Fiji Recorded a $250 million trade deficit in July

And look what Fiji Water does to the economy by one promoting the Fiji Brand and two, bringing in the needed FX$$$$



Yes even Obama drinks Fiji Water! and what a promotion considering Mehend the Robin Hood was trying his hard to stop export.

Okay, reading the Bureau Stats figures on imports versus exports, it looks like we have just had a normal month of imports apart from the unusual importation of 2 aeroplanes and the inflationary upward movement of mineral oil fuel and machinery.

The biggest concern is in net import (import less re-export) of $250m and domestic export of $91m.

What the “powers that be” must try and manage are what these imports are mostly used for. If its machinery and fuel used mainly by the public sector, including the military at a sizeable proportion, then these are non productive usage which must be curbed and strongly curtailed.

The writing is on the wall,  and the illegal government must come up with hard decisions on cutting imports and stimulating export. If they really have the interest of the nation in their heart then either they call for an election or get their priorities right by stimulating growth areas in the economy such as infrastructure and tourism rather than lengthy court cases, overseas junckets, military spending and all those bodyguards, and that NCBBF which is not needed right now.

Please note, investors and tourists would only come back if security is guaranteed. And how do you do that? By asking the military to return to the barracks and setting up a caretaker government to take us to election withing three months. Okay, tourist are coming by the plane loads. But guess what? Because Tour Operators and Hotels have been advertsing packages at almost break even rate to try and stimulate the market and return tourist confidence. But guess what? Bad timing, a recession has just settled in and in past cases, travellers prefer to travel locally when things are bad. So travel operators cannot sustain those cheap tour packages indefinetely and it is not bringng in the rate of $$$ we really need tro stimulate our economy. Very soon they will remove the cheap packages, then what. Well we need exports to fill the freight section of Air Pacific otherwise it will stop offering cheap passenger prices!!

We need an elected government quick smart! Why because? (as they say in Suva)

A civilian government will not beat up investors, murder civilians, and put in policies that will satisfy electors by providing jobs and putting bread on the table. Nor will they try and shut down the internet. Remember Vore said once that his government was not answerable to the people because it was not elected so he does not really care whether people eat or starve. However, if an elected government fails to provide jobs, healthcare and education……………then they will get thrown out by the electors because elected government are answerable to the people.

I was just talking to a purchasing officer at the CWM hospital the other day and she said that the kitchen does not have onions on food for patients anymore. All accounts to food suppliers are running late on payment and suppliers are not really eager to accept their LPO anymore.

Fuel price is coming down but the best FEA and government can do to solve Monasavu drying up is smack another fuel surcharge on the poor consumers.

Law and Order is out of control. There is a block of Housing flats at Edenville that i visited the other day. My sister in law tells me about a police officer who lives on the ground floor. He finishes work in the early hours of the morning then would bring his fellow officers over to come and drink grog in the public area of the flat and then they would drink alchohol till dawn making noises and abusing other tenants and cat calling the women as they walk past to go to work. If reported, their mates from CPS would just come, share a joke and leave without doing anything. Recently, the police officer suspected a neighbour for reporting these wild parties, got drunk, then kick down his door (middle aged man), dragged him out and bashed him. How about that, police officers off duty terrorising an entire housing block at Edenville and assulting people who are too scared to report these assaults.

These are actions that scare overseas investors and very soon as we have mentioned before Zimbabwe beckons. I remember watching film footage of the aftermath of the second world war where Germans turned to killing horses in Berlin for food. Very soon its mongoose nd rats on the dinner table in Fiji and we are fullspeeding ahead into making this a reality!!!


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41 Responses to “Fiji Recorded a $250 million trade deficit in July”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    New uniforms for Fiji police :-

  2. Mark Manning Says:

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji police , new uniform !

  4. Ablaze Says:

    Wow! the President Elect of the USA and his family drink Fiji Water! You couldn’t get better than that.

    Then comes Chodopuss and all is spoilt for a good reliable Fiji Product that no other advertising could be better than this.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Storm troopers :-

  6. Mark Manning Says:

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    So the President elect of the US of A drinks Fiji H2O that’s great PR for Fiji Water.

    The biggest joke however is that many citizens of this country don’t have access to running and/or CLEAN water.

  8. ispy Says:

    That’s a very concerning story about the cops atEdenville.

