While bwk (baku wavivi khaiyum) is busy fluffing up the FTIB website to con the unsuspecting to fund the illegal regime that has gone bust, sa tu na da reddy is also busy, trying to talk up his policy rate that is stuck down south.

Liumuri of great proportion, the illegal foreign minister is off with an entourage to waste time & money at the UNESCAP meeting in South Korea, where they don’t have two bob or anything sustainable to offer.

Meanwhile back at the green water tank in downtown Kiuva, oink is going a begging to China for funds to move the Navua hospital to higher grounds. So much for govenance.

What was the pathetic excuse given for the closure of RKS. Surely the RKSOBs could have pooled together their resources/manpower/experience and rebuilt whatever was supposed to be an OH&S issue. Where they even consulted? Is QVS next?

Has the old fool Bole stooped so low, he can’t make a decision without the fool oinks mental state of mind overruling him.

It seems that anything ‘FIJIAN’ or any ‘FIJIAN INSTITUTION’ is being dismantled little by little.


What happened to the promises that the illegal regime would resurrect the Fiji economy like never before.

Never before is right, the illegal regime has effectively bankrupted the Nation like never before.



  1. Annon. Says:

    Unfortunately truth of the matter is Viti is broke – has been for some considerable time. Nobody including self proclaimed saviours can have a
    billion $ deficit & balance the books. FSC is an increasingly expensive basket case – only thing that will save it is large scale mechanised farming
    – classic catch 22. Inflation currently 10% & rising. No money forthcoming from IMF (US) – EU or ANZ – Viti currently displaying all the classic symptoms of a Failed – Rogue State – take your pick?

  2. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We agree with Annon posting.

    It didn’t take long for Frank Bainimarama to wreck Fiji, did it? Just a few months over three years.

    The economic disaster that has been stalking our beautiful land is about to become fully evident and it won’t be nice. Thanks to the mismanagement, corruption and stupidity of Frank Bainimarama and the other parasites that make up his regime, Fiji and her people are facing an economic and social catastrophe of huge proportions.

    Fiji is staring bankruptcy in the face. As a result, we will be rendered an economic destitute, the helpless and impotent prisoner of national poverty.

    Responsibility for the impending disaster rests fairly and squarely with Frank Bainimarama and his supporters.

    For reasons to do more with criminality than ideology, their rape of our democracy and the wholesale destruction of our economy is nothing short of wanton terrorism.

    That’s why they deserve to be treatd like the terrorists they are.

  3. Annon. Says:

    @ FDN.

    Greece – poor country full of rich people.

    Fiji – rich country full of poor people. (or so they keep telling us?).

    He (their) so confident Viti’s heading in right direction?

    Ask the rest of the crew (people – shipmates) – those he wishes to lead – what do they think?

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