Commission to settle Bau chief title

Commission to settle Bau chief title

07 JUN 2008

Bau island chiefs are expected to meet the Native Land Commission next week to discuss matters surrounding the installation of their high chief.

The title of Tui Kaba was once held by Ratu Seru Cakobau, the ‘King of Fiji’ who ceded the country to Great Britain in 1874, and is considered by many as Fiji’s highest-ranking traditional chief.

Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, one of the contenders for the title confirmed they will meet with the commission next week.

He did not specify the reasons for the meet but said that the NLC will play an integral part in accommodating his Kubuna confederacy before and during the installation.

The commission, established in 1880, has the power to settle disputes about the head of a matagali (clan).

Ratu Epenisa also said that three other contenders, Ratu George Kadavulevu, Adi Samanunu Cakobau, and Ratu Epeli Nailatikau are still very much in the race for the title.

“Talks are still ongoing but nothing has been decided yet until we meet the tribunal,” he said.



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  1. natewaprince Says:

    This is long overdue.Though it is sad to see siblings lining up against each other,this issue has been on the minds of everyone in this country as it determines who is the leader of the Kubuna confederacy.

    I know my Tauvus’ will do the proper thing and support whoever should hold this high psition.

    But no way should that pretender Eveli be allowed to acsend the throne.As he is the only contender who supports this illegal regime,it would be a blight on the Kubuna peoples name if he is allowed to hold this position.

    But it is worrying that with the pig trying to push him in line for the presidency,their will be behind the scenes manouvering to influence the NLC to rule in his favour.

    Da sa kila vinaka na mataqali vakasama e tiko vei rasona Vore.Ke sa taura o Eveli,na kaukauwa kece i Kubuna e sa na tu i ligana.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Come on Lau,I know you will do the proper thing and kick all coup supporters out of your provincial council.

  3. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Watching this episode with great interest since a girl is in line for the title. In our case, Ratu Finau is it. If he is missing then Roko Ului because Ratu Joji has passed on; all in the face of three girls preceeding Ratu Finau in seniority. What’s unraveling in Bau I find most intriguing. Assuming their sister takes the title.. does it mean that her children (fathered by someone outside of the Cakobau lineage) automatically line up after her? Or does the title at that point revert back to her brothers’ kids ? Which brother? Shouldn’t it be done right at this point and time and keep the title inside the Cakobau’s household by giving it to the eldest boy in line? Then on to his eldest boy and so on ?

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    It would not surprise me at all should the NLC rule in favour of Ratu George Kadavulevu of Muaidule; who, in my view, is the forerunner over and above the four named to be in contention for the title. But on second thoughts, with the current regime in place, their decision is a foregone conclusion. I certainly am not holding my breath on this one. Sorry NP.. but that is the reality.

    And further on my 2c piece.. the LADY contender does not stand a chance. I would rather see the ruling go Naisogolaca’s way.

  5. Budhau Says:

    As for the lady contenders – their point is that if Mara’s wife had set a precedent for women taking the chiefly title.

    BTW – who are the folks in the NLC who will make the decision and what influence does the IG have in that decision making process – and what a Nailatikau’s chance.

    I think they should have just waited a few more years and gave the title to Nailatikaus son – the Mara kid. Sort of like Prince Charles would never become the King and the title would pass on to his son.

  6. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau fuck off, this discussion does not involve your kind.

    As for others, a precendent has been set that would rule out Nailatikau.

    His grandmother Adi Litia Cakobau was of a more senior lineage being the daughter of Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua, the elder son of Seru Cakobau, Tui Viti. However, she did not pursue the title of Vunivalu because of her gender. Nailatikau is a direct descendent of Adi Litia (a female linage).

    The Vunivalu title therefore swung to the current holders, descendent of Ratu Josefa Celua, the youngest son of Seru Cakobau where it went to Ratu Popi Seniloli and then onto his son Ratu Geoge Kadavulevu Cakobau, the last Vunivalu.

    Therefore, base on precedent, when it comes to the Vunivalu title, women linage are off limit. This basically disqualifies Nailatikau (of a female linage) and Adi Litia Samanunu Talakuli.

    As a matter of fact, women of a more senior linage in the past, who would have very strong claims but had not shown an interest in the title include Adi Tava and Adi Gadai the wife of Dr Ratu Vakaruru. So the pathetic idea of choosing to pursue something that has always been men’s business in the Royal House of Kubuna never seems to amaze me about Adi Samanunu.

    Also as far as those pushing the claims of Colonel (Retired) Ratu Joji Kadavulevu Cakobau (Taukei Muaidule), a precedent was also set when his father was not given the Vunivalu Title because he was born out of wedlock. His father, Ratu Naulivou is the elder (half) brother of Ratu George Cakobau, the last Vunivalu.

    Base on al these scenarios, we can say that the only two strong contenders would be Ratu Joji Kadavulevu, who has spent most of his life at Mokani Village, and Ratu Epenisa Cakobau.

    Out of a bad lot, my preference would be Ratu Epenisa, especialy when you see the way the former often carries himself in a very unchiefly way during senate debates and bose ni yasana. Sega ni dau vakaturaga na nonai vakarau ni voso kei nai tovo and a reflection of the veisusu nei Nau. Ratu Epenisa has proven himself as a man trained to be chief the way he carries himself as a public speaker and a hardworking supporter of sports in Tailevu (youth) and community projects on Bau Island. His last project was the successful hosting of the Methodist Church Conference on Bau Island.

    But then again, the selection of the title is a private decision based on the collective agreement of members of the two household of Mateiwelagi (descendents of Josefa Celua) and Naisogolaca (descendents of Timoci Tavanavanua). And base on decisons of the past, there is no real hard and fast rule but decisions are made based on consensus, negotiation and compromise.

    The last time a Vunivalu was installed was in 1959, after seventy years, so 19 years is not really an issue here (the last Vunivalu passed away in 1989). What is the issue here is consensus and a choice that is based on compromise and good sense. There is no place for pride, greed, and being power hunger when we have to choose the paramount chief of Fiji, because whoever is chosen will have a strong affect on our future as the Fijian Race. The Tui Kaba i Cake must realise the title is above them and they must approach the situation with an open mind to choose the best out of the candidates.

    While it has often been said that the choice of Vunivalu is no ones business except those of the Tui Kaba i Cake Clan of Bau. I certainly disagree with that fact. It is everyones business because of the nature of the position and its affect on the Vanua of Bau, the Yasana of Tailevu and the Matanitu of Kubuna as the kawa i Taukei. What the Tui Kaba i Cake Clan must realise is that they have been bestowed with a privelege role of choosing the highest chiefly position of the land and their decision will affect the Kawa i Taukei, so honour that role and choose wisely.

    Knowing all of these people very well and as an observer from a distance all these years, I would say, if they cannot agree upon one of the candidates highlighted I would:

    1. Go for a more senior linage of the Vunivalu, although their line are nolonger in the Vola ni Kawa Bula, and choose Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi; or

    2. Do the King David thing, where God appointed the youngest in the house of Jesse, and appoint Ratu Tanoa Visawaqa Cakobau of California………….sa dri yani!!!

  7. Ika Says:

    Wow Dauvavana, that was very thorough and interesting to read. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  8. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ Dauvavana, I really appreciate that.
    Vinaka valevu for enlightening us.

  9. LUVfiji Says:


    The upper echelon of the Mataqali Tui Kaba is the Tui Kaba i Ra which comprises the Tokatoka Vunivalu; na Tokatoka ni Turaga Vunivalu.

    As for Ratu Epenisa. You may be right about his contribution to the Province; all that came to nought when the Bainimarama kid, o ko na gonedau mai Kiuva, dragged him to Court. The way he’s conducted himself in public needs to be considered. Does the name Naiduki ring a bell? The sister-sister combo!

    Sorry, he certainly doesnt deserve my respect even if does get elevated to Vunivalu.

    Tailevu sa levu leqa ??

  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Bainimarama // this name means – a worm. So he dragged the big guy to court. That act by Bainimarama does not automatically reduce a High Chief’s son’s status like Ratu Epenisa. And most certainly has not elevated the worm by any stretch of the imagination. Bainimarama is still a worm.

  11. DVC Says:

    Sa sega na noqu baigani ike – au sa toso. tilou saka.

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh sure.. it does mean more than a worm; I couldnt agree more.

    But it is the worm that heads this country today.. like it or not.
    It is the worm that reduced the Roko Tui Bau from the Office of Vice-President.. like it or not.
    And, it is the same worm that will elevate Ratu Nailatikau’s status to Vunivalu.. like it or not.

    Sorry, it is so obvious, this one is going all Naisogolaca way. It is a part of the Grand Plan of 5/12.

    Oqo na vere, kemudou, na vere dina vaka Bau.

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Luv Fiji, yes I agree with what you say but I do not mean his exploits of the loin but what he has done in leading big projects of Bau while the rest like Nailatikau and Ratu Joji are often just drowning in their self importance.

    E na nona sa liutaka oti e levu na ka me baleti Bau!

    Ratu Epenisa has also been a key to the successes of the Tailevu Rugby Team of late…………….Bili talemada Tailevu.

    And remember, as I have mentioned “Out of a bad lot!!!”

    As to the Naiduki sisters, call me a pig or a chauvanist or what but I would have done the same if offered the opportunity as a hot blooded male 🙂 8) E kequ nai lava e na nodatoui tuavtuva vakavanua!!!

    Or as the Naita’s always say “O cei e cata na maleka” se vacava naita IB???

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    Luv Fiji at 2.40pm,

    that is what I am so afraid of (Vere Vakabau ka dina) and after 5/12 any respect I had for Komai Naisogolaca went straight out the door!!!

  15. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana – that line “fuck off, this does not involve” that is what your idiot chief used to say to that educated lady in the senate – remember – when she was concerned about the interest of the common folks.

    About that Cakobau boy – the problem is not being dragged into court – the problem is getting drunk in public and behaving like that – that this is not the first time that he has done this – or for that matter other chiefs have done that – remember that dude that ended of the Suva wharf.

    BTW – are there any illegitimates out there who can be out that who can stake a claim also.
    (Dauvavana – this last remark – in response to your fuck off remark)

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    Bhudhau go fuck your sister and then your mother and then sodomise your father, there I thinks we leave to the Indians to sort out and we expect you to leave what is Fijian for us to sort out.

    Nuni pio you mother and leave us Taukei to talk about our issues……………you want to talk ask you father MaiChodo the $2 million he stole from your cane farners, teh money from Haryana. None of our chiefs have ever singlehandedly stolen $2 million from his people.

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    I hope you understand that!!!

  17. jaguar Says:

    Whew! Interesting…

    Someone’s certainly hit a raw nerve there. Go bloggers.

  18. Kuka Says:

    It is not the business of the Tailevu Provincial Council nor the Tongan Family (Nailatikau-Tu’uakitau nor the Nayaumunu Clan to discuss matters concerning the installation of the Turaga na Vunivalu wish appeared on the fijilive few days ago.Its not the culture of TRUE BAUANS to discuss matters that are private and scared

  19. LUVfiji Says:


    Koya gona na maleka ‘qori eratou sa raica tiko na lewe ni Mataqali. As Budhau has correctly stated.. it’s how he’s conducted himself in public that demeans his status to the people that matter in this regard – the core members of the Mataqali Tui Kaba. Ke sa sega ni qarava rawa na nona i tavi vei iratou na nona matavuwale, gonei.. qai rawa vakacava nai tavi i na vanua, na Yasana, and to the confederacy as a whole.

    I would have to ask what projects has he done for the island? All the development on Bau were done during his late father’s tenure when all Government assistance for Tailevu was almost directed to Bau only. I dont see anything new – from the island to the jetty at Nadave. The only difference on Bau is when he got the village store destroyed – one that housed the Bau Coop for decades – gave the piece of land to one of his mother’s relatives to build on. Is that the callibre of leadership the people want? All the houses built for them on Mataiwelagi with Government funding have weathered over the years, what has he done to rebuild?

    The people have woken up to that and they certainly see a different picture with Naisogolaca. Kau yani e dua na gone marama bale me laki vakatikori ena loma ni vale ka maroroi tu vakavinaka. Dina ga ni drau barosa wavoki, maroroi tu ga na Adi ni lomani vale. Its these intricacies and more that matter in our culture; but of course you know that. Era via maleka talega na lewe ni Yanuyanu Turaga.

    I, for one, would have liked to see him assume the Vunivalu after his father; for he has been groomed since he was a boy. And I’ve witnessed that on the island. But sad to say, it probably will never be!

  20. Dauvavana Says:


    I stand to disagree as times have change and remember without the Vanua there are no chiefs………………we are at a crucial stage in our journey as the Taukei Nation and true Bauans or not, we have to discuss this as it has a very strong bearing on our future as Kawa i Taukei……………..I strongly think these issues need to be debated out in the open so the Tui Kaba Clan can gauge other opinions, however no one dispute that it is their decision to make………………..and from what I can see the wise counsel of Masau appears non existence right now so other alternative of balancing opions about choice need to be sought by the Tui Kaba Clan.

    What I don’t like the sound of hearing is that the NLC is going to make a decision if there is a stalemate……………..because the damn worm is then going to select you know who!!!

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    Luv Fiji, if the Marama Bale you are referring to is the Radini Naisogolaca at present…………….oh boy, if only you know her exploits within wedlock……………but I would dare not go there………contrast that to Frances Loloma e dabeca dei tu ga na nonai tikotiko vaka radini vale.

    I am no fan of Ratu Epenise nor Nailatikau………..sadly my preference is someone not even mention in the top four……………….the good Colonel from Muaidule…………………….as I have said, if not annoint the youngest…………it had worked in the Bible with the Lion of Judah

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    Contrast indeed… in looks alone! To borrow yr saying; o cei (vei ira) e cata na maleka?

    Which youngest.. Mataiwelagi’s or Naisogolaca’s. We’ve lost both to Californi-a.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    either of them in California would do ia me dua rawa mada na radini nei Ratu Keni (LOL)……………..come to think of it, how would our ladies take a Radini Levuka from Nakoroivau ;-)…………oh boy now this get’s complicated…………me sa laivi saraga vei ratou me ratou vakatulewa kina mai mosi tale na ulu………….my main concern is to keep the NLC (Vore’s influence) from making taht decision……….the fisherman from Kiuva

  24. Adi Kaila Says:

    VUNIVALU OF BAU IS Ratu George Cakobau, Jr.

    It was proposed in 2005 and still pending.

    The 3 children of The Late Vunivalu of Bau Ratu Sir George Cakobau and Adi Veniana Gavoka are strident Nationalists – I am all for Ratu George.

  25. Adi Kaila Says:

    @ Dauvavana Says: 4:47 pm

    That’s one for the tabloids!!!!

  26. LUVfiji Says:

    @AdiK. Na leqa e tiko vei kemudrau kei Ratu George ni sega tiko na nona vale mai Bau. Sega ni rawa ni ceguva tiko na kuvu ni rara mai Mokani na Turaga Vunivalu. lol !

  27. natewaprince Says:

    Sniper,talanoa mada mai kerekere.

  28. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Ke mani va vale se ceguva tiko na kuvu ni efu na i tutu va vanua e sa mau tu ga vei koya. Se va cava Adi K. Perfect example was Tonga’s Queen Mata’aho visit to Lakeba for the late Turaga’s 80th. Preparation in Tubou to house the Queen at Valelevu’s Sekoula, but her highness headed straight for Onewai that was well below par for Tubou standard what with the outside toilet, unkept and very poor housing (sorry folks, the Maafu clan) the Queen stayed in Onewai’s very poor surroundings the entire time. She made the statemet that truth of where she resides is not determined by the type of housing or whether there is indoor plumbing. The Queen used the outhouse while she was there. Take a leaf from that, Naisogolaca boys and know your place. This post is for Fijians. The Queen will tell you the same.

  29. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Totally agree with you too Kuka.

    Dauvavana makes an excellent argument too.

    Au kaya me Drau sa dina ruarua mada ga.

    Wananavu! na veitalanoa.

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji doesn’t need a Vunivalu. Fiji has a Roko Tui Bau, leave it at that.

    Fix up the economy so today’s children can have a good education.

    Society is run by the top of the class, not the bottom.

    Fiji’s case today it is run by the wannabe wankers, the bottom of the class.

