Academic and founder of the Post Graduate Development Studies at USP believes that Fiji could not achieve a full democracy without going through its current “painful process” under the current governments.

Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Professor Crosbie Walsh said sacrifices have to be made to achieve the desired objectives in Fiji.


When are these expats and ex Fiji residents of expat heritage going to think critically about the abnormal situation in Fiji.

What standards of ethics do they subscribe to when the people of Fiji are suffering because of the dictates of a few mindless beings.
How can they justify the downfall of the economy here since 5.12.06 that is not due to the global financial crisis but the mismangement of the ig?

How can they justify murders and bashings by army personnel since 5.12.06?

How can they justify the abrogation of the constitution and sacking of the judiciary, then the employment of expats to fill these positions leaving locals jobless? 

How can they justify the fact that numerous civil servants have been sacked from their employment to be replaced by incompetent, unqualified army personnel who are blantantly rorting the systems?

How can they justify the fact that the ig have suppressed our basic human rights here in Fiji to have an opinion, supressed our reading, listening or viewing preferences?

How can they justify the deportation of Newspaper editors and Ambassadors for no valid reason? One ambassador was deported because he was given the seat of honour at a rugby match over the illegal pm, a clear indication to the whole world just how petty and insecure the oink really is.

It’s not so strange that these expats who migrated are now back & backing the ig in an attempt to big note themselves.

These are people who never made it Fiji nor in the countries they migrated to, have absolutely no idea how the average Fijian families live yet are quick to destroy the very lives of the average Fijian by talking up their lack of qualifications (zilch) and lying to the world how grateful the citizens of Fiji should be that the ig has wrecked everything.

We’ve seen the john prasads come in, rip off the Fiji Nation as quickly as possible with no regrets then piss of back to the country they disowned Fiji for?

Now we have another expat Peter Thompson working for the man, wow how times have changed, Thompson now has to kowtow to the oink whose father was a mere subordinate of Thompson senior.

What price illicit money and notoriety?

10 Responses to “SACRIFICES BE DAMNED”

  1. NZ moron Says:

    What is this moron from horowhenua trying to say? That Fijian families have to suffer murder, mayhem and human rights abuse so that the useless Fiji military under the leadership of a clown actually has some meaningful role for the nation? Or is he trying to get some credibility for an indo-Fijian supported coup that even Chaudry realises was one big, BIG mistake that will haunt the idiots who supported it for years to come?

  2. Jean d'Ark Says:

    The point of sacrifices is that oyu make them to get something worthwhile and better!

    But if you aren’t getting either (as Fiji is not), then there is no real point in making them. Unless you are some kind of ascetic.

  3. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    May I suggest that everyone view the tape that went to air last night @

    It is a real eye opener as to the disproportionate wealth of bananasinpyjamas compared to 50% of the population of fiji.

    The opening scenes show him under a large tent with his family having a birthday cake and Kava. The tent was obviously paid for by the taxpayers.

    Contrast this to the poverty that was shown later.

    The immoral devil priest barr showed his contempt for the poor by saying that they should speak up. This was placed just after the program showed us what happened to people who speak up.

    I have changed my opinion of Rev Whiskey, He came across as generally concerned about Fiji and its people.

    The photos of bananasinpyjamas in the dunces hat is priceless.

    It sums up his jaundiced junta so well.

    No wonder the photo has spread around the world; the good thing is that the simpleton has brought laughter to so many. Surely a court jester.

    The best part of the TV show was the bit with the chief censor at the comedy sheet, the sun. It was easy to see why their circulation has declined dramatically.

    ABC – We see the chief censor at work. He’s in his 20s – related to the interim pm – and ironically, he’s asked us to censor him.

    ABC – Why have you asked us not to show your face?

    GG – It’s not obviously something that that nobody would like to do. me I wouldn’t go around asking someone to censor the newspapers – that’s an infringement on media freedom.

    ABC – about the censors – ” Most have never worked as journalists”.

    GG – It’s not fair what we are doing with the media.

    Let’s hope that bananasinpyjamas ‘nephew’ does not mysteriously disappear like so many before him.

    BTW – has anyone seen teletubby?

  4. Baboonbuster Says:

    The Aussies and Kiwis sucking up to the dickbrain do this for one single reason. Once you have discarded any professional or ethic standard there is no easier way of making money. This guy Croz for instance. What a comfortable little job to parrot the Fiji Sun and draw a nice little topping up from the baboon?

  5. manivusi Says:

    The old Croc of SSED, USP harboured racist sentiments. He never liked Fijians nor their Pacific Island brothers. Now old, weary and unmarketable he’s looking for a job here. But he has to rub somebody’s back before he does so.

  6. RIF Says:

    Baini thinks that elections might not be held in 2014 because of Aust and NZ interference with Fijis affairs. He should just say that elections will be held when he dies.

  7. peni Says:

    Maybe we could start by asking these smart-a-s-s- prof/lecturer, to give up half of their salary to the Government of Voreqe Baini, just till after the 2014 promised General election?

  8. Annon. Says:

    Crosbie Walsh – naive fool or cunning anarchist?

  9. tora Says:

    Finally, the Kalouvu have begun to take out the trash-Nawalowalo today whose next? At least Nacirikaumoli and Nakausabaria, are both still on our side and they’re still working hard to ensure democracy is maintained! Both the Epelis are keeping very quite all of a sudden, I wonder why? One-Ganilau-has a ceke problem as he has to sling the polo over the shoulder before he can moves around and has had ED for quite sometime.

  10. veda Says:

    Well, if Bainimarama is always ready to embraced anyone that has a kind words for his illegal admin, than why not, go for the jugular every-time and get him to hang himself and commit himself more deeper into his future criminal trial?

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