FLP had no part in 2006 coup: Chaudhry – bullshit says SV!!!!

Bloggers, here is the master of deception trying to pull the wool over the eyes of his FLP members. He does not need to pull the wool over the eyes of his one-eyed supporters because they will follow him to the ends of the earth. Chodo is saying the reasons for the coup was because of the Qoliqoli and Reconciliation Bill. SV says bullshit because at the 11th hour during the Wellington Talks, Qarase capitulated and agreed to withdraw both the Qoliqoli & Reconciliation Bills, yet the bastard Vore still went ahead with his coup!

As for people who took part in the coup would ‘walk free through the compulsory supervision order’ is also bullshit! Qarase said this of Chaudary“(These protests) are led by a man who has been convicted by the Suva magistrate’s court for causing the death of a person. Mr Chaudhry himself was convicted sometime back for manslaughter and he was released from prison only three days after serving his sentence on a CSO (Compulsory Supervision Order).” (accusing Chaudhry of hypocrisy for campaigning against the early release of politicians jailed for their part in the 2000 coup).

Chodo’s attack on Ratu Naiqama after he was jailed, set free under the complusory supervision order and then recalled back to Cabinet is therefore highly unfair because this bastard was also released on the complusory supervision order after only serving 3 days!!! Also, Chodo is the 1st convicted criminal to ever become Prime Minister of Fiji! What a hypocrite! SV says Chodo is full of shit! His wanting equal representation is something he never fought for when he had the absolute majority to change the Constitution and now makes excuses to conceal his treasonous behaviour. You days are numbered Chodo – IA KATIA SAYS SV!!!

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says FLP had no part in the 2006 military takeover that ousted Laisenia Qarase’s multi-party government. He made the comment at a consultation this morning with party supporters on the draft People’s Charter at the Ba Hotel this morning.Chaudhry said during the consultation process that the military overthrew the Qarase government because of the unfair stand it took on several national issues. He added that the reasons for the takeover were the Qoliqoli and Amnesty Bill, which would have ensured that those found guilty of mutiny and treason for their part in the 2000 coup would walk free.Chaudhry said another reason was that the Qarase government attempt to remove Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as army commander. He added that the military would not have allowed the people guilty of treason and mutiny to walk free through the compulsory supervision order.

Chaudhry said there were also some decisions by the Qarase government that were beyond comprehension. One such decision, he said, was to reinstate Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu to Cabinet as Lands Minister after he was convicted and jailed for supporting the takeover of the Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa during the 2000 civilian takeover.

Chaudhry said what Fiji needed was a government where there was equal representation and that can only be possible through a one man one vote polling system. Otherwise, he said, the incidents of 2000 and 2006 would be repeated.



25 Responses to “FLP had no part in 2006 coup: Chaudhry – bullshit says SV!!!!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    only in Fiji !

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well what do you expect from this bastard Mark and his cronies in the illegal junta? You ask for shit and you get heaps!

  3. Billy Says:

    Maha chodo now licking the media like his life depends on it now, whereas he had not time for the media when in the illegal IG. Changing face of the master houdini, MC king of deception, devil in many guises, two faced snake in the grass the new species they jes found on garden isle, biggest racist in the world and hypocrite extraordinare, a goner, a loser, having committed political suicide upon showing true colours and joining military junta.

  4. Na Dina Says:

    Wel, Well Well!..Lets rewind and witness the Forked Tongues Treasonous Trip down memory lane Folks.. remember this on TV1 chodo !…On 11 January 2006, amid escalating tensions between the government and the Military,Jokapeci Koroi(FLP President) told Fiji Television’s One National News that in the event of the Military staging a coup, the FLP would support it. Home Affairs Minister Vosanibola reported her comments to the police, and called for her to be required to answer to charges of incitement and of threatening public order. This investigation was never concluded due to coup.
    FLP was into 5 Dec 2006 Coup well well before it happened!yeap boots and all from the president on down.. you hypocrites!!

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    This master of lies lies at every twist and every turn. He is doing it for survival now and some diehard stupid followers will believe and follow him to end of the earth regardless. It is incredible that one could continuously lie without a conscience of doing the wrong thing. Well so far he has survived with it but its mainly thru his fake charm.

    I thought we won’t be hearing much from him nowadays after he left the ministry. But it seems to be getting worse like a dog let loose. Don’t know which is better when he was MOF or DLL (dog let loose). The day he leaves politics permanently is the day Fiji starts progressing without impediment.