  31. Organizer Says:

    I won’t be surprised if the Vore will influence NLC about the Vunivalu of Bau title. If he accept the tabua presented by Talakuli for the title of Tui Nakelo when the people of Nakelo knew that he has no Yavu in Nakelo and a descendant from Kiuva, he will probably do something to this Bau position. When Talakuli was installed, no magiti was prepared, the people had to drink tea afterwards (getting to be like a mickey mouse installation).

    This shows their real character. By hook or by crook they will get what they want, especially when the cup bearers refused to install him. They had to get a kai Daku to install a kai Kiuva to be the chief in Nakelo. That’s how the Kiuva connection is working its way in Fiji today. Isn’t this corruption at its highest level?. You decide.

  32. Tui Says:

    I hope the NLC will not have to decide on this. What’s more, Fijians must rely on their ability to solve these issues. Bottom-line it is the vanua. If the vanua does not agree, then it is an exercise in futility. There is no need for a commission or another body to solve this.
    Fijians must solve these title disputes without the courts or the NLC. I see this problem all over Fiji. Sa sega na loloma. Sa sega na vei dokai kei na veivakaliuci. Sa sivia na loma ca kei na veiqati. Kevaka ena sega ni tubu na veilomani ena kena soli nai tutu ni Vunivalu, Tui Cakau, Roko Tui Veikau se tutu cava tale, au sa kanaka ga e dai, maumau wale na kena vosa, na kena yaqona kei na magiti. Me basika mada na duavata kei na yalo e nanuma dina na nona vanua, ke na sega, ia ena sega ni kunei rawa na vakacegu.
    I met Ratu Celua recently in LA and over a bowl of grog he expressed his sadness about what is happening in Fiji. He has said he does not want to come back to Fiji. I kept thinking about that statement from Ratu Celua and wondered if we would meet again. It reminded me of the reality in Fiji, even our high chiefs are willing to make that sacrifice, leave their beloved homeland to search for a better life.
    We can only hope that whoever is going to lead Kubuna, will bring about a new day of hope and blessings for us all.
    God bless Fiji.

  33. Kubuna Says:


    Kanaka la na vere vaka Bau sa na bai caka ike. Me da raica mada de dua sa na gole vei Nailatikau nai tutu ni Vunivalu ni tu mai dakuna na Vore.

    Ke sa rawa ni cakava na Vore mai Nakelo enai tutu vaka Tui Nakelo me gole va na wekana mai Kiuva o koya e sega na nona yavu ena loma ni koro mai Nakelo, me qai sega vakacava ni rawa mai Bau me solia vei koya na nona tarabu o Nailatikau.

    Mera qarauna ga nai vakalesilesi ni Veitarogi Vanua, de dua ena muri Samisoni Mataika tale ena nona cakava vakailawaki na Veitarogi Vanua e Nakelo ena 2006 ni a kaya kina na turaga ni Navatu qo vei ira na kai Nakelo, “veitalia mada ni kai Kiuva o Talakuli, erawa ga ni mai taura nai tutu ni Tui Nakelo.”

    Da tu mada da qai sarasara.

  34. Tui Says:


    Dina sara Tai, ia au nuitaka ni sega ni tovolea o komada me siova nai qaiqai qo mai na nodatou vanua. Tou qarava ga na nodatou tavi ki na vanua, lotu kei na vuvale. Sa tu na vakanuinui ni na basika na vei gauna vinaka e Tailevu kei Kubuna. Ke sa na vinaka o Kubuna, au kila sa na qai vinaka tale ga o Viti.
    Na gauna oqo eda sa dodonu ga meda sa veilomani na kawa i taukei. Au rarawataka vakalevu niu raici iarotu na nodatou gone turaga lailia mai California. Sa dua na ka na kena mosi niu rogoci iratou toka ena nodratou sa warai ni mata qai tale mai i nanodatou vanua lomani.
    Ia sa ega ni gauna ni lesu ki muri. Sa gauna ni yalomatua, vosata kei na cakacaka vaka savasava. Sa levu sara na veiba taki ni tutu kei na yau kei vuravura. Sa rauta meda vakaloloma tiko nai taukei ni da veivalataka taka tiko na ka eda na biuta tu mai.
    Na noqu vakasala ga vei iratou na veilitaki tiko ena matanitu qo, dou kakua ni vakasaga na vanua de dou na kuita taki kina. Vei iko voreqe, kerekere, kua ni siova na ka e sega ni nomu vakavanua. Kevaka o sa vinakata mo leqa totolo, io vakatovolea mada!
    Laivi ira na via saga na veiliutaki mera saga. Dui tamasuka ga na ka e tea. Io sa dri yani. Kalougata tiko na nodatou timi ni Viti kei na SV team.

  35. LUVfiji Says:


    Interesting piece on the Nakelo “installation”. I dont see it though as a mickey mouse act. Qori sa vakataka la ko dau vakayacori mai Buckingham Palace. Ni oti e dua na veibuli era dau gunu ti.

    But I can see how Daku got involved. Influence from the new Radi Nakelo? Vinaka.

  36. Wailei! Says:

    @ LUV Fiji Yeah whats with the Naiduki thingy. Sounds creepy!

  37. Wailei! Says:

    Na Vere vaka Bau? Is that some sort of curse? What happened?

    Also, The sooner the installation the better, me rawa ni kaci mai o Bau, Me yavavala a vanua. Me toso Na Vanua me mokuti Voceke.

    The sooner the installation the better, Everyone is suffering and looking to Bau for some sort of call.

  38. tailevu Says:

    Luv Fiji, Mataiwelagi is the house of the Vunivalu, if Rt. George is installed as the Turaga Vunivalu, he will occupy the residence of the Vunivalu. Interest reading from Dauvana, i thought Rt. Jope Seniloli was also eligible for the Vunivalu title!

  39. LUVfiji Says:


    Na vere vaka Bau.. Fijian conspiracy at its best (worst). E rawa ni da kitaka kece.. ia, e dau tukuni tu e sega ga ni dua e tautauvata kaya ni sa buki vere o Bau, hence the vere vaka Bau. Thats what we’re witnessing today. Yes, you right in that the sooner they install one the better; but lets hope and pray that the right one is chosen. I do agree that we would look to Bau for some form of leadership. Na vanua li qo e a sucu mai kina na noda i tovo na i Taukei, koya sa dau kilai tani ga kina e dua e susu mai Bau.

    @Ablaze. I would have to disagree with you. Fiji may not need a Vunivalu, but Bau sure does. They need one to lead the flock! I dont think Ratu Joni is one that would want to grab that role. He will provide wise counsel and guidance to whoever is installed as V.

  40. LUVfiji Says:

    @Tailevu. Im surprised that you have raised this.

    Mataiwelagi belongs to Ratu Epenisa – lock, stock and barrel. Do you really expect him to step aside from the residence he inherited from his father if they dont annoint him Vunivalu?

    Ke o kai Tailevu dina, dodonu mo kila.

  41. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Tailevu

    apart from what LUVfiji said above, also note that the Seniloli’s are not entitled to the Vunivalu title, there are other issues regarding them but is is left best left out of this discussion.

    The issue here is the Vunivalu Title and Fiji (Kawa i Taukei) needs one right now because without it the people are rudderless.

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Describe “vere vaka Bau” in one word!


    I pray that God’s will be done with my naitas! Me nomuni tiko na Kalougata, na vuku kei na yalomatua sa solia duadua ga na Kalou!

  43. groggy Says:

    O ira dou tukuna na qase o ira na turaga e kilai ga mai vei ira na tamata era kawai taki ira. Se sega nomu tamata e maumau wale nomu turaga. O keda na gone ni Kubuna warai ni dou buli edua na marama me tui.

    Ya na duidui levu o Kubana mai vei rau na matanitu vakaturaga tale e rua o Tovata kei Burebasga.

    Na turaga e sega ni musu caiti taka nona tutu. E sega ni dou ve lewa se kaiya ni o koya na Vunivalu dina. Ya nai tovo valoloma. O Nalatikau e vaka madua taka na tamata ni kubuna ni lai musu cati taka tiko ni o koya e dodono me Vunivalu. E warai ni dou caka va ya na ka qo. Na ka yaco tiko qo e sa vaka tiko na siosio taka e dua nai tutu e sega ni dodonu mera tara.

    Me vaka ga na gauna o epeli ganilau e via siova nai tutu vaka Tui Cakau. Na ka gai laurai era gai maduwa ga mai oti ya sa gai sauti ira tu qo na ve siova toka na tutu va Tui Cakau.

    Na gauna qo na Turaga levu e Kubuna o Roko Tui Bau o koya na rogoci na domona na gauna sa vadonui kina me buli o Koya na Turaga na Vunivalu. Se o luveni sala se cava mo kawa ga ni Vunivalu. Oratou ga na matavuvale mai Mataweilagi e kilai tu ni oratou e kawa ni Vunivalu. Oratou na viavia vosa tiko qo oratou mo ratou vakarogorogo mada beleta na levu ga ni nodra vosa na levu ga ni vadugu mai cakau loa.

    Kemudou na wekagu mai Kubuna i vanua keitou na gone e Kubuna i wai sa wawa tu.

  44. Tui Says:

    Vinaka mataqali groggy, meda masulaka tiko na vei gauna vinaka vei Kubuna. Sa tu na vakanuinui ni na tu e dua me na kauti keda yani ki na Viti vou. Whoever gets the nod, we must rally to support the vanua. We have suffered for too long and it’s time we move on with the times. Isa Viti noqu Viti! Me bula tiko ga na kawa i Taukei, ka basika tiko na dina, dodonu kei na sautu, mana,,eiii dina!

  45. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula – Orisi QaranivaluJune 8, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Ka dina.

    According to the Onewai clan, they had wanted to upgrade Onewai and were being urged by the head of the Mataqali still alive at the time Ratu Vili but whenever they started Ratu Sir KKT told them and was emphatic that he would build the new family home for them as compensation for the public roads built on Onewai lands.

    Well with the ship loaded up with food and iyau for the 80th birthday party the contingent set off for Tubou, HRH was determined she would not let her family down and stayed in Ratu Vili and Adi Meres (Sister of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba of Vatuwaqa and Ratu Peni of Na Ivi) house in Onewai.

    There was no embarrassment by the Onewai clan nor by HRH. Outside toilet se ensuite HRH was quite happy to be in her own home.

    BTW – HRH is still alive and they are still waiting for the upgrade.

    But that’s by the by – I just hope the right person is selected for Vunivalu.

  46. Adi Kaila Says:

    Can someone find out who is in this ‘commission’ to decide the Vunivalu?

    As far as I know and have been raised to understand this position and any such position is decided by high chiefs of selected clans in that particular Division.

    This ‘commission’ is rather alarming.

    We can’t allow this ig to undermine our Traditions or our Traditional way of life. As soon as you let ‘others’ impose their beliefs of way of life on you you’re completely fucked – I am not going to apologise for that expletive because it’s true. We’ve had to regain our traditional ways after British Rule and we’ve done it quite well living in the modern world.

    I don’t know if any of you heard from your grandparents about how Fijians weren’t allowed to buy alcohol from a legal outlet or drink in the same bar as the kaivalagi – it wasn’t that long ago. In fact from what I’ve been told it was merely 40 years ago. Fancy being treated like a bloody displaced person in your own country.


    It’s all very well to say that if it wasn’t for the British – blah blah blah.

    But did anyone sit to think about what it would’ve been like without the British or Americans if that was the case?

    We’d still be the HAPPY FIJIANS that we are without being accused of racism toward the Indians in our midst which is always quickly mooted to justify some useless piece of shits illegal agenda.

    Fiji has always had it’s own traditional ways of governing itself and we have done it quite superbly without outside interference. I suggest we do it again – on our own terms – after all it is our Islands isn’t it?

  47. Dauvavana Says:

    I second that and totally agree with you Adi K

  48. George of Sydney Says:

    Dauvavana has correctly stated the requirement needed to select the chief to be installed and the reasons other candidates would have to be disqualified.
    1) Adi Samanunu – cant be installed since she is a woman and she has brothers.
    2) Rt George Kadavulevu Naulivou of Muaidule although I would prefer him as my best bet and would have been the best in terms of leadership talent and exprience, had to be disqualified for Rt Naulivou (his father) was born out of wedlock.
    3) Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will also have to be ommitted for he was originally from a maternal side of the family.
    4) Ratu Apenisa Cakobau has a right of claim to this position being the son of the late Vunivalu.
    5) Ratu Joji Kadavulevu of Mataiwelagi is by right the heir to the title since he is the eldest of the sons of the late Vunivalu.

    Before I elaborate on the 2 prospect heir to the title of Vunivalu, I wish to clearly state as to why Nailatikau cant be Vunivalu.
    As someone born from the maternal side, it is a PRIVILIDGE and not a RIGHT to be allowed by the Vunivalu that he and his generations are included as members of his tokatoka. The Turaga Taukei Naisogolaca sa bale (Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau) was so special to the clan but would never pursue to challenge Ratu Sir George for the title for he always believe that it is his ultimate duty to offer the Vunivalu all the allegience and support he needed to lead the people. You will also need to note that Rt Sir Edward didnot allow any of his chidren to use his surname (Cakobau) for it was given for him and him only. Nailatikau’s claim to be the highest chief in Fiji is not only diarespectful but also unchiefly and insulting. Keimami sa madua na tukamuni. If you are a true member of the chiefly family of the Vunivalu clan, do the right thing and proclaim support and allegience to the chiefly family of Mateiwelagi who had proved their generosity and ultimate trust in including your father in the Vunivalu Clan.
    For Ratu Joji Kadavulevu who is the eldest of the previous Vunivalu’s son, I dont have any problem with him. The reason I feel he has to be installed is because he is the only rightful owner of the title irrespective of what people sees or says about him. Traditionally, there are people who, as part of their role are to look after him, trained and guide him in the way he handle the responsibilities that is expected of this Vunivalu position. The question of his place of residence will depend on wether the house in Mateiwelagi was constructed by Rt George himself for him and his family or if it was constructed by the vanua to accomodate the Vunivalu title holder. If the Vanua constructed the house, then the present occupants have to vacate the chiefly yavu and let the installed chief to reside in it. I know that it might be difficult for Ratu Apenisa to vacate the place if Rt Kadavulevu is installed, and needed to live in Bau.
    The other option is for the vanua of Bau to build another chiefly house for Rt Kadavulevu so that he could live in the island if he is installed. This would be essential if the house in Mateiwelagi was personally financed and constructed by Rt Sir George and Lady Lelea for themselves and their children.
    It is vital that the Vunivalu will have to live in Bau and his place of residence has to be isolated so that entry to it will have to follow the traditional protocol. This will ensure that the respect this very chiefly household commands is maintained at all times.
    Rt Apenisa can reside close to him and be trained, prepared and engrained with all the attributes which goes with this important chiefly status so that he is perfectly ready to take up this role of the Vunivalu after Ratu Joji.
    A thing to remember is that they have a guardian angel close to them and that would be the Roko Tui Bau. I believe if whoever is appointed Vunivalu humbled and allow himself to be guided by a great leader such as Ratu Joni himself I can state here with confidence that surely this would bring lot of prosperous and peaceful time to the people of Bau, Tailevu, Matanitu Kubuna and Fiji as a nation. May the will of god prevail.

  49. Jose Says:

    Dauvavana and Adi K. Exactly. We have our own traditional ways of governing ourselves. I like that expression “HAPPY FIJIANS”

  50. Adi Kaila Says:

    Vinaka George Of Sydney.

    I agree wholeheartedly – When he becomes Vunivalu we’ll see how really effective he is – He is a true King – and like all heirs he will lead – it’s his birthright.

  51. Dauvavana Says:

    @George of Sydney

    in 2005 the Vanua of Bau were asked to take turns (one village a day) feeding Carpenters from Nasaumatua who were renovating Vuniyavu (one of the three houses in the Mateiwelagi Compound)…………rumour was that Ratu Joji was about to move into the island in anticipation of being installed…………..Cautata and Viwa send their mata to inform the Mataqali Tui Kaba that their duty was not to provide catering for carpenters of the Vunivalu but to fight his battle and (rightfully) protect the Vanua ………8)

    Anyway, I think Vuniyavu is now ready for Ratu Joji if the “madigi” points towards him.

  52. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Jose – We are Happy people and have always been effective in resolving issues among ourselves.

    We’ve always had our traditional ways of dealing with these matters. We can still do this and instill this in the minds of our people – who knows it may solve problems to do with crime, illness and heaven knows what plagues us.
    Some of our brothers and sisters have fallen by the way and I think it is because of lack of cultural and traditional guidance.

