The euphoria being felt in Fiji is a natural high because of the exciting historical event in court yesterday, but we need to be as cautious as ever, there’s no telling what the ig ubercreeps will do now they have drastically lost face.

Our celebrations last night was quite muted, we sat around, talked, sang and cried & kept playing ‘Its a wonderful life’  over and over . Although we awoke to more ’empties’ than we thought possible there was no hangover. We’ve called each other and the few that slept over have the same feeling, one of alertness, extreme alertness, of what we can’t describe.

The abrogation of the constitution by the sitting president  is high treason.  Its promulgation brings up another whole set of negative , alarming  issues concerning the safety of our people, our way of life and human rights.

Are our laws still in place?

If so, who is upholding them for us.

We can’t have the military or the police acting as caretakers because they are the actual illegal regime that has been confirmed in the court of law on Thursday 9.4.09, so all of them should step down from whatever position they have usurped. In fact they should be herded and locked up, for the interim so there is no dispute about who will be responsible for the next five years in taking the Nation forward.

Iloilos pat on the back for Bhainimaramas ill conceived, illegal takeover of the last 27 months, and frank admission of his admiration for the stupid man and his antics is unbelievable. Whoever writes his speeches needs to be locked up as well.

It’s time the old president was put to pasture, there’s been too much shit under his watch and to advocate that anything ole piggy Bhainimarama and the ig stands for is positive is a kick in the stomach for most us.

Well we do know one thing. ole piggy Bhainimaramas testicles are aching like hell today because he forgot to unclench his salulu  buttocks when the verdict was read out yesterday.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, can’t take that peasant anywhere.


  1. Koya na Man Says:

    We no come to kow the exact date of when the elections the ig had in the back of their minds all this while.

    I pity the former PM(the Hon. Laisenia Qarase) for his relentlesss,persistent & uncompromising effort to fight these thugs to the end.U still my champion Sir, because we the people will miss the five glorious,properous years we’ve experienced through your leadership,as we approach a a five year road of doom & gloom and economic catastophe.

    I hope we don’t become the next Zimbabwe,as our future is currently blanketted with the financial economic crisis and further to this the sad news aired on the radio this morning.

    No wonder Bhaini threatened the Forum to throw out FIji, as he was anticipating and was gearing up to this shit.

    Oh My Beloved country(The love of my life) what has become of you.But no matter what I will always love you and we will fight to the end……..

  2. OjO Says:

    With the abrogation of the 1997 constitution which laws are in place given that the now abrogated constitution was the supreme law?

    One can only assume the Westminster Law on which this and the preceding constitution was instituted, now if that is the case is Fiji working towards re-instituting the British Monarchy as Sovereign head of Fiji once again.

    Well if so then it may not be all that bad .

  3. Griffin Says:

    Guess you guys wont be celebrating after all… Remember its the SDL party who put this country in the state it is in today, blame Qarase for where we are, blame Mick Beddos and all the other lazy SOB’s that have done nothing but complain about the state of the nation but who have done NOTHNG to lead the country. The blame game is easy.. QARASE…

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Why would you assume that?
    I would say it is either the law of the jungle or the law of Cakobau.
    Go see the Planet of the Apes if you want to see what has happened to Fiji.

  5. Budhau Says:

    Nostra, “I would say it is either the law of the jungle or the law of Cakobau.” —-my arse.

    That threat don’t work no more – I have heard that one too many times.

    Calm down, regroup, get rid of your loser politicians like Qarase & company, I am sure there are many young and upcoming leaders amongst the Fijians who can work out something what will work for every one. Form a new political party.

    As for the law of the jungle and all that crap – them other dudes, they have bigger guns, you idiot.

    BTW – do you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the next constitution?

  6. Adi Kaila Says:

    Well, well, the old president who was meant to protect and respect the constitution has abrogated it and sacked the judiciary.

    Pig Bhainimaramas puppet has performed exactly as the pig and his cronies have requested.