    Maybe next time they have one early morning drinking session, a FijiOne News Team should film it in secret.

    It would make a good investigative piece and would put Porkchop Teleni on notice as to the deteriorating morale of the Police force under his command.

    Come FijiOne, what say you?

    Remember evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Can we look forward to improved trading with a money expert now at the helm of our trade and investment bureau? You go girl. Show us yr worth!

    And isnt this the same sort of Police arrogance Tabakau’s neighbours are subject to? Hmmm.. its got to be that uniform.

    Thats right, @ispy. Those other tenants should get their act together and submit to – the web address our lady presenter flashes on the screen every evening!

    Well.. isnt it great to see how the Fiji product is flowing with popularity at that level! Cheers Michelle!

  10. cava Says:

    Yes, if the US President drinks Fiji Bottled water its absolutely a glorious advertisement for Fiji tourism industry. Fiji Ministry of Commerce and Tourism ought to jump on this band wagon and start something big like offering tour packages to US citizens etc,etc.
    ispy= you’re right anyone knows someone in the news media should ask a report(s) to take pictures of these lawlessness and police brutality and shove the picture up Ketepoka Teleni rear end!!!

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Bring back Andrew Hughes , arrest Francis and Co. and return the Legal Government .
    I’m amazed that Frank believes what he is being told about the economy etc. Is he really that easily fooled ?

  12. Tim Says:

    I’m afraid so Mark. It’s what happens when people are promoted to the level of their incompetence.

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    Don’t worry. This is the “Way Forward”. Just ask Frank or John Samy or Full Chow. Entrust yourselves to these bloated ARSEholes and their military ARSEnal. Or go complain to Aye-ARSE.

  14. Nostradamus Says:

    or GAYtes

  15. kaiveicoco Says:

    How much of all these imports were spent on bullets alone?

  16. Save the Sheep Says:

    Full Chow Eats the Cake in today’s Fiji Times.

    I dont know what planet he is living on but I do not recall it ever being considered contempt of court for commenting on judgements.

    Problem is with these Military Goofs is that they are brought up and yes sir no sir and think that the same should apply to everyone else.


    Shut up and stop embarressing yourself the Police and Military and everyone else…

  17. anon Says:

    Look at todays Fiji Times, ” Tele levu warns public.”

    Tamata mada ga e Suva Nadi tiko, can’t look straight.

    Unblievable, just unbelievable.

  18. soro Says:

    @kaiveicoco … check out Bubu’s site. The figure she has is unbelievable . $102 million on the army alone. Last thing I saw was an article in the FT which said their budget had blown out to something like $80 million from $20 million but I think that was about 4-5 months back. So that figure could be true ?

    Anyway this budget is just a farce – it will be the usual hot air and they will just carry on robbing the treasury de treasury kei Ta ! &^%$# unbeleivable.

  19. kaiveicoco Says:

    thanks Soro,
    this is exactly why i keep saying we dismantle or drastically reduce the manpower of the military.its now embedded in their mentality that they are dropped from heaven to protect Fiji from within and without.Since Rabuka’s ist coup in 1987 the military has accumulated spending well in excess of $1.5billion dollars.At then end of this month another 15,000 school leavers will leave the school system to look for work which don’t exist.Eda sa lako tu i vei ragone

  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have just read this article.

    “”””””””A TEENAGE Indian boy was thrashed, paraded through the streets with his head shaved and then thrown under a train for daring to write a love letter to a girl from a different caste.

    Fifteen-year-old Manish Kumar was kidnapped by members of the rival caste on his way to school, had his head shaved and was thrown under a train as his mother begged for mercy, police in the impoverished eastern state of Bihar said.

    One man has so far been arrested and a policeman suspended.

    The victim’s mother Lalit Devi told police she had watched “helplessly” as the wheels of the train passed over her son.””””””

    Perhaps bananasinpyjamas and chodopu$$ could explain how their military charter could eradicate racism in India.

    Unfortunately the caste system is very deeply entrenched in India; and in Fiji with chodopu$$.

  21. Truth Says:

    very well said EFT.

