More offshore lawyers are likely to be recruited for the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption. (Tilou, but who’s going to pay them? or more to the point, where is the paisa available to pay them?)

This is after the Commission’s 2009 Annual Report revealed that they are in need of experienced and specialised lawyers in the field of fighting corruption.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, last night said the Commission is carrying out its own recruitment of prosecutors.

“They have decided to look offshore because of the limited experience of lawyers in the country in this specialised field,” he said.

To date the Commision has five Sri Lankan nationals as its prosecutors.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the idea of bringing in experienced overseas lawyers was for the mentoring of young local lawyers interested in prosecuting corruption cases.

Apart from that the Commission also has to ensure that there is no conflict of interest on the part of the prosecutor when fighting a case in court.

“Having lawyers from overseas will ensure that no conflicts will arise. It also guarantees independence on the part of the lawyers as they will keep cases at arm’s length,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

He added that in due time and appropriate training and mentoring from experienced prosecutors then local lawyers will be taking up such posts too.



Despite the igs sacking of the judiciary and abrogation of the constitution a year ago whatever law they deem exists under their illegal attempt at govenance is not worth a bit of dried up denitoa.

As per usual, the maniacal illegal ag, in his stupendous lack of any vision, goes out of way to undermine the experienced, honest legal eagles in Fiji who chose to uphold the legal oath they took when admitted to the bar not to take part or be part of any undemocratic, illegal dealings.

We must ask, how can a lawyer say he or she respects his or her oath as a lawyer and an officer of the High Court of Fiji and yet continue to belong to an institution that has committed the most serious of crimes against the State, that of treason.

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has on 5th December 2006 carried out an illegal coup d’Etat against the legitimate Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

The People of Fiji has reasonable cause to believe that anyone taking up the illegal ags offer is assisting the Fiji Military Forces to do the following:-

(i) Breaching section 93(2) of the Constitution Amendment Act 13of
1997 in purporting to remove from Office the President, the Vice
President and the duly elected Government of the Republic of the
Fiji Islands.
(ii) Breaching section 187 of the Constitution Amendment Act 13 of
1997 in purporting to declare a State of Emergency.
(iii) Breaching section 90 of the Constitution Amendment Act 13 of
1997 in purporting to appoint Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as
the President of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.
(iv) Breaching Section 109 of the Constitution in purporting to dismiss the Prime Minister and appointing a caretaker Prime Minister.
(v) Breaching Section 108 of the Constitution in dissolving

His new recruits should be aware of the above and their role in depriving the People of Fiji of democracy and violation of human rights. Working for the illegal regime also lessens their ability to work in other countries, the UN, EU or be appointed to any other position of trust.

While we’re at it we should all write to the UN to stop any pension they may be paying to those involved in the illegal regime here in Fiji, the big arse dentist, illegal minister for Poverty Alleviation, Women and Social Welfare, for one, she’s doing a jolly good job of ensuring everyone in Fiji lives below the poverty line. Shame on the mouldy old soloi.



  1. Annon. Says:

    These Sri Lankans their trying too recruit – package include Boat transportation?

  2. Annon. Says:

    Budhau! Budhau! Where art thou Budhau!

  3. Anti-Budhau Says:

    To get rid of corruption means to change the whole society. It’s impossible.

    What the IG must do is to define a new electoral system, introduce a few changes in the constitution in order to get rid of those race issues and HOLD ELECTIONS SOOOOOOOON. It takes a maximum of 6 months or 1 year. It’s been 3 years since the coup…

    If the military seriously think that the next government could be “problematic”, then why don’t they add a military veto in the constitution for the next 20 years? Any bill could be blocked my the military with a veto, so that way Fiji would avoid any further military coup. In don’t like that idea, but I think that a veto is better than a coup.

  4. eagle Says:

    Sri Lankan prosecutors are getting $75K that Fiji can ill-afford! And just heard that AG ordered the sacking of one of their prominent lawyers, who just won their first High Court case…….? Nothing makes sense in Fiji???

  5. Nostradamus Says:

    Adi Budhau
    Why should that ass wipe Voreqe have a veto over my vote? You think he is god or something? He will be doing pushups at Naboro with no vote.

  6. Hari Says:

    Lets not try to water anything down…the bastard pulled a coup against the constitutional legitimate Government of the people,by the people,for the people and to the people of Fiji. His treasonous action against our Fijian commonwealth must not go unpunished and no sentence less then execution would be enough for him and any members of his IG. If i’m elected in the next general election i will demand that each one of these bastard be hang by the neck untill dead,dead,dead in public execution style. YOU HAVE MY WORDS ON THAT!!!!

  7. Frida Says:

    The illegal regime is forever talking about corruption – yet their very existence is through corrupt actions. This is not to mention other bits and pieces like approving payment for leave not taken without proving clear records that it was not taken. Getting brother in law out of jail after being convicted of murder and making him the head of the naval squadron. The list could go on including putting friends into positions they are not fit for.

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