Investigations on suspended CEO complete

Bloggers, we at the SV Team find this article interesting and wanted to share it with you. You will recall that Jagannath Sami used to be the CEO of the Sugar Can Growers Council before sbeing acked by the illegal government. Chaudary was behind the move because Sami was NFP and he wanted him out, making him the undisputed ‘sugar cane king’ amongst the Indian cane farmers.
What we find interesting is Jain Kumar’s statements that the Inquiry was ‘to investigate any misuse of funds or abuse of office during his time as CEO!’ De fishing expedition! An enquiry investigates specific allegations and not generalised allegation and tasking the investigators to look for evidence? It is these kinds of generalised investigations that manufacturing of evidence becomes quite possible. Now with this illegal government and Chaudary behind this investigation, the ‘sky is the limit’ because this bastard has no shred of decency whatsoever and will do anything and go to any length to achieve his selfish goal, which is Prime Minister of Fiji. DREAM ON!
Friday, June 06, 2008


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A chartered accountancy firm has completed its report on an inquiry into suspended Sugar Cane Growers Council chief executive officer Jagannath Sami.

Council executive chairman Jain Kumar says the report will be presented to the council by the end of this month.

Kumar says the inquiry team was to investigate any misuse of funds and abuse of office by Sami during his term in office.

Kumar says the council will receive the report by month-end – after which the report will be presented to the Growers Council Board.

The inquiry into Sami began after he was suspended by the interim government early last year – following the 2006 military coup.

Sami returned as CEO after the High Court ruled in his favour when he challenged his suspension in court.

However, in a dramatic turn of events Sami was hospitalised after he complained of chest pains while being picked up again by the police from the council office and taken in for questioning.

He never returned to the council office.

A few months later Jai Shree Gowander was appointed CEO but resigned two months ago to become the new CEO of the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji.

Council administration officer Sundresh Chetty is now acting CEO.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


17 Responses to “Investigations on suspended CEO complete”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Isn’t it so frustrating.First they suspend someone,then look for reasons to justify their actions knowing full well that their actions were suspect in the first place.

    This is the same thing they did to Daniel Fatiaki.Instead of finding any corruption or abuse of office offence against him,they go looking through his tax files for anything to pin on him.

    Even allegations against LQ and the SDL was nothing but a witchhunt.The few cases they have managed to pin on them would be counted as misdemeanors,if anything at all.

    And still we await the corruption evidence this coup was based on.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Vore: Hey you bastard,what kind of lawyer you?? All the legal advice you give me is f**k-all. If you can’t do your job properly,you’re ”georaphy”.

    Aiy-arse: Boss,I think you meant ”history”.

    Vore: Shadup,don’t change the subject.

  3. DVC Says:

    vinaka np – made me laugh today. geography will never be the same again. Go Fiji Go!! As for the above, they’re just looking for scapegoats to justify the bull personal agenda. Go Fiji Go!!

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    FLP in full control of the sugar industry and doing a bloody good job ruining it thanks to their supremo sugar daddy chodo the snake. Its all about self fulfillment (filling themselves in their pockets). Grabbing the spoils of the aftermath. All bunch of opportunists and self serving interest. Like NP said sack first and find evidence later if none then concoct one. Their modus operandi is the same right through.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    The new Mr Chaudhry !

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    The new canyman , Mr Chaudhry !
    Check out on google (sammy davis jnr,the candyman,youtube )may he rest in peace .

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    that should read , candyman !

  8. Gryphon Says: is the link to the site I use for posting my articles. Have a read through my first article and let me know what you think!!!

  9. Mossad Says:

    Hello Folks,
    Sweet talk mada about the sugar industry….we all know that the current 50 year lease Choddo is offering to the farmers to return to Labasa was offered by the SDL….a 50 year lease + 25 years extension = 75 years….unfortunately Choddo rallied against the idea. as being not viable….well he definitely has swallowed his puke…….& dear SV……start tapping your contacts in Colonial National Bank…why apparently one avorosa fella there is saying that Voceke’s account has seen some really big transaction,not seen when he was just the Head of Masidakai @ QEB……apparently his being paid from other source other then the government…….talking big buck hia..not the loose change man……dou moce.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    Vinaka Mossad,I hope a blogger friend with connections at CNB will act on this tip and share the findings with us.

    If anyone has connections at Bank of Baroda,a little bird told me awhile back that the pig also has an account there which receives tens of thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

  11. Budhau Says:

    Mossad – stop the crap about Qarase offering 50 year lease – under qarase’s plan the leases would have been 20 year minimum as poosed to 30 years under ALTA.

    The maximun under both NLTA and ALTA can be 99 years if the landowners decide to lease for that long. Havve you ever seen anyone leasing their land for anything more than the minimum under ALTA – No – so why the f*@K you you expect anyone to believe that under NLTA the term of the leases would be anything but the minimum term.

