Posted at 02:17 on 30 March, 2010 UTC

The European Union has decided to extend its sanctions against Fiji by six months until October.

The move is to put pressure on the military regime in Suva to return to democracy and respect human rights.

The EU says the decision follows the delay in implementing commitments the Fiji authorities made to the EU, notably concerning the abrogation of the constitution, human rights violations and the postponement of parliamentary elections.

The EU froze its development aid to Fiji and cut off the payment of subsidies to Fiji sugar farmers in October 2007 after the military commander ousted the elected government.

The EU says it considers the extension of the measures as an opportunity for new discussions with the government of Fiji.

It also says the 27-member bloc will maintain humanitarian operations and direct support to civil society and democracy building.

The Fiji regime says there will be no election before 2014.

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Latest news that may make the illegal regime sit up and take note (if that is vaguely possible considering their unbelievable arrogance) with Taiwan putting an end to ‘chequebook diplomacy’ to some Pacific Islands because MPS are using the hard earned monies of the Taiwanese taxpayers provided for aid money, as slush funds for their own personal use.

Now that Taiwan has set the course, other Nations may follow suit, and not before time.

This may well cause the illegal regime in Fiji to implode as it scratches around to pay it self the ‘big bucks’ it is not entitled to.

Where to now for the kanaloto brigade, back to the mango tree, he he he he.

Way to go!



  1. Hari Says:

    What is of much interest is the fact that the Chairman of Ba Province seems to be going it alone in its support of the Illegal Regime.
    They’re even inviting that Macafaka illegal minister of Tourism to address 80 of their Turaga? Wow, does this means that Ba natives does not have a person smart enough to run their province?
    Seems to me that this is another attempt by the illegal regime to breakup the old Vanuas’ ties,the Chiefly ties, the GCC ties and in general breaking up Fijian Society as a whole!

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The European Union is smart

    Australia and NZ should never again hinder the process by interfering when natural disaster strikes … allow Fiji’s people the chance to learn that political normalcy is lifeline to the free world

    Tomas was a golden opportunity squandered

  3. ofa Says:

    It won’t make any difference if disaster aid is delivered by OZ and NZ or not. Only if we do something to get rid of the disease that has befallen Fiji in the form of an incompetent and corrupt dictatorship the game will change.

  4. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    It is now 2010 and the corrupt dictatorship of Bainimarama must be brought to an end. The citizens of Fiji must not settle for a compromise of their ideals and living standards as offered by the junta but must completely liberate their society from the evil grasps of the IMG conmen.

    Can we do it??? Yes, we can!!! Heard that somewhere recently?? I think Obamas call is especially poignant to every citizen who loves Fiji and want to rid their beloved nation of the crippling coup disease strangling it.

    We cannot fight a battle as individuals but as a united force. They may be 400 or 800 in numbers but we are 800,000. They may have physical weapons with bullets but we can arm ourselves with many other more effective weapons that travel further than the effective range of an M16.

    The most urgent matter at hand is that we must first get organised into an effective force whose sole mission is to bring these perpetrators to justice and to liberate our country. Let us form a command structure whose sole purpose is to provide real strategies and plans that have real consequences on the regime. Fill our organisation with members using anonymity to carry out the plans.

    Let us widen our AO and carry out our battle plans to encompass the micro and macro factors of P.E.S.T taking into account all of its participants and variables which can be identified and utilized to meet our objectives.

    External countries and organisations are already waging that war for us but what are we doing?? I suggest that Solivakasama facilitate an open forum on its website and prominent critics of the regime begin communicating ideas to carry out this mission.

    Please feel free to engage me in email which I will post if the response is mutual.

    Lets get organised and send a real message to the illegal IMG that their days are numbered.

  5. Hari Says:

    Wilson, you know, you just might have something here? I’m all ears and gimme more.

  6. ofa Says:

    Fully support Wilson’s ideas. The internet is one of those powerful weapons and we have to use it much more effectively. Lets organize e-mail avalanches and cyber attacks. There must be some skilled hacker out there who can get into the government systems. The opportunities are there. Lets get organized.

  7. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Australia and NZ not delivering aid to a communist country like Fiji would have had a huge impact; so much so the move educates the grassroots that political normalcy has a direct effect on their daily living and it is their collective responsibility to snuff out the lives of dictators ; kill the few trouble makers for the protection of the majority and the security of Fiji’s future generations.

  8. this is navoha Says:

    Australia & NZ needs Fiji more then fiji needs them.Fiji imports more than $200 million worth of products from NZ alone, thats including Dairy products, Building materials,Food stuff(cereal & etc). The same goes with Australia. So if Fiji pulls out & trade with south east asia and china full on.

    Then the thousand of NZ farmers & factories tend to lose their priviledge which may effects the outcome of the next election & the prime ministers job too & thats including australia too.

    So in hindsight, they should always keep a cordial relationship inspite of a volatile relationship. So that aid money is just a 0.1 % percent of what fiji spends on them.

    May be you ( katalina) can think of another option.

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    believe me when I tell you they examined the look north policy crap in the hopes to toss australia and nz trade in the bin only to turn tail and run back

    why you ask?

    it’s common sense

    the distance dictates fiji will bleed

    NZ and Australia trade with the entire Pacific countries of which fiji is 1 small dot add to that is right here -USA. They can afford to drop the teeny fraction they gain from fiji’s trade

  10. senijiale Says:


  11. senijiale Says:

    For the sake of transparency, please allow me to post my “blocked posts” that I tried posting at SWM that freaked out that “Father of all Idiots” – EPI – the so called founder of SWM, like who cares!

