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So good to see Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase and his beautiful wife Mrs Leba Qarase looking fresh and serene at a memorial service today.

This is not the look of a person guilty of anything.

As the Qarases and the rest of the sacked legal government officers go about their lives looking  peaceful and serene, it’s toast for the grubby coupsters, who have all aged so rapidly in the last 3 years.

Notice the bloated, haggard looks of the coupsters, that’s what guilt does to one. The aging process is excelerated through stress and guilt. The guilt of murder, corruption and plain old thievery.



  1. sami Says:

    Apparently, the ancient “KUDRU NI VANUA” doth work it’s “MANA”, slowly but surely and effectively. Although not to totally snuff out these offenders useless lives, but rather just a “KUITA” to hurt these perpetrators lifestyle. Not to kill them but rather to give them a chance to repent and yet never allow them to ever foreget their misdeed throughout their lifetime and that of their children for the next 10 generation. The PM? he’s on Viagra and it’s not doing any good for Mary.
    The President? He has the Cancer for the Sonalevu and he’s taking Viagra and also useless.
    Minister of Immigration-Eveli Vutukilau- Cancer of the CEKE. Also on Viagra not doing the wife any good either. The polo is so huge had to use sling to carry it around.
    More breaking news tomorrow.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    President, there is no President.
    Which Eveli (wati Mara) you talking about Navutukilau, or Navutuikau?
    The women taking viagra too but can’t make it. Too soft on the one hand and two dry on the other.

  3. Koliloa Says:

    Very true observation about coupsters looking haggard and ageing well before their time. One only has to look at Rabuka to see the mental and physical effect coups have on those responsible. Qarase and Leba look calm and serene.

  4. this is navoha Says:

    breaking news….fiji custom authority in Nadi, uncovered a suspicious looking parcel destined to president house & found two branched dildos….oops somebody not doing his duty

  5. sami Says:

    Man this is serious stuff, the PM,President ,Attorney General and Minister of home affairs are using too much money for their daily doses of Viagra the Government coffer is drying up. They’ve raided the FHL coffer and dividend are not being paid out for this year 2010. Can you believe it, they’ve passed decreed to get all the banks doing business in Fiji to deposit 8.9% of their deposit with the Reserve Bank of Fiji for safe keeping. Yeah, right so the thief(s) can raid it too for their doses of
    you know what?OMG!

  6. David Says:

    Nearly 4years on and Bainimarama is gaining popularity by the day. Nearly all province he visited…..they offer their matanigasau for not supporting him n the charter initially. Some people were asking him to be at the helm for the next 20years and some business people claimed that Bai was the best thing that ever happen to Fiji since the 87 coup!. Wat ever it was only time will tell!…..so far the scale has tilted to Bai n his merry man….and it seems the longer he reigns…..more n more people are convinced that God has intervened to straighten the path for Fiji and her children….

  7. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    God gave Tomas

    In future givings Australia/NZ must steer clear

  8. this is navoha Says:

    @ David
    Well thats fijian debutchery at its best….just for the sake of securing development for various project for their various yasana….but time will tell…the chiefs are playing his game & waiting for the right moment to replace him.

  9. Frida Says:

    Who knows david – it migght be their way of getting him on side and moving election early so that they can at least (may I borrow Rabuka;s favourite word) have some form of normalcy earlier than promised by the oink. And as Navoha suggests above, life is so hard for the common people at the moment, they cannot even participate at annual soli for village development – might as well get the person responsible to find the money and support development plans. The sad thing is that he is looking at China and other countries to get this loan to buy support which our children and grand children will be paying for with whatever thay have. So Fiji is going deep deep down into a bottomless pit.

  10. Annon. Says:

    @ David – crash course in traditional Fiji structure – things to look for…

    Headed by Ratu Joni.

    Ratu Naigama.

    Ro Adi Teimumu.

    Now – when these 3 present Tabua’s to regime – I and a lot of others
    will take it seriously. Untill then?

  11. s.raqiqi Says:

    @anon, the colonial masters back than constructed the 3 confederacies to better administer Fiji, it was never part of our Fijian setup.If you look at our current Fijian administration, it is nothing but confusion and it will stay that way because confederacies are not part of our tradition. Each province has their own chiefly family and there is no such thing as paramount, it was the forming of confederacies that classed big or small chiefs(whiteman’s classification).In reality there is no big or small chief, they are equal.

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