FIJI buffoon Frank Bainimarama has ramped up his war of words with Australia, saying he will ditch ties with Canberra and instead turn to China for support.

Commodore Bainimarama – who last month expelled Australia’s top envoy from the Pacific Island nation – said only China could help Fiji.

In what appears to be an effort to further pressure regional neighbours to back his regime, Commodore Bainimarama also lashed out at the 16-country Pacific Island Forum over its continued suspension of Fiji.

”I think we need to forget about the [Pacific] forum, about Australia and New Zealand. Let’s maintain the trade but forget about the politics,” he said.

Fiji has become a big test of Australia’s diplomatic influence in the Pacific. The forum eventually suspended Fiji after Commodore Bainimarama refused to hold fresh elections after the 2006 coup in which he seized power.

But he held a rival regional meeting in Suva last month and gained a surprising show of support, further straining ties.

On a visit to the World Expo in Shanghai, he praised China’s vision and ability to help Fiji develop.

”We need infrastructure, we need water, we need electricity. Australia and New Zealand and America, none of those nations are going to provide that.”We know that now because of their policies towards us, so let’s forget about these nations,” he said on the Fijivillage News website.

South Pacific specialist Jenny Hayward-Jones said the comments marked a new level in the row with Australia and attempts to isolate the Fijian regime.

”Other Pacific countries want to talk to Fiji, and Australia and New Zealand are the only ones maintaining this ‘don’t talk’ policy,” she said.

But she said Commodore Bainimarama had overestimated China’s interest in Fiji and willingness to prop up his regime.

Cutting ties with Australia would also impact on Fiji’s economy, Ms Hayward-Jones said.

With AFP

Aw man, the oink hasn’t learnt an iota of policy or diplomacy in his 3.5 years as self imposed pm, his irrelevancy is outstanding indeed.

He can’t expect other countries to keep funding Fiji when Fiji was more than capable of funding it’s own costs for infrastructure, clean water (that we have in abundance) and electricity before his infamous grab at power that he cannot sustain.

Here it  is biting the very hands that feed him, bokola. It’s no wonder he’s the laughing stock of the world.

The oink should just go masi his old volo under a mango tree, it’s more his style.


  1. peni Says:

    OUR special envoy has been able to extract information’s from the Fiji Police force- dissension Unit. Apparently, the Fiji Military special intelligent unit has been giving special power by the IG to conduct surveillance against IG dissidents in Fiji and those living abroad. Local dissidents have been dealt with by brute force by members of the Special Unit. Overseas dissidents are been infiltrated by the IG Ministry of Information Agents,recruited from the red-light districts of Sydney (Aussie) and Auckland(NZ),compliment of the Ministry permanent Secretary-Ms-Sharon Smith Johns-who smartly gave them their covers as: Students,Business consultants,etc,etc. These bunch of bimbos have been unleashed abroad, especially to north America,NZ,Aus,Eng in an attempt by the IG to keep an upper hands on anyone that is directly in opposition to their rule.What a waste of Tax payers dollars?

  2. hari Says:


  3. fijicoupmythbasher Says:

    Two criminal acts occur when lifitng one’s sulu too high- Indecent exposure or flashing. The wannabe dictator has no clothes, as naked as day, as stupid as an assss. His limited education limits his analytical abilites hence does not bother about the likely long term consequences of his actions.

  4. tora Says:

    I don’t think that Cassava patch Frank has any real intention of giving up his power-he knows that if he does than there is a great chance of him ending up in Naboro? He is sitting in a position of power and has manipulated a lots of powerful Fijian Chiefs, to take parts, in his personal vendetta. The man is scared to death; and would sacrificed the lives of Fijian Military personnel, if it comes down to facing a military campaign, from Australia or New Zealand? I’m sure that he would be the first person to run when the bullets starts to fly. That’s the reason why, he’s got his criminal brother in law, to remain commander of the Fiji Naval brigades.

  5. tora Says:

    We’ll speaking of scared? The illegal self appointed PM has major mistrust of those that he works with especially of similar ranks.He’s scared of Ketepoka and thats why he retire the poor bugger and he doesn’t want him back into the Navy cause he might take command as ketepoka out-ranks his criminal brother in law and may hatch up a coup against Bai? So the Ketepoka is out and on his own-no more trying to pull a coup,or making money as a gospel singer on the street of Fiji.