    The hip hop is from the USA – for eg – and yes enjoy it but don’t try to emanate that lifestyle our psyche is not engaged that way and any thing in excess will make anyone lose the plot.

    We have history and a history, culture and traditions to be very very proud of – sure modernism is here to stay – but we don’t have to live it in our private lives. We need to know which traditional medicines to take to ease those aches and pains – they work. We need to eat pawpaw and other fruits in season for breakfast instead of weetbix and anything made from flour to stay healthy. We need to know the effects of the moon and it’s cycle and how it affects when we plant or reap or fish – also its meke vula effects and keep clear of the nuts.

    We need to learn from our relatives in the villages who still live this way as it is the best way to combine both the traditional and the modern – we in Fiji can do it – because we have it – most of us do but we have to teach those who don’t. Let’s teach each other – now with electricity in most villages – teach them how to use a computer, mobile etc – and let’s follow them to the teitei or out fishing and keep in touch with the Vanua. We’ve never needed much in Fiji so don’t go thinking that you must have that microwave oven – how many times will you use it?

    IB wrote something similar to this – When most of the Western World is looking for Nirvana – we have it right here in Fiji.

    We have it all here – let’s embrace it, value it and live it and stay HAPPY FIJIANS.

    Let the others who have no history fight their time wasting fight wanting to take what’s not theirs or to be come rich – it won’t get them anywhere near their goals, if they do get there they want more – laivi ira na vaqa koro, ra sega ni kila nodra kawa, biuti ira mera kocova na ka sega na betana.

  53. Jose Says:

    Very true. What we have needs to be preserved. We take what we need from modernism to make life a little easier. I think the Hamish got it down pat.

  54. LUVfiji Says:

    @ George of Sydney

    Sorry, I couldnt agree with yr above post with the view in (3) to omitt Ratu Nailatikau from claiming the title. His right to the claim is, as you correctly stated, through maternal links. Wasnt that the link that took Ratu Sukuna to Tubou and got him the right to claim the title of Tui Lau?

    I had previously asked on a separate thread if we could see this happening again today. And here we are. If a chief of Bau can be installed Tui Lau on the strength of his maternal links, what then is there to stop Ratu Nailatikau being installed Vunivalu?

    Eda kanaka la!

  55. tailevu Says:

    Dauvana, you are really a historian! You have divulge informations of interest!

  56. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana & LUVfiji – segai sara ni dua na nitou baigani lailai na wekamuni mai baravi ena ulutaga bibi oqo.

    Au via taroga ga vi kemudrau na wekaqu, ke dinataki nai tukutuku ni na soli vakasala tale tiko ga o Adi Finau ena vakatulewa ni NLC?

    Kena levu, au kerea nomudrau veivosoti.

  57. Belijo Says:

    HRH of Tonga showed Tubouans and especially the Family from Vatuwaqa a perfect example of humility, a Christ-like conduct lacking so to speak of the current Vatuwaqa siblings. Prior to the arrival of the Tongan contingent, the eldest of the siblings had made an advance party to Tubou in preparation for the birthday. Women in the village took sessions to weave mats for this occassion. Sad to say these women were not offered a cup of tea or even a glass of water for the self-sacrifice they were doing for the occasion. In the end only the older women completed the job the younger ones had better things to do. Lesson to be learnt, the younger Launs are getting further and further away from you royalties. Learn to be humble and learn to serve should be your motto and not ‘being served’.

  58. george of sydney Says:

    LUVfiji, You are not wrong in bringing the issue about the late Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna being installed as the Tui Lau when he is from the maternal side (being the son of Adi Litia Maopa). Let me enlighten you with this important information about the Ratu Sukuna’s position.
    1) Ratu Sukuna’s great grandfather (Ratu Mara Kapaiwa’father) is Ratu Tanoa’s younger brother. Since the current Roko Tui Bau is the son of Ratu Dovi (Ratu Sukuna’ brother), doesn’t that prove that Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi is originally from the Vunivalu Clan and he can be installed if needed.
    2) Ratu Sukuna’s grandfather (Rt Mara), was together with Ro Qaraniqio of Rewa, were Rt Cakobau’s greatest rival during the Bau-Rewa war during the 1850’s. Ratu Mara was later captured and was ordered by Ratu Cakobau to be hanged. If I am correct, this is where the name Madraiwiwi originated (Sa wiwi vei au na ka kecega). It was the statement from Ratu Mara at the time when he was about to be hanged and was just being informed that his wife kad just gave birth to a male offspring (Dou vakayacani koya me ko Madraiwiwi baleta ni sa wiwi vei au na ka kecega). Ratu Mara’s wife is Ofisa, the beautiful lady from Vanuabalavu.
    2) As far as the position of Tui Lau is concerned, it only started when the Tovata Confederacy began (Tovata ni Natokalau kei Viti). It was only created for Maafu and history stated that it was created for him and for him only and during his time.
    3)It is assumed that Rt Sukuna transfered himself (vola ni kawabula) to the Tokatoka Vuanirewa clan for he was disappointed to the way his grandfather was treated (hanging). He was an able, educated and respected chief and statesmen. He was a man of vision and possess alot of wisdom. Those were the qualities that the people of Lau and the Matanitu Tovata recognized in him that led to him being given the title of Tui Lau.
    He was the only the second Tui Lau, a position which was at first only created for convenience (given to Maafu). You will never hear Ratu Sukuna being referred to as the Tui Nayau but as the Tui Lau. I believe if the Tui Nayau has to be appointed, the normal process of prioritizing the candidates from the paternal side will be undertaken. That is the way it has to be. The appointment of chiefs who originated from maternal side is very very rare. With Ratu Epeli’s inclusion, it just make the process complicated by him for he is fully aware that he cant be considered a candidate.

  59. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – Ni bula vinaka Turaga Naita.

    Au se sega mada ni se rogoca e dua na ka baleti FT. Ia, ke mani dina na nomu i tukutuku e sa macala sara tu ga vakasigalevu na kena e sa na mua kina na lewa ni Veitarogi Vanua.

    O FT e lewe ni Tokatoka Vunivalu; o iratou na veta e cake ni Mataqali Tui Kaba. Dodonu vinaka tu na nona vakaitavi taki koya tiko ena vei ka eso me baleta na i tutu Vakaturaga ni Vunivalu.

    Sa dri saka yani!

  60. LUVfiji Says:

    @ george of Sydney

    Thanks for that long-winded response. For what its worth, I am a kai Tailevu with close Bauan connection. In fact I spent most of my childhood and early adult life on the island and all that you’ve just posted is nothing new to me. Perhaps I should still thank you for the benefit of those blogging here with us who might be interested in that piece of history. Vinaka wikipedia!

    I am still of the strong view that Ratu Nailatikau’s claim for Vunivalu is legit.

  61. tailevu Says:

    LuvFiji get over it.. FT and EN are in the same boat…. what you call the “wannabes”.

  62. george of sydney Says:

    One sad thing that is happening around Fiji is the challenges being made to the various chiefly status after the appointments and installations. Eda sega ni vinakata me yaco oya ena kena digitaki na i tutu vaka Tui Kaba ka Vunivalu e Bau.
    I am someone that could confidently state that I know the Mataiwelagi and the Naisogolaca clan very well and I do agree with you that Ratu Epeli, like anyone else could become Vunivalu. He is well educated and respected. He has a lot of leadership experience but it is just unfortunate that the line of succession for the position of Vunivalu will have to miss him since there are legitimate male members from the paternal side of the family being considered. Eda sega ni vinakata me vakamaduataki nai nodatou i tikotiko vakaturaga baleta ni caka e dua na veidigitaki se veibuli cala. Se dua e via challenge taka na veidigitaki ki na NLC. Dua talega na ka me ratou nanuma na via buli oya ni i nodatou i tutu vakaturaga e i tutu cecere, sau ka rokovi duadua ena noda vanua. Ni ko sa via siova se mo taura ena gaunisala cala se butobuto ena kati iko kei na nomu kawa na cudru ni vanua se na mokuti iko na kena sau.
    Sa tukuna tu nai vola tabu ni kevaka o kabata na bai ena kati iko na gata.

  63. LUVfiji Says:

    @george of Sydney

    Vinaka George. Ka dina na ka o vakaraitaka mai qori. Na ka wale ga au ba taka na kena tiko na dodonu mai Naisogolaca me ratou na via cabeta talega na i tutu Vakaturaga – the right to claim. Na kena qai soli vei Ratu Nailatikau se sega, e sa tiko saraga e ligadratou na lewe ni Mataqali Tui Kaba. Ia, me vaka ni da sa rogoca tiko ‘qo ena kena sa vakagolei vei iratou na Veitarogi Vanua sa i vakaraitaki ca ni sa tiko na malumalumu e loma ni Mataqali.

    Its sad that its had to end up with NLC. And if there is honesty and integrity within, NLC should reveal to them what they have on record, and that is the choice the late Turaga had made on his successor. And we all know too well who it is.

    loloma yani!

  64. george of sydney Says:

    Edua na ka me da nanuma ni i tutu vakavanua e sega ni nodra na turaga era buli me solia vei ira na galala me ra digitaka na kedrai sosomi. E nodra na lewe ni vanua se yavusa nai tutu ka sa tu na i vakarau ni kena digitaki, buli ka vagunuvi o koya me veiliutaki se veisosomitaki.
    E dina ni mosi vei keda kece na nona sa curu mai na veitarogi vanua (NLC) ena i tekivu ni veivosaki. Oqo baleta ni okoya na APPEALING COMMISSION ni veika bibi me baleta na kawa i taukei. O iratou eratou dau qai lako mai ke sa mani veiletitaki nai tutu se dua e saqata na veidigitaki sa vakayacori.
    But in a way it might be good so that things ca be sorted out vakararama ka vakamatata me kakua tale ni vakavu veileti se me kau tale yani vaka veilewai e muri.
    Ni ko ni vakaraitaka tiko ni sa tiko na nona digidigi na turaga Vunivalu sa bale ena vuku ni kena i sosomi, Au via vakaraitaka vei kemuni ni vakatulewa ni tutu e tiko ena vanua. Na macala ni nodratou veivosaki vaka i tokatoka ena mai vakadewataki ki na mataqali. Ke sa ciqomi, sa na qai vakadewataki sara vanua kei na vanua qali se veiwekani kara sa na talai na kena veimataki mera vakasavu i tukutuku.
    Kena i balebale ni dina ga ni na ciqomi na nodra nanuma na Turaga na Vunivalu sa bale, ia ena sega ga ni dodonu me influence taka na vakatulewa ni vanua se na veitarogivanua (NLC). Na vakatulewa e dodonu me yavutaki mai na nona vakaliuci o koya e qase duadua vei ira na kawa ni tagane ena loma ni tokatoka turaga. Sa dri yani.

  65. groggy Says:

    Luv Fiji o Epeli e dodonu me kilai koya, o cei o koya, e dua nona yavu, e dua nona tamata, ocei nona bati, e se rawa ni va io eka me gai biu cake na yacana.

    O ira na turaga e sega ni dou ceburaki tu e macawa lala. O Kubuna qo sega vaka dua me muri na sala ni yalewa ni soli nai tutu cecere qo.

    O Epeli me vaka ga na turaga dina me vagalala taki koya beleta ni na vakamadua taka nai tutu cecere qo.

    O Roko Tui Bau ena vosa o Kubuna taucoko ena rogo sega tale ni dua na gauna sara ga qo.

  66. Mossad Says:

    I do hope that the right choice is made…..It will only strengthen the Fijian identity. For those who do miss out…I sincerely hope they will support the successful candidate whole heartedly, for the sake of Kubuna.

  67. Tui Says:

    @george of Sydney,

    Thanks for the info and history. There are a few things I’d like to correct though so that we do not misinform people. I will get back to you as my “correction” is quite long!

  68. dauniwalesi Says:

    kena i matai…kemuni na turaga kei na marama, sa kerei meda ciqoma na gaunisala oqo. na cala e sa caka oti mai. tekivu ga mai vei ira na turaga era volitaki viti ki peritania.. sa cala ni butako vanua levu duadua..rt seru cakobau ena nona lasutaka ni tui viti….ra wele tu na taukei ni vanua dina e volitaki na nodra qele….lasutaki vakaivola ni o koya e lewai viti…..oqo kemuni na turaga kei na marama na butako levu duadua…qai muri na nodra butakoci keda na lewei viti o ria na vavalagi kei ira na vasu…

    kena i karua….e dodonu med ana ciqoma ni sa na gole i naisogolaca na bilo… butako ..ia e sa sega ni cala….ni sa dodonu mai liu ka sa dodonu meda na ciqoma… sa gole na veiliutaki ki vei ira era sa qaqa…e dai..e sa nona dina na qaqa na turaga mai naisogolaca….ka ni sa matua nona polotiki ka donu na vanua o toka kina…( ena yasa i voreqe…na turaga qaqa mai kuluva) e da na rawa ni kaseti koya ia e sa sega dina ga ni dua e na vakadruka na nona i tuvatuva… qai qo e sa na qai ga….io se warai…sa na toso ga na ka oqo……dou qai kakase tiko mai…na vakagunu e sa na caka ga…

    kena i katolu..e da kila vakamatata tu na veilasutaki levu ni tukutuku kei viti e taba mai na yanuyanu o viwa ena i matai ni printing press ena matanitu nei seru cakobau… lasu oqo e sa mai vakasesea tu e levu na ka me baleta na kawa i taukei………tekivu mai na i tukutuku lasu ni nona valuti na i tutu vaka roko tui bau…na lasutaki ni tukutuku e taba mai na printing press oqo dodonu me vakadodonutaki…sa dodonu kina me da na kelia na dina kei viti….

    kena i ka va…..e dodonu me na raici me na vakadodonutaki vakalawa ena mataveilewai kei vuravura na dina kei na dodonu ni kena a volitaki taumada ko viti ki peritania…ka me vakadodonutaki kece sara na veika e mai vakacalai ena butako levu oqo…..

    sa i koya qo na bulago ni veitalanoa kei na dautukutuku ni gauna….

  69. Tailevu Says:


    Me da qai sarava ga ni gauna (ke sa mani gole vei Nailatikau) me sa gunu kina.

    Me kua ni vakarua taki na magiti ti (gunu ti) ni oti na veivagunuvi e caka mai Nakelo (Rt Manasa Talakuli) ena i tutu ni Tui Nakelo ena vula sa oti, May 2008.

    Na back door ena ceburaki kina na nodra cheap line, no money, waca ka sa mai beci kina nai tovo vakavanua ni kena vakatikori nai tutu vakaturaga e Viti.

    Sa dua mada ya e nona soli e $50.00, da qai sarava se vakacava o koya qori Dauniwalesi.

  70. Seini Says:

    There is only one thing to remember about the proposed Commission
    to install a new Vunivalu and that is that it is the work of the Illegal
    Government. The Commission has no legitimacy. When Ratu Mara
    Kapaiwai was hanged after the battle of Kaba there was no
    constitution. He was hanged because his opponents were victorious
    in battle. That was the rule of might is right. We now have a
    constitution and we are trying to defend it against the philosophy of
    might is right. Whether Ratu Epeli Nailatikau’s father was illegitimate
    or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that the so-called government
    which Ratu Epeli has joined is illegitimate. He is tainted by that and
    the pretty obvious plan to install him as Vunivalu should be seen in
    that light. There is a Chodopu$$ tentacle in there some where so
    don’t forget that.

