SDL rejects commander’s manipulation claim


Bloggers,again from the idiot Vore. Notice how stupid and shallow this bastard is when condemning the Methodist Church whilst his co-Chair on the NCBBF is none other than Mataca, the head of the Catholic Church!!! At least you have Rev. Tuikilakila standing up to the illegal regime, despite his leaderships stance in previous coups, but here we have Arch Bishop Mataca silently acquiescencing and condoning everything Vore and the illegal junta is doing, supported by both Fathers Arms and the other Father by gutting the Constitution. What hypocrites!!! You will pay for your sins says SV!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

INTERIM Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama should not worry about affairs of the church but worry about the ailing economy, says the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party.

Spokesman Peceli Kinivuwai said Commodore Bainimarama should tell the head of the Catholic Church in Fiji, Archbishop Petero Mataca, to refrain from getting involved in the People’s Charter. “It would be in the best interest of Mr Bainimarama to get us out of the economic decline rather than stick his nose in the affairs of the Methodist Church,” said Mr Kinivuwai. “It would be best for him to tell Archbishop Mataca to refrain from getting involved and hoodwinking on the charter.”

Commodore Bainimarama said the usual tactics of manipulating and hoodwinking ordinary people was being practised by the leaders of the Methodist Church, some chiefs and SDL executives and supporters. “They are trying to hang on to the last straw as we make in-roads into giving a real voice and say to ordinary people in the country,” he said.

“Naturally, there are some power-hungry nationalist SDL leaders and followers, supported by the leadership of the Methodist Church and some chiefs who do not want ordinary people to be empowered in terms of decision making and aspiring for better things in life.

“They want to continue to remain in power and in the process ensure that the common people remain disenfranchised.” Commodore Bainimarama urged members of the public to take advantage of the awareness creation and consultation process on the charter. Mr Kinivuwai said the SDL party did not manipulate the church.

“When they (chiefs) went to make the presentation they went as direct descendants of those who accepted Christianity in Fiji,” he said. “That gesture was a sign of reconfirming the bond between the vanua and the church.

“What they were able to do was in their traditional role to tell the church that their support was still there, has never wavered or changed and it has remained solid as ever. “The SDL has never tried to interfere in the affairs of the church. The, SDL has its own credible people and the church has its own.

“The church leaders are very professional people and do not need political parties. That statement is disrespectful as far as the commander is concerned.” Mr Kinivuwai called on the commodore to hold the election. “If he says it is our last straw then he should call the election tomorrow.

“He will see where the people’s support lie. “The charter is unconstitutional and does not reflect good governance, fairness and transparency. We will only support what is legal and constitutional.” “We have always stated from the beginning that the SDL is not out to get political mileage but to show that we are upholding the Constitution.”


19 Responses to “SDL rejects commander’s manipulation claim”

  1. 'C' note Says:

    THe people on the burned bus are to Driti’s relatives Bainimarama gave the order for……..

  2. newsfiji Says:

    I had read this article and was wondering when you’d post it here…

    Peceli Kinivuwai could not have said it better!

    I dare Voreqe to call for elections tomorrow – vaya….blerry lamusona coz his “ass” gonna be kicked to kingdom come…ha..ha…oops should be in Voreqe’s famous quote “till the cows come home”…

    wa..ha..ha.. “till the cows come home” ga when you’ll be charged for treason…


  3. Frida Says:

    Whos is he calling power hungry? Isn’t he the power hungry one – now that he has tasted it proven by the cash payment of a house for his daughter? He is such a stupid man – using words that actually depict his current actions with no care for the common people he talks about but has no clue as to what they want because he was never with them.

    Hi – Mataca sticking by Vore’s side because he considers him a lost sheep? Besides that – you are dangerously stupid and need to have some quiet time and review the journey from December 06 to now. For once – show the people that it your name and nothing wrong with your eyes and brain – I could be wrong here!

  4. Talei Says:

    Good on you Peceli – tell it like it is. Bainimarama has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong for 18 months and it’s about time someone told him directly.

  5. Say True! Says:

    In fairness, there are self serving rotten eggs all over Fiji’s Politics Methodists, Catholics, SDL, FLP, IG – the works, and yet we have some genuinely good selfless people amongst them. The big question is who really gives a shit about you and me, the ordinary folks? That’s where our votes should go. It’s time for a “Change”, out with the old politics of race and religion and in with the real needs of the people, affordable housing, food, clothing, water, roads, public transport, tax cuts, pay increases, education, protection of indigenous rights, equal opportunities to minorities, protection of scarce resources. There’s lots of potentials I’ve seen on this site, I’ll vote for you, just stand up and the people will support you. We have for too long been blinded by all the bullshit of the old brigade of politics.