    Here is what that silly poodle blocked out : –

    “@ Epi – I know you have a short fuse so I say this to you with the best of intentions – please you lose the MY, MY, MY. My this, My that, as in MY democracy movement. You really sound like a 2 year old and that’s been my opinion of you ever since your sorry saga at original solivakasama”.


    I’m so sorry Fiji lost you Katalina because you would have been the perfect candidate to crack the proverbial whip on the back of our past slack ‘leaders’ to get into line and get on with the business of moving the country forward together instead of childish power plays and resorting to coups for their own selfish, vested interests.

    @ exFT – somehow that image of the 2 top chihuahuas does not seem too far-fetched to me! LMAO………………. ”


    @ Epi – stuff your rules! Have the BALLS (if you call yourself a man) to allow my posts through then beat me down on them openly!


    You see people, this is why I’ve always said SWM is SADLY DOOMED to FAIL because of EPI’s childishness and having an EGO that’s bigger than his brains.

  12. Damn Says:

    Vinaka Tau

  13. Koya na Man Says Says:

    Bula Navoha

    THank u for ur contribution.

    I would to give u a preiview of the annual budget of the two countries u’ve mentioned above :

    1)New zealand has a 44 billion($) budget for the year 2008-09

    2)Australia has a 210 billion($) budget allocation for the year 2008 – 2009.

    The aid they are giving back to Fiji (espeacially Australia) from 2001 – 2006 will be in the vicinity of $200 million per year, in cash, upgrading of civil service,capital projects, and all the training, seminar & workshop to improve the quality of service in after the coup of May 2000.

    Don’t mislead oru bloggers friend,because the money fiji uses to import from the 2 countries is like a drop in the ocean,as far as their budget is concerned.

    They can easily dump us and serve their taxpayers better with that aid money, but due to diplomacy and care, but we need the stuffs from them, so who needs who more?

    The amount of natural resources and the goodwill they have allows them to give us something back bcoz we lack it.

    So think my friend b4 u spew out, try to get ur facts right, do not mislead urself, bcoz everyone knows these facts.

  14. senijiale Says:

    @Epi – I can’t delete my earlier comments since I’m not the moderator plus i cudn’t post this at YOUR precious worldwide democracy movement blog since you’ve blocked me out again.

    Last question Epi – and please indulge me since I’m much more curious than insulted… but I’ve never, ever, not once, or at any time, ever pretended to be a ‘he’ (since I’m quite happy with what God intended me to be – a ‘she’, a female, a woman), so why do you insist on trying to make me out as a ‘he’, a man, a male??

  15. this is navoha Says:

    Bula koya na man…..please gets your facts right before misleading other gullible people on dis site.

    Your statement about australia aid to fiji within the vicinty of $200 million per year is a total crap & bullshit.

    As i quote n as u may read down below an article in the fiji times May 15,2008..”Aussie aid to fiji stay the same”
    “The Australian High Commission yesterday revealed that Australian aid to Fiji this year was $37.9million.It is the same amount from last year.
    The high commission said the sum was consistent with the Australian government’s policy”(

    I dont where u got ur facts or maybe its ur mathematics..u bragging about between 2001 & 2006 australia aid.Well the only biggest aid from aus…was $25 million over five years for the improvement of health service between the period of 2003-2008(Australian Aid to Improve Health Services in Fiji)…google that.

    Last of all, the biggest aid money goes towards capital project …n the biggest aid was contributed by china.

    So my friend get ur facts right….n please qoute your facts before spewing out.

  16. this is navoha Says:

    yes natural resouces directly from east timor…lol

  17. senijiale Says:

    @ Epi from the sinking SWMovt – I insist on posting my last response that you’ve deleted from your stupid blog…

    “You’re down, bleeding and you still can’t see it. Tragic”.

    Moce mada.

  18. Soko Says:


    With respect to your womanhood/manhood we the participants in this blog are none the wiser as your sexuality, all we have is your denial of being a man so therefore I fell it would be wise to bed any misconceptions one might harbor.

    So I am suggesting I conduct a test any test you prefer, one that is non intrusive by then again I prefer a probe test please don’t get offended.

    This way we can put to rest any doubts.

  19. Soko Says:


    You may find it justifiable to obstruct the free follow of free speech but I dont, by conducting yourself in a manner simplier to this regime says it all.

    You may as you claim own that blog site but like this regime you and your ilks must be open to criticism for it is within the context of criticism one is able to gauge the mood of the people.

  20. senijiale Says:


  21. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The point is not the amounts Australia / NZ give in aid but to withhold at this critical time. A dictatorship left to its own devices will fall on its grubby knees SOONER rather than the peace meal approach which has largely been responsible for the dictators stay in power.

    And neither is it logical to take the position that a country like Fiji with less than a million weak consumers can somehow cause any respectable negative impact on ANZ whose consumers’ buying power alone outweigh the little island nation’s by a ridiculously imbalanced ratio. To argue otherwise is a freakin insult !! They don’t bloody need us.

  22. nayacakalou Says:

    Tau,while you are still exploring the jungles of Navoha and Bainivore is looking for money,the rich and the bright have left shores,so do your maths.

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