This is a really strange state of affairs, then again everything in Fiji is these days.

Why is Sa tu na Da Reddy so keen for everyone to accept the so called stolen cache?

Is it because it wasn’t stolen at all, but distributed among the coup perpetrators by readymade shit himself.

I mean, how else do they pay themselves big dalo to perpetuate the clean up coup?

Nasty little man.

INTERPOL is investigating a $560,000 heist in Fiji, as the central bank moves to bolster confidence in the nation’s currency.

Police said yesterday Interpol had been called in to help investigate the disappearance this month of $F1 million in $20 bills, which was destined for the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

It was initially believed the money was snatched from a wharf facility.

However, police have confirmed it was now thought to have been taken from a ship en route to Fiji.

Some of the stolen notes, which had been freshly printed in Britain, have trickled into circulation in Fiji since the theft, prompting Reserve Bank governor Sada Reddy to urge traders to treat them as legal.

Mr Reddy said traders should not hesitate to accept the

$20 notes, even if they had serial numbers showing they were taken in the robbery.

“Commercial banks, foreign exchange dealers and business houses are advised to accept these notes without question,” he said.


5 Responses to “PULL THE OTHER ONE ………….”

  1. veda Says:

    Ha! sa tu na da Reddy, whats going on?Please throw this criminal inside the dog house and padlocked his ass in there till he confessed!

  2. tora Says:

    Oilei sa qai laurai na butako nei Sa tuna da Reddy please catch this thieving son of a whore and send him to Naboro! You leave this bugger with a key to the Bank of Fiji volt and he’d robbed us all blind! Time to take out the trash.

  3. Annon. Says:

    This same Sada Reddy recently stated in the Fiji Sun that the true value of the container was “$200m – all in newly printed $20 notes”.

    Note how Fiji media has suddenly gone quiet on this affair?

    Something very fishy going on here?
    Where’s Khaiyum right now? Geneva – umm…

  4. Annon. Says:

    Missing $200ml update.

    Word is – ‘looking increasingly like inside job’.

    Interpol not involved – RBA & AFP (AUS) however are.

    Picture clearer when identity of depositer with RBA is known?

  5. peni Says:

    Now that everyone is asking the illegal Government as to “WHAT HAPPEN TO THE MILLION DOLLAR”? Suddenly’ The government had put out a news released, to bullshit the nation, by saying that the majority of the missing funds, has now been miraculously found and two Hong Kong dudes has been under arrest charge for the theft? Wow, who are they kidding?

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