  6. Tim Says:

    @ Say True: Could not have said it better. Although I’d take issue with there being selfless people in the IG or anything that has emerged since December 5. There is fuck all of any good in the iIG aside from those in the Public Service and other institutions that have had to suffer and earn an honest crust like the rest. Let’s not tar them with the same brush.
    Any selfless people in the iIG ran way a long time ago – we’re talking about a situation that has been in effect damn near 2 years.
    The only thinkg that can be said for them is that they are increasingly desperate.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Change of topic briefly :-
    I hope you guys seek outside help regarding professional grief counselling for the people involved in the recent bus tragedy and also for the fireman,police,ambulance and nursing staff as they will need it .
    Otherwise the problems from the tragedy will last for 40 years .
    Post traumatic stress , as experienced by soldiers from war torn conflicts , is common , as is a feeling of guilt of being alive where others perished . So please , seek the help form overseas if needs be . Now is not the time for the regime to be too proud to ask for assistance .

  8. Ablaze Says:

    Off topic because it angers me to hear all that is being said to be done to prevent future bus fire accidents, the worst in Fiji.

    As usual it is all talk – Bainipuaka an inquiry and a fair independent assessment, Lekh Ram Vayeshoni – road worthiness certificate and Land Transport Authority should set higher safety standards which cannot be compromised. Police spokeswoman Mua investigation was halted to allow forensic experts from OZ (Cavatale Bully Country OZ to come and help them) to come and complete investigations. They even talk about counselling for the traumatized victims because of their horrific ordeal.

    We shall wait and see if all this will be carried out. With the country in a mess and no money I have my doubts. These pigs are cashing in on the sentiments of a nation that is in mourning.

    The state of the CWM hospital is disgraceful and antiquated and the chances of those with very severe burns have very little or no chance of survivng this horrific accident.

    How is it possible for the Land Transport Authority to issue Road Worthiness Certificate to bus companies that are operating at a loss or very little profit. They will not afford to have their buses serviced regularly.

    Who is going to pay for the traumatized victims to undergo counselling because of their terrible ordeal?

    The first thing we should be doing is to make it a little easier for those that have lost loved ones when they are organising the funerals etc.

    Bodies need to be taken to Natokaulau village on the island of Ovalau for burial. Because the whole village is involved it will cost a lot of money. Have some kind of appeal or stop prancing around the globe and give the village some money. Do something concrete for goodness sake instead of all this bullshit talk. It riles me!

    All I can say if the govt boat “Tovoto” was able to take the people to Taveuni for the burial of Epeli Gaunilau’s sister, the least the junta can do is organise the bodies to be taken over to Natokaulau village at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Whew! thanks SV was able to let that all out and have my say!

  9. kaiviti Says:



  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    This pathetic cowardly wannbe PM a/h is blaming all and sundry as excuse for not having elections. So this comes as no surprise blaming the SDL as with all his other stupidity. This pig’s insanity is going too far and has to be terminated asap for the sake of our own sanity.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Ablaze: my sentiments exactly…FLP immediately jumps to Bainipyjamas aid and says their should be an enquiry…

    Firstly Bainipyjamas should donate his $184K leave payout to foot the bill to take the people back to Ovalau..

    Secondly FLP should bloody well shut up! They are the ones harping that the economy is in tip top shape…if Raiwaqa Buses wasn’t so desparate for a mere what $500 pay from the charter of the bus…their would have been no accident in the first bloody place…

    Raiwaqa Buses are desparate to make money, that’s why they let the bus be used in the first place….if it wasn’t for desparate times it would have been a different story…

    Lastly, we’re in desparate times through no fault of ours but because Voreqe (kesu vaka ceke) thought he’s God’s Gift to the people of Fiji and he knows what’s best for all of us…blerry BOCI…

    The blood of those who perished in the bus accident is on Voreqe’s hands…

  12. painter Says:

    @ Ablaze & Newsfiji – well said, i couldn’t agree more.

    @ Manning – I’m afraid it’s that very PRIDE ( & greed) in these criminals in power that has forced this nation to its knees.

    @ SV – wasn’t that a smart move by SDL in distancing itself from the stance taken by the heads of the 3 confederacies in expressly supporting their stance.

    Well what can I say, this is very unfortunate, an almost a tit-for-tat situation but there’s nothing that the Pig and his junta can do about it since they’re just as guilty of meshing politics, religion and worse, treason.