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    What better way to appease the pig’s thugs and henchment then to reward them continuously for their support in facilitating this coup. The pig now has now all the public money is at his disposal being i/Finance Minister. They had it all figured out right in the beginning. There was no need to look for a financial backer for the coup since the financial rewards would be there for the taking once they took over government. So whilst in government the thieves will try and cover up their tracks and hide everything untowards they are doing. This however will surface once they are out of the way (pray that it be sooner than later) and proper governace takes place and proper audit is carried out.

    I am wondering what is their justification for purchasing more arms and ammunitions. Is there a civil war going on or some impending attacks by foreign troops or are they pleasing some countries to get assistance. Just goes to show the army is too expensive to sustain and if not contained or curtailed now would be a big hole in the government treasury and is a useless burden to the country since they have no practical use but to conduct coups and provide sensual pleasure to some homos in high offices.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Peace Pipe – you should have questioned the need for the M-16s in the 80s – what was the need for those M-16s, did we expect a neighbour to invade Fiji. Those guns were to be used against our own people – and they said they need them to train for the peace keeping forces. But then again, that miliatry was on our side.
    Nothing has changed, just that the guns are now pointing at us so we want to reduce the size of the military.

    You see guys – all this crap that we are in – the well equipped military, a judiciary that is biased, government officials ripping off the treasury and all that – all this just did not happen overnight on December 5th – we let it happen, just stood by because we never thought that this would happen to us.

    This IG will be gone – sooner or later, but do you think we will learn a lesson from all this. I don’t think so.

  24. Ablaze Says:

    Budhahaha the way in which you carry on one would think you were defending a country say like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc. Fiji is a third world country or becoming one because of the coup culture. It is a country where there is a vast difference between the haves and the have nots.

    All we want is to have elections so the aid money and the tourist will flow back in and some of the have nots will find life a little bit easier.

  25. 666coups Says:

    Just passing by to say bula all and thank you SV and team. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.
    The moment of freedom and salvation is close at hand.
    Keep on fighting and never loose heart.

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    the dalit keeps on taking us back to the 1980s to defend the coup today. the wanker should remember that we cannot change history but learn from it………………..that is sell the m16s or shove it up his rear because we should have learnt after 20 years that military coupd don’t bring us anything and tell him didn’t his tarty mother taught him any manners in between entertaining strangers while dady is at work?

    manners as in: do not freely express his dalit toilet opinion when we did not ask him to

  27. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka Dauvavana! It is about time we stop wasting our time with this Budhahaha.

    He is here to go against everything we stand for!

    What the fuck do you want Budhahaha – you have already legalised coups and therefore won’t accept any explanation from those that used the guns to coup and legalise it so PISS OFF!

  28. Isalei Says:

    Budadah sounds just like his vindicative mother that shitsa shamimi!!! Getting more and more arrogant and bold like his uncle brother aiARZE.

  29. Budhau Says:

    Duana – that line “learn from history” – that was a good. The only thing is that we have learned nothing – thats what my point is. After this is all said and done we will go back and put in a Chief Justice who is biased – the only thing would be is that he would be biased towards us. We will still like to have a good, well equipped military, only this time we want the Commander to be on our side. As for the democracy, we are all for that as long as one of those guys – say an Indian or some Fijian who is a puppet of the Indians does not get elected – and if they somehow do get elected, than it should be OK in the interest of the people (indigenous rights) to do a coup – that would be a just coup. Or maybe we can then support the cause but not the means.

    So go ahead, tell me what has history taught us – nothing has changed.

    Ablaze – the vast difference between the haves and the have nots – this wasn’t caused by this coup – though I would agree that the coup did not help any. The underlying problem is that Fijian administrations since independence have only helped the small Fijian elite and some selected Ratus. As for that aid money – there you go with that mentality – that someone else will help us. And those tourists, that made made a warrior race in bell boys and bus boys.
    BTW – did you read that Labasa chiefly family making out with $6 million, and guess what – a traditional apology and everything will be alright. Guess how many of your “have nots” could have gone to college for that $6 million.

    Duana – you have learned nothing in the last 20 years – the problem here is not that we have had a coup so we are fighting for democracy. The problem is that some of you haven’t realized that democracy is really good for the country. You would not think twice before pulling another coup – say against Chaudary if happens to win the next free and fair election – what will happen to the tourists and the foreign aid then.

    BTW Duana – I do not need your permission to express an opinion about my country.

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Budhahaha you are a coconut head, the aid money is a start to help those that need it the most.

