Posted at 01:51 on 30 March, 2010 UTC

Groups which have registered interest in taking part in Fiji’s planned National Dialogue Forum are still waiting to hear when it might start.

The interim administration called for expressions of interest in December and the first meeting of the Forum was due to be held last month.

The Forum has been described as a preparatory step towards a consultative constitutional forum in 2012, two years out from the elections.

The Citizens Constitutional Forum is on of those groups keen to take part, but its executive director, the Reverend Akuila Yabaki, says they are still awaiting a response after applying to take part more than three months ago:

“We are unaware of the reasons for the delay but can only hope the process will start as soon as possible because I think many people in Fiji and across the world increasingly agree that this is the one way forward.”
Mr Yabaki says he is aware the current administration was seeking an independent chair for the Forum, but does not know if difficulties in this area are holding the process up.

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  1. Hari Says:

    Why would anyone wants to believe this idiot? We all know that he’s only doing this in order to appeased the international communities.The man is a mother-faka and has no honour in his vocabulary, at the end he’ll bullshit everybody by coming up with a lame excuse and tell everybody to piss-off and he’d go and laugh it off!!What he need is for someone to put a sicini right through his blockhead.Than tell him, to laugh it off Cassava patch frank?

  2. W. Tamani Says:

    It is apparent the proposed “National dialogue” is another silly event that will further drain taxpayers funds given the debacle of the recent John Sami engineered, so called “Peoples Charter scam. Over $10m was stolen due to this corruption.

    Misfits like Aquila Yabaki always seem to pop up when there is an opportunity for free allowances, breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst justifying is salary to his Indian masters in London.

    Bainimarama and his circle of disloyal military officers are traitors and terrorists whose criminal actions should never be accommodated in any way or form. There will be no “Peoples Charter”, there will be no “National Dialogue” and most importantly there will be no immunity decrees given to any traitor in the IMG because justice will prevail in the end.

    Fiji will be banned from the Commonwealth games and maybe the the Olympics if a concerted protest leading up to it is successful.After all we don’t want the Osamas of the Pacific masquerading as PM and President of Fiji there.

  3. Frida Says:

    Good one W. Tamani. Now what is happening with most privincial annual meetings doing a soro to the pig for going against the charter. No more news about the talatala’s who have been summoned to court for a meeting carried out some times ago. What is happening?

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