    It’s up shit creek without a bilibili now, the military will only stack the judiciary with coup apologists

    Man it’s like Adam Elliot the Australian filmmaker has dumped his animated characters Harvie Krumpet (Pres) and Max Jerry Horowitz(vbhai) on us long suffering Fijians.

  7. Fiji in Iraq Says:

    Budhau magaiinamu,,sona levu,luveni kadia o iko,fuck face,cici levu

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    @ Fiji In Iraq, okoya sa bai cawiri tiko baleta na full moon nikua.

    Laivi koya me vosavosa tiko. Tamani dou viavia vuku tu vei matiruku.

    Mai vana mada na matanidena me galu vakadua.

  9. Islander Says:

    A sad day for Fiji indeed. The senile president finally opens his bloody mouth and it’s to pursue Bainimarama’s agenda. FB continues to control the country. Sad, sad day for Fiji.

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    The first and formost provision of any new constitution in Fiji must be: There will be no army. Either that or have a provision like the US Second Amendment which effectively says “Every Man is an Army”.
    Without that, any Constitution is meaningless.
    Not only must a democracy be ruled by individual votes, but individually owned guns must be there to ensure that what has happened in Fiji never happens again. Either ban guns for everyone (including the army) or give one to everyone so everyone has a gun vote as well as a ballot vote.

    By the way, since when is PM Qarase a “loser politician”. He won two elections, was selected to be leader of the major political party, and just won the most momentous court case in Fiji history.

    Compare that with the “wins” of Ganilau who actually had the balls to enter a democratic election and Voreqe who did not. What other Politicians are you talking about. Bune and Chaudhry were the only ones of the Coup lot who won elections, but they are both out in the cold now. I doubt Chaudhry will accept a position in this blatantly treasonous and proven loser government. I don’t think he is stupid enough to risk prison when he has recently been let off the hook.

    Will anyone accept the so-called President’s appointments? Lets see who the stupid ones are. Start with Voreqe and Freddy Caine. After that you can move to the carpetbagger stateless nomad kulina from New Zealand. Add a few Al Qaeda and mix in a few anal reamers like Gates. These should form the best and the brightest in the New Oder.

  11. Islander Says:

    At this stage, I wouldn’t be at all suprised if the senile president re-appoints FB.

  12. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    We should not be suprised by the latest actions of Bainimarama.The abrogation of the Constitution by Ilioilo is just one of and the culmination of many crimes committed against the people of Fiji by the illegal junta since this misguided coup started in 2006. It has now truly gone off the rails and they are becoming completely childish,amateurish, desperate and irrational

    My message is to all served men and women in uniform.The Court of Appeals ruling means that Bainimarama is legally now a traitor. He awaits his trial. All serving members must now refuse to take orders from traitors who want them to carry out their evil deeds. They should learn from the recent court outcomes of fellow soldiers involved in the Rabaka and Verebasaga criminal cases.

    However, let there be a warning to any member who persists in lending illegal support to the Bainimarama regime that the will of the people will prevail and that the wheels of justice is turning. Very soon the illegal regime will completely collapse.

  13. Islander Says:

    Well slap my mouth, my suspicion was true. But I’m sure everyone is not surprised by this either. God help Fiji!

  14. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    Hi Solivakasama, could you please publish this letter which the editor of the F/T is having difficulty publishing.

    Taxation Rorts
    The intended purchase of land in India using taxpayer’s money is symptomatic of the interim government’s dismissive attitude towards the concerns of the citizens of Fiji since 2006. This type of abuse brings to mind the campaign by the early American fathers against the British who controlled the taxes gleaned from the colonists.

    The phrase “No Taxation Without Representation!” was coined by Reverend Jonathan Mayhew in a sermon in Boston in 1750 . The Reverend was echoing the concerns of all Americans who believed that they were being deprived of a historic Parliamentary right in deciding how fit to utilize their taxes.Like the Fiji Constitution, the then English Bill of Rights had forbidden the imposition of taxes without the consent of Parliament.

