Those coup bajurus are really at their wits end.

After lying through their overexposed teeth about how great (NOT!) the RBF was doing, our own beliefs has been more than justified by just how dismal the state of fisistan is.

Yo bro and all that, we’ve been plugging it here and other anti Fiji coup sites have also been revealing the facts. The 5.12.06 coup has more than plunged the Nation into debt, it’s just plain broke.

What with the $181m FNPF Loss, Fiji’ Reserve limit upped again in one month and the illegal regime going-a-begging to the IMF for a loan to prop up reserves, errrrrrrrrrrr, so just where is the illusory cashed-upness that the anointed dumb ones are forever lying about.

Yes, right up there where the sun does not shine.


2 Responses to “COUP COUPS A GONER”

  1. benhur Says:

    SA-TUNA-DA REDDY It appears that he is having a heckva problem trying to figer out how to manage the country financial wows? Where the heck did this nubskul gets his education from? does he even have certificate,diploma or degree in economic or accounting? All he’s doing is siphoning funds that previous administrations had worked hard to save and invested externally and or internally.
    As the result of overused of these funds, the country has a zero credit rating with the world bank, IMF,ADB, and any international monetary organizations. SA-TUNA-DA REDDY is not only bankrupting our country economy but it may take possibly 50 years to recover from his stupidity.
    Obviously, he is more dangerous than his counsin- Baisisona…Oops,i mean Bainimarama.
    Since taking over the head of the Fiji Reserve Bank, he has been siphoning money from the Fijian affairs investments,previous government investments,government Taxes, Government overseas reserve funds, and whatever loose changes that fell off the Chinese and Indians tight pockets.
    Now that all the funds tils’ are empty and no loose change is forthcoming from the two tight wads,(Chinese&Indians) he has started to go after the Fiji Banking industry by increasing their SRD “Statutory Reserved deposit” from 3% in 2006,4%in 2007,5% in 2008,6% in 2009,7%,8%,9% and 10% in the last 6months of 2010.
    What all the banks need to do is lockup their doors and put the “Gone Fishing” signs, say for the next 6 months or they to could kissed their SRD goodbey.
    The illegal Government with their illegal Reserve Bank Governor-SA-TUNA-DA REDDY are currently running out of funds and rumuors has it that don’t even have enough dough to pay all their civil servants. No wonder bainipuaka…Oops, i mean bainimarama continue to fire top civil servants as an excuses that they are not performing to an acceptable level?
    It is pretty sad that bainimarama is making all kind of excuses to the Fijian people by insulting them with such Mara’s belittling pharases: You’re too lazy;You must work hard like the indos; i’m not giving you money to build churches or community houses;you need to work your land;you need to create new business; ant these two idiots are like a pees in a head?,Oops…I mean pod?
    While SA -TUNA-DA REDDY IS UNDETERED from the plan to wreck our economy,in order to provide bainipuaka…Oops,i mean bainimarama with stolen money, so he SA -TUNA-DA REDDY can stay in power long enough to completely carry out the indo despora Agenda,ie installed someone stupid to support another nubskul in the destruction and or impede the economic and social development of the i Taukei. Unfortunately, no one in the illegal IG seems to have balls big enough to challenged these two idiots and applies the brake to this runaway train!!

  2. Puf-Military Says:

    Very true, its shocking how incompetent and desperate these raving lunatics have become. It’ll take AT LEAST 3 generations to return to where the economy, social fabric, dignity of the nation etc to where it was pre-coup. I wonder what plans, if any, these IG coupsters have for what their children will inherit after they’ve left this world. Especially the “royal families” noted for having bad credit and debts everywhere from pharmacies, to cornershops to restaurants… VAKASISILA

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