More spin from the illegal regime to justify their presence.

It’s the coup stupid! and the consequences of another irrelevant coup in Fiji is the real reason for the budget blowout.

Natural disasters are just that, and any self respecting government should have enough cash in the coffers to cope when they arise, no not the illegal regime as it muddles it’s way around fiscal matters.

No prizes for guessing the illegal regime cannot rectify its siosio, never in a million years ragone.

So let the illegal regime sweat it out, what a bloody ludicrous situation its in eh?!



The Fiji government will need an extra $30 million over its $2010 Budget to cope with damage caused by cyclones Tomas and Mick, it has announced.

The government, in a statement, said it is currently undertaking an internal review of its 2010 Budget as part of “a normal process adopted for prudent and transparent financial management of national finances”.

”Such reviews become imperative, in particular, when extraneous and unforeseen events occur,” the statement said.

”In this instance, the 2010 Budget did not envisage the devastation left by cyclones Tomas and Mick. These natural disasters required the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure, additional agriculture assistance, and the provision of additional allocations to the health and education sectors.”

The recent termite eradication program in the west is also estimated to cost at least $5million.

The statement said the review of the 2010 Budget will also enable government to assess the rate of implementation of its capital works program.



  1. Anon Anon Says:

    On Twitter:


    The Fiji Government will default shortly on US$150 m bond. Do not be concerned; it as part of our economic strategy to get World Bank help.

  2. rokobatidua Says:

    Na nodaru qele e warai,sa vavei me sa lai tei yani na dovu ena vei tiritiri e nodaru vei deni mana? Obviously the self-appointed PM,Minister of Finance,Minister of Fijian Affairs, etc,etc does not understand what the Europen Union is telling him-ie-to hold a democratic election before they could recognise his Government. The idiot is going to get the Farmers to plant canes without major overseas buyer-like the EU,Britain,US etc.I,m sure that he is misleading the Indo Farmers and bullying the Fijian landowners at the same time. The only market for Fiji Sugar at this point in time, is right here at home; possibly the south pacific islands and the black market as well.WHAT HAS THIS IDIOT DONE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS?

  3. nayacakalou Says:

    You are damn right rokobatidua,you may be able to plant and harvest, but at the end of the day what matters is the MARKET – where is the market?If Bainimarama is going to market his sugar,who do you think will buy?Is he going to get someone else to sell it for him? My advice to farmers and land owners is to wait,three more years is just around the corner,and its not four years as you think. All army personals assets will be frozen and nothing will be left,so plant your land for your everyday use at least you still can sell at the market.It is better than planting your land and let it rot or no market at all or worse running a loss.

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