    What can be said about this unrepresented Interim’s government’s behaviour in excluding the taxpayers of Fiji of their fundamental right to decide how and where best to use their taxes?

    Bainimarama should be reminded of the consequences surrounding the abuse of taxpayers money. The American Revolution was born out of the issue of “Tax without representation when they rejected the Stamp Act 1765 (which was repealed), and in 1773 violently rejected the remaining tax on tea imports at the Boston Tea Party. Boston politician James Otis famously stated that, “taxation without representation is tyranny.”

  15. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    Qarase’s prophetic words that the Bainimarama coup will be a circus, is turning out to be true. The public has always known this coup to be illegal and now the highest court in the land has confirmed it to be true.
    The biggest impact will be on those who have in some capacity supported the regime since 2006 with the realization that what they have done was illegal all along.

    Rt Iloilo should understand that the court cases of 2000 have set a precedence for anyone wanting to illegally abrogate the Constitution without the consent of the people. He should also be warned that Naboro waits because the will of the people will never submit to the will of tyrants.

    On a final note, could the Fiji Times advise the public if and when they cannot publish our opinions due to the interference of the junta so that we do not waste our time sending letters to the editor.

  16. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    By the way-under whose authority is the President operating? Certainly not the people’s! I thought that his authority was always drawn from the Constitution. But with the abrogation of the Constitution where does he draw his authority from?

    Does this mean that anybody can be the president or Chairman or the head of State because everything about the Constitution is out the window.

    So where is President Iloilo coming from? From the arse of a gun maybe?

  17. prasad Says:

    Maybe we can all go out to Albert Park or Sukuna Park and protest this latest insults to the citizen of Fiji?
    Maybe then we can arose Australia and New Zealand to sent over their Army to defend the Fiji Citizens human rights and thus put the Fiji banana military back to where they belong?

  18. OjO Says:

    Well the dishonourable unemployed mongrel Qarase is at it again, “First of all, let’s say that the abrogation of the constitution is illegal, the ruling the Chandrika Prasad case shows that it is. Two wrongs do not make it right. The appointment of the caretaker government is illegal,” Qarase said”

    Hey leveni magaibumu wasn’t it you who refused to respect the ruling in the Chandrika Prasad case.

    The only difference then was it was a failed coup only because the military had refused to recognise you mongrels.

  19. Budhau Says:

    Agreed Ojo!!!

    Just one point, in the Chandrika Prasad case and the that coup – that was more a law and order situation, isolated to the Parliament grounds. So when the hostages situation was resolved, the obvious choice would have been to put that elected PM and his cabinet back in power.

    After Chaudary prevailed in the Prasad case and there was some agreement that there should be an election and that chaudary should seek the mandate of the people – again at least at that time they should still have made Chaudary the caretaker PM for a month or so that lead up to that election.

    Qarase with the advice of some local lawyers tried to figure out how he could circumvent the the Prasad decision.

    This is Karma – what goes around comes around.

    By taking this case to court, the appeal and all that, knowing that there would be no political solution, Qarase has aggravated the whole thing.
    Now they have fired all the judges, and many of those same judges may not sign up again because of the abrogation of the constitution – so what now. I think most of our judges were good folks and we could have depended on them, now we don’t know who we are going to get.

    There was some chance of having an election, if not in 2009 maybe 2010 – now, it 2014 – maybe.

    Another thing that Qarase has done is that before, FB had to deal with Qarase – now, Qarase is totally out of the picture. As Naisoro had said – Qarase is finished – Kalaas.