  6. Josh Says:

    Well folks, there he goes as expected..the father of all lies and Fiji’s master of deception are already back at work repositioning himself for yet another onslaught..He will see himself one day soon and one way or the other when the birds are coming home to roost . Sega ni ura me damu totolo ia ena damu mai. At least by now the whole of Fiji are coming to terms with the truth in as far as the thief Chaudhry is concerned. One week before Voreqe conducted his coup on Dec 6, 2006, Chaudhry instructed their FLP Parliamentary staff to remove everything from their offices. This they did in front of all the unsuspecting Parliamentary staff of the SDL Parties and others. The FLP was very much involved in the planning of the coup which their ly8ing leader is now publicly denying. Ca gona ni via lai Robin Hood qai drotaki ira tale na nona lewe ni mataivalu!!!.

  7. Tim Says:

    Well you know what they say about compulsive liars. They always trip themselves up because they forget the last bit of bullshit they told. The junta and all those that have availed themselves of its perks know noting else. They expect people to forget. Unfortunately for them when the bullshit is so constant – they lose all credibility – even when they tell the truth.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    In my haste I forgot the subject but back to it, who is this liar trying to fool? Before the coup he was a regular visitor at Franks army barracks which is highly irregular thing to do for an ordinary backbencher. He has no business nor right to be constantly calling on the army commander. What could be the subject of the calls that dealt with official matters where the two had to meet.

    Anyway by being part of the illegal regime from the very beginning makes him complicit and equally guilty as those who were overtly seen as the perpetrators of the coup. So now he is trying to save face and his big foreskin by giving some lurid spin that he was not involved and therefore should be exonerated from complicity of the crime of treason. I think he knows the junta is falling and that justice is on its way so he tries to declare his falsified interest before that happens. Maybe he got wind of the ruling that was forthcoming on the Qarase case.

  9. Ablaze Says:

    What about Chodo’s other come back line?

    After his exist from the Bavulu Junta he tries to fool the public once again by declaring that he had learnt his lesson after two coups and the wise thing to do is put the past in the past and move forward for a brighter future. It was also no use shouting and calling back for justice.

    Who does he think he is fooling? Maybe the shameless people that disregard the law. We law abiding citizens will keep shouting to make the people of Fiji understand that lawlessness by any citizen especially coup instigators cannot be condoned and will demand the delivery of justice.

    Who do these people think they are? Don’t they realize that when they show their lack of respect for the law it is the main contributing factor to the nation’s culture of crime and violence.

    We have had superior politicians, judges and others using the “feeble excuse” that it did what needed to be done to save the nation. “The same feeble excuse was used by the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara after Sitiveni Rabuka removed Dr Timoci Bavadra’s Labour Coalition in 1987.” This sets a tone to its people that honouring the rule of law is optional in any country.

    When charters are developed outside the constitution they brazenly declare themselves independent from the laws of the nation. We law abiding citizens do not have a say in these charter farters.

    What I don’t understand that these idiots then wonder where criminals get the idea that the law doesn’t apply to them. Don’t they see the example they set so publicly? If they consider themselves to be above the law, why shouldn’t every citizen be as well?

    Until everyone, especially the military and so called wannabe politicians learn to abide by the law and stay within the boundaries of the constitution will Fiji be rid of the coup culture.

    Treason has become a weapon to overthrow elected govts in Fiji and a coup is only successful with the backing of the military. Since the mastermind Rabuka and superior politicians and judges decided to use that famous “feeble excuse” and not pay for getting involved, the coup culture is here to stay folks.

    Bloody Rabuka achieved 2 things, the birth of the coup culture and the legacy of that “feeble excuse.”

  10. benhur Says:


  11. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ma’chaud just cracks me up with all the pathetic PR attempts aimed at reviving the DEAD Labour Party support.

    In case he’s forgotten the FLP’s only claim to fame was the undying support from his sugar industry folk and we all know that that’s long dead and gone because for preferential prices (which does not last forever either) nothing will move the EU but Elections.

    Unfortunately Asha (and all your little girl “mentees” some of who have been tucked away on timely jaunts to India on [gasp] un-advertised scholarships), its time that you give it up too. All your supposed influence & credibility only came from being associated with the Fiji Times. These days you’re pretty much only classified as a “has-been” and Ma’chaud’s poke…was it worth it?

    Here’s a blast from the past which just sums this Grade A Loser up perfectly

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    A text poll conducted by the Sun shows a 50/50 support or oppose the charter result. I wonder how this came about? why don’t they do a referendum and clear the air once and for all so that we do not have to put up with spin doctors who seem to be falling from heaven like plague with the likes of Finau, Dakuvula, Kau, Wise, Tevi, and not forgeting their head honchos chodo and vore and all who are touiting this illegal poisonous charter farter. They all remind of cheerleaders who try to gain our attention by doing their thing and when their actions over its all forgotten. Its a diversionary tactic to draw our attention away from the main focus which is the return to democracy and application of justice to the crime of treason.

