we just had to pinch this hilarious pic from Tui Savus blog on matavuvale.com of the whore of Fisistan always on its knees begging for more paisa.

Malo Tui Savu, great talanoas going on there at the marvellous  matavuvale.com site.


12 Responses to “WHOSE BITCH IS DIS?”

  1. Lord Haw Haw on his knees Says:

    Love it. The Whore of Fisistan! The village idiot has made Fiji an international joke.

  2. black man Says:

    nice pic, fiji wide

  3. Annon. Says:

    “Hullo sailor”.

  4. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    of course ! Soli

    levu ni odratou driva
    sa segabau ga mai a sede

    se vakaivei grass skirt or is it grass undies

    implementing 2006 coup in the name of moving the the country forward 🙂 more like moving Fiji’s monies into your individual pockets and the conniving pretending respects got their share of the loot too lol

  5. Annon. Says:

    @ K B.

    Bainimarama & cronies seeking one billion FD from IMF so they can continue oppression – run country into even worse financial condition than it already is – suggest you and other like mined people start lobbying US embassy warning of the sheer stupidy of even considering such an outragous request? Gottah ask yourself – who in their right mind would lend a thieving sailor one billion $?

  6. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    it’s an upside down loan given fiji dictators have zero skin to bring to the bargaining table and if IMF grants it then it’s their funeral but they are experts and will not be hoodwinked or it could very well be a big kerekere to be bailed out and if it were then the question is whether fiji dictators’ economic woes impact the world

    curious though as to whether samoa, tonga, the solomons or any other pacific country for that matter is seeking similar disproportionate borrowings from the imf and or the world bank

    have you heard much the same from our neighbours or is fiji knocking on these doors alone

  7. Annon. Says:

    Door knocking.

    Unfortunately Viti’s broke – has been for a considerable time – FSC huge drain – regime now into PF – other revenue streams.

    Samoa apears stable – any nation that successfully organises a changeover of driving side of roads without inflicting mass carnage is doing OK.

    Tonga still heavily realiant on remittances – apart from continous social political turmoil – their still eating well.

    SI propped up by $1 billion AUS sponsored RAMSI – apparently enjoying every minute.

    PNG is middle of projected recources boom – paper money by shipload.

    Maybe you (others?) can answer?

    Say you had too choose? Had to invest $2 bllion FD – who would you
    prefer – select? Sailor or a qualified & successful merchant banker?

  8. benhur Says:

    Yes, the man is going wacko with his loan application…first he tried the Chinese Government and they gave him a little Carrot. He used up the Chinese loan in a few months and went back for more.No, says the Chinese, if you want more money than you got to promise to do something for me in return? He went to India and they also gave him a little carrot. $100,000 which last in 5 minutes. Bai asked for more but like the Chinese they said if give you more than you must give up something in return. Like sell your land to the Indo and force the landowner to give up their ownership right of the land? Bai went to the IMF and they told him that he must come up with a business plan including returning the Government to democracy election ASAP! He didn’t like it but the only best option he has so far. He tried the ADB and they told him NO! Man the bi-pola is in major trouble he certainly can hear that BIG DOOR IN KOROVOU clanging behind him and his troop as it closed, for the night! About time to talk to his brother in law-the Muderer to fill him in, on what could happen to him inside that small cell?Like Rabuka said…”there is no way out”.

  9. osobo Says:

    Great conversation going here. Thumbs up to all!!

    The ‘can of worms’ are opened & Bhaini-marama & Khaiyumm-cha don’t have a clue where esle to turn but to IMF & WB at the expense of the Fiji people. Bhaini & co need to be put back in their box & be stopped from feeding Fiji to the sharks as they are currently doing.

    Yes indeed, @benhur, its Korolevu P here they come…& when they do lock the doors & give the keys to either Aussie PM or Kiwi PM & see the fun…. can already see where all those big ‘kulinas’ blogging from Akl suddenly shifting themsleves & instead of looking to Bai, will change direction & crawl to the beehive instead. such bunch of nit-wits, the whole lot incl Bhaini & co.

  10. Annon. Says:

    Notice he’s reinstated Rambo’s pension & perks – wonder if he’s seeking an intermediary? Extricate himself?

    Appreciate your sentiments B H – but threats of retribution won’t bring them to the negotiating table – lets just concentrate on getting them out.

  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ anon

    right minded people don’t invest under fiji’s circumstances unless one is willing to part with surpluses (aide) and imf no doubt factors fiji the lone bankrupt dictatorship in the pacific and the only country in the region disproportionately financing an unproductive military and indicators are pointing to a resistant imf who are using the carrot to move the country to legitimate elections sooner than 2014 and my hope is the dump dictators continue on their self destructive path and see not a penny but imf backs

    fijians on the ground did lobby imf to deny dictators

    in the meantime fijians overseas must continue to follow my lead withholding remittance and especially tighten purse strings when natural disasters are given and nope i don’t have a problem whatsoever seeing a dirt poor and destitute fiji during its dictatorship rule for only when the dictators are eradicated will it be worthwhile putting saqamoli into rebuilding the country and its people will have then learnt that it is upon every individual to safeguard fiji’s constitutional democratic principles and the rule of law not just some of the time but under all conditions.

  12. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    well then weeks later and still no further word from the imf

    i was right


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