    BTW I am not a Bauan and have no wish to speak at all on their
    business but the expression vere vakabau must have come from

  71. Tui Says:

    @ george of Sydney,

    Na wekaqu au vakavinavinaka taka na nomuni tuvana toka mai nai tukutuku me baleti Roko Tui Bau, Ratu Mara Kapaiwai, na tukai Ratu Sukuna. Au kere ga me na vakamatata taki vei kemuni e vica na ka me tukuni kina na dina ka me kua ni lasu se veivakalacalai nai tukutuku eda dau vakadewa taka vei ira na noda. Au sega niu kaya qo meu beca kina edua vei keda, kau kerea kina mo ni na vosoti au kevaka e vei saqasaqa nai tukutuku au na wasea yani vei kemuni.
    Na nodra lai kuna na tukaqu ko Ratu Mara Levu, era a solia ira yani, sega ni “captured” me vaka o ni kanaka tiko. Era a mai toka vakalaillai vei Roko Tui Veikau mai Namara ni bera ni ra soli ira yani me ra lai kuna.
    E mani kaya na Roko Tui Veikau me sa kabai ko Bau ena nona rarawataka na ka sa mai yavo tu vua na wekana na Roko Tui Bau. Mani kaciva kina na Roko Tui Veikau na nona mataivalu ka tiko mai Waimaro. Oqo edua na veiwekani makawa sara ka rawa kina vua na Roko Tui Veikau me kaciva kina na Tui Waimaro.
    Ia ni ra sa mai toka e Namara na kai Waimaro, sa tubu tale na nuiqawaqawa kei na lomaloma rua mai vua na Roko Tui Bau, ka sa mani kerea tale vua na Roko Tui Veikau, mera sa suka tale na mataivalu mai Waimaro. Sa leqa taka na Roko Tui Bau ni kevaka era na kaba yani i Bau na mataivalu mai Waimaro, era sa na moku kece na tiko mai Bau. Sa nanuma vakalevu na nodra marama ni sa tiko bibi tiko mai Bau. Baleta kevaka me ra kaba dina o ira na noda mai Waimaro, e nanuma o Ratu Mara Levu ni na rawa ni leqa tale ga o rau na nona marama kei na gone sa kukukune taki tiko, a mani vakayacani kina na Madraiwiwi. Ia eda sa kila vinaka tiko na kena vakatoka yaca taki na yaca oqo na Madraiwiwi.
    Ni bera na nodra gole ki Namara na Roko Tui Bau, era a tiko tale ga mai Nakorotubu, Ra vei ira na gone Turaga na Gonesau. A mani kerea kina ko Ratu Mara me ra qai lai buluti koya ki Nakorotubu vei iratou na Gonesau kevaka e sa na mani leqa. Nai tukutuku qo e vakadewa taka mai na ko Ratu Malani, na nodaru i tubutubu turaga ko Lauviti kei vuniwai Joji Malani.
    Sa dina sara na vosa ni volatabu ni da na tatamusuka ga na ka eda tea. Kevaka ena yavu taki na dina nai tosotoso qo, a ena basika kina na dina kei na vei gauna vinaka vei keda na kawa I taukei.
    Ia kevaka e sa yavutaki tu mai na veiliutaki ena lasu kei na yalo ca, sa na tini ga kina rusa.
    Sa dodonu me na vakadodonu taki eso nai tukutuku e tiko vei iratou na NLC baleta era yavu tu mai ena lasu kei na lomaca. Sa kalouca sara na ka kawa i tuakei ni sa mai tu vakawawa na commission me baleta na NLC me vaka ni sa mai tarova tu e dua na kai Dia.
    Na taro e tiko, ena qai tini I vei nai lakolako qo? Au nuitaka ni na basika e dua na noda liuliu mai Kubuna me na liutaki keda ka dau valataka na dina kei na dodonu ni kawa I taukei. Me kakua ni basika mai na dokadoka, viavia levu kei na qaciqacia. Baleta na veika eda rawata tu e dai, era a soli bula kina na noda qase. “Sa kalogata ko ira sa yalomalua ni ra na taukena na vanua!”
    Ni kalogata tiko na noda.

  72. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Tui – E sigai sara ni dua e ke na nitou baigani mai Burebasaga, kitou vitomani tu ga e na masu kei na vakavinavinaka me vaka e sa vakaraitaka qima toka yani o noqu i to IB.

    Au bu via vakaraitaka toka la yani vi kemudou na turaga/marama naita ni kamica dina na wili vola tukutuku mai vei kemudou qima.

    Sa noqu masu me na yaco tiko ga na lewa ni Tamada sa Cecere sara!

  73. Wailei! Says:

    I kemuni saka na noqu tauvu dredre mai Bau. E kamikamica na rogo talanoa me baleti ira na noda qase mai liu. Nai talanoa oqo da sega tu ni kila, ia da rogoca tuga nai tukuni ia e sega ni matata vinaka dina.

    Io, au vaka tilou tiko ga yani. Vinaka.

  74. Burning West Says:

    As amazed as I am at the amount of enthusiasim and excitement you fellow bloggers have dedicated to this topic, I am equally appalled at how silly and stupid for someone to parade himself as the rightful Vunivalu. I do agree with those of you that have highlighted Nailatikau’s stupid claim to the Vunivalu title. I do not care whether he is or not, just the mere fact of walking around with your chest protruded and chin high and making that claim is very very unchiefly and quite simply…… an indication this may not be his afterall. A real chief is humble and kind but knows his path.
    I do wish to make a point if I may.
    The best remedy for chiefly disputes and scandals is the presence of a neutral tribe who have the rights of the Vanua to install a chief. I believe without a doubt that if this tribe or clan are without blemish,fair,just and sincere, we will never have disputes regarding a chiefly title. Even the claimants will be quitened for the decisions lies with someone else. And their decision is in respect of the chiefs lineage. This tribe or clan must in all sense be respected, revered and supported. This group are the ones that hold the Vanua together……through thick and thin.
    Now I do not mean to say that this neutral tribe can choose whoever they wish, they must choose someone from the chiefly family. Someone with undoubted and direct lineage to the past chiefs.
    But the key to this is the backing of the Vanua. They must always carry this old saying as their motto


  75. Hi Lo Says:


  76. Hi Lo Says:

    For those of you that may be thinking that the whole of Fiji is holding it’s breath on the installation of the Vunivalu, think again !!!!
    Some of you think that the Vunivalu is the key to Fiji’s dilemna, hmmm not quite.
    This installation should matter only to the people of Kubuna. This is their chief and their right.
    But those who may be trying to imply that “Tui Viti” bullshit, go stick it !!

  77. A Free and happy Fiji Boy Says:

    Who gives a flying fuck

  78. Seseraurau Says:

    Kua na vala kei na vosa ca.

  79. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great posts everyone I have had my fill and really appreciate your time and contributions.

    NLC does not install. They may clear the path when it is highly contested.

    Fijians know in their hearts of hearts who the rightful title holder is. Only thing now left now is for the Fijians to practice speaking up and timely; for the their truth. Trouble makers like the ‘usu usu’ count on your silence hence the “gunu ti” episode as shared above.

  80. dauniwalesi Says:

    dina 1 (fact 1)..
    dodonu me da na ciqoma ni tuvatuva kece e vakadavora na turaga oqo ko voreqe e na yaco…..kena i vakaraitaki….e tuvana mai na nona cemuri tani mai na veiliutaki ko Qarase – a mani yaco…….e da na sega ni e ra na kakase ga …ia sa sega ni dua e qaqa cake mai vei voreqe me vakacala na nonai tuvatuva…meda na ciqoma ni sa dua na qaqa vou….new champ…..e yaco na veisau ni qaqa…..(champ) ena veivanua ka sa yaco e viti ena 5/12/2006….o cei tale e bolea na qaqa oqo???? sega ni dua….era sa rere kecega……

    dina 2 (fact 2)
    me vaka ni tokona tiko na turaga mai naisogolaca na turaga qo ko voreqe….ia sa na gole vua na bilo

    e dodonu me matata tiko vakasigalevu e rua na dina e toqai toka oqo……..

    ni vosota ia oqo e so na i tukutuku mai vua na daunitukutuku ni gauna…

  81. George of Sydney Says:

    Esega mada ni macala vei au se ko kai vei ia au na via vakadodonutaka e vica na ka me matata vei iko.
    1) o Rt Cakobau e a sega ni volitaki Viti. O Viti a soli (ceded) ki Peritania na kena lewa (sovereignity) ena 10th okotova, 1874 ka ra a vakadonuavata ka sainitaka na veituraga bale kei Viti mai Nasova. Na kena i naki me vakarurugi kina na vanua ki na lewa kei na veimaroroi ni matanitu levu ko Peritania. E sega ni yaco ga e Viti, ia e yacotalega ena vuqa na vanua e vuravura. E yaco rawa oqo ni sa tekivu me tatara na cakacaka ni veivakalotutaki ka sa vakararamataka na kalou na nodra vakasama na veu turaga bale mera kila ni sai koya oqo na gaunisala ni veisau kei na toso ki liu.
    2) Na nomu cikeva me soli na bilo i Naisogolaca au na sega ni via vakaotia na gauna ena vakamacala kau kerea mo wilika kece na veivakasama totoka era sa wasei oti e cake me ka ni vuli vei iko.
    3) na Printing Press mai Viwa e sega ni nei Rt Cakobau. E nodratou na London Missionary ka mai vakayagataka tiko o John Hunt ena nona vakadewataka na i volatabu. E na gauna oya sa i iratou saraga na daukaulotu (missionaries)ka vakayagataki iratou ko Rt Cakobau me ratou vakasalataki koya e na so na vakatulewa dodonu ka dina me baleta na noda vanua.

    Me u tinia vei iko na wekaqu, kevaka a sega na soli kei Viti kei na ciqomi ni lotu kedatou a se veikanikani tikoga e daidai. Nanuma mo dau kila vinaka na dina ni veika ko via tukuna ni bera niko biuta ena iqi me wiliki. Qarauna de na vakaraitaka na nomu lala didi.

  82. Dauvavana Says:

    Dauniwalesi au kerea mo lako mo drau lai vevutosona mada kei Voreqe……………au na kawa ni bati kei Kubuna kau na tu vakarau meu vala ke soli mai vei au na kena i yaragi se biu na dakai da veivacu mada……na leqa e tiko ni dou maroroya kece tiko ga na dakai dou qai vaka dokadoka tiko….dou veicai sara……………….qaqa cava dou kaya tiko ni dou kauta tiko mai na yaragi….ke dou qaqa dou lako wale mai kua nai yaragi ka kauta mai nomudou vakarerevaki ga vakataki kemudou…………….ca gona ni tadola tiko na sona 😦

  83. Jogger Says:

    ‘Dauniwalesi’ akin to DauLASULASU akin to DauBUTABUTAKO vanua!!!
    Blerry dingbat! lol……

  84. George of Sydney Says:

    Au vakavinavinaka ena i tukutuku ko ni vakaraitaka kau ciqoma ena marau baleta ni rawa ni ka ni vuli vei au. E da dau marautaka ni da dau wasea na i tukutuku makawa eda kila me baleti keda se noda vuvale se yavusa me vaka na dina ni kena tukuni vei keda mai vei ira na qase (oral tradition) se mai na noda vakatataro kei na vakadidike. E da veitalanoataka tiko oqo e dua na i tukutuku makawa ka talei ia e a vakayacori ena 150+ na yabaki sa oti. E na dodonu me da ciqoma ni sa na rawa ni veiveisautaki se na yali e so nai tukutuku ni veika dina e a yaco ena gauna e vakadewataki sobu tiko mai kina nai talanoa me yacova na tabatamata edaidai. E rawa ni dua tikoga nai talanoa ia e duidui na na nodra vakadewataki en vanua e basoga kina mai tukutuku. Oqo kemuni na vuna ena dredre kina ni da via vakadonui keda ka da vakalasua na vo ni tukutuku. Na dina era na kila ga o ira era bula donuya saraga na gauna oya. O au , au marau niu rogoca e dua na ka vou ni a soli koya ga yani o Rt Mara me sa laki kuna ka sega ni captured. Na noqu vakaraitaka ni a vesu(captured) oya na veika e volai ena i vola i R.A.Derrick (History of Fiji). Ia me vaka na ka au sa vakaraitaka toka, oqo e dua nai tukutuku vou, ka marautaka na yaloqu, kau vakabauta ni ka dina baleta niu vakasematavata kei na veitukutuku era dau wasea vei au e vuqa na turaga kei na marama dina e Bau, ka vakakina na noqu dau vakadikeva e vuqa nai tukutuku makawa kei Bau, e vakaibalebale vinaka. Au na maroroya me noqu na i tukutuku talei o ni wasea tiko mai.
    Dua ga na nomuni i tukutuku e vaka me rogorogo e veicalati tiko vei au oya ni o na makubuqu o Rt Mara e a sega ni Roko Tui Bau tiko donuya na gauna a yaco tiko kina vua na veika oqo. Me vaka ni ko Rt Mara kei Adi Senirewa e rau luvei RT Banuve a Vunivalu, e rau kawa ga ni Vunivalu. E tinadrau ko Ufaia na marama ni Lakeba. O Rt Banuve e dua na watidra oya na marama o Roko Lewasau(vuvale Roko Tui Dreketi) ka luvedra kina o Rt Radomodomo Ramatenikutu Naulivou, Rt Tanoa Visawaqa, Adi Qalirea kei Adi Cecere.
    Au sega ni semata rawa tiko se e vei dina na kawa vaka ROKO TUI BAU. Donuya na gauna nei Ratu Mara kei Ratu Cakobau, era a se tiko na Roko Tui Bau me va ka nida kila ni tinai Rt Seru Cakobau o Adi Savusavu mai vei iratou na Roko Tui Bau. Na luvei Rt Cakobau vua nai karua ni watina ko Adi Salote Qalirea ko Adi Lusiana Qolikoro e watina ko ko Rt Kororamudra na Roko Tui Bau. Au kila ni dua talega na yaca ni Roko Tui Bau e liu o Raiwalui.
    Au kera Tui ke o kila se dua e kila na vuna e sa tokitaki mai kina kina dua na i tikotiko vakaturaga ni Vunivalu nai tutu vaka Roko Tui Bau ke rawa ni qai bau wasea mai me ka ni vuli vei keda.
    Au kerei iko na wekaqu Tui ena vuku ni veitukutuku ni veigauna makawa e dau takoso e daligamuni, au kerea mo ni qai dau ciqoma ka maroroya me nomuni veitalia na vanua e koto kina na nomu rai me baleta nai tukutuku oya. Oti oya tovolea mo qai mo vakadikeva ka vakasemata vata kei nai tukutuku e rawa mo vakasaqara kei koya sa tu rawa vei iko me vukei iko ena nomu kunea nai tukutuku dina se o koya e volekata na ka dina. Na dina e kila duadua ga o koya ka bula ena veitabagauna kecega. God bless.

  85. dauniwalesi Says:

    @ george of sydney

    fact 1.
    Ratu Cakobau e volitaki viti…sega tale na kena via vakamacala me rawa ni dina na lasu…..

    fact 2.
    printing press mai viwa..e yacana ga ni ka ni lotu…ia na lotu saraga qo e rau mai veiwaki vata kei na vere nei seru cakobau…ka mai mana gona kina na vere….(na lotu tiko ga oqo ka sa mai vakacalai ira tu na noda ena nona sa mai via polotiki tiko..sivia na gunu yaqona…levulevu sivia tiko o ira na i talatala….maca nodra dra na i vavakoso.)

    fact 3.
    na i rairai ni vei ka e yaco tiko qo…….sa dodonu meda na ciqoma na veisau ni gauna oqo… butakoci keda oti o rt seru cakobau……sa nona gauna me na butako kina na turaga mai naisogolaca…

    sa dri yani

  86. Budhau Says:

    While we are at it lets get he name right – It is Adi Samanunu Talakuli nee Cakobau.

    BTW – did she get her Fiji passport and citizenship back. I think we should not give permanent residency, dual citizenship or citizenship to folks who have migrated for greener pastures.

  87. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Wailei, cava beka e nei eta?

  88. Tui Says:

    @ George,
    Na wekaqu, vinaka vakalevu na nomuni veiwasei kei nai tukutuku me baleta na nodatou vanua e Bau. Au dau tovolea meu mai solivakasama me baleta na veika esa yaco tiko ena noda vanua lomani ko Viti. Au vakavinavinaka kina vei SV kei ira na noda eda sa dau volavola tiko ena blog oqo. E dina na ka o ni vakaraitaka mai ni na yaco na loma tarotaro kei na veileti me baleta na veitutuku makawa e so.
    Au na kerea meu na qai biuta tale na noqu vakamacala me baleti iratou na Roko Tui Bau kei na Vunivalu. Na veitalonoa qo na wekaqu ena yaco toka ga ena blog qo ia kevaka me so era na via taroga se veileti taka, e sega ni noqu naki me basika kina na ca. Au vakadewa taka ga na ka e tukuni mai vei au. Oqo au sa vakamacal taka oti e cake.
    Ia e vica tale ka ka bibi au via vakaraitaka baleta ni buqu e marama ni Soso. O iratou na tukaqu eratou kai Lovoni dina, ia era sa mai tiko qo e Namara, Tailevu. Era sa mai wili me ra Bati kei Bau. O ni sa kila vinaka na nodra i tutu na Bati ka ni ko ira ga era vakakaukauwa taka na vanua.
    Au na doudou meu na dau vosa taka na ka e dina ia kevaka e sega ni matata vei au, au na sega ni vosa kina.
    Au kerea meu na lesu tale mai me vaka niu volavola tiko mai ena neitou vale ni volavola kau sega niu vinakata meu vakayagataka na gauna ni kabani.
    Au na tovolea meu na qai vakuria na noqui vakamacala ena nomuni taro me baleta na Roko Tui Bau ena gauna ni vakasigalevu, se ena gauna au sa na suka kina.
    Nuitaka ni da na sota tele.
    Ni kalougata tiko na noda e Viti, Rotuma kei Vuravura!