    The other news item I wish to share is the opinion of the IMG who said the charter was not being fully supported nationally. So at least there is an honest observation from within. Why don’t they take their cue from the IMG which is a body they themselves created. Instead they even go out with more resolve spreading false propaganda.

  13. newsfiji Says:

    Newsfiji Theory: Chaudhary is showing off to the military council that he is a law unto himself. This is because, just before he was given his famous letter to pack and piss off, he was also told that was not to talk to the media on behalf of the interim government.

    Now, Chaudhary is putting on a big show to tell the military council that he is a force to be reckoned with and that they cannot do anything to stop him.

    Oh..and we all know that the FLP instigated this latest coup – clean up campaign was a blerry bullshit excuse from Day 1 – till today no bloody evidence..Qarase’s case about to be thrown out of court due to hopeless evidence…qori dou pote..

  14. Wailei! Says:

    Hey, Sorry to get off topic here:

    But would like to send my sincere condolence to the people who perished in the Raiwaqa Bus.

    The victims and family should sue the company for negligence. People should not catch the Raiwaqa bus in protest.

    In the long run… We should blame the interim Government. For sleeping on the job; LTA should have cracked down on defected buses. LTA shows their incompetence which is a chain reaction from the top down to its officers.

  15. Billy Says:

    More blood on the hands of this IG?

  16. Tim Says:

    @ Wailei: You might be right – a symptom of underfunding of law enforcement services and government agencies which suffer cutbacks because there is this holier-than-thou movement in the form of an unelected junta of egos that chooses to divert whatever wealth there is in the country to their own coffers. Its what has been propping them up for the past two years at the expense of flood victims, natural justice, students, and a number of other “minorities” that the likes of the Shaista and her gals try to convince us they represent. Start counting the days bitch! OR go shoot off a pistol or two. It’ll do you fuck all good.
    Shaista might start thinking about the human rights of the real victims. Start thinking about Frank’s wife even. Ship ya little Bubba off somewhere else – he’ll survive if he deserves to – meantime there are far better causes. And tell ya mate Scutt she’s a fashion disaster area – which really is OK because combined you’re the laughing stock amongst all those whose asses you’re attempting to climb up.

  17. Dont ride the bus Says:

    I wont ride the Raiwaqa Buses until the investigations are completed and Raiwaqa Bus company is sued for negligence and failure to ensure that their buses are safe and not a danger to public safety!

    What is the IG doing about this? Investigations? Into what? It burnt down, 10 people died!!! You dont need an advanced degree in bull crap to know that the bus company was at fault!!! Buses dont just “catch fire” That was the Raiwaqa Bus Company trying to save money and neglect buses.

    The IG should just clean up the Bus industry!!! Wait they cant because the Bus Owners are amongst the IG supporters lol…Ironic isnt it? how the seed falls so close to the tree….Clean Up Campaign! All in vain

  18. Say True! Says:

    Agree with ya all. “I know nothing” – Mahen fcuking Chaudary, is an insult to the intelliegence of Emanuel of Fawlty Towers fame. Needs a good wack by John Cleese around his ears.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Wonder how many ignorant and/or stupid Fiji Indians are out there still allowing themselves to be hoodwinked by the king of lies. Shame really given the existence of a perfectly sound and far better political party available to them.

  20. Striker Says:

    I will not dignify choro chodo with a reply except to say the stinking puke has lost all credibility.

  21. hopefiji Says:


  22. Wailei Says:

    Families pay $600 a night

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    THE Soqosoqo Vakama-rama is charging a daily fee of $600 for the use of their premises for the condolence gathering of the bus fire victims.

    The amount was revealed during a meeting of survivors at the Nabua headquarters last night.

    The families were also told they would be responsible for the purchase of their loved ones’ coffins. The facility includes a kitchen and accommodation. Yesterday, families were still negotiating on a reduced price.

  23. NaVoreEnaVoreGa Says:

    Someone should ask about him about his “desktop computer”, called Asha Lachan who had all the right keys while he was corrupting the PM’s office back in 1999.

  24. Billy Says:

    Re: Wailei
    Isa, so this is where Fi could have shown what a better Fiji they are building by giving these villagers free of rent at the SSVM hall. I mean, they are already multiplied with funerals, 2 pre-tragedy, 10 post-accident, and yet, continue to cash in on the misery of the people by charging exorbitant $600. Mata i lavo vakaca, just like their NCBBF crowd! Yet they gave the hall for free for the funeral last week and the free boat, see people? Some animals are more equal than others, and I thought the hall belongs to all Fijan women, a number of whom died in the tragic accident. Isa, noqu Viti!

  25. Wailei Says:

    Ka dina mada Billy… Some are more equal than others!

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