  12. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    Fiji’s Parliament would have documentary evidences of the Bills to amend the ALTA that was proposed by the Laisenia Qarase government. There were proposed amendments through two draft legislations. One was a Bill to amend the Agricultural Landlord and Tenants Act (ALTA) and the other was Bill to amend the Native Land Trust Act (NLTA). The two Bills if approved would mean that farmers can be given to 50-year leases and landowners would better and increased returns when leasing out their land (10% of UCV).

    It would simply mean more benefits and better incentives for the landowners and farmers in comparison with the current ALTA legislation.
    It is strongly recommended that Budhau read those two Bills to know and embrace the truth. You will find that the LQ Government had proposed the following in those two Bills.
    – All agricultural leases on native land are to be issued under NLTA rather than ALTA;
    – On the consent of the landowners through the NLTB, agricultural leases under NLTA will generally be for 50 years;
    – If the landowners cannot agree to a 50-year lease, a shorter lease may be permitted for, say, 30 to 40 years. But the shorter leases will not be less than 20 years;
    – These leases under NLTA will be renewable, subject only to the consent of the landowners as required by law. If the landowners agree to allow the renewal of a lease on their land, the renewal will be for a period of no less than 20 years;
    – To further assist the tenants, the determination of the renewal of the lease will be made well before expiry. For 50 year leases, for e.g., the determination for renewal will be made by the NLTB in consultation with the landowners between the 37th and 40th year of the lease. For shorter agricultural leases, the determination of the lease for renewal will be made at least 3 years before the expiry of the lease. This will remove the uncertainty of leases under ALTA where there is no provision for renewal;
    – Rent under the new arrangement will be a flat 10 per cent of the UCV of the land. The existing arrangement under ALTA is for rent of up to 6pc of UCV. This has created a lot of uncertainties because in most cases, actual rent levied is only between 2 and 4pc of UCV. Fixing the rent at 10 per cent is to more accurately reflect current values of the land;
    – The new leasing arrangements under NLTA will have fair and equitable arrangements for compensation both for the farmers and for the landowners.

    The Parliament would also have records that the Bills were defeated because the Fiji Labour Party did not support them. It is unfortunately clear that Mahendra Pal Chaudhry continues to mislead the farmers and misinform the nation.

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau/ Chodo’s wet dreams has always been 50 year lease on 6% UCV under real UCV rate of 2 to 4%. Research the archives, this was what he had promised Indian Cane Farmers.

    In other words free land tenure ( just like the free VW and toaster) Mark M had been promising us.

    The sad thing about it is when the farmers did not get land lease renewed he gave them a golden handshake of $25,000 each. Now he is pushing for the farmers return and again offering $$$$ to bring them back to take up farming.


    Instead of pittance from lease money, get $$$$$$$$$$$ from direct land yield.

  14. Mossad Says:

    Qarase was willing to make ammendments to NLTA to reflect the rolling leases……& Fuck you too.

  15. Mossad Says:

    Always 4 Fiji,
    Well said…..unfortunately Budhau, you ain’t the expert in everything…..calm down….

  16. Linus Says:

    EU rejects fish from Fiji
    Sunday, June 08, 2008

    Update: 12.15pm It’s official.

    The European Union (EU) does not want fish from Fiji.

    It has observed Fiji to be un-coordinated and disorganized in its handling of fish exports to its territories, reports Island Business.

    It has noted that Fiji’s quality and standards authorities lack the knowledge of how the EU standard system works.

    And it has punished Fiji by striking it off what is informally known as “List II”, a list of third world countries and territories allowed by the EU to export fishery products for human consumption into its affiliate countries.

    Fiji’s total canned and frozen fish exports were worth around F$100 million last year, compared to F$97 million in 2006, according to provisional data from the Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics.

    Over the years, fish had been a steadily growing and consistent component of Fiji’s exports. Now faced with a major earthquake, its future seems less certain.

    My Comments:-
    I clearly recall Mr. G. Southwick and others advising the Government in 2007 that the necessary government export certification dept. be it Fisheries, Primary Industries or Quarantine be properly retrained to ensure this did not happen.

    It would appear that nothing was done and now Fiji reaps the losses of Interim Govt. inefficiency!

    I am inclined to think that this is another of M.P. Chaudry’s devices to reduce all of Fiji except his private power source in sugar to naught.

    The Govt. pleads for Fiji to get behind them and the charter, but if they continue to undermine work in non-Sugar activities such as Fishing and tourism how can the right thinking nation support such twisted thinking.

    Linus Wyatt,

    F/T on line

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Linus – that is why it is so important for ALL landowners of native land to BOYCOTT any negotiations with this illegal government.

    The landowners have no real legal protection when the other party (the IR) has such a demonstrable contempt for the rule of law.

    The landowners can use their power to NOT negotiate.

    Each landowning group can make a stand by saying
    a) they will only enter into talks
    b) with an elected government,
    c) chosen by the people in free and fair elections
    d) under the existing, unaltered Constitution.

    We have POWER, people! Time to use it.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

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