  89. Linus Says:

    A Kerikeri to the Itaukei here from a vulagi!!

    This thing with Ratu Loco in the media today / yeasterday getting mad, wanting to evict half of Suva. Sounds serious!! Is it really a big thing or mainly hot air??

  90. Tui Says:

    Drau bula George,
    Vosota, sota tale instead of “tele!” Isa au sa vosa ca tale.
    Io mevaka ga ni sa weekend tiko!
    Apologies for the typing error.

  91. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Linus

    Ratu Loco does not have any claim on the land, it belongs to Kalabu. The Qaranivalu (which he is not) may have the Turaga i Taukei claim on the land, i.e. 5% of rental income, he does not have conscenting power on the land. That belongs to the Mataqali in Kalabu whose members communally owns the land.

    With all due respect Ratu Loco has a history of being a St Giles regular and talks to the fairies………………..the real deal is the Qaranivalu.

    By the way, land lease have rights of tenants and landlors locked in its terms of the lease. If those land lease renatls are up to date, the landlord has almost no rights to evict people.

    Let’s not panic because of the raving of a mad man.

  92. Linus Says:

    @Dauvavana. Thanks. appreciated!!

  93. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Linus, I agree with Dauvanavana. This Ratu Loco is a nut case. He is well known for his outrageous claims and has always contested the Qaranivalu title.

    He cannot effect the threat he makes because he does not have the power nor the authority he claim to have. Ratu Loco’s lands would be in Navuso and where he is being evicted from belongs to the Kalabu people and if I am correct, in particular the Mataqali Nawavatu, the traditional elders of the Qaranivalu.

  94. Tui Says:

    @ George,
    Au dau rogoca na tukaqu ni dau kaciva na yavca i Ratu Mara levu ena Roko Tui Bau. Ia au sega niu kila na cava na vuna baleta ena nomuni vakamacala e rairai veisaqasaqa. Ia na leqa e tiko ni levu mada ga vei iratou na neitou qase eratou sega ni matata tiko vei iratou na neitou veiwekani kei iratou na Roko Tui Bau kei na Roko Tui Veikau mai Namara. Ia na neitou dela ni yavu e matata tiko ni sa yacana ko Nakorolevu, mai Lovoni. E a vakamacalataka vei au e dua na turaga ni Motoriki ni o ira na kai Namara e levu vei ira era gole mai Lomaiviti. O ira na kai Lovoni sa nodar vu ko Rakavono, e kauta mai na watina mai na vanua ko Marata mai Solomone, sa yacana nikua me Malaita. Ia na nodrau ulumatua sa yacana ko Ului Namara. Sa tawani Namara toka ni bera ni qai mai ko Roko Tui Vei Kau ena qaiqai mai Nakauvadra!
    E dua na kena i wase ni kai Namara era a cemuri mai Lovoni ena nodra sega ni vakamuria na lewa nei Tui Wailevu, oya me kua na vakawaqa buka ena gauna ni valu.
    Ia e dua na tukaqu e a qai vaka yacana ko Ratu Kikau me ko Koroimaibulu, me rau veiyacani kei Koroi Ratu Mai Bulu se ko Vueti na vu mai Kubuna.Ia e talanoa balavu toka na vei ka e baleta na neitou mai bati kei Bau ka keitou sa mai solia tu na neitou bula vei ira na turaga na Vunivalu.
    E dodonu kina me a dau kawaitaka na veika baleti keda meda dau tukuna na dina veu ira na gone kei na lecaika. Ke warai e na basika mai eso na tovo ni sese kei na yalwai.
    E dina ni ra cala ena so na ka nodra vakutulewa na noda turaga, ia au nanuma me da sa dau vosataka na dina kei na dodonu ena gauna nikua me rawa kina vei keda na bula kei na sautu.
    It is important that we know our history to understand what is happening today.
    Anyway I have more on the history of Bau, Namalata and the Lovoni people if you are interested, These are oral accounst I have recorded in my travels around Fiji and the Pacific.
    I will be more then happy to share them with you if so required.
    God bless Fiji and our SV team.

  95. Corruption Fighter Says:

    I think I hear your baigani calling you. I think you should return to it and leave this discussion to others. If you could understand what was being said you would realize your comment is inappropriate, unwelcome and only serves to demean you. George and Tui are
    having a polite exchange of different points of view based on different information available to each. Your attempt to insert what you consider information only embarrasses you. Do yourself a favour and remain out of this one.

  96. Budhau Says:

    Corruption Fighter – You idiots always have this same line – this is our business, keep out of it – well guess what, it ain;t your business.

    Hey dude, how do you know I am embarrassed – you guys calling me names don’t bother me none, or demean me as you put it.

    Why don’t you look at the bigger picture – the days of the chiefs are numbered – they all had chiefs in most countries/societies – and they gradually evolved away from that crap – them Indians had their Maharajahs too. It is just a matter of time before you guys realize that all man are equal – if not you, your children will.

    BTW – if the GCC can appoint the President, VP and have the balance of power in the senate, support a political party and its agenda – why shouldn’t this be a concern for all.

  97. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    A cava e omu?
    Lei talanoa mada ga na ka va-sari

    BTW they are in there for the interests of the Fijians
    There aren’t objections to your Creating your very own (GCG) great council of girimitiyan for your people.

  98. The Truth Says:

    To conclude this topic, if one traces the geneology of the Vunivalu of Bau, they all came from Nakelo thru Buinivuaka. So in reality they are Kai Nakelo not Bau. Thats a secret not known to Fiji.

  99. LUVfiji Says:

    So WHY has it been kept a secret?? Because it is BULL#*!^..


  100. Wailei Says:

    @The Truth… I thought the geneology of the Vunivalu of Bau was from Ucu ni Vanua, Verata Tailevu, due to the “Veitiqa” story from what I have heard anyway.

  101. george of sydney Says:

    Tui, na wekaqu,

    Au na via wasea ga e dua nai tukutuku kau kerea mo qai vakasemata kei na so nai tukutuku e tiko vei kemuni. E volai ena i vola nei RA Derrick(History of Fiji) ni o Bau a qai tawani ga ena 1760 mai vei Nailatikau. Ena gauna oya era a tawani bau tiko kina o ira na kai Levuka kei ira na kai Butoni.
    O ira na kai Levuka era a kauta na golemarama lailai (luvei Tui Nayau) lesu ki Lakeba me vaka ni a ciri mai ka ra a soqovi koya ena dua na nodra lakolako ki wai. au na sega ni talanoa sara vaka matailalai.
    Ena nona mai tawani Bau o Nailatikau, era sa gole kina na kai Butoni ki na vei vanua me ra laki vakaitikotiko i Koro kei na veivanua tale eso. O ira na kai Delanikoro (Levuka), sai ira kara tawani Levuka mai Lakeba edaidai.
    Na taro au dau vakataroga tiko oya :-
    Me vaka tiko talega nai tutu cecere vaka TUI KABA vua na Vunivalu, na lako mai nei Nailatikau me mai tawani Bau, e a lako mai vei KUBUNA se lako mai KABA. Oqo baleta ni i tikotiko vakaturaga kei na koro ni Vusaratu e a tiko ena baravi kei Kubuna.
    Kevaka e a lako mai Kubuna (Roko Tui Bau), e tu beka vei kemuni eso nai tukutuku ni nona mai tawani Bau na turaga na Tui Kaba ka sa mai Vunivalu ka sa vakaliuci tiko e Bau edaidai? Yalovinaka au kerea mo qai wasea mai kevaka oni kila e dua na kenai tukutuku.
    Au kerea mo qai wasea talega mai ke oni kila tu eso nai tukutuku makawa me baleta na nodatou koro turaga o Bau.
    Mo ni kalougata tiko.

  102. Tui Says:

    Bula George,

    Au kerea meu na qai vola yani vei kemuni ena siga Vukelulu me vaka niu osooso tiko e vale ni volavola. Na gauna ga au rawa niu blog yani kina na gauna ni cakacaka.
    Io e tiko vei au e so na vakamacala ka vakadewataka mai edua na turaga ni Vadravadra mai Gau ko Sitiveni Qioniwasa ena yabaki 1950, edua vei ira na nona i vukevuke ko Ratu Sukuna. E tukuna o tukaqu ni a dua nai lala dau vakacuru kaukauwa era a dau gole vata tu kei Ratu Sukuna ena nodra dau vei siko vaka cakacaka ena vei yasai Viti.E dua vei ira ko tukaqu ko Solomone mai Vadravadra, Gau.
    Me vaka ni talanoa bibi toka, au kerea meu na qai vakadewa taka yani vei kemuni ni mataka.
    Au kerei kemuni ke ko ni sema vakadra ki Bau, au saga tiko meu vakasaqara se bula tiko na kawa nei buqu ko Gunugunutabua mai Soso, Bau. Ea bula tiko donua na yabaki 1870’s.
    E dua ga na ka au nanuma oya sa rairai voleka tiko na gauna me sa caka kina e dua na carasala kei na kere veivosoti vei ira na noda ena nodra cala na tukada. Au vosa tiko qo ena kena yaco e levu sara na ka veivakalolomataki era vakai tavi kina na tukada. Au kila ni a vakai tavi na tukaqu ena valu ni lotu mai Daravakawalu oya nai valu ni lotu. E ya tomani Roko Tui Bau Ratu Vuki kina ko tukaqu ena 1873, ena nona Valu ni Lotu na Vunivalu. Na noqu nanuma de rairai dua beka na sala qo meda raici keda lesu, meda vakanamata ki na Viti Vou, se na Viti Vinaka, me kaciva na Lotu Wesele e dua na lotu me ia kina na vei sorosorovi kei na vei vakaduavata taki. Oqo baleta ni levu sara na noda mai na yasaysa vaka Ra, mai na Colo, Ba kei na wekadotou e Naitasiri, era a vakamatei se cemuri mai na nodra vanua ena vuku ga ni lotu Vakarisito.
    Sa noqu masu me na ia na sautu kei na veilomani vei keda na kawa i taukei.
    Sa vinaka, eda qai sota tale. Vakanuinui vinaka tiko.

  103. Nasilai Says:

    Mo ni kila, o Kiuva e matanitu ga vakai koya mai eliu mai liu, e sega ni nodratou gonedau mai Bau o Kiuva….

  104. Nasilai Says:

    E sa lasa na wilika nomuni vola me baleta na i tutu ni turaga…me’u se vakadodonutaki kemuni mada Dauvavana kei Kubuna. O Vore o ni tukuna tiko e laurai vakavinaka e turaga ni Bau dina mai vei kemuni kece oqo…kevaka o ni raica na i vola ni kawa bula nei Vore, o ni na qai kila na vuna.

  105. aubatinuku-N Says:

    O Bau na yanuyanu!!
    O Kiuva na kuila damudamu!!

    Ke turaga dina ia na cava na vuna e sa via volitaki Viti yarayara ga kina?

  106. Tebara Says:

    Vinaka na vakamacala Nasilai . Sa kena gauna qo mo ni sa dabeca kina nomuni dabedabe ni vakamacala .. e na dela ni dakai nei Vore!

  107. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oi saka lei!!! woooo!!! LOL @ Tebara – Cava beka mai nodaru baigani vi ratou na naita e kainoqu!! lol!!!

  108. Dauvavana Says:

    O Voreqe e sega madaga ni kai Kiuva, o tubuna ea gole yani mai Naimalavau, Nakelo. O ratou na Bainimarama e ratou kai Naimalavau.

    Na kenai vakadinadina lekaleka sa koya oqo, eratou a cabe vakavanua vei Voreqe na Turaga ni Natena meratou laki kerea me sa kua so na ka e saga tiko ni sa kalawaca tiko nai tikotiko vakaturaga e Viti, qai vakasukai ratou lesu ko Voreqe ka kaya ni sega ni Kai Kiuva ka na sega ni doka na nodratou cabe yani vua.

    Ni qai vakadewa taka ga e dui lomamuni se cava na kenai balebale.

    Sa dri yani.

  109. Nasilai Says:

    Dauvavana, kerea mo ni qai tale mada i Naimalavau ka tarogi iratou na turaga mai kea…ke ratou kila dina ni mai kina o Vore ke ratou basika rawa i Kiuva se doudou na basika ki Kiuva…kenai karua o teri kilai ira mai Naimalavau se na veikoro ena yasana o Nakelo mo ni kila kina na i talanoa dina e vu mai kina o Vore. O Vore e lako mai na vuvale vaka Roko Tui Kiuva o koya ka vugona na turaga na Roko Tui Nakelo. Au kerea mo ni qai mada i vanua ka da la’ki talanoa mada mai kei ira na tukada me da kila na vanua dina e basika o keda yadudua….sa da bau marau ni dua na turaga ni Tebara se turaga ni Viti e liutaka tiko na vanua ka sega ni tovolea me volitaki keda na lewe i Viti…sa ca soti mada e cakava ena nomuni dra o Vore, e dina e laurai tu e Viti e daidai na dravuadravua, ia, e kune na dravudravua baleta o keda e da se yaloca taka tikoga o cei vei ira na noda e vinaka nona bula se tu ga vei keda na yalo ni veiqati ka yaco vei ira na vei e ra sa liutaki eliu…vei liutaki na turaga sa bale o Rt Mara, e da vosa, veiliutaki o Bavadra e da vosa, veiliutaki o Rabuka sa baci da vosa, oqo veiliutaki e dua na turaga ni Tebara o ni se vosa ga…
    Sa sega madaga ni bau tu na lewe i Viti da tokona e dua na noda gone ka veitauriligataka na vanua me sautu ka vosota me vaka ni susugi mai ena lotu kei na bula vaka- Viti oya na bula ni veilomani.
    Sa laurai ga vei keda na yalo ni veiqati kei na yalo ca…eda kai Viti vaka tikoga ka da lakovata tikoga mai ena dua na vanua, ia, mo ni qai mada i nakoro ka kerea mo taroga vakavinaka na vuni cava o ni vosataka tiko e dua na noda gone, e sega madaga ni tiko yavavala vaka ca me vaka taki ira na veivanua lelevu mai Aferika o Viti, sa da yalo ca rawa tu.
    Sa evei na veirokorokovi, sa evei na veidokai, o ni vosataka nona vakasekea na turaga Roko Tui Bau, io, oya na politiki, da laiva na politiki me politiki tikoga ka da qarauna ga na vanua e da gole mai kina kei ira na noda kawa me ra kila tikoga na vanua kei na nodrai tutu vakavanua mai vanua.
    Vei kemuni Tebara, sa wananavu nomuni talanoa,ia, o ya ga gonei na nomuni druka.

  110. Nasilai Says:

    Vei kemuni Kubuna, me lai rawa vakacava vei Vore me vakagunuvi Rt Epeli ni tiko o ratou mai Kaba kei ira na veivakagunuvi vua na turaga na Vunivalu…oya na nodratou lewa ga na vanua e sega ni yaco ikea na politiki me vaka o ni nanuma ni yaco i Nakelo…o Nakelo e leqa ni sega ni vakadeitaki vakavinaka vei ira na vanua o rau na matavuvale levu ruarua mai vei Rt Vula kei Rt Manasa na turaga Roko Tui Nakelo e daidai.
    E ra kila vinaka tu na lewe i Nakelo o cei e nona i tutu dina, ko Rt Vula e lako mai na vuvale vua na ganei koya na marama sa bale na Roko Tui Nakelo,Adi Litia Waqainaweni ka o Rt Manasa na turaga tamana sa bale e turaga dina ni Nakelo ia na marama tinana ga mai Kiuva,ka mani susu voli na turaga tamana i Kiuva, ia, e sega ni kainaki kina ni kai Kiuva, e vasu walega, ia, na leqa ga ena gauna eliu era tu na veicati vakaveitacini ka dau yaco kina me ra sega ni dau viakila kina me baleta na wekadra ka me sa yacova tu e daidai…ka so na gauna e ra dau veisoli tutu ka yaco me sa sega ni dau soli lesu tale na i tutu, se ra volai cala tu ena vola ni kawa Bula ka dau basika mai kina o ratou na NLC.
    Sa yali o ira na i vakadinadina sa ra bale, ia, e na laurai ga vei ira na kena kawa dina ni turaga se i tutu na kalougata ni bula ena gauna oqo.
    Veitalia sara e taura o Rt Manasa na i tutu, e tiko ga o Rt Vula i Visama, Nakelo ka keimami na rokovi rau ruarua tikoga ena gauna e daidai, sa bulia na Kalou o ira me ra turaga kei keda na nodra tamata….ia, e da tamata vaka tikoga ka duidui ga ni tiko yadudua na nodai dui tavi vua na noda Turaga, ka da dau divi kina na lewe i Viti ni tu na noda i tutu vakavanua ka da tovolea me da taura na i tutu oya ka sogota na gusuda ka laivi ira era veta vata me ra vosa kina….o keda me biuta ga vua na Kalou na nodrai tavi ka vakasalataki ira na noda turaga ena vakavuvuli eda kilai taumada e liu.

