Australia’s relationship with Fiji ‘at its worst’

Major-General Rabuka says relations between Fiji and Australia have never been so low. (AFP: Reuters)
Former Fijian prime minister Major-General Sitiveni Rabuka has criticised Australia’s ongoing travel bans on Fiji’s military.
The visa restrictions were imposed after the 2006 coup led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama.
Last month, two key Fijian rugby players were banned from entering Australia to play the Wallabies in Canberra.
Major-General Rabuka, a former rugby player himself, has told Sunday Profile the bans are making Fijians feel as if they are under siege.
“We see it as a sanction against the people of Fiji and the Fiji national team and it’s pushing us into a consolidated position against Australia or against those are bringing up these kind of sanctions against us,” he said.
Major-General Rabuka says relations with Australia have never been so low.
Two top Australian diplomats have been expelled from Fiji in the last eight months.
Australia’s Acting High Commissioner Sarah Roberts left earlier this week after being accused of a campaign to discredit Fiji’s interim government.
Last November, the high commissioner and his New Zealand counterpart were removed over alleged interference in Fiji’s judiciary.
Major-General Rabuka says there were tough times between the two countries when he led two military coups in 1987, but relations have never been this bad.
“In 1987 after I took over from the elected government of Dr Bavada we also had some very difficult times,” he said.
“We weren’t seeing eye to eye but we didn’t resort to expulsion apart from the Indian high commissioner who was asked to leave.”


Rabuka cavuka does not specify that it is only the people directly involved with the 5.12.06 coup, that is, the wannabee leaders & their families + the soldiers and their immediate families who are banned.

It’s simple, no participation in the coup allows one to travel anywhere in the world.



  1. rokobatidua Says:

    Hey bimbo you made your bed then lay in it!!! If you think that you’ve got the Fijian supports, why not call a snap democratic election ASAP?

  2. Jemesa Says:

    Hurray thank you very much Australia. Keep up the pressure on Fiji. We will appreciate if Australia can further tighten the bann on people close to the illegal regime. Please ban your citizens travelling to Fiji.

    My fellow villagers are only too happy to suffer now from consequences of complete bans on Fiji for long term good….which is free general election now.

  3. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Australia and NZ should do more than travel bans. It is high time they isolate Fiji by Trade Embargo really this is a joke that is no longer funny the two counties are weak in their dealings with the pacific region’s wayward child – fiji

    Let them run to China for more 50K dollar loans for every little seminar and every little fence and every little nail and hammer and see how long China will accommodate

    Isolate the buggar and be done with it

  4. hari Says:

    Kata, i agree with you 100% I mean what is Rabuka trying to do, kiss up to Bai’s ass? Bai is totally trapped and he can’t find a way out unless India or China can give him a political refugee status in their country?

  5. Peni Says:

    I’m sure Bai’s not the only one trapped but the whole bunch of them that hatched up this misdeed which includes the Two Evelis,and the Maras.They’re all in the same boat if Bai goes to jail then everyone will follow his footsteps.My question is what happen if Bai sought political asylum in India or China and is accepted by either nations? Does it means that he may decide to go there on his own without the heavy baggage’s ob his back? What then? Can we stoned the rest of the blockheads?

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