    Maqa, you were asking – under whose authority is the president acting, you may be too yound to remember, but under whose authority was COL. SITIVENI LIGAMAMADA RABUKA, O.B.E. (Mil), acting when he signed on the Fiji Constitution revocation decree 1987. You see there were no legal hurdles back then and we got a new constitution. Same thing this time and the next.
    One thinh they did learned from the 2000 coup – do away with the judges because otherwise, someone would be asking this same question in court – just like in 2000, Chaudary went to court on that Chandrika Prasad case – you see how we learn from previous coups and improve on it. Few more coups and we will have a special PhD programme in Constitutional Law at USP.

  20. renegade Says:

    What a joke…..what an idiot what a typical thing that only FB and his hoe bum boys would do…..the more no school stupid thing you do the dumber and more you distance your selves. Everyone knows your plan is going to see Fiji as another city of India. Forget China town its going to be little India. DOnt you know all those Indian Nationals that have been floating around are on “business” tours whereby the Indian Govt will provide money for the near bank rupt illegal govt in return to the establishment of more businesses and other aspects.

    People need to wake up…All I can say is the only and I say only thing George Speight got wrong and that was not taking out the asshole FB when he had the chance…. What this idiot is doing today is so much worse that anything else. I pray that someone takes it into their own hands and rids us all of this idiot and his pathetic attitude and arrogance. Could hebe the most hated in Fiji……take the bastard out……… step up and do it………

  21. qilaqila Says:

    the caretaker is more like the undertaker…. and for 5 LOOONG years!

  22. Indigenous Says:

    A price should be put on voreqe and iloilo’s head maybe then we can get rid off this fucks….sa da vaka na gone lalai ena vei vaka sesei sa caka tu oqo.

    Vei lasutaki cava beka e tukuna tiko. Eda sa kau tu qo vaka yau yau ena vei lasukati e tu kuna tiko o koya. Corruption…cava e sega kina ni dua na kisi ni SDL e kau mai ki na veilewai sa qai oti ga oqo.

    Sa vaka raitaka sara tu ga na nodra sega ni vuli vinaka na sotia se era sa kocova na ka sa yaco tu oqo ia era na qai tarogi kina ena dua na siga.

    Na lotu cava beka e tukuna tiko o Teleni, sa laurai ga mai ena ruling sa qai oti oqo. Se ocei tale beka e kacivi koya mei mai taura nai tutu oya, yalo cava?Qaravi kalou cava beka?

    Au via taroga talega o ratou na kai vuda sa cava tu beka or tui vuda, e sana vuca tu beka ga ena government house. Me kua ga ni mai kania na yagona na kuli.

    Sa dina na vosa oya: “evil reigns when good men do nothing” se u cala beka.

    Au a rogoca en raitoi kei na TV ni ra a tukuna tu eso veira na talatala ni lotu ni o viti ena sotava na vei ka vinaka ena ka sa yaco tu oqo but remember what Lucifer tried to do in heaven and was cast down, is it the same hear in the Fiji situation?

    Na savasava na dina kei na sautu cava beka era tou yavu taka tiko kina na nodra tou vei liu taki?

  23. Iser Says:

    Vinaka valevu to all of you my fellow countrymen for pursuing a just cause. I have been reading this column for some time now and have been encouraged to know that there are people who care enough to speak out against the evil and injustice imposed on us under the guise of some honourable cause. Rabuka did it in 1987 and the people crowned him a hero and an honourable soldier fighting for the Fijian cause. Siti was lucky because he was just Mara’s dog of war. Mara had friends backing him, including the CIA types. What a grand success formula for accelerated political promotion for Siti. A very effective coup to regain political control for the Mara empire.

    Because of that, Speight emerged with his slogan and army of supporters. Despite his zeal and popularity, Speight misread the 1987 event. He did not really understand what actually happened in 1987. His backers did not provide the back up he needed. He ended up at Nukulau and an extended stay in gaol. A world of contrasts between Siti and Speght. The former was rewarded and worshipped by many, the latter condemned to life imprisonment. Just think about it as Speight, Nata and others might be thinking then. What kind of justice is that? Surely, if someone is to be blamed and deserved greater punishment, it should have been Siti. Surely, coz he set the precedent, and he was a soldier sworn to defend our nation. Well, history records it otherwise.

