

    For the life of me I can never understand these “experts” from overseas. The first thing they do as “experts” is to consult.

    How the hell they are experts in the first place is beyond me!

  12. jb Says:

    sa mate o budhau

  13. Tui Says:

    Saw her performance on Fiji One last nite and it was obvious she does not have a clue on what her role is let alone supervise an election. Please just quietly go away, no one will miss you Felicity.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    If Karavaki will not co-operate, Felicity should ask Jon Jon Apted for help. When I last dealt with him as Supervisor of Elections he was very efficient and knew a lot of the mechnanics about the whole process.

    If the office is lacking in resources and know-how, Jon Jon might be the person to approach for help.

    But then again he and Munro Leys might not be acceptable to the illegal regime because he has challenged so many of their decisions in court.

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    If Ms Heffernan is unable to do her job it is not entirely her fault. The blame falls fairly and squarely on the person who hired her in the first place – the highly competent (not) PSC chairman Rishi Ram who is an illegal appointee anyway.

    We are in fake world of Wonderland where nothing is real at the moment but all on pretend basis.

  16. Groggymaster Says:

    Yes – in fake world. It appears that way, like a calm before the storm proper. The IG appears to be in some sort of limbo as expectations of the IG’s imminent demise takes hold.

    There is a saying that bosses appoint people to their level of incompetence, which is perhaps validated by PSC’s appointment of Heffernan for the role, who does not have specific electoral supervision experience.

    Available local Election Supervisors include Jon Apted, S Karavaki, W Rogamoto, amongst others. Seems Heffernan was deliberately chosen so that she could be manipulated by the IG.

  17. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The Supervisor of Elections whose qualifications are in Wildlife Protection reveals her stupidity in applying for the job.

    But then again, when no competent person in their right mind wants to have their reputation tarnished with the illegal junta, you have the wannabes applying like this idiot.

    Go back to NZ and do something worthwhile and not waste our taxpayer monies.

  18. Kanaka Says:

    you bloody kanakas

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    Felicity sounds inept but what about the revelation of John Samy’s opinionated e-mail to Frank regarding the Mahen tax evasion enquiry commission.

    Take a bow Rachna Nath and Fiji TV, great investigative piece.

    Surely he now has lost whatever little credibility he had left.

    And what does Sharonn Johns have to say about Frank’s personal e-mail Inbox being hacked into for public consumption? Very poor connect.com!

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Dina sara Tau.

    Unfortunately, it could only come out after Chodo was forced out of office. This is only the beginning and something tells me much more unravelling to come.

    So much for his bringing the economy back to normalcy and his dirty linen will now be made public and we will enjoy the rebuttal and accusations from Chodo himself against John Samy and others!!

    John Samy has inadvertently fired the first salvo. I say inadvertently because it could be that Pramesh Chand leaked it to Fiji TV, so let’s stay tuned and hear from the horses mouths!!!!

    Remember, they all have big egos and none will want to be made to look foolish, although that is exactly what they will become as they squabble in public!

  21. stillsmallvoice Says:

    @jw … i understand she’s paid by australia? and i agree with peace pipe – any criticism of her fit for the job (tho to be fair, she’s hardly been given a chance yet….) should be placed at the door of those who hired her. can’t blame her for applying.

  22. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Be careful SV, that you don’t sound like the IIG…in attacking Karavaki and stating that our collective right out weights his individual right sounds like the current IG in saying they know whats good for the individual and collective people of Fiji.

    SV I won’t go where you are going by attacking Karavaki’s right, his right is the same as yours and mine and it is entrenched in the Constitution of Fiji. The same constitution that we are at pain to point out to the IIG is paramount, please don’t trash this same constitution by attacking it this way.

    What you are doing is the same as what the IIG is doing by shoving the farter charter down our throat…i.e. the the IIG does not give a shit about our individual right to think and act for our own selves…thus give Karavaki that same respect for his individual right.

    If Karavaki does not believe he will be doing the right thing by his belief or conscience, respect it and other people will respect your right as well.

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