The brutish illegal regime is very quick to jump up and down like the the ignorant, incompetents they are as soon as facts are revealed about their inappropriate behaviours.

Not so tough huh?

The harrassment and assault of innocent citizens going about their business, sacking and jailing of workers in the ordinary conduct of their duties are frightening examples of the breakdown of the constitutionally guaranteed rule of law.

Depriving anyone of their human right to voice an opinion, read the TRUTH in a newspaper of their choice, retain employment without being discharged for no reason, just for being an individual without being bashed to death is what the illegal regime has imposed on the citizens of Fiji since 5.12.2006.

You don’t believe it?

The statistics speak for themselves.

It is not a joke, nor is it made up.

Read back on this blogsite and on other pro democracy sites, then speak to the relatives of those who have been harmed or killed by the military thugs, or better still visit the cemeteries where the murdered are buried.

What further proof does one need.

The International media have not lied about the atrocities that have been committed since the ignominious illegal regime imposed its irrelevant will on the citizens of Fiji and its beautiful land, wrecking it to its very core.



  1. Rob Says:

    Frank has yet to understand that he can only rule those within the reach of his guns. No decree will ever convince anyone outside Fiji to be his friend.

  2. Veto Says:

    The only way to put an end quickly to this situation is to introduce a military veto in the new constitution and have elections quickly.

    Otherwise, in 2014, when the next nationalist government will be elected, Frank will have to overthrow the government again. The Commander thinks that delaying the elections of 4 years will be enough to change people’s mind. Impossible. The economy will get bad, the people frustrated and even those who welcome him during his visits around the country quickly change their minds once the Big Man is gone…

    All bills voted in the futur parliament should have the possibility to be cancelled by the military. We certainly don’t want the military to be able to take any political action (like closing a newspaper, etc…) but giving them a veto would be the best compromise possible.

    Therefore, Fiji would become a democratic republic “moderated” by a military monarchy. That’s the only realistic compromise I think.

    In the futur, I would rather prefer to read in the news that the Commander opposed his veto against the Reconciliation bill or the Qoliqoli bill instead of the Commander overthrew the government.

    So please Frank do the following :

    1) Write the new constitution and give yourself a veto.
    2) Hold elections.
    3) Nightmare finished.

  3. Annon. Says:

    @ Rob – fill in the dots?

    Frank summoned to Daejeon for urgent talks – Kubuabola issuing gushing 4th July testimonies – Vaniqi rushing off to London to save sugar contract?

    As yet publicly un noticed spectre (but regime has) of very large predatory bird circling above?

    Somebody about to receive tough induction into real politic.

  4. Annon. Says:

    MSG cancelation merely the beginning – wonder if Frank will reveal what really happened in Daejeon? Somebody about to commence tough initiation into real politek.

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Breaking news

    From ABC

    Fiji expels Australian diplomat
    Posted 5 minutes ago

    Australia’s Acting High Commissioner to Fiji, Sarah Roberts, is being expelled from the country.

    Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has been told the decision relates to comments he made about Fiji chairing the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

    Ms Roberts will be leaving the country tomorrow.

  6. JACK Says:

    Another one bites the dust, Roberts soon to be ex Fiji tourist.

  7. Annon. Says:

    Given overtop reaction at rebuff by MSG – wonder what he’ll do when the ‘really bad news’ arrives?

  8. Puf Military Says:

    Fiji’s debt position is very alarming and fiscal controls are non-existent. Case in point the recent miniBudget and upward revision of the deficit from 3.5% in Nov last year to 4.9% during the miniBudget announcement earlier this month. This was rationalised by blaming the termite problems, ongoing cyclone/flood rehab etc no mention of the inordinate amount of payoffs (ration allowances, salary adjustments, miscellaneous etc) to economically unproductive areas – fmf. Cuts continue to capital projects in health, roads, water etc to keep the goons happy. How long can this continue in the light of reducing tax revenue – VAT collections dropping similarly for tourism receipts – and also falling aggregate investment levels indicative of the contracting economy. Meanwhile iAG aiyarse and Piggy Voreqe continues with his trips to abu dhabi, dubai etc insisting that Fiji needs to have superyacht tourism and other pie in the sky schemes ill suited fo Fiji which currently lack the infrastructure and facilitating mechanisms to monitor and implement properly.
    Further, in order to boost exports, control imports etc Fiji will have no option but to have another devaluation if this trend continues. The previous devaluation was actually poorly thought out, unnecessary, premature and counterproductive.

    Another major upcoming challenge is the bullet payment of US $150m due next in Sept next year. Currently Govt has barely gathered US $59m in the sinking fund in preparation for that payment. The shortfall of $US 91million leaves Fiji in a dire situation. Given that revenue is falling, Govt is almost certain to default on that payment. If it undertakes another devaluation which it might not have a choice in, the predicament becomes worse, since the weaker Fiji dollar compared to the US greenback means we struggle even more to make loan repayment.

    It becomes even more interesting since IMF is well aware of this quandry and it would be irrational to lend Fiji $1billion for balance of payment or otherwise when Gov can’t even repay $US 150m, which it has had several years to prepare for. Fiji simply can’t repay the IMF loan and Piggy is in his familiar position of being a loudmouth locally but a beggar abroad.

    More creditors will demand payment of loans by Govt. Even local commercial banks and business operators will stop accepting LPOs, govt cheques and requests for overdraft facility. the govt machinery will grind to a halt.

    As tension increases, we’ll see more travel advisory warnings by Aust/NZ etc on travelling to Fiji. More falling tourism receipts coupled with lower investment interest fanned by the recent draconian decree to sell Fiji Times etc.

    At some point the falling tax revenues will mean more wage cuts and layoffs and even fmf goons can’t receive cushy allowances forever. More civil servants will be laid off and unpaid – nurses, doctors, teachers, pwd workers, varous ministries etc who have borne the most of wage cuts to date. When the wallets are empty, supermarket shelves are bare, and doom and gloom is the norm than we’ll have strikes, social disorder, resistance gatherings and finally rioting and even the goons will turn on Piggy and the IG.

  9. Puf Military Says:

    Also given that IMF has insisted on painful austerity measures on larger countries like Spain and Greece as a precondition to receiving assistance, can a much smaller country Fiji with a similarly smaller share of the world economy, realistically expect a $1bn gift loan just on the strength of Piggy’s word and grand reputation? any schoolkid can answer that

    This is just Piggy playing for time and grasping for straws, but the withdrawal of support by MSG and Piggy’s powerlessness indicates that the tide is already inexorably turning. Just a matter of time now…

  10. gdevreal Says:

    Hey Veto

    Are you joking or just plain stupid?

  11. nayacakalou Says:

    Did anyone notice that Fj$,is at its lowest in history today?

  12. rokobatidua Says:

    Na yaca,

    Are you kidding.. . I didn’t know.

  13. nayacakalou Says:

    Hey PM,you mean to tell us that,these guys will be holding their guns with no bullet?That would be the idea if someone can start from the inside,just imagine if someone blew up where all bullets are,what else would the idiots do?

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