    I absolutely believe in the separation principle of Church and State for religion is very personal and private (which is why I’ve never declared my belief or lack thereof anywhere on these blogs) but that said, it doesn’t matter that I may not believe in another’s faith, I still believe in their right to believe what they believe in and if, for instance, they believe that an ant is God reincarnation then so be it, God is an ant.

  13. painter Says:

    oops, i meant supporting the stance taken by the Methodist church.

  14. painter Says:

    Hve been trying to catch up with the wknd news & hve just come across Fiji’s former PM Sitiveni Rabuka’s article in Friday’s FT edition titled “Marching into the future”. Sweet Jesus! (to borrow a favourite expression from a former class teacher & catholic nun, when wot she really wants to say is ‘WTF’)…

    Anyway, nothing drastically wrong with Rabuka’s article but I just wish he would just speak in plain, simple, unambiguous English and just say plainly that ‘marching in step with others’ include marching with non-christians alike and God being the subjective ‘higher being’ that believers believe in!
    Or am I reading him wrong?

  15. painter Says:

    Well, well, well, I think I’ve just answered my own Q, hving now read Rabuka’s article in today’s FT online edition and WTF indeed!

    No other way but reconciliation huh! Agree but true reconciliation will only be achieved when JUSTICE is done AND seen to be done, even if it takes years, it must be done and it can be done. That means investigating and getting to the bottom of this coup which will most probably lead to unraveling 2000, and so be it! If we are to end this coup culture, those involved should be made to account for their actions first via Truth Commission and our formal Courts of law) before genuine reconciliation can be effected.

    Now, whilst I will not defend FHRC chairperson Shaista’s comments in respect of the Methodist church stance because i think her response is distorted in the 1st place (similar to the way she’s manipulated human rights in her eagerness to jump on wacky Franky’s bandwagon of thieves), well, isn’t it a little too late in the day to now cry wolf, woman?! lol..hehehe….. Anyway, that fake-blond lunatic aside, the methodist church leaders in making known publicly, their strong stance against the political charter farter, have essentially compelled their own followers to take the same stance in outrightly rejecting the charter-farter.

    What I think they ought to have done was to hve qualified their statements (like one or two other christian churches) and say that their followers are free to follow the dictates of their own conscience even though they (as church leaders) hve individually, decided to reject the charter.

    Good God, this is just so messy!!

    Anyway, Rabuka speaks like a typical military man (we must do this, we must do that, blah blah) and not of a former national leader who proudly helped create our Constitution in 1997. He is SO IRRESPONSIBLE when he carelessly says that thankfully, there was no human rights commission in 1835. Let me just say that if there were a human rights commission in 1835, we wouldn’t be in this mess we’re in, struggling to define, harmonize and merge all these competing interests and inherent institutional conflicts. Sweet Jesus! By now, we would have had a woman PM and President already plus we would have sent a woman astronaut into outer space to check out planet Mars so we can move NP there!

    So i would hope Rabuka would be more responsible and stop using the bible to SUBTLY cover up the mess we’re in and allow true healing to take place by encouraging genuine processes that would open up the can of worms so we can rid it, once and for all!

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Yeah Rabuka is another one that makes me sick in the way he uses the bible.

    He makes out now that he is a good family man when we all know that he was screwing anything that had a skirt when he was PM. Just ask all the Bui Golfers!

    His poor wife Suluweti has stuck by him and now he talks about family this and family that.

    Why doesn’t he come out with the truth of who really instigated the coup in 1987? Was it Ratu Mara & Ratu Penaia Gaunilau?

    We need to get to the bottom of this so that the nation will know that no one can be trusted, only the law.

  17. painter Says:

    Hey NP, welcome back to the sweltering heat! As MM says, only in Fiji! So.. where did you go for yr vacation…??

    Sori, i didn’t really mean to put u down when I said u should return to planet Mars but u get my drift, don’t you..? Well, its good to hve you back & beating your chest oops, I mean your drums 🙂

  18. Tebara Says:

    The farkwit Rabuka should just SHUT UP ! We’ve heard and read enough of his bullshaet.
    How ironic when these pathetic so called HEROES continuously reference the bible and forcefully preach their viewpoint. Yeah yeah so much for masquerading as a HEROINE and a SAINT yet leaving a huge trail all over Fiji for sleeping with harlots and easy mamas looking to also score with his worn out DAKAI !

  19. newsfiji Says:

    See, this the kind of comments that Rabuka will get when he wants to harp on and be a smart arse…all his dirty laundry about screwing half the country when he was PM will come out…poor soul…


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