Tai Ci Master Oink  left with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao right doing the famous kerekere shake, a classic martial law manoeuvre to extract as much money as possible to line empty suluvakataga empty pockets from cashed up nations,
Alas, Chinas gift is not money but slow motion meditation.
No wonder Oinks smile is so poterific, POTE!
Read on …………………………..

SUVA — China is sending a martial arts expert to Fiji to teach cabinet ministers in the Pacific island nation’s military regime the slow-motion techniques of tai chi, officials in Suva said Monday.

In a sign of growing ties between Beijing and Suva, Education Minister Filipe Bole said China agreed to send the tai chi master when Sports Minister Liu Peng visited Fiji earlier this year.

Bole said the expert, due to arrive on Monday, would spend three months teaching tai chi to cabinet ministers, public servants, police, military and the general public.

He said tai chi was used for defence training and had health benefits.

“It has often been referred to as ‘moving meditation’. Practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently, and with awareness, while breathing deeply,” Bole said in a statement.

The move is one of the more unusual results of Fiji’s push to increase ties with China in the face of condemnation from traditional allies Australia and New Zealand over military leader Voreqe Bainimarama’s regime.

Since Bainimarama seized power in a 2006 coup, Australia and New Zealand have successfully pushed for Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth of mainly former British colonies and the 16-nation Pacific Islands Forum.

Bainimarama has responded by looking elsewhere for allies, saying last month that China was the one country that understands the reforms he is trying to implement ahead of elections he says will be held in 2014.

Fiji also said earlier this month that it will open diplomatic missions in Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil as it continues to shift its diplomatic focus.


  1. veda Says:

    Hey Bai just because you can dashed faster than a speeding bullet doesn’t give you the right to call yourself the Ti Chi master!

  2. tora Says:

    Cassava Patch Frank has no friends, so he’d take without question,anything food crumbs that felled over the Chinese
    or Indian lunch tables. Hey a little crumbs is better than nothing
    at all? That’s the way this blockhead is thinking, as long as he doesn’t
    have to spend the rest of his miserable life in Naboro, without Mere.He’d
    do anything to get the Chinese and Indians on his side?

  3. Cigar Says:

    Tai Chi or Tai Ci…all of you will end up in Naboro!

  4. nayacakalou Says:

    They are basically here to teach us Tai Chi,its a stress releaver for the stressed Fiji people.The IG,have noticed that,but could not afford the medicine,so,every lunch hour,ther will be Tai Chi,because there will be nothing to eat anyway.We will be singing the old song again…..Ching Tauwalili.

  5. peni Says:

    Bai is trying very hard to looks like an island? He’s a Prime Minister,a Minister of Finance, a minister of Fijian Affairs, a Minister of sugar,A minister of Everything and now a minister of martial Art. Wow,the man has many hats.

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