The above headline in one of our newspapers today re UNDPs launch of its report ‘Financial Capability, Financial Competence and Wellbeing in Rural Fijian Households’. should be directed right at the illegal regime who have wasted no time in bankrupting our Nation.



  1. sami Says:

    The IMF team has finally told these blockheads that Fiji is in major financial trouble and if you’re not going to do anything about the IMF will foreclose on your debts? Meaning the IMF will than put in palace a team which they think can bring the country back to a sustainable growth? No wonder the blockheads are trying to cover their A.s.s with all the new decrees.We’ll guys, the plan didn’t work out well for you all! Yes, its time for you all to be looking over your shoulder.Its payback time. I’m sure the military,the navy,the police forces will survive and outlast all of you.We the people of this commonwealth of Fiji will survive your wrecklessness,your stupidity etc .We will make sure that none of your descendants, will ever works in public services, for at least,the next 20 generation.

  2. benhur Says:

    BREAKING NEWS…The Military coup,coup prime minisiter of non democratic Fiji has now finally kissed the ADB president a-s-s for approving $17.5m emergency loan to his illegal government.However,the illegal military government is running with almost nothing in the bank and this is the reason of the newest day light robberry decree, which demand for all the banks doing business in Fiji, to deposit 9% of their money with the RBF and this takes effects immediately.Now the idiot is blaming everybody for his current problem as well as the poverty that emerged as the direct result of his stupidity.
    Bainimaraga is kissing a-s-s cause thats the only thing he knows how to do,the President was heard to have said to this idiot…”You must follow the directions given by the IMF”we cannot loan you anymore money without guaranteed collateral of which you have none”! So don’t call me unless it’s important!

  3. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    And the ignorant on the ground are blinded by the token lollies received thus far. Someone should tell them villagers IT IS THEIR LAND THAT IS MORTGAGED.

    Land is collateral.

    And do the investors know their fate
    Do they know that Fijians will burn their properties down when they come calling to lay claim to these collateral ? .. this scenario will eventuate since Fiji lack the means to repay.

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