  111. Dauvavana Says:


    o via mai vosa me baleti Bau ia niu dusia yani me baleta nomudou yasayasa o cata.

    Dua ga na ka au via kaya vakalekaleka vei iko, o Rabuka e butakoca na veiliutaki mai vei Bavadra e na gusu ni dakai, se baci cakava oqori na vuaka ni veikau o Vore. Kua sara ni o mai vakatautauvata taki arau kei Rokotui Bau se o Bavadra ka ra mulia vakadodonu tu na lawa ni noda vanau. The former two are just low down crimminals and sewe rats. We don’t want anything to do with them.

    Tamata butabutako kanai lavo qai viavia levu. Me mai turaga vakacava ni vakaisi na nonai vakarau ni vosa. O iko o vara tiko ni dau rogoca me vosa mai e na retio. Sega mdaga ni kila me tauca na vosa e veidokai, e sikasika vakalialia na nona weli ka vosavosa vakaviavialevu. Sega keimami sega soti ni va o ya na neimami tovo na vanua keimami dui lako mai kina. De rairai nomudou i vakarau ni vosa o ya na cavutu mai Nasilai.

    Dua ga na ka au kaya, butako i lavo ni regimental fund butako i tutu. Na poitiki e duka ni dua e tiko vua na dakai ka dua e sega. Wilika vakavinaka sara oqo mo kila, o Voreqe na boci, ke sega vua nai yaragi he is nothing.

    Na vakaloloma kei Viti e vu duavdua mai vua. Na poliiki me vakamuria na rule of law oqo na butako, ra dau kaya mai na yasaysaya vakara na driva.

    Sauma madaga mai vakalekaleka na tara ni vale nei tamana mai Kiuva tara e na dela ni butakci ni yau ni hurricane relief. Tara na vale nei Meli Bainimarama, tara e na i yau ni Rural Rehabilitation. Na cava o keimami keimami dua tara ga na neimami vale mai na koro e na neimami dui yau ga ka keimami bunotaka.

    Ni qai mai totaki ira tiko na kaidia. Sa rauta baleta o kemudou mada dou a vakabulai ira mai Nasilai. Mai kani cavai.

    Kena levu.

  112. Dauvavana Says:

    I tell you what Naislai, there will be dancing in the street if Voreqe dies tomorrow and I for one will piss on his grave if ever I have the opportunity to do so.

    When he dies, dou qai lai bulutiko kya sara e na dua na vanua vuni, ke ka me bulu tucake in an unmarked grave baleta the majority of Fijans will also want to piss on his grave too.


  113. Nasilai Says:

    Kemuni, o ni sa la’ki kila vakacava na i lavo ni butakoci, e tiko beka vei kemuni na i vakadinadina mo ni talaucaka kina, raica, sa kune ga vei kemuni na veiqati kei na yalo ca..e dina e duidui kece mai na nodrai tutu ni veiliutaki kei na ka era vunautaka ena noda vanua, au rawa ni tukuna vakadodonu vei kemuni, kevaka o kilai Bau vinaka lesu tale i Bau ka la’ki tarogi Roko Tui Bau se o cei o Kiuva…o vosataka na vanua mo kila vinaka tiko na dui vei vanua …e laurai ga eke ni sega vei iko na na i vakadinadina ka tomitomi tu la mai na veigaunisala se bati ni tanoa na nomuni talanoa…kevaka o lai mate vaka ca o Vore o ni na marau dina baleta oya sa i vakarau ni nomuni bula.
    A cava mada na vuni nona taura o Rabuka vakaukauwa na i tutu vei Bavadra? O ni kila ? E tiko beka vei kemuni nai vakadinadina? O cei soti na turaga mai daudaku ni mataivalu e lako cake vei Rabuka ka kerea me vuaviritaki Viti?
    A cava na vuna e taura kina o Vore na matanitu vei Qarase? Se cava na vuna e vosa tiko kina vakaukauwa ka vakalialia o Vore vei ira na turaga?
    E duidui na ka e cakava o Rabuka ka duidui na vuni nona o taura o Vore…
    Kerea ke o kilai Bau vinaka, qai sara i Bau ka taroga sara na Roko Tui Bau..baleti Vore…na turaga na Roko Tui Bau e rau veivosaki tiko kei Vore ena dela ni politiki.
    Da bau tu ka vakarogoca tiko na nodrau veivosaki, e dua e vinakata tiko me vakadodonutaka na matanitu kei Viti ka dua e soli vakasama ka vunautaka tiko yani na vanua e sa gole tiko kina o Viti kevaka e raica ni na leqa kina.
    Kemuni laurai ga eke na nomuni gone lailai ka sega tu ni kila e dua na ka dina me baleta na vanua, Buna se cauravou qarauna vinaka nomuni vosa…baleta e laurai mai kina na vanua o susu mai kina na nomuni tautau ni vosa.

  114. Nasilai Says:

    Sa dina na baravi mai Nasilai a vakabulai ira na Qirimiti, ia, kevaka o qai ena veivanua o tiko kina oqori o na qai va tiko na gaunisala e so na kawa ni Qirimiti e ra bulia vata kei so na wekada….ka da rawa tu kina ni tosoyaki tu kina na lewe i Viti e daidai…..kua viavia levu malama.
    Da bau marau ni o Viti e vinaka cake tu na noda bula mai vei ira na vei Pasifika tale eso, mo dou qai yavoki mada i vuravura ka lai sarava mada na veivanua lelevu se lalai da qai lesu tale mai noda.
    Me rai na matamuni rairai vinaka oqori…..

  115. LUVfiji Says:


    Au kerea me’u takosova mada na vei vosaki qo, me’u bau taro. O ni kila vakacava ni rau veivosaki tiko o Vore vatakei na Turaga na Roko Tui Bau ena dela ni ka vaka politiki? Ke dina na i tukutuku ‘qori, ia sa dua na i sausauvou eda sa cabeta yani me baleta na kena lesu mai na sautu ni noda vanua. Sa dua sara na i tukutuku rogorogo vinaka.

    Ke bau rawa la ni ko ni vakaraitaka mai e dua na kena i vakadinadina ni sa ia dina tiko na veivosaki, au sa vakavinavinaka yani kina.

  116. Dauvavana Says:


    doka na lawa me tubu kina o Viti that is your problem. Dau yavu kawa ni butakbutako ka ga ya e rawa ni kaya vei iko.

  117. natewaprince Says:

    Naselai,via turaga tu i vei na tamata sona levu qori o vore.Drau vei vutu ga kei na vuaka soresore bi qori.

  118. natewaprince Says:

    OK folks,lets go back to the present.

  119. Dauniwalesi Says:

    Sa kosakosa na lewe ni nomuni vola ena veilecayaki ni veika o dau vakaraitaka mai.

  120. natewaprince Says:

    Dauniwalesi,o iko kei Nasilai,drau tovaki vore tiko ga.Au kerei kemudrau mo drau sureti vore ki na nona koro.Ena lomani rara mai kiuva,mo drau qai vutuki koyo kina.

    Sa donu beka ya??????

  121. Panther Says:

    @Dauvavana Says – June 24, 2008 at 8:40 am

    It’s not a matter of “if” Vore dies, but when and by the looks of things, that time is quick approaching.

    I’ve never knowing any one from the Pacific with so many price tags on their head then Vore.

  122. Tui Says:

    Ia ni sa bula tale na wekaqu, au se qai mai cakacaka tale edai. Au raica ni sa vica toka na “comments” vou ena veitalanoa qo. Au vakavinavinaka ni savasava tiko na rai kei na veitalanoa, kau sa na nanuma meu na vakuria tale ena gauna au galala kina. Vei kemudou na wekaqu, The Truth, Luvfiji kei marama tau Katalina mai America, Dauvavana kei Nasilai, vinaka vaka levu na vakaitavi tiko mai na vei talanoa kei na solivakasama.
    Me vaka au sa kanaka oti ena basika eso na duidui kei na veisaqaqa ni vei tukutuku eso, ia e sega ni nodatou medatou mai vala kina. Au kerea ke tiko qori eso nai tukutuku dina, ka rawa nida vuli kina ia me vakaraitaki mai.
    Au kerea tale ga me da raica vakayalo matua na vei talanoa qo ka me kua ni ka ni qito se vei wali. Sa dina ni sa soli tu vei keda na gagala me da voso se volavola, ka sa tau tale ga e so na vosa ni vei beci ia sa tiko ga na noqu vakanuinui me na basika na vei gauna vinaka vei keda na kawa i taukei.
    Eda sa raica na kena sa sagai tiko meda vakamalumalu taki na i taukei dina ni vanaua ko Viti, ia na noqu kerekere, sa gauna ni dua vata edai!
    Ia na wekaqu Ratu George, e dua na yavu nei Kubuna e voleka toka ga i na ucuni koro mai Namara ko Naisausau. Oya na vanua eratou e tawana toka ni bera ni ra qai dewa ki Bau. Ko iratou na Vusaradave sa tiko mai Nayavu na nodratou yavu.
    Au kerei Truth ke rawa ni bau wasea mai vei keda na tikina me baleta na i qaiqai mai Nakelo nei Kubuna.
    Ni bera ni tawani o Bau mai vei ira na Kubuna, e a turaga tiko kina ko Roko Tui Bau.
    Ia e a nona bati ko Roko Tui Namata. Ena gauna koya e vanua kaukauwa sara ko Namata. Ena nodratou tukutuku na qase e Namara, na qaqa ka lako mai Gau, ka sa mai vakaukauwa taki Roko Tui Veikau, sa mokuta na qaqa mai Namata, ka sa kaya me kena na soro ko Roko Tui Namata, ka sa kena na ika ko Roko Tui Vei Kau.
    Sa yacana na qaqa qo ko Nalitaikau ni Daveta. Ia au sega niu kila na kena i sema i Kubuna vei Ratu Nailatikau na tukadra ko Ratu Seru Cakobau. Sa mokuta tale ga na qaqa mai Tai ko Nailatikau ni Daveta, e sa vakayaca tiko vei Komai Wai, ko Dakuwaqa. Oqo nai tukutuku sa vakadewa taka ko Solomone Qioniwasa, dua na turaga ni Vadravadra, Gau ka sa dau kilai tu me dua vei ira na dau vakasalataki Ratu Sukuna e na nodra dau butu vanua voli e Viti.
    E levu tale na i tukutuku makawa kei Viti eratou soqona na gole tiko kei Ratu Sukuna ka sa yaca tiko ni vola oqo na i “Volatabu Kei Viti”. E sa vakatabua ko Ratu Sukuna me kilai raraba eso vei ira nai tukutuku oqo ni sa veisaqasaqa kei na tuvatuva ni NLC, ka sa na vakavuna tale ga na tiko veisei vei keda na I taukei. Oqo baleta ni sa cala tiko e so na I tutu vaka turaga e daidai.
    E dua vei ira oya na tutu ni Tui Cakau. E sa mai lewa ko Ratu Sukuna me sa nadratou ga na kawa nei Lalabalavu. E liu sa nodratou na kawa ni Ai Sokula ka sa soli ena veivakaliuci kei na vei lomani na gunuvi ni bilo.
    Ena vakavuna talega me ra na saga o ira na noda era sa volai tu I na dua na vanua, mere lai volai tale kina dua na vanua, me vaka ka vaka yacori vei Ratu Iloilo kei Ratu Sukuna. Ian a lawa sa biuta ko Ratu Sukuna kin a Veitarogi Vanua, ni sa “tabu” me dua e volai vakarua.
    Mai na veika era vola na vavalagi me vakataki Derrick,Williams kei Wharton, era kaya ni ko Bau e ya tawana tu na Butoni kei na Levuka. E sega ni matamata vei au na kedratou talanoa na Butoni ia au na kerei ira era kila vinaka me ra na vakadewataka mai.
    Ia e dua na turaga ni Moturiki e dau cakacaka tu ena Public Relations ni Interim Government ni 2002 ko Iowana, e kanaka va qo ni ko ira na kai Levuka era kai Lovoni. Ko Ovalau sa kai Lovoni taucoko. Ko ira oqo e so sa tawani Bau toka ni bera mai na Kubuna. E so sa dewa sara ki Namara kei na so e na veivanua mai Lau, Mago, Taveuni kei Lakeba. E muri e ra a qai vakau vakavesu e dua na kena wase ni Lovoni ki Ono I Lau ni oti na nodra vaka lotu taki mai vei Reverand Langham. Sa matata tiko vei keda na ka veika vakaloloma e vakayacori vei ira na noqu mataqali mai Lovoni.
    E dua na vakamacala ka tiko vei iratou na NLC oya ena gauna sara e liu, e a dau “vakarorogo” vua na Roko Tui Veikau mai Namara, na Vunivalu. Ia de vinaka me ratou na vakamatatataka vei keda na tikina oya.
    E dodonu meda nanuma tiko ni levu na I tukutuku qo eda qai mai ciqoma ena gauna e sa tekivu kaukauwa mai kina na Vunivalu kei na gauna era basika mai kina na vavalagi. E liu e a levu sara na vanua qaqa me vakataki Natewa, Verata, Batiki, Namata Rewa kei Naitasiri.
    Kevaka mo ni na taroga iratou na nodatou naita mai Naqarani, Rewa, ena rawa me ratou vakamacala taka na nodra kaukauwa na nodra qase ka yacova ena dua na gauna me a laki soro na Vunivalu vei Ametai mai na yavusa Naterumai, ka ra solia kina na nodra moto kei na tutuvi kuta na Tui Viti.
    E levu nai tukutuku oqo au na numa me na volai ka wasei vei ira na noda ka me ka ni vuli vei keda.
    Me vaka sa kanaka toka ko Nasilai me baleti Kiuva, au kerea me na wasei vei keda na I tukutuku qori na wekaqu. Ia me kakua ni ka ni veisei, qaciqacia se dokadoka.
    Au kila ni na tu vei keda na noda dau boletaka se valataka na noda vanua, ia me tiko ga vei keda na yalo malumalumu kei na vei dokai.
    Sa ka dredre sara ni sagai me duavata na I taukei. Eda raica na nona a tovolea na Vunivalu meda lotu ka dua vata. Ea nanuma talega ko Rabuka meda duavata ena noda saga na bula torocake ena bisinisi kei na vuli dina ga ni a sega ni dodonu na veika e vakayacora.
    E ka ni rarawa vei au ni se sega tiko ni rawa vinaka na tikina oqo, oya me na yaco na dua vata me vaka a saga ko Apolosi Ranawai. De sa gauna beka meda raica lesu na noda lotu makawa?
    Isa ni vosota na wekaqu sa balavu tale na vakamacala. Dou vosoti au sara noqu marama naita!
    Ia ke so na vakamacala e sega ni dodonu, au sa kerea mo ni vakadodonu taka mai na noda.
    Ni kalougata tiko.

