While the illegal regime is so keen to prosecute the Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase and Mr Sitiveni Weleilakeba for some trumped up charges that were supposed to have occurred more than a decade ago 1992 – 1995, we ask the question,  Will they bring the fraudsters & defaulters from the infamous National Bank of Fiji scandal to heel? eg Mr Liumuri himself, the evil  Inoke Kubuabola. and those dodgy businessmen who should be charged with corruption, larceny, embezzlement, fraudulent conversion and obtaining money by false pretences.

The illegal FICAC can’t pick and choose who they feel like prosecuting, it must all be above board and they can add their dumb dear leaders, starting with oink  & themselves for paying themselves from the Nations coffers that they are not entitled to.

So much for calling the kettle black, there are far too many qesa kuros (burnt pots)  lying around the country,  polluting our wonderful islands and doing their best to pollute our minds.



  1. kai viti Says:

    who the hell you are [o kai vei …!] you must bear in mind as a kai kubuna I stand for what now transpired in the country because I don’t want any more big asses importants from the matanitu tovata to rule the country because past history speaks volume of their kocokocos

  2. NadroKid Says:

    Kivei kai viti!

    I dont think Tovata has a monopoly on kocokoco (greed). Greed can be found in every family, tribe, Matanitu or race. O keitou na wekamudou mai Burebasaga keitou sa kerekere vei kemudou na neitou turaga/marama Naita me da tu taka tiko ga ka tukuna na dina. I think Solivakasama has a point. Da veilomani tiko ga vakalevu.

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