    The mentality I have is not to rely on it and that it is the icing on the cake. Unfortunately this does not apply to those that are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

    The Regime are a bunch of cheeky wankers that only know how to wank because it doesn’t matter what they do the pay cheque arrives on their door step while they are wankering away!

    Why don’t you bunch of wankers try feeding and handing out cash donation to the poor people.

    It will sure gauge the amount of poor people that need help.

    Everything in Fiji is in a mess and if I put myself in their shoes I will be cueing up for food and money just to survive.

    Stop wasting our time trying to explain stuff to us and try what I have suggested. “No you won’t because it may cost your crappy Regime money and less for them.”

  31. soro Says:

    Theres a saying the bush curry lawyer should take heed of : … the longer one takes to introduce oneself, the less of a person they actually are ….

    Sa rauta na blah blah blah ….. loves the sound of his own voice.

    Back to the topic …. I note all these supposedly great initiatives that the bloated dictator was rambling on about this morning ….. absolutely hilarious watching him mouth all those big words that he couldnt even pronounce let alone understand … vutulaki …..

    Sounds like he, himself and he alone just re-invented the wheel …. LOL.

    Any way my point is .. that it all comes to NOUGHT ….. when no one can guarantee the Rule of Law and the Respect for the law and one’s basic human rights in Fiji, and until the day INVESTORS can trust the law, not fear for their security and have infrastructure that is safe and sound , Fiji IS STILL A NO GO FOR INVESTORS …. and what does that mean for the rest of us ?

    Same old military regime bullshit , less tourists, no confidence, no jobs for school leavers, higher crime, economy going south and a growing anger amongst the people.

  32. Isalei Says:

    The biggest problem faced by Fijians in their god-given land is that they have not been given the benefit of running their lives on their own terms, without always having to be compared to other ancient races that arrived uninvited (by them) or forced their way into this land coz they were not satisfied with their lives in their own lands. Fijian leaders do not have to apologise for their failures or weaknesses, just as leaders in PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon islands etc are facing.

    The problem is when people like Boida keep ramming down our throats that there were problems in the past. Don’t beat yourselves up Fijians, just take it at your own pace like the other Pacific nations around you, why fasttrack yourselves running with the wolves like Boida? Take your time, whether we get there does not matter, it is how we cope with the current that matters, we can not held responsible for the so-called “mistakes” (whatever criteria they use to judge these mistakes) of our past leaders, they did their best according to resources and choices available to them, if we say they messed up then we are being unfair on them as we are now using today’s criteria to judge them.

    “Make haste slowly” as Ratu Sukuna had warned. “Go peacefully amid the noise and haste” are the lyrics of that famous song.

    Don’t beat yourselves, don’t apologise, don’t blame but use wisely the resources at your disposal to cope with today’s challenges. And finally, do not allow outsiders like Boida to tell you that you have a problem. You will get there, give it time. Sa cava so na mai cicivaki keda tiko kina?

  33. Jone Says:

    Very well put @Isalei

  34. Budhau Says:

    Yes Isalei – to hell with this democracy crap. What we need is to get back into power and then get rid of the evil foreign race that has forced itself upon us.
    Once that is done, all our problems will be solved. There won’t be any intra-Fijians conflict. We will have good roads to all our villages, electricity in the rural areas, good education and medical facilities, low infant mortality and all that – only if we can get rid of the Indians.
    We should not use todays criteria to judge Qarase – he was there a few years ago. And why should we use today criteria to judge Rabuka – that is ancient history.
    And if some did rip off the Fijians than what we need is an honest apology and everything would be OK.

    We don’t need no democracy – what we need is a benevolent dictatorship of some Ratus and the Fijian elite.
    Who is Boida to tell us we have a problem – we don’t have a problem, never did, never will – if it wasn’t for Chodo and the evil ones we won’t be in this shit.
    Right guys – now please join me in singing kumbaya.

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    for once i agree with the evild dalit when he wrote “if it wasn’t for Chodo and the evil ones we won’t be in this shit”

    in his usual contradictory hypocritical self he has hit the shit, I mean nail on the head!!

