Read Charter first: says Yabaki – rubbish says SV!

Bloggers, well here is gas-bag Yabaki. This bastard is so self-righteous that he cannot see the error of his ways. Imagine the audacity to ask everyone to come with open minds, when he has been supporting an illegal regime that has raped Fiji of it democracy! This is the same bastard who is the Executive of the Constitutional Citizens Forum. They claim to be the guardians of Fiji’s Constitution, yet he pushes ahead with his brother-in-Arms, illegal and unlawful constitutional reforms.

How dare he tells us to come with open minds, when the Charter itself was created by open-minded (at both ends) who are baised towards the illegal junta! I recall a regular contributor’s quoting Dr. Billy Graham’s definition of a worthless Christian and applying it to Yabaki.

The SV Team approvingly quotes it again here for you bloggers information because this definition also applies to Tevi, Serulagilagi, Ralogaivau and cronies: ‘Too heavenly minded of no earthly use.’

Se vaka cava ragone???

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Update: 4:48PMThe Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) is requesting analyst to read the recommendations of draft Peoples Charter with an open mind first, before giving their judgements.

Forums chief executive officer Reverend Akuila Yabaki said the draft Charter has an extensive section on how the coup culture can be ended by limiting the role of the military, increasing their accountability, as well as dealing with social and economic conditions that can lead to coups.

Mr Yabaki said the draft Charter also proposes measures for good and accountable leadership, which has sadly been lacking in Fiji.

“The lack of development in Fiji, the coups and race-based problems are all due to poor leadership, which promoted the welfare of the elites at the expense of the welfare of the grassroots population,” he said.

“That’s why the Charter process has consulted directly with ordinary citizens in their communities, as much as possible. The problems and solutions are those that the ordinary citizens can identify with.”

According to Mr Yabaki, the Charter process showed an acknowledgement by citizens and stakeholders in the country, that the public needed to act now to find a solution to the cyclical trend of political and economic problems in Fiji.

“Civil society organisations, social and religious groups, the business sector, academics, experts, as well international well-wishers have contributed to the Charter process,” he said.

“We request people to put aside their prejudices and read this document, keeping in mind the welfare of the future generations of Fiji.”

End of story

15 Responses to “Read Charter first: says Yabaki – rubbish says SV!”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Why the hell should i waste my time even reading the stupid charter?? Time is money – if they paid for us to read it than fine, but not to give them some bloody satisfaction.

    The NCBBF is better off forming a politcal party and using that farter charter as their manifesto – Oi me ratou cemuri mai na vei korokoro!

    Wa..ha..ha..Yabaki – bloody dau mateni o iko..kauta na charter qori lai biuta i vale ni vo!

    Dou yavu vakalusi lavo ni matanitu!

    Printing thousands of copies for each family in Fiji – magaichinamudou..dou yavu kana loto neimami buno..

  2. Groggymaster Says:

    The process for a document such as a charter is one for “peoples” representatives. Self- appointed i.e. appointed by an illegal regime doesn’t count. Regardless of how noble the objectives are it is tainted by illegality, coercion, and poor representation.

    SV – are you moderating posts? We’ll try swearing politely then.

  3. Tim Says:

    Most countried have “cyclical political and economic” problems. Its just that most don’t have coups in some holier than thou bid to solve them by people that are so arrogant they think they know better.

  4. hopefiji Says:

    ragone..plezzzzzz that deluded man …sa already used by date over extended.!!

    the only people in the media defending the unlawful charter desperately is ECREA and CCF….they should just give it up…..the vast majority have said what they feel about it

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    I cannot bring myself to compromise my principle by reading the illegal charter. However cheerleaders whisky yabaki and co wants to patronise us like we are kids by telling us to read the charter first. Do we really need to read it. Will reading it make us have a different opinion of it. Does it have a magic spell if we read it to make appear honest and noble. No mr whisky yabaki. Nothing will change our stance on the charter as it was founded on an illegal and deceptive foundation and we are not fools to fall for it. Go sell it to the soldiers and canefarmers. They’ll believe anything.

  6. Wailei Says:

    Oilei! Yabaki’s time has expired and now is talking nonsense! The only thing thats coming out of his mouth is :

    Giibah ….Gebah.
    Giibah ….Gebah.
    Giibah ….Gebah.
    Giibah ….Gebah….. gibberish!!

  7. solivakasama Says:

    @ Groggymaster,

    sorry for using the word ‘bastard’ in some of our posts. It is sometimes very difficult when trying to conjure up the right word to fit the right situation, so please excuse our going overboard at times.

    I used the term ‘bastard’ thinking it was not too offensive given its usage in the vernacular today, but it seems I was wrong. I suppose we too are getting frustrated by what the illegal junta are doing, but point taken.

    Next time, we will try and swearing politely. Now that’s a hard one, but we will work on it.

  8. painter Says:

    Oh who cares! Let’s just say it like it is without the need to censure oneself, I’d rather pro-freedom bloggers rant and rave to their hearts content here in cyberspace than get themselves into trouble with those madmen and their sapotas like that punch-drunk dickhead Yabaki!