    Dec 5 2006 represents a watershed in our history as a relatively young nation trying to survive in an increasingly cruel world. Many assumed we had learnt our lessons from the last 20 years. Frank constantly reminded us about moving Fiji forward. Coups take countries and economies on reverse gear, never forward. This reveals the sorry, pathetic and simplistic minds of Voreqe and his tag team members. They repeat the same lies of fighting for an honourable cause. The C of Appeal has exposed that lie for all to see. They had to abrogate the constitution or else allow their necks to be chopped on the justice chopping block.

    My friends, thousands of our silent majority have suffered the drastic consequences of Dec 5 2006, an event we never wanted or needed. The latest development has only served to darken the horizon and leave us asking the questions such as: Where do we go from here? We have an enemy that challenges our rights, freedoms and beliefs and the values we cherish. The enemy has acted decisively and is taking this country to the brink. Do we continue to sit and wait and hope that somehow, someday, someone will put an end to all this evil drama? Do we continue to pray and hope that our God will hear our cries and intervene in our time of great need?

    I would welcome your comments please. I am hoping that as result of our consultations, we can agree on a course of action and follow it through to get us out of this pit. Thank you again for keeping the hope of our nation alive. Thank you for keeping a lamp burning amidst this dark days. Surely our God understands and cares. He is on our side. If He is on our side, who can be against us. Thank you for this opportunity to share. God bless Fiji.

  24. Islander Says:

    “Call him Prime Minister
    Publish date/time: 11/04/2009 [16:30]

    Call him the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

    Permanent Secretary for Information Major Neumi Leweni said Commodore Frank Bainimarama was sworn-in today by the President, and he is the Prime Minister of the country.

    He said Bainimarama is not a Caretaker or Interim Prime Minister.”

    Your arse Leweni, Bainimarama is a USURPER and you’re his little slut. How funny na vie PM na kuli oqo.

  25. Relax Man Says:

    Relax people, dont you realize that you may be the only 1-4 people complaining now??? everyone else, yes the majority agree with the abrogation of the constitution which was so flawed it even allowed same sex marriage!!! kua sara vei keda i viti qori. Please stop complaining because if you cant stand the heat get out, Fiji is not for you!!!! its a new order, a new day, a new begining not for sorry people who complain in this site all their lives, Pote sara yani, ha! ha!

  26. renegade Says:

    I just hope that once someone gets enuff balls and enuff courage and following to actually do something they do. Lets just see…. is no one really got the balls to stand up what could be worse???? get tortured get a hiding maybe killed or watch Fiji for Fiji go down in a heap of crap for our future generations etc etc. Little India– its so simply reading into what the asshole is aiming to do what an absoute disgrace he is to all his idiotic followers and anyone associated with him. As before, the time will come and it will be truly a wonderful day for all of those who have been treated as a second class citizen or all those that have had family hurt, beaten up or in fact killed by the corrupt and illegal military which was once a symbol of what we all adored.

    I just hope this bastard is treated just like GS was and in fact worse as his actions and holding Fiji ransom like he is is one of the worse forms of it…. and to the stupid senile old Josefa- ratu my ass you dont even deserve any chiefly title you are a disgrace and its time to go………I hope you go to hell you pathetic ass licking old prick…….For all the followers of this pathetic illegal group of wannabes make the most of it….your time will come when you least expect it.

  27. Budhau Says:

    What a bunch of fricken idiots – what did you expect, that the court would rule against FB and he will hand over power to Qarase, march back to the Barracks, pack up his suitcase and off to Naboro.

    Come on guys, court cases do not solve political problems, and putting a price on his head you think that would do it – So who do you want to replace FB – may vote is for Driti – and if you did take out FB, then all hell will break loose.