  123. Nasilai Says:

    Kivei Tui,

    Na vu ni noqu volavola e baleta ni so e vei keda e sega ni dau vola na i tukutuku dina, veitalia vei au ke ra vakacacana na yaca ni tamata, ia, me ra tukuna tikoga na ka dina ka me ra kila vinaka na vanua e ra tukuna ka sega ni mai vola tu ga e so na ka e ra nanuma ni dina ia e sega vei ira na i vakadinadina.
    Sa dau vinaka me da kila na dina, e sega ni ka ni veisei na ka au vola tiko baleta au vinakata ga me ra dau kua ni vola na ka e ra sega tu ni kila vakavinaka tu.
    Vei Joji na wekaqu, o Vunivalu e ra kauti koya mai o ratou mai Ovea kei Kaba mai Viria. E kainaki ni o Bau era lako mai Nayavu. O ira na marama ni Bau se turaga sara eliu ni ra basika i Ovea, Delainaniu era uruca nodra i viu ena nodra doka toka na vanua oya.
    O ratou mai Ovea e ratou kila vinaka tiko na i talanoa ni nodra lako mai na Vunivalu ka dua na gauna eliu e dua vei ira na turaga ni Ovea a mani talanoataka ena walesi ka a volai talega ena veva.
    Vei kemuni Tui, se me’u vakalekaleka taka ga me baleti Kiuva me baleta ni oqo na ka au se kila toka ga vakalailai. E ra a lako ga mai Verata o Kiuva ka ra mai toka vata kei ira i Bau vua na Roko Tui Bau. A mani yaco na veivaluvaluti levu ka yaco me ra veidroyaki na lewe ni koro i Bau. Ka mani ra lako ka vakaitikotiko i Navuloa na vanua ni lotu…ikea a mani talai e dua me gole i Lovoni ka la’ki tarogi Buisavulu se lala tiko edua na vanua, sa qai tukuna o Buisavulu ni tiko e dua na ucuna ka voleka i Kaba ka ra basika kina i Kiuva, ia, e ra la’ki tiko voli i Tabukasivi ni se bera ni ia, yani i Kiuva.
    Oqori kemuni na i talanoa ga au se kila, kevaka o ni via taroga se o ni kila ni cala ni vosota ka ni gole ga yani vei ira na i taukei ni baravi baleta e se tu sara talega vei iratou na i tukuni me baleta na nodra veigoleyaki.
    Au vakavinavinaka vakalevu vei kemuni kece na volavola tiko ena i vola, sa yala eke na noqui vola, au nuitaka ni da na veilomani ka vulica na veika dina me baleta na noda dui veiyavutu kei na noda veiyasana.
    Me nomuni kece na kalougata. Ni sa moce.

  124. Dauvavana Says:


    au sa qai rawa ni wilika vinaka na nomuni vakamacala me baleta na politiki e sa boidada saraga na tovo ni vakasama o kauta mai. Ko ulubale taka tikoga ni me da marau madaga ni sa dua mai na Tebara e sa mai veiliutaki.

    Wilika vakavinaka qo ka biuta e na nomu mona lila qori.

    E sa da bula tiko oqo e na bula vaka democracy ka rokovi kina na lawa. Na mataivalu e dua walega na tiko ni veiqaravi vaka matanitu ka dodonu me vakarorogo vei koya e ra sa digitaka na lewenivanua. Kenaibalebale me vakarorogo vua na Paraminisita.

    Au na sega ni via vakaotia na noqu gauna vei iko ia e rua walega na ka au via tukuna vei iko. Oqo e sa gauna ni vuli kei na rarama ka da vauci e na lawa me vinaka kina na noda vanua.

    Ke dua nai vakadinadina nei Vore e tiko me baleta na Matanitu SDL, kauta nai vakadinadina oqori ka solia vei ratou na ovisa.

    Ke cata nai vakarau ni veiliutaki nei Qarase, vakacegu mai na Mataivalu, tekivuna e dua nonai soqosoqo vakapolitiki ka tu e na veidigidigi.

    Nai vakarau ni tamata vuli ka rarama (civilised) au kaya tiko oqo e cake. Nai vakarau ni tamata butobuto e vakayagataka na “rule of the club” se “rule of the gun”. Oqori ea se taurivaki e na nodra gauna na tukada e na gauna ni veikanikani. Bibaric and uncivilised. Wili kina na military coup.

    Keimami sa vuli ka sai sausau vou oqo keimami nanuma na neimami veigauna nimataka ka sa keimami cata ka vakasisila taka na politiki duka ko kauta tiko mai. We don’t want it.

    Kenai karua oqo, na dina ni vale ratou tara mai Kiuva lai Tarogi Jovilisi Dau e na Rural Housing, e dua na kai nomu mai Nabouciwa. Ke qaqa taka ia e lamu ga but that is understandable given the goons reputation for initimidation.

    Ia sa kena levu baleta o iko e mataboko tu na matamu e na vei ka sa yaco wavokiti keda tu oqo. Rairai o tiko beka mai valagi baleta keimami sa vakaloloma na tu oqo e Viti e na tubu vakasivia ni sau kei na veivakasakei vakalialia ratou sa kitaka tiko oqo o tacimu o Vore.

    Me baleti Bau, era lako dina mai Nayavu. Ke ko lako ki Nayavu e ratou tiko kina na Yavusa Bau ka nodratou i liuliu ni Yavusa e nonai tutu e cavuti me ko Rokotui Bau. Ke se bula o Master Rokosuka mai Nayavu dou qai taroga vua me vakamacala taka.

    Sa kena levu.

  125. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Qo ga na kena lekaleka duadua

    Vamatei o Bainimarama – 1 bullet to his head

    Vamatei o Chaudhry – 1 bullet to his head

    Rau qoka rau va vuna tu na levu ni leqa

  126. Tui Says:

    Dou sa yadra tale na wekaqu. Sa vaka vinavinaka taki na nomuni veiwasei tiko mai. Sa dina sa i tovo tu ga ni bula meda na duidui ena noda vakasama kei na i tovo. Ni na raica tiko na wekaqu ni sa basika vaka levu na duidui kei naveilecayaki vei keda e na gauna nikua ka vakabibi ena kena sa mai yaco tale na vuaviri.
    Au a donuya mai nai matai ni coup ni 1987 kau a cakacaka tiko kina ena noqu vale ni volavola e volakata ga na Government Buildings. Ia ena noqu tu e tautuba kei na so tale keimami mai veitalanoa taka toka na ka vinaka e sa caka, oya ni sa tauri vakaukau na matanitu ni kai Dia. Sa dua naka na neimami marau lo toka me vaka ni dua na gauna ya era sa bau vaka teratera sara ga kina na kai Dia e lomai Suva. Au a nanuma sara na nona qaqa na Labour ka vica na motoka era vaka tagi sici e loma Suva ka ra kaila taka na vosa ni bolebole qo, na “Fiji for Indians!” Au a kurabui sara ena totolo ni nodra vei sau ia ni sa yaco na vuaviri keimami sa kaya ga, sa dua na ka vinaka!
    Ia na kena vei matailalai ni politiki duka e loma, sa dua tale na veitalanoa balavu oya.
    Vei kemuni na wekaqu Nasilai, sa vakavinavinaka taki na nomuni solivakasama. Ia ko ni raica ni levu na vei volavolaI e caka tiko e ke oya na neimami sega ni dua vata kei na veika sa mai vakayacora ko Voreqe. Ni vosota ke na bibi toka eso, ia sa na yaco vakakina ni sa dua tani sara na gauna eda bula donuya tiko qo.
    Na cakacaka vaka politiki sa cakacaka drakai sara ga me vaka eratou dau kaya mai Vanuabalavu. Ia sa qito duka sara. O koya e via lade i loma ni rara, me vakarau taki koya vinaka. Baleta ena laki caka kina na lasu, butako, liu muri ka rawa ni tini sara ki na laba.
    Ia na ka keimami sa taroga tu na wekamuni Nasilai, na cava na vuna e sa mai coup taki kina e dua na noda matanitu ka sa veiliutaki tu kina e dua ga vei keda?
    Kevaka sa na vei liutaki e dua na Idia, e na baci coup taki tale? Kevaka e dua na i taukei eda sega ni taleitaka, vaka evei, sa na baci yaco tale na coup?
    Na noqu nanuma na wekaqu , meda sa muria mada ga na lawa. Io sa levu sara na veika eda vinaka me veisautaki, ia ena sega ni dina ke vakayagataki na vakarau kaukauwa me vaka sa yaco oti. Era mate tiko ga na noda ena coup. Au sega ni raica ni ra mate na China se Idia, e mate tiko ga na kai Viti baleta ni vadavedra tiko ga na kai Viti!
    Ia sa tu ga na masu kei na vakanuinui vinaka ni na basika na vei gauna vinaka e Viti.
    Me nomuni na lagilagi.


  127. serekali Says:

    Dauvanana, laurai ga vei kemuni nomuni vinakata na dakai, KAILA! De dua e teri soli vei kemuni na Dakai ka o cudru tiko kina vakaoqo…o nene..chi..chi.. ! Au ga vei kemuni! Dakai tiko oqo vei au.

  128. Dauvavana Says:

    serekali taura nomu dakai qai sosmaka e nomu sona.

    Educated people don’t need guns but those with guns now have blood on their hands that will carry down their generations of descendents.

    Bainimarama = murder

    He ordered the killing of the 5 CRW. He was commander when his soldiers murdered Rabaka and Verebasaga.


  129. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hear hear!!! @ Nite Daushootin – Naita, O Serekali la qori o Nasilai Senikaudamu, kuila damudamu mai Kiuva eh!

  130. Ratu Watisoni Burenivalu Lutunatabua Says:

    The highest title in Fiji is on the Mataqali Tui Kaba to decide. Personally all the rest should back off from this issue coz you dont have the rights to comment even the people on Bau island. Only the Cakobau are eligible for this title not even the Nailatikau or any other so called chief in Bau. WHY? the history books clearly show it and Fijians prove it. Only people who claim and not part of the Cakobau surname plus the critics are not chiefs but commoners who claim with their own right without recognition to this issue. to conclude…..IM A BURENIVALU….I WILL BE ON THE TRUTH I.E. THE CAKOBAU

  131. LUVfiji Says:

    Well.. well.. WHO THE F*%^ CARES, JOHNNY COME LATELY !!

  132. Sovi Says:

    With all that had been mentioned, these are all true facts. But the thing is that when the NLC signs off on titles and ownership, there is nothing else we can do.

    We the people of Waimaro, have had the same problem which we had always been quite about for the past years and the years to come. The title of “Roko Tui Waimaro” is named to be the head of Waimaro. She (Adi Pateresio Vonokula) hails from the village of Nabukaluka in Waidina, Naitasiri. She is a chiefly decendant of Ratu Cakobau. Ro Tamatia the Great Grandmother of the the “Roko Tui Waimaro” was sent to the highlands by Ratu Cakobau to become the wife of the then Vunivalu of Waimaro, Ro Saumaka. The Vunivalu of Waimaro in his village of Raravatu, beneath the mountains of Medrausucu Ranges, did not accept the gift and ordered that Ro Tamatia be married in the village of Navunibua who is now named Nabukaluka.

    The last war to happen in the highlands, known to the writers was named the “War of Wainimala”. Ratu Cakobau sent requests to the highlands of Wainimala who accepted to combine in an effort to destroy “Waimaro” completly. The attack happened early morning in the village of Raravatu, which was an unsucessful move, with the Vunivalu of Waimaro still existing today.

    Ratu Sukuna knew all about this. He with his overarching powers through the last NLC edited the wordings of the title books to give the title of “Tui Waimaro” the decendants of Ratu Cakobau, Ratu Rakuita the father of the now “Tui Waimaro” Adi Pateresio Vonokula.

    The Grandson of “Ro Saumaka” the rightful Vunivalu of Waimaro is Ratu Masi Roraveli who lives today in the village of Nadakuni, Waimaro Naitasiri.

    Ratu Masi Roraveli, unknownn to anyone, unwritten in any books, is the rightful head of the Waimaro people. He’s cavuti is “Waimaro Levulevu” Gone Turaga na Vunivalu.

    Noone can ever answer why the Waimaro people were requested to protect Bau. None can also answer why Waimaro is a bother to Ratu Cakobau and to Ratu Sukuna. Waimaro is not Bati to Bau as known to many’ he was asked if he can offer help for the protection of Bau.

    This sounds like a story to all, which is how it exactly works for us. But, what can we do about it? Nothing. Whatever is in the NLC, that’s final.

    Happy Reading.


  133. kai cakau Says:

    wete sa fereferea jina va’alevu o tailevu..lolz

  134. Netani Ravula Says:

    Au kai Viti,ka au sega ni taleitaka na nomui tovo ni volavola.E sega talega ni dau vei talanoa taki vaka oqo nai tutu e lesi mai cake.Dauvavana o kai vei oiko.Na turaga e lesi mai lagi ki vuravura,kara qai veidigitaki ga ko ira sara digitaki oti tu mai vua.E sega talega ni lialia o P.M mena siova na vei digidigi e sega ni nona.Dauvavana mo qarauna nai vosavosa ko cakava tiko,baleta niko na kunei mai na nomu loma ni qara levu,ka na qai lewai kina mai vua na nomu Bati dina.Nona tiko mai merika ko Ratu e nona digidigi ga.Kua niko via kawa.Kevaka e mosi vei iko na ka e caka tiko, lako mai Viti,mai na vanua ko vuni tiko kina.

  135. Budhau Says:

    Any news on the crowning of the Big Kahuna yet – wasn’t that Nailatikau’s exit strategy.

  136. Suliasi Daunitutu Says:

    I am reading all these comments with one thought in mind. ” E ka kalouca ni dua na vanua e sega ni kila na nona turaga ” I would put this down to the differences between the structure that was originally there and the one that we are now using as a guide to decide our chiefs as provided by the NLC.

    I am from the vanua vakaturaga o Waimaro Lavulevu, and stories passed down to us by our grandfathers that only one chief came down this way with us, on either side of the river. They kept out of each others way and that chief came through Wainibuka up to Nalidi and Nasaibitu then down to Delai Bua where he rested before he made his way to Bau.

    This places are still there and as far as I am concerned, that is the only chief I know that exists over there as his path to Bau is known to us. As of the rest ,how they came to be there and became the paramount chiefs of Fiji escapes me.

    All the battles written by historians that mentioned Rt.Cakobau as the instigator and victor has a different version here in warrior land, the battle of Verata and Lovoni which are good examples. We have names of places and children named after these events and these stories passed down through the generations are completely different to those we read in recorded history.

    This chief I am talking about is the Roko Tui Bau, whose way to Bau is as clear as the evidence provides, did come past this way.

    As for Naiduki, he is from Waimaro Levulevu, if Apenisa does what he did and thinks nothing of it, this shows what level of respect is shown not only to Naiduki’s family and honour – it also reflects the respect shown to our people.

    If that is the case then hear this. The people of Waimaro Levulevu can eat anything anywhere, except if the people of Namata are present, than we’ll only eat pork.When a chief doesn’t behave the way a chief should then he is begging for his status to be investigated.

    As for me, I will make sure that the stories passed down to us are kept as reference to future debates or conflicts.

    Meanwhile, the only chief I know that lives in Bau is the Roko Tui Bau. One just has to look at him and listen to what he has to say to understand what I mean.

    It’s not surprising to me that they don’t know who their real chief should be, because the one we know does not even get mentioned.

  137. Suliasi Daunitutu Says:

    E dua na kena i kuri lailai ni vosota, o ira na kai Nacobua era sega ni kai Bau, na nodra yavu dina e toka mai na noqu vanua ka maroroi vinaka tu me yacove na siga nikua.

    E dua e vola toka ni turaga qaqa na turaga na Roko Tui Namata, ia qori baleta na vu ni vanua e lako dina mai kina.E drodro tiko e na nodra i tikotiko vakaturaga na dra vaka Waimaro Levulevu, ka se mana tiko e na siga nikua na mana kei na bibi ni veidokadokai ni vanua vakaturaga e rua.

    E mai vereverea na veika me baleti keimami ni oti na veitarogi vanua, ka’u vakabuta ni tautauvata e levu na vanua e Viti me vaka e vosa tiko kina na wekaqu o Sovi.

    Ia, eratou a maroroya vinaka na i tukutuku bibi qo ko iratou na turaga bale e tolu eratou sa mai bale, ni ratou kila na bibi kei na dredre ni ka e na rawa ni yaco kevaka e vakasabaliataki nai tutu era sa mai volai vaka i vola kei nai tutu dina ka ra tu taumada.

    Na nodra i vakarau na tovolea tiko me ra veisosomitaki qo, e sa qai ceuraka sara mai vakarawarawa na veika ea mai bokoca na Veitarogi Vanua ena nodra biliga eso na turaga bale me ra sosomitaki mai vei ira era digitaki ga ena gauna oya. E so na veidigitaki ea caka me rauta na gagadre ka guilecavi kina na vuvale vakaturaga dina. Au vakabauta ni sa yaco mai na gauna me kilai kina na dina.

    Me vaka e cavuta koto o Sovi, keimami sega ni bati i Bau, oya au rogoca mai na nodra vosa na qase ka tiko e so na i vakadinadina e na loma ni vanua me tekivu vei keitou me yaco ki na vanua vakaturaga ko Naduadua.