  36. Isalei Says:

    No Boida, you got it all wrong, we know we won’t be able to solve all our problems. YOu only have to look at your Mama India to see how the biggest democracy (in number millions) in the world has hardly benefited from its 61 years of independence- what with the insurmountable and chaotic problems it has to deal with – stark poverty, slums, the dirtest place on earth, racism and fundamentalism in worst forms imaginable etc. So give Fijians the credit to work it out for themselves without being told condescedingly by your kind that it won’t work out, that we have never worked together before, that we will fight soon as the evil shits are out.. yeah right, you wish???

    Fijians don’t need to blame they just want to garner the best they have so these can make it work for all the rest. Of course you don’t want that, your worst nightmare would be when Fijians hold hands together to map out a new dawn for themselves, it will be the undoing of the likes of you.

    Stop underestimating the power of Fijians to work out the best for themselves. Just piss off, and stop trying to divert our attention from our focus.

  37. Budhau Says:

    This is the classic – play the Fijians against the bogeyman (the Indian) when in fact the fight has always been a Fijian versus Fijian.

    The 87 coup, the Mara crowd sent in Rambo to take over – Rabuka even named names and you idiots believed that it was for the “indigenous cause”.
    Go check out all the loans written off during the Mara reign – they default on loans, write them off and go get some more. Remember the FLP was going to dig up some shit on them – on FDB and NBF and we had a coup. (For indigenous cause – my arse)

    Then there was the Speight coup (indigenous cause again) – with the Kubuna crowd trying to get a ride on the gravy train, it was their turn now. Loud mouth Litia and Adi Shamoo running around the parliament ground.
    This last coup, it is back to the Mara crowd – Ganilau, Nailaitkau and the Mara boy.
    The bogeyman ain’t the problem – all these coups have caused a lot of instability in the itaukei community that is now sitting on a powder keg – and it will not take long before we descend into tribalism- just as you mentioned – PNG, the Solomons etc.

    So keep playing this game of Fijians against the bogeyman and when you get rid of the Indians then you start playing Fijian against Fijians because the Indian scapegoat won’t work.

    They have also brought in the Church to play politics, first they brought in the Methodists and guess what the boys on the other side brought in the Catholics.

    Here are some questions that some of you dumbass idiots should be asking.
    What happened to the NLTB after the coups – after Rabuka brought in his relative Qarikau and then our boy Qarase brought in his good buddy Bakani – and finally we had Ballu Khan to the rescue. The NLTB was doing just fine before this “indigenous coup” crap started.
    Wanna blame the Indians for not paying the rent.
    What happened at FHL – remember the Class A share and the $20 million write off – how did the Fijians benefited from that.

    Where exactly does the tikina and yasana money.

    BTW – read the story last week about the Labasa folks and the $6 million heist – and the Marama came in with a traditional apology.

    You know who was gonna make the money off of the mahogany deals or if they had passed the QoliQoli, do you know who was all set to cash in with companies set up.

    The Fijian leadership has always been about money and power (politics) – including the GCC.
    Some of you buggers need to tell this to the rest of the crowd – that it ain’t the bogeyman who is robbing them blind – where was your checks and balances to protect your own people for the last 38 years.
    When someone from outside raises these perfectly valid issues – you go on some racist personal attacks. When a Fijians starts asking questions, you buggers shut him up questioning his upbringing or that they should recognizes their place in society before asking such questions.

    You see what will happen when the bogey man is gone – one group of scamming politicians and Ratus with the elite will be making money, the other similar group will be on the outside figuring out how to get in – and of course the military will be involved in politics/power – and who will suffer – those who have been suffering for years – the common Fijians.

    The other day someone was complaining that we have become a real third world country – welcome to the third world and factor in tribalism – we will definitely be making it on CNN.

  38. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    whilst you maybe true that it is a Fijian against Fijian coup, that is an understatement. That is only what the eye can see.

    It is Indians and others who pull strings in the back to accomplish their own agendas, whilst ensuring the Maras. Nailatikaus and Ganilaus get what they want. Actually peanuts in relation to what theuy get.

    For instance, Vore talks about talking to a lawyer from Australia closely linked to Richard Evanson of Turtle Islands Resort who influenced him to oppose the Qoliqoli Bill. This same Evanson financed Qarase and then turned against him when he supported the Qoliqoli Bill and supported Ganilau instead.