  6. sami Says:

    Peni, I think you’re quite right and those of you overseas should be very careful, of anyone coming in with their bull and coco-saka story; and be on your guard, if you hear a Goldilocks or little red riding hood, come up and started asking strange questions?
    Just remember, that the same things, had happen in the past, to people of countries, who left their homeland due to military coups.
    The Hiring of Private investigators, from former friendly countries, to track down dissidents, is an old tricks in the book.Fiji Police Criminal Investigation Department, uses lots of covert resources, especially in and from New Zealand and Australia and vice versa. Now that covert resources, are available to the Military Government and they can use it as they please!

  7. sami Says:

    Any guess what the “KETEPOKA” is up too? He did say that he’s going to try his hands on something new? How about become a gospel singer in and around the south-pacific region? Then again, since he was one of the senior military officers, in the Bainimarama coup, he can forget being allowed a visa, to sing anywhere except in his own Koro, even then,due to his role in the coup, they’ll probably kicked his a-s-s to the edge of the Koro, as unacceptable member of the community? He could try as a bag boy, for his Brother-Atu-and his criminally insane wife(s) we don’t really know how many wives -Atu- has? KETEPOKA i think, would looks really good as a bag boy, for brother Atu and his insane wife.

  8. Annon. Says:

    Lets not be hasty here?
    He know anything about banking? Sugar?

  9. tora Says:

    Another major screw-up by the minister of finance-how the fu–k can you lose one million dollar? Why advertise it when you might have a good chance to cautch the thief or thieves if you keep it under wrap? Wow, who planned this shipment? Sa-tuna-da or his co-conspirator John -back door-parasad? Why was the money shipped by boat instead of Plane?Does the illegal Minister of Finance knows how long it took for a boat to sail from England to Fiji? Why would the Government have their money printe in England instead of a close country such as Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Malaysia,Canada or the USA?

  10. tora Says:

    They seek him here,they seek him there, even inspector Sokomuri, seek him every where! Is he in heaven or is he in hell, that damned cunning MINISTER OF FINANCE?????????????

  11. veda Says:

    Something strange is going on with the missing one million dollar.The question is,who made the arrangement for the money to be shipped by Boat? Why couldn’t it be shipped by airline? You would think that the best and safest way to bring it home is via the fastest route? Who knows about this cash was coming in via an unsecured route? I don’t know people, is it all planned for it to get lost? Think again,what one million dollar compared to the 13 million dollars, they’ve already lost in their ledgers, as per the public accounting committee reported last month?This missing bucks is giving me all the goose bumps and lots of doubts!

  12. veda Says:

    Can you believe it, first the FPF puts out a press release about the stolen million and they were sure it happen at the Kings wharf when the money
    container was awaiting transfer? Then their second press release says that the money were in $20.00 bills-No hundred? No fifty? No twenty five?,
    No ten?, No five? No thousand? A million dollars in $20 dollars note is definitely a lots of money and could probably filled up a 64ft trailer. Well today there was another press released that the money was stolen off shores? Somewhere else other than Fiji?Can you believe it?The Fiji Police Force don’t know whether to tell the truth or keep on misleading the Fiji public. I’m pretty sure if they really want to know the truth-grab the Sa tuna da Reddy and backdoor john prasad lock them in a cell room with Ketepoka Teleni and don’t feed Ketepoka for a week? I’m sure after a week they’ll be glad to spilled the bean?

  13. veda Says:

    Seems to me that cassava patch frank is getting lazy what with all the money-one million dollar- gone missing and 13 million dollars unaccounted for in the Government ledgers etc,. the man seems to be getting fatter every day? Can he outrun a bullet with his present condition? I think not! Maybe its time to test re-test his tavioka patch dash? But the man seems to be getting a little smarter especially in picking someone less smarter to be his mouth piece,like pio whatever his name.What a blockhead!

  14. veda Says:

    Ok so he heard me and decided to do something about it? Well, too bad Bai, it will take a good 3 to 4 years, for you to get back to shape and in the mean time you’d have to assumed the name KETEPOKA.The tai chi or whatever you’re trying to learn from your chinese donor ain’t gonna change things over-night. Yeah, gonna have to work at it for sometime in order to get results.

  15. veda Says:

    Bai whatever you’re trying to do ain’t gonna change anything? Your tittle-Tavioka patch Frank-is definately not doing anything for anyone right now, since you’ve acquire some of the characteristic of your old buddy Teleni-Ketepoka- look at yourself in the mirror-too much vakalolo,qalu dalo vavi and puaka? Well just remember, we may have to recreate the Tapioka patch mad-dash, just to see if you’re still can outrun them bullets?

  16. peni Says:

    The man is reckless for reasons known only to himself, he understand the tight corner that he had created, he understood that someone will come along one of this day and blow away his brain? He is trying his best to forget all about it and if it comes then let it be…but in the meantime he is going to do his best to ensure that his safety is not compromised.He will take out any one he suspected.

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