While the Sugar Industry is going gang busters all around the world, we’re wondering why it has failed so miserably in fisistan?

It’s the illegal regime of course, the main & really only cause for its dismal failure, after all it’s had over three years to make the Sugar Industry a player for good fiscal profit, but lack of everything from basic politics to basic economics on the igs part has f*&%ed it up completely, yeah.

Now the illegal regime is spooking investors by shutting down the press in Fiji, looks like it’s going to be draunimoli tea & topoi for the troops, if they’re lucky yeah.



  1. Rob Says:

    Momi, Sugar, Fiji Times, it is truly amazing how fast Aiarse can dig the grave for the Fijian economy. Eventually the people will hurt badly. Keep going mate, but don’t fool yourself into believing that you will get away with it. Even the most docile and most gullible Fijians can wake up from their kava induced stupor. And what comes out then is not a pretty sight.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    The sugar industry is now being used as an excuse to crawl to landowners to lease their land, 55,000 hectares of it, for pittance. Next step is to convert leasehold to freehold owned by tenants, in line with the Hindu concept of ownership by usage. Once the sugar industry disappears, this excuse will disappear, so Voreqe needs to work fast to please his financiers. This is the last opportunity to continue the indenture of Fijian land, and once it is done, he will convert it to freehold in the hands of tenants, just as he is converting Fijian assets to loans which have to be paid back to the Government in an economy which has been destroyed. We should re-read Tolstoy on debt enslavement. It is a very old concept to have your soul in hock to the company store, just as Ganilau is in hock to those who would control Fiji and the fishinng grounds.

  3. nayacakalou Says:

    Who the hell is the minister for sugar?He must be so hopeless,isnt he?

  4. Annon. Says:

    According to the FLP www Fiji’s sugar industry is well & truely knackard – view shared by other professionals involved in this industry overseas.

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