    E sega talega ni bati i Bau na turaga na Roko Tui Namata. Na veika kece au cavuta tiko qo, e ra maroroya tiko na qase e na vuku ni veivakaturagataki, ia ke da sa vakaisini, e rawa ni da tukuna na veika kece qo me kilai ka me rawa ni na veisautaka eso na i vakarau lolovira era cakava eso era sega ni nodra dina nai tutu.

  138. B.Watson Says:

    folkstory shares an interesting point when it comes to titleholders.Those that are undeserving would die by some form of mysterious death .
    The vunivalu title candidates to pick a number from a barrel and given a chance to prove legitimacy by outliving his opponents.
    maybe we who are married to members of the tikina o bau coUld be considered for the title.AFTER ALL WE HAVE WORKED SO DAMNED HARD FOR THE TIKINA O BAU TO DESERVE SOME FORM OF BACK PATTING.

  139. Ratu Burenivalu Says:

    The first question we should ask is that iof they can show us where is the original Bau….who gave the name…and who gave the land to them after they came from the Kaunitoni at Vuda…..

  140. batikwadjina Says:

    @ suliasi daunitutu:
    manakwa vakalevu na koi noqu na vakadodonu take jiko na veisala vakavanua…!!! au dua na koi waimaro e vanua… manakwa vakalevu na wekaqu mai waimaro levulevu….. e kimami kila nakwa sara tu no na ka kece o tukune jiko yei, ka rawa niu tali magimagi take tale no ya……..! THAT IS THE ONLY FACT!!!!………

    There is no other chief in Bau who we know except for the Roko Tui Bau, whose establishment on Bau is not only known in Bau but known where his ” Gaunisala Vaka-Vanua” and “Matanidarava ” flows. His ‘Yavu’ on Bau is known to all the chiefdoms who have traditional ties to it. As Daunitutu has stated, we have names of places, yavusa, mataqali and children that depicts the strong ties there is and the flow of historical events.The data that is passed down from our forefathers is the strongest evidence there is.

    We the “Vanua vaka-Waimaro’ which include Waimaro i vanua- Waidina, Soloira, Nagonenicolo and Wailevu and Waimaro i wai – Waimarolevulevu and Nadereivalu together with the Vanua o Nasautoka, Naduadua all know that the “Vanua O Namata” is the only one whom we are “Veitabuki” with. We the people of Waimaro call the people of Namata and Raralevu as our ” Raturaga “. In this sense, the only Vanua that the Kai Waimaro could genuinely respect is the Vanua of “Nacobua vua na Roko Tui Namata”. To date, this act of utmost respect is still practiced by the two Vanua. We cannot eat fish in their presence and likewise, they cannot eat pork in our presence.

    As for Rt Apenisa to be the Vunivalu, i would think it unwise. What he did to our Kinswoman speaks volume of him. Who would want a chief who takes traditional ties for granted?????? i dont think so..!!! he think that he can treat our women like animals?? it just shows the chiefly status he claims to represent..!!!

  141. vanuaelewa Says:

    Ni bula vinaka na veiwekani, its interesting to read about the various stories from all over the place. However I thought I might add that both George and Tui’s notes and discussions are very pleasing in terms of their anecdotes on the validities in relation to the vunivalu title. I also concur with their thoughts particularly on the issue of direct lineage. Really it is a matter for the Matawelagi, Muaidule, Naisogolaca as well as the Mataqali Tui Kaba at a later stage. As this title will be the most influential along with its responsibilities I can say that it will not a be a position that will be discussed through the NLC and dragged through the courts. The households will decide and if they do not come to an agreement – there will not be an installation! Let us pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding…God’s plan will prevail and all households will need to seek guidance from God and their people and the chosen titleholder will need to put the vanua first before anything else…blessed days ahead

  142. Dau Says:

    Interesting and some knowledgeable comments from our writers on the vunivalu subject. As the intrigue of Fijian politics unfold against the backdrop of the sophisicated VERE VAKA BAU, We can only watch in awe…God bless Fiji.

  143. kai Nadrukuta Says:

    wow… I am lost of words!! Thank you Dauvavana…… I am from Lasakau, Bau. My great great great grandfather was a warrior who died after the war at Verata. His body was brought back to Bau and buried. Now the point is, my grandfather never told us stories but just that lone story. On the Kaunitoni migration, I suppose the decline of Verata came around the time the Dritabua Warriors of the Yatu Waimaro and than later by the warriors from Bau attacked Verata. At that time it was said that the relationship between Rokomautu and his people (after his grandson Tuivanuakula the son of Ravoravoivalu won the race) was shattered. My point is was the Kaunitoni migration the reason why we Fijians found our identity? If yes, than automatically our identity is linked to the vanua. So if the people cannot listen to their Chief isn’t that a sign of disrespect? Just as Rokomautu had said to his people that going against his ‘lewa’ would be crucial to the vanua, I think that everyone must note that it is important to understand that our identity links us to the vanua and it is important.

    I am of the view that either Adi Samanunu, Rt. Epenisa or Rt. Jioji should be installed as the Vunivalu. Yes you can argue that no woman has ever claimed the title, but you all have to understand that we are no longer living in a primitive society. We are now a developing country and industrialization has played an important role. Modernity together with modernization has changed the whole concept of traditional values. We have freedom of rights, freedom of expression, freedom of speech.. etc.. etc the list goes on and on….. as for those who live overseas, you all know this pretty well, so you can’t argue on the point that Adi Samanunu should be ruled out… she has every RIGHT to be installed as the laws says.

    On the contrary, I am impressed by all your contributions and now I have knowledge of the line of ancestries. I believe that the installation of the Vunivalu to be on hold till a respectable prince submerge. Forget about the wedlock issue, it is the weakness of most Chiefs so no one can really argue on that…!

    As I write this, I do hope that Adi Samanunu gets well. She may not be the choice of many people, but she has the right to the chiefly title. I am not a person who sees females as inferior to men, I am person who believes that what is rightfully yours should be yours regardless of age, gender and sex. Either way, any three of the mentioned Turaga/Marama is ok with me.

    Me da yalo vata tikoga na kai Kubuna!

  144. kenji Says:

    interesting reading..thanks folks

    dua mada na noqu i talanoa..

    dua na journalist mai NZ e mai vi interview taki i Viti, rua ga me interview taka o Ratu George kei Voreqe

    interview taki sara o rt george..

    taroga sara o journalist..’Rt wat do u think of whats goin on today?’
    rabarabalaka sara yano o rt na complain taki the qo sara okoya ‘ IF THIS WAS THE OLDEN DAYS I WOULD BEAT HIM!’.

    other person on de list, Vore…taro sara o journalist..’frank wat do u think about what is happenin now?’ raba2laka sara o frank na ka e vakasama taka tu…..

    va qo sara yani o Journalist..’Frank, Rt Gorge said that if this was the olden days, he woould beat you!’

    sega ni bera tale yani o frank…’WELL IF THIS WAS THE OLDEN DAYS, I WOULD EAT HIM!!’

    sa dri yani

  145. korosigani Says:

    it seems everibody hates frank..especially dauvavana…lols…boy.. if she had a chance to kill him..ill bet she wud take that chance..with reference to her comments..but the what wud that make u dauvavana???…a murderer just like him…making u stoop low to his position…which in fact…is not in the good side of society rite now…the fact of the matter is that in reality…he controls things rite now..and no matter how much anger there is towards him..he controls the country…which is unfortunate of course…but u must know that nona vosa viavia levu…it tells me one thing.and that is FEAR…he first tampered with the GCC..and wen he found out that nothing can be done to him..he now…has gone far enough to go head to head with the church….the methodist church..and this is a sacred institution in our society…we can be brutal toward the police, the army, the courts….but the church???…no…i think he is the first fijjian leader in the mordern era to go against the chuch.. and take it head on…or lets say prosecute it…..which of course should not be knew to the church…since tru christians expect prosecutions….and it has been a tradition going back to the time of the roman empire…when roman legionaires crucified men of God…and what happened to the arrogant and great roman empire???………..christianity became its principle religion….we can connect those past events to our county…this is the lesson…voreqe will reap wat he sowes..if he disrespects…people..then he will be disrespected himself….if he murders then…he will reap his rewards for that… a place that has been provided by God….kevaka e veibeci…ia ena beci kina o koya..m willing to fight for my beloved country to my last limb and breath..but m not willing to kill my own people for that….for this kinds of conflict..we leave it in the hands of God…God always decides the fate of nations…this is fact…u nid to look at the great empires of the past to know this…but this i know…God will not let his people suffer he will protect them and only he will know wats best for them…the law has been broken and the constitution revoked….i hope the country returns to democracy..for the sake of future generations…this generation has seen enough coups and internal conflicts….as for the chief title…ira na Turaga dina…ra sega ni dau kocova nai tutu vaturaga…o koya e kocova tiko nai tutu qori..e vinaka me na soli mada vua me taura…koya ga na kila kena vinaka kei na kena ca…kevaka e sega ni nona…ena kila o koya na kena ca kei ira nona kawa..baleta nai tutu vaturaga sa mai vua na kalou..God given..therefore..not only a birth right…but also a devine right…kevaka e raica na kalou e sega ni dodonu me nona nai tutu ya…God will deliver punishment …qo sega ni ka vou vei keda nai taukei….ira talega na turaga ra sega ni dau dokadoka taka na nodra Turaga….the humble ones ….are always the right one….

  146. Ratu Burenivalu Says:

    Some people say what they think..i guess you just go to school and graduate with a Phd in history and Political Science then share yopur vakils…kua ni vakamacalataka na ka o warai ni kila…coz all these stories are from the Kaunitoni….so called great migration…bullshit nomudou i talanoa na kele mai Vuda…

  147. isa Viti Says: gone mai colo…yasana o Colo East, warai me Naitasiri…Gone mai na yavusa o Navitilevu..yavu era kacivi kina na kawa nei TuiWai(kai Navitilevu)..nai vuvu kei Waimaro kei Nasautoka..qoi na ‘vu’ tagane e Viti(balete ni duluke na luve ni turaga)…keimami a digitake na tai ni wau..o ira na kena vo e nodra na tai ni kakana baleta ni ra liga malumalumu..ia era na ‘turaga tiko..o keimami keimami na ‘bati’ tiko baleta keimami digitaka, e sega ni lesi vei was our choice…me da nanuma can be a ‘chief and you can also be a ‘warrior’ thats how it is in the ‘highlands…im a chief here, im a warrior there..vanua veibatiki

  148. Molikula Says:

    I am a Jane come lately having just visited this site, and am baffled with how we continue to romanticise our so-called Fijian tradition. Much of it, as some contributors are saying was concocted to allow the Colonial masters do their will, read not only the history written by them but also other materials in journals by those who visited our islands and church records. For example, Ratu Sukuna was given the title of Tui Lau to substantiate his role as representative for the Fijians, for how else could the Fijians respect a chief with not title at that time? Have you asked yourself why he was not the Roko Tui Bau and yet his nephew Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi is? It is because even this title does not belong to them. Dr Ropate Qalo’s book on the Mucunabitu business confirms this. And the so called seven social roles for Fijians, this only applied to parts and not most of Fiji. This was infact prominent in Bau which copied the Polynesian system of governance. If you also take a good read of what early travellers said of Fiji, not all the chiefs gave Cakobau the mandate but the poor thing should not have been blamed because he did not perform the actual crime. I laugh when I read about the claim to Nakauvadra. Records will confirm that only 77 tribes qualify. The reality for us is, whether we like it or not, the chiefly system was couped by the political system and the church. Most of our chiefs are pure ornaments now. Those that still survive are those that are smart enough to change their leadership style in accordance with global development. Sa oti na gauna ni tadra. We now have Indians, Chinese and others who call themselves Fijians. If you visit the villages, they will tell you they are tired of lasulasu – and this is native Fijians accusing native Fijians.

  149. Hari Says:

    I hate to disagree with you Sister, but Ratu Sukuna became the Tui Lau as the result of the Lau provincial council request and support of the then Tui Nayau Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba. Ratu Sukuna’s mother was a vuanirewa and daughter of the former Tui Nayau.His acendency to that post was nothing new. Ma afu a royal Togan blood claimed that title-Tui Lau during his campain to take Fiji. Maafu was proclaimed the Tui Lau in Tubou immediately after a war council at Vunisavisavi . Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi is also related to the Tui nayau and is a claimant to the Tui Lau title as well. Tui Lau was appointed, by the people of Lau through their Provincial representatives, whom they elect from their districts. Lau province may have been the first areas in fiji to have practised some democracy even before democracy was cool!!

  150. isa Viti Says:

    ..Nailagowai o na tawa guilecavii..vakanuinui ni da na sota bula tale..

  151. Curious Says:

    Great Reading, George @ Syd and Tui vinaka na veiwasei.

    I am curious with all this talk of the installation of the Vunivalu, at least we know from our history books/classes about this title and its origins.
    There are many versions of events that have not been documented and many bias versions which has been passed on through generations. But the fact remains this is a legitimate title and it should rightfully be succeeded by it’s rightful ancestors, the Cakobau Clan. Rt Nailatikau’s father did a humble and respectful deed by declining the title due to to his female ancestory after being considered by the Tui Kaba clan which demonstrates his true chiefly ancestory by his humbleness. It is a shame that his descendants have not inherited those characteristics.
    Rt George K Cakobau was than installed, leaving his offsprings rightful successors to the throne. Therefore RT G.K Cakobau II is correctly the rightful succesor to the title being the eldest born son of the late Vunivalu and the coronation (vei vagunuvi) be done by the Roko Tui Bau.

    I am curious though of another title which is now arising of the Tui Kuku.
    Watching the documented TV funeral of Rt Lote and the explanation given by his sister, it was not as the history records it.
    Correct me if I am wrong but is it not the title of Tui Kuku based in Vunimono?
    Was it not a title given to that clan ( Rt Lote) Komai na Wi or similiar?
    What is the factual heritage of this title? Does anyone know?
    Was Rt Lote ever installed as Tui Kuku?

  152. fucker Says:

    ……….I think dat da title should be given to The LATE VUNIVALU’S CHILDREN, so that it can go on a flow, no matter that person is a male or female…. how about ADI SAMANUNU??????????, she’s inteligent enough to take up her Fathers Position, since she has high qualification in Education aswell 4 the VANUA…….. last but not least, SHE’S THE ELDEST……..

  153. Matai Says:

    I refer to your earlier request for someone to explain the original of the Vunivalu. According to our records,the Vunivalu is a descendant of Rokomautu from Verata and lived in Nayavu in the Yavu called Bau.Over a few generations, this warrior chief called Nadurucoko a title name which means (Na duru taucoko me lako e ra e na vakarokoroko i.e every knee to go down in respect when they meet in the village, jungle etc) then went down to the Nakorotubu coast and stayed in Navakawaluwalu Hillfort in Nabukadra, Ra. From Navakawaluwalu, he went to reside on a coastpoint near Nadave.His son Nailatikau Nabuinivuaka later resided and became the 1st Vunivalu of Bau in consultation with the Roko Tui Bau.Nailatikau was also known as Naisevuniqele as he was the 1st Vunivalu to be buried in Bau. Please
    click on the 50th Anniversary Fiji Times editorial comment last year.
    Sa malo.

  154. Matai Says:

    sorry, the one above is not working. try clicking on
    the Fiji Times editorial comment on Sept 18 2009 to comemorate the 50th Anniversary of Ratu George Cakobau installation as Vunivalu on September 18, 1959.

  155. roko roqima Says:

    l was talking to this man from tailevu,about the the next vunivalu, and he said that because of the vei liumuri thats been going on,with in tailevu for 20 years sinces the last vunivalu..nothing is going to change!!he continue, that he thinks it should go to one of ratu penaia kadavulevu grandson,if their still alive?? that just what he thinks..

  156. Timoci Says:

    Vunivalu se vunipamu,dou vagunua vakatolo ga de qai madra tale mai na i tutu oqori.Sa toso tiko na gauna,na i tutu vakaturaga me tawani mai kemudou.Sa keimami madua mai na kai kubuna na wilika tiko ka rogoca tiko na veiletitaki ni tutu oqori.Tutu oqori e vaka-i-balebale vakalevu sara ke ra bau sikovi tiko na kai Kubuna ena vei yasai Viti.E sa keimami voro,sa na dina ga kina na vosa vou ya-Sa turaga levu ga na turaga vaka-i-lavo!

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