It will be interesting indeeed to see who from our ‘young generation’ in Fiji will take up the self appointed pms invitation to become more involved in politics while his illegal regime is flatulatiing about.

Is the illegal regime at the end of it’s tether and looking for friends? or has it realised (Duh uh!) it really doesn’t have any supporters who are worth a sikoa from the Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarases intelligent, noble head.

The younger generation are not stupid and have witnessed the disasterous outcomes of a coup that the illegal regime imposed onto the Nation since 5.12.06. and also very well aware that any association with the ig is unlawful, and to do so will brand them for life.

With loony oink and his loony gummunt threatening all and sundry with imprisonment if anyone dares buck their loony, insubstantial illegal stance who would bother, especially when politcs in Fiji is onesided as he’s effectively banned anyone associated with the SDL, NFP & NLP from any involvement in running for elections in 2014.


Read on and laugh ………………………………………………………..

Fiji’s illegal Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has urged Fiji’s young generation to be more involved in politics as his government welcomes new faces in the political arena ahead of the 2014 elections.

Speaking to FijiLive, Bainimarama urged the younger generation not to shy away from politics but rather be a part of it.

“What we want is young people to be involved in the Forum and be part of the government,” he said.

“They need to change their mentality about leaving the country in the hands of older politicians. We want young people with new ideas involved in running of the country,” the PM stated.

This comes after earlier comments by the PM that no members from the Fiji Labour Party, National Federation Party or the SDL will be allowed to run for elections in 2014.

“We want new faces with new ideas to be running the government and this is something we have learnt from the past,” Bainimarama added.

He also said they are currently going over the names of people who had applied to be a part of the National Dialogue Forum.

The Forum was expected to begin on February 1, but according to Bainimarama, it has been delayed following numerous applications from former politicians.

On the issues to be discussed in the forum, Bainimarama said they will discuss anything and everything there was to from People’s Charter to elections.



  1. benhur Says:

    word on the street was that Cama’s death was engineered by the Military death squad. Cama who was well known for his opposition to the military coup and was never one to minced words, had come to the attention of death squad leader, as a Fijian influencial military objector for sometime.
    The poison ,i hear ,was admitted to his drink 3 days before Sunia’s final sleep last week? Was this the same kind of poison used, to assassinate the Tui Tavua? He was also an objector and GCC ousted Chairman.

  2. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    It’s easy. Pay enough money to a group of people to do the deed. And if they can administer poison who says that we can not cough up enough dough to line the pockets of one who can act on our behalf and put these guys to rest. If they don’t fix the foods on their plates Easy to do the math.

  3. Koya na Man Says Says:

    O cei mada na yacana na death squad leader e tukuni tiko qo?

    Someone should tell bhaiya we don’t want more immoral situations up at Parliament house, its a respected ground where ladies and gentlemen old enough to understand the plight of the everyday people, make important decisions.

    We don’t want our parliament to be another small bollywood.

  4. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Discuss the eradication of the Fiji military.

    The condition for pardoning Bainimarama, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Roko Ului Teleni, Driti and the whole gang is to dismantle the military. Short of that is to rule indefinitely.

  5. Tui Says:

    I believe that Bainimarama is now seeing his end in sigh. He is now realising that listenig to the moslems and duplicating the Pakistani coup undert the direction of the Shameem sisters is not going to sit well with the Fijian peole, especially the taukeis. Epeli Nailatikau the illegal Prsident adressed the Moslem league yesterday and said that it is their religious ideas (MOSLEM) that will take Fiji foward. Nown what about the Lotu Wesele ideas that chiristenized Fiji? Is it not good enough for the taukei’s whose membership to the faith is almost half the population of Fiji? Something is wron here.

  6. Annon. Says:

    Right now say Suva is the largest unfenced asylum in the southern hemisphere.

  7. ofa Says:

    Yeah, the fight for young hearts and minds. I agree with Cassava Frank, that it would be better to have an honest 20 year old as a President rather than a politician who failed to win a vote when we still had a democracy. Unfortunately for the country, our smart young people do not leave politics to older politicians, they leave the country in large numbers as they are disgusted with the ignorance of the regime and the cowardice of its leaders. In the long term, nothing will be more damaging to Fiji than the brain drain caused by the a self-serving coward who is advised by a bunch of slimy opportunists and failed politicians.

  8. Hari Says:

    National Dialogue forum? I wonder if Cassava patch sprinter Frank knows the meaning of the word Dialogue? If you call for dialogue it means that you have to listen-up to other view points. You have to welcome peoples’ input and your decision must reflect the viewpoint advanced in the dialogue session(s).I mean come on cassava patch Frank, you’re you kiddin? Even the class 3 pupils, you’re been visiting in Primary school lately, are laughing behind your back, saying amoung themselfs, who does he think he’s kidding? What a dumb ass? So you see Frank, every one in Fijian society don’t like you and what you’ve done to their Fiji!

  9. Asgrocky Says:

    Nailatikau, a top member of the coupsters addressing the Moslem League as such shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to those who follow prophecy. Nailatikau is not the first to speak like that, ignoring the methodists in Fiji and other denominations. Earlier in the month of December 2006 during his visit to Instanbul [Pope] Benedict [xv1] backed Turkey’s admission into the EU, prayed toward Mecca in a Mosque and called Islam a religion of peace, tolerance and love.”” That’s the big Kahuna himself talking. That scarlet woman that rides the beast that is making war and will persecute the saints. The whole world wanders after the beast and Fiji is currently in the making for that move by these coupsters. This is what they mean by “moving Fiji forward.”(to perdition with Babylon and it’s global order.
    What Nailatikau has said and done, he is just talking like the first beast. The whole pack of them including Shamima Ali who was congratulated by the UN. The UN is the right arm of the Pope who is the champion of Human Rights instead of the Supreme Law of Heaven and Earth “”The Ten Commandments.”” This is the Law that should be championed by the Pope. But the vatican has changed the Law to suit their Human Rights agenda. Compare Exodus 20 8-17 and the catholic catechism. The christian is the enemy and they have to be eradicated. The Law of God is to be made null and void. There’s a whole lot of things going on here with these coupsters that Fiji and a lot of those coupsters themselves are not privy to. Only an elect few of them. Its what I think anyway.

  10. Asgrocky Says:

    The whole world is talking about Globalism. It’s everywhere in every news outlet. We see all the political and religious leaders of the world coming together for the new world order. Revelation 17:13 “These have one mind, (meaning one purpose in mind), and shall give their power and strength unto the BEAST”.
    Any nation that is not prepared to be a part of this globalism will be crushed.
    The beast is the central issue of the globalism.

    There you have it, the REAL purpose of this coup. To give Fiji’s sovereign power to the beast.

  11. this is navoha Says:

    like i have said many times…..Fiji is a small model(guinea pig) of what goin to happen in other parts of the World….remove chiefly system, land rights and extra and introduce new decrees and reforms.Police n military coordination against any resistance n extra.
    If it works in Fiji then use it in larger scale model & other parts of the world.

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