Ha Ha Ha, the illegal regime persists with its ludicrous PER because oink and his illegal regime are so terrified of the unknown who are plotting their demise.

Well may they be terrified as anti coup supporters plot their demise and curse them, not only here in Fiji but all over the world. Why wouldn’t anyone, it’s a completely natural reaction to the hijacking of a democratically elected government, the complete abrogation of the constitution and dismantling of the legal processes resulting in a bunch of disintegrative crims continuing to take Fiji on a downward spiral to fourth world country status.

Oh Man, PER and road blocks, the illegal regimes self defeating ‘show of power’ – baboons in jack boots patrolling with guns in a non warring country is so hilarious foreign countries are rolling about laughing their collective arses off at the comic situation imposed on the citizens of Fiji and how unbelievably stupid the oink the illegal president and his scheming wife all are. $50 ceke and his shalwa kameez, flip flop wearing marama are conveniently in the background clutching at straws, although in their minds they’re actually pulling the strings.

Yeah we’re all laughing about it here it Fiji, because noone wants to go out anyway, we don’t want to spend money or just don’t have any, so what the heck. It’s much better fun connecting with the neighbours and our families, we haven’t lost our sense of humour.

When someone walks up/down the road we yell out from under our mango trees ‘garauna na PER’ (beware of the PER) and the walker replies ‘PER ni nodratou sona’ (PER their – ig – arses), Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

So what is the point in belittling the Methodist Ministers

Meanwhile back at the bure, ( – that born loser sayed khaiyum in his usual condescending manner that all losers perfect so well to cover their lack of decency on every level thinks he is the one and only literate person on our beloved Islands – pigs arse in spades.



  1. Annon. Says:

    Sentence about ‘Marama’s pulling strings’ would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    Imagine their frustration? Can’t travel (shop) anywhere of significance. (overseas). Captive little frogs in a tiny tiny pond.

  2. Koya na Man Says Says:

    China and india will gladly throw a red carpet arrival ceremony upon their coming over there for shopping trips and sight seeing.LIke that they have the time for these people from the small island nation, they are still struggling with much bigger things like their trade,economy and all.

    No more New Zealnd and Australia ehh, stay put sara mada over there,and just travel to the islands by plane(at least thats over seas)…………..

  3. Annon. Says:

    True Koya na Man – and given unfortunate impact of recent cyclone on Lau shops – even that’s below par – just leaves MH Suva…Goodness gracious – what has their world come to?

    Any idea what became of former Presidents very expensive – tax payer funded Hummer? (car).

  4. Koya na Man Says Says:

    Rev.Tuikilakila Waqairatu(secretary of the Methodist church), and Mr.Ame Tugawe(president of the Methodist Church) should sack all senior Pastors of the church who supports bhaini,marama……

    The senior pastors after a secret meeting with Bhaini(the devils advocate) asked the two men(above) to step down, so that the church could work in harmony with the juntas.

    Sa sega i laurai na vua ni Yalo Tabu na loloma, sa volitaki na dina me vaka na ka e kilai tani kina na lotu qo(one of the reformer church established by the honourable Mr.John Wesley) who said “Do all the good u can,by all means u can,in all ways u can,in all places u can,at all times u can,to all the people u can,as long as ever u can.

    E sa basika votu saraga na yalo ni kocokoco,sega ni rokovi na veiliutaki,kei na kena sa sega ni vakatabui tu na nodra bula, sa dodonu ga me ra sake.

    Na lotu e tokona ga na savasava,sega ni vakabekabea nai valavala ca.

    O voreqe e se tu na nona cala, na mate tawamacala ni CRW,na cala ni kena kovei na veiliutaki 2006, keina levu tale.

  5. Asgrocky Says:

    Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
    Clearly there must never be a union between church and state.

  6. this is navoha Says:

    Amen!!…God bless Fiji…..apart from politics,please can someone sack Tanivula?…very pathetic perfomance from our boys in Hongkong….sa yali na aggression we known for …..please get Serevi back.

  7. Annon. Says:

    Don’t worry about Rugby or Serevi navoha – rumour is regime has just appointed failed murderer Kean to its top position – only one problem?

    What happens when Team travels overseas and he wants to go too?

  8. Hari Says:

    Are you kidding Annon? Kean to be What? Rugby 7 Manager? Coach? CEO? or Player?

  9. Annon. Says:

    CEO Suva Rugby.

  10. Annon. Says:

    Make that Chairman. (non electric).

  11. this is navoha Says:

    hahaha!!…CEO….soli ga vei koya na electric chair.

  12. Koya na Man Says Says:

    vacava me dua a vua na live wire..

  13. this is navoha Says:

    wara me mate…hahaha

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