  9. Save the Sheep Says:

    SV, thanks for settling this site down again and bringing back the pleasure to blogging.

    I took the time to read the Draft Charter, with an Open Mind, and found it very disappointing indeed.

    I cannot believe that John Samy has managed to get himself a highly paid position in the world as a Consultant in matters such as these. Folks it is certainly worth a read if for no other reason that to affirm your own stand on things that affect Fiji.

    From my point of view, I found the document to be very shallow and fragmented in its approach to the problems facing Fiji. Even if its construction was legitimate, I struggled to find very much in the document that would provide any kind of solid framework for a move forward.

    Statements are made in generalities and give the impression of being a conglomerate of personal agenda and ideas. There are sentences in there that you can clearly put a face or a name to, obviously because this person or that wanted it there, but consequently, the logic and flow of the document is at best, convoluted and disjointed.

    There are no real solutions presented and I saw no evidence whatsoever of a meaningful plan that addresses the 11 Pillars of Progress.

    For a Forward looking document it appears to dwell in the past and about 80% of the wording is framed in a way that appears to justify the existence of the authors.

    There are some very sinister aspects to the Paper that in my view would not strengthen the Constitution at all but rather provide more loop holes in it that would ultimately justify future coups. The paper all but scraps the VKB and rips the heart out of everything that is good about Fiji, its Fijianess.

    Fiji has serious problems no doubt abut that. Some of these problems are addressed in some fashion in this Charter but if the I.G. is serious about using it to framework the future progress of the nation, the authors need to remove the Pie from the Sky and put it in the oven for a while as this Pie is under cooked.

    If this were a student thesis at honours or masters level (the best it could be) might give it a C- and then only because it is after all, a DRAFT. As a final Paper, D-.

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Save The Sheep – thank you for very interesting reading. Your assesment of the Draft Charter is what i thought it might be – just good ideas with no action plan.

    I had tried and tried to call Fiji TV last night to pose a question to JOhn Sami and Loraine Tevi – but unfortunately the lines were jammed.

    I would have asked – so what is YOUR ACTION PLAN?

    The reason i would have asked that question is that any TOm Dick OR Harry can come up with 11 – 10000000 trillion pillars of good governance blah blah blah….


    E da sa mai lasutaki!

  11. Islander Says:

    Digression please: This from yet acting horses mouth.

    60 soldiers “deployed to Civil Service”

    About 60 soldiers have been seconded or posted to the Civil Service to boost performance.

    These include the positions of Commissioner of Prisons, Commissioner of Police and Director of Immigration.

    RFMF acting Commander and chief of staff Colonel Aziz Mohammed said not all were senior officers, with some 15 junior officers seconded to immigration and others to other government departments.

    “We have identified the ministries or departments where there is an urgent need to boost the performance. We saw individuals in the military who would be best placed to do the work, hence we allowed them to move out and assume those positions.”

    He said there was no need “as yet” to second any more soldiers to the civil service, but if the need arose, they would do so.

    Asked if the 60 were seconded or posted because the army was unhappy with the way the civil service has not been “supporting their cause”, Colonel Mohammed said: “I think the word is not unhappy. We wanted to bring about reforms at a faster rate. We want to expedite things so that we could move faster to benefit the people and what they are supposed to be given.”

    He accepted suggestions that some individuals in the civil service may have been uncooperative because they are unhappy at the events of Dec 2006.

    “There may be some individuals trying to undermine our work, but it hasn’t been brought to light. We made it clear from the outset that if they can’t work with the interim regime or the military, then they have options. But the efforts of the interim Govt will continue.”


    Yeh, they’re speeding up “reforms” alright, just not by the will of the people, but by the barrel of the gun. FB is so full of it that no one from the military will benefit from the coup – my backside you lying swine. How long will we endure this BLATANT ruining of our nation folks? How much longer – oilei!

  12. Lau Lass Says:

    vinaka SV there is no better word to describe these cronies !!! The only one who will benefit from this charter farter will be Dewan Maharaj, the owner of Quality Prints,& also a member of the NCBBF, who will be printing all the documents for the charter farter !!!

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Lau Lass,

    Would it be possible for someone to get ‘close’ to this printing company and find out from the workers when the military charter was printed exactly?

    My belief is that it was printed months ago ready to be released on Tuesday after the puppet council rubber stamped the draft.

  14. Vuki Says:

    I still think that John Sammy is a communist and ass…. and someone needs to kick his ass outta Fiji?Or rather shoot him and Voreqe at the same time?

  15. Jose Says:

    Planned for years. Drafted and chartered by the United Nations. Handed to a few plants in the secret society in and outside of Fiji that have come in to do their bits, who converted other few selects with strings of lies who converted still others with more lies to implement it. Hence the over confidence of the widely known pignorant pig knowing no one in Fiji can “touch me. I am protected UN estate”, with the select few. The ignorants follow. Yabaki is the used sucker. They don’t give 2 shits about you. They would kill you tomorrow if you decide to go straight. Behind your back, they hate you. They detest your kind.

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