    Whilst I partially agree with you it is a Fijian against Fijian coup, they are only the ‘soata’ because the biggest benefactors who continue to rake in millions despite the coup the coup are non Fijians and mostly Indian, so who should we be more fearful of?

    The no money Fijians like the Maras, Nailatikaus and Ganilaus or the Punjas, Ah Koys, etc?

    In this coup, it is the likes of Shameem, Aiyaz, Pramesh Chand, John Samy & Francis Narayan who are the greatest threat to Fiji’s national security and not the Maras, Nailatikaus and Ganilaus who are already eating from the crumbs of their tables.

    It is these people who will ensure Native Lands are freed up, the death of the Qoliqoli Bill, etc which belong exclusively to the Fijian race.

    It is these same people who will ensure Fijians never make it big in businesses, so we remain subdued to the Indians.

    Get my drift?

  39. Dauvavana Says:

    Here’s the list for my toilet dalit to chew and ponder on:

    John Samy
    Pramesh Chand
    Shaista Shameem
    Mahendra Chaudary
    Rajendra Chaudary
    Judge Shameem
    Judge Gates
    Judge John Byrnes
    Shamsu Dean Sahu Khan
    Pundit Kamlesh Arya
    Aiyarse Saiyed Khayum
    Anand Kumar
    Felix Anthony
    Jim Ah Koy

    and the shadowy figures who bet both ways such as them gujerati businessmen

  40. Budhau Says:

    JW – that Evanson story – I read that Time magazine article long time ago. Those guys supported Qarase by financing his campaign because Qarase had promised them that the scope of the QoliQoli bill would be limited and Qarase decided not keep his promise. Since they were pissed of at Qarase, they financed Ganilau and when Ganilau lost the election they ended up with FB. BTW – how come no one has blamed them for being behind that coup – its always those Indians.
    You are wrong when you say that Indians rake in millions – it is true that if we go back to the good old Alliance days, there was a small group of Indian businessmen who backed Mara and cashed in on those loans. Chaudary is not in with that crowd, however, I am sure they have been entertaining FB and Ganilau and the like. The Indians in the alliance were business people, the ones that you name now are mostly technocrats. While they may be paid well, this is nowhere close to the millions that the Ratus have ripped off over the years.

    You mentioned Punja’s business – they made it big the 80’s – and who was in charge back then – remember Naisoro, the Permanent Secretary of Finance. No one is suggesting that these companies did anything illegal. The Fijian government created the market condition to make it possible for such companies to grow – and of course, there was Qarase, the boss man at FDB. Could the Fijian administration have done something for the Fijians – sure, but they didn’t – what about those concessions, subsidies and low interest loans – why did we see failed Fijian business one after another – because the Government did not make sure that these businesses would succeed.
    As these Indian businesses grew – what did Qarase do for the Fijian business – there was EIMCOL at one end of that spectrum that failed and the FHL on the other hand that made money for the Ratus and the elite whohad inside information and got the Class A shares.
    So now do you see who benefitted from all this – definitely not the common Fijians. It wasn’t the Indians making sure that Fijians do not succeed, it was they Fijian administration that could have helped but didn’t. It is not John Sami, the threat to the Fijians comes form within.

    Therefore, the fight is between the – Fijians whoever control the government gets to ride the gravy train – those small group of Indian business, they will work with either side. You think those Indian business care about the QoliQoli bill, or the Charter and all that crap. All they seem to want is joint ventures to cash in on the Qoliqoli boom when the bill passes.

    It is the Fijians who will fight each other for power, and with the increasing Fijian population we will see more and more tribalism – as the Indian population declines.

  41. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Except that you keep forgetting Budhau that there are virtually NO Fijians who support the 2006 coup! So you can’t realistically call it a Fijian vs Fijian dispute.

    The few who appear to support the coup are mostly just opportunists who are looking for unmerited promotion. And not one coup supporter, even if they do really believe in the coup, can come up with one sensible reason why!

    The pro-indigenous rhetoric spouted by Frank in the 2009 budget presentation proves that his miniscule group is more interested in buying off Fijian support than they in any coup propaganda like the Charter or the Clean Up.

    Any fool who falls for that kind of rubbish will get what they deserve. And they certainly won’t be able to make any credible predictions about what they might get in future from a Government that doesn’t believe in anything, and is capable of diametrically changing its mind and philosophy any time it detects some political benefit in it!

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