    Anyone with half a brain knew that if FB loses this case, first he will try to circumvent the court’s decision and if that fails, he would abrogate the constitution. What was Qarase thinking?
    What else was the court going to do – send out the bailiff or the sheriff to arrest FB because he did not follow the court’s order and charge him with contempt of court.

    Now, we don’t have the judges, no constitution no nothing. The talk about 2009 Ok, so there was not going to be an election in 2009, maybe not even in 2010 – but now, it has been moved to 2014.

    Can FB do this – abrogate the constitution,, not hold elections and all that – hell yeah – they did it before when they got rid of the 1970 constitution.
    Now, Qarase is completely out of the picture – FB does not have to deal him, and by the time the next election comes around, Qarase will be too old.

    Now it is time to find a new Fijian leader – one with not so much baggage – a young, honest Fijian leader and maybe even a new political party – you don’t need the GCC endorsement, and maybe we should be looking at some younger folks – and none of those SDL losers.

  28. Willy Says:

    Surely, every people gets the government they deserve. Fijians have theirs now and by the look of it it will stay around for a while. This time they do it right: Media on a need to know basis, judiciary by army corporals and the threat of violent military action against any opposition. UN and the rest of the international community have written Fiji off, just another little opera state where the baboons have gone apeshit.
    A look around shows that not everyone takes shit from their governments. Look at Thailand for instance. These people are not afraid of their military.

  29. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    I wonder if News Ltd could print a one page news sheet outlining the criminal activities of bananasinpyjamas and the jaundiced junta.

    This could be printed off shore and then dropped daily from aircraft flying low over the towns. Or maybe they could just be left on each street corner in the hours of darkness.

    Or maybe they could set up a radio or TV station offshore and broadcast the truth into Fiji.

    This has been done elsewhere and it would work for Fiji.

    Just think how successful the French underground movement was against the nazis in WW11.

    Maye the ANZUS governments could implement these ideas.

  30. senijiale Says:

    On Thailand demonstrations – i guess every country has a breaking point, Fijians haven’t obviously reached theirs yet.

    Hey, I think we can all safely IGNORE Bud now. He’s only here to distract, annoy and confuse. With the purported abrogation of the Constitution, enough is enough. Let’s simply recognise Bud’s role for what it is and ignore him.

    Sorry Bud – as i said earlier, you belong to the past. Bye dearie.

  31. senijiale Says:

    On Thailand demonstrations – i guess every country has a breaking point, Fijians obviously have not reached theirs yet.

    Hey, I think we can all safely IGNORE Bud now. He’s only here to distract, annoy and confuse. With the purported abrogation of the Constitution, enough is enough. Let’s simply recognise Bud’s role for what it is and ignore him.

    Sorry Bud – as i said earlier, you belong to the past. Bye dearie.

  32. Budhau Says:

    Happy Easter to you too Senijiale, I am sorry that something that I said bothered you.

    Talking about Christian things, here is my explanation as to why we are different from those Thai demonstrators.
    The Fijians have been living in peace and harmony since they adopted Christianity but….. “Peace is quite distinct from the political philosophy of Mao Tse Tung when he said that political power comes out of the barrel of the gun…” as Veitata was saying this, as part of his maiden speech in parliament, Rabuka got up and took over the Bavadra Government at gun point.

    You see, nothing has changed since.

  33. senijiale Says:

    Yeah Christianity – the opium of police officers, ask tele-tubby.

    There are only “a handful of terrorists” holding an entire country and its people to ransom. I wonder if we could ask the yankees to direct just one of their unmanned drones here to hunt out just these thugs….. wouldn’t that be nice! Run tele-tubby and tele-bunny aiyaz… hah!

  34. Global Voices Online » Fiji: President gives former PM new five-year mandate Says:

    […] Soli Vakasama. The abrogation of the constitution by the sitting president is high treason. Its promulgation […]

  35. solivakasama Says:

    Vinaka Vakalevu John Liebelt, an immense high five to your site for promoting our views.

