The ig is hellbent on making up lies to cover the humungous errors in their illegal attempt at govenance.

The illegal maniacal ag wants to improve on a number of anomalies in his daft draft re the media decree and is stating there is no specific timeframe on the implementation of the Media Industry Development decree 2010. It’s either a case of lamu sona levu or he is trying to whitewash his loss of face from being bombarded by the international press.

He also knows what he can do with his immunity decree, it will become very useful as a stopper when he is convicted for high treason.

FNPF states there are more withdrawls than contributions, weeeeeeeeeell it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The People of the Nation would rather their hard earned savings in their own pockets than it be in the tagalala igs where there is not a hope of recovery thereafter.

Then it states that employers have failed to pay $5.69 million into the funds. Ummm everyone knows FNPF contributions like tax is automatically deducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly from an employees net pay. This is blind Feretis ig version of a con to hide their filching of the funds.

On the one hand sa tu na da reddy of RBF, can’t make up his mind whether the economy is improving or not ( – yeah well creative accounting is not his forte, nor is actual accounting or economics so it’s all very well to tell that to his other puppet coupsters who are easily impressed by any figures that consist of four figures or more and a dollar sign, eg $50.00.

Then a RBF spokesperson states A total of $1.4 billion stands as outstanding export receipts cumulative from 2004, the Reserve Bank of Fiji has confirmed that they will be investigating 260 companies that failed to declare export receipts to them. Is this another blind Fereti for the igs ploy at smoke & mirrors.


4 Responses to “SOD THE LOT – VOTE UKIP”

  1. Annon. Says:

    Repeat – Repeat – Repeat!

    Fiji now finds itself in the ludicrous situation of not only having a naval
    commander in command of a land army – but also in charge of its
    national accounts?

    IMF can’t be serious about lending Fiji money?

  2. where is the sugar? Says:

    Don’t forget the dictator moron has also ruined the sugar industry – it is just not functioning – tourism is the next to collapse.
    This coup is such a wonderful benefit to Fiji!!! Even military glee Club dancing girl lord haw haw is scratching his butt wondering why his idol is achieving sweet f…k all!!!

  3. benhur Says:

    Did i hear correctly that the IMF is coming after the IG to pay back their loan or they will be in major troubles?

  4. Frida Says:

    Well benhur serves the IMF right. they should not have been involved at all with the illegal regime because they are not elected by the people.

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