  36. Relax Man Says:

    Relax people, get over it, Easter is over so back to work for your loving country Fiji!!! the way the world should be!!! We love our President, May he live another 20 more years!!!

  37. Voreqe Bainimarama Says:

    Everyone should just calm down and continue to do whatever they were doing….if you are in school then finish that, if you are in uni..then finish that…but if you are working, then tough luck..the state of our economy is diminishing and I wonder if we have any reserves left that would cater for our future generation..

    In other words, I don’t care about the citizens who are living under the poverty line!! Tough Luck, send your children to school so that they can get a good job ohhhh… wait a minute….They are not enough jobs out there for uneducated people (Like me). How do we get a good job??? Implement a coup!!!!

    Anyways, this won’t be bad, just hang tight and wait for 2014 then you will all be forced to elect me and my crew..

    With this, I wish you all a belated happy easter my fellow citizens and may Ratu Iloilo bless this Country…

  38. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Here’s an idea – why don’t YOU go off somewhere else and relax!

    And take Frank with you – he’s only a ace away from blowing his gasket at the best of times. So he must really need to take a load off now that he’s got himself up s..t creek without a paddle!

    As for me, I’ll throw my lot in with the lawyers, judges and magistrates!

    Ratu Mara already showed us the path of courage in 2000 when he warned Frank at that time, too – if the Constitution goes, I go!

    Well, it’s OUR time now! Time for us to follow his lead and step out of his shadow and defend our country and our Constitution ourselves!

    Excerpt below – Sam’s speech to Frodo in the Two Towers:

    Sam: By rights we shouldn’t even be here, Mr. Frodo. But we are. It’s like in the great stories – the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they are. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding on to something.

    Frodo: What are we holding on to Sam?

    Sam: That’s there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

  39. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Incidentally RM – it’s obvious that you are from FMF media/psyops cell and have been re-assigned here now to try and pre-empt the natural consequences of Frank’s illegal decision-making.

    You guys have all the military, admin and occupation advantages over us and all that. But we have something that you don’t have – we have “right” and justice on our side!

    Take a look at the following link if your connection is fast enough – you’ll be able to see why we’ll NEVER give up on this. And why you’ll ALWAYS have to keep fighting this battle as long as you guys stay in power!

  40. Budhau Says:

    Jean, this RM guy seems to have got under you skin…..learn to choose you battles. I am talking about battles in here, this forum. Not the “war”.
    As for me – I like the free for all kinda fight, like the WWF.

    “Any fool can criticize, complain, condemn,and most fools do. Picking your battles is impressive and fighting them fairly is essential.” —Dale Carnegie

    if you have time, check this out:

  41. Relax Man Says:

    Shit J’D’ Ark !! you sound more like ass now. Relax and you may live a few more years, even may reach our lovable Presidents age man!!

  42. Makos Says:

    I want to comment on Griffins & Budhau’s comment on 10.04.2009

    All I want to say drau vicai the riple effects of the magaijinana ko Bainimarama will affect me, my families,my communities,my vilage, my beloved Fiji. Qarase is a men of intergrity he will rescue the Fijians from unfair dealings.

    To Conclude can Griffin had a solid 69 with Budhau.

    Drau vicai

  43. Makos Says:

    Bubu Budhau

    Luveni Magaijinamu ko iko e cava tiko mada ko iko mo mai vaka sonalevu tiko, OK au sa qai taura rawa baleta o iko na tamata cici levu ga. Fuck Face you bastard. If I got a got a gun I will fucken blow your face off can you leak your mother and fuck your father.

    Ass hole

  44. Dau Says:

    A rather sad blowout from Makos to Budhau. The bible says that the Humble and the Righteous shall rule the earth. Don’t get too hyper you guys. Makos could do well in writing a new Fijian Swearbook of Obsenities,while Budhau watch his back in case Makos gets a gun.

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