How can a group of criminals like oink and his irrelevant coupsters ensure there is a criminal justice system that is fair?

Their insecurities are on show to the world when they muzzle the media and any form of criticism via the internet.

We must be doing something more than right then, exposing the irrelevancies and crimes of the illegal regime. Let’s keep it up and keep pushing that thorn deeper into the illegal regimes very very insecure side.

Let’s watch and see how the illegal regime drag out the spin on the ever downward spiral of what was once the Sugar Industry, RBF, NPF, NLTB & where our taxes are & what it is being spent on.

It is really amazing to see how coup apologists have benefitted and become rather ‘well off’ since 5.12.06 when once they were what we call ‘bukucara’.

While the coupsters bask in the sordidness of their crimes Fiji looks more and more shabbier everyday.


Changing Fiji life by decrees Rowan Callick From: The Australian

THE Fiji military government’s rush to remould the country is most evident in the militarisation of public life. But a second major thread of this program has now been highlighted: the issuing of decrees.

Three new decrees were promulgated on criminal law last week, taking past 50 the number of such decrees issued since the government abrogated the constitution in April last year.

The latest items are the 126-page Crimes Decree, the 85-page Criminal Procedure Decree and the 19-page Sentencing and Penalties Decree, handed down like the other decrees, becoming law without debate or discussion.

The Crimes Decree extends the geographical jurisdiction beyond Fiji itself. This means offences may be deemed to be committed by any citizen, corporation or resident of Fiji “in any place outside of Fiji”.

Offences may be considered to have occurred partly in Fiji “if a person sends a thing, or causes a thing to be sent from a point outside Fiji to a point in Fiji” or “from a point in Fiji to a point outside Fiji”.

An elaboration of this clause makes explicit that this is aimed in part at internet criticism of the regime, for it specifies that this “thing” might be “an electronic communication”.

The decree defines as a new indictable offence — triable summarily — for which the penalty is up to 10 years’ jail: making any statement or spreading any report, including by the internet, likely to incite dislike or hatred or antagonism of any community, or promoting “feelings of enmity or ill-will between different communities, religious groups or classes of the community, or otherwise prejudices the public peace by creating feelings of communal antagonism”.

It defines as “seditious intention” punishable by seven years’ jail, “an intention to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the government of Fiji to excite the inhabitants of Fiji to attempt to procure the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter in Fiji as by law established to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Fiji to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the inhabitants of Fiji or to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different classes of the population of Fiji”.

This seven-year sentence can apply if a person “utters any seditious words, prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication or imports any seditious publication, unless he has no reason to believe that it is seditious”.

Someone can now be jailed for one year “if without lawful excuse the person has in his possession any seditious publication”.

The new decree creates an offence of sacrilege, punishable by 14 years’ jail, for entering a place of worship and committing “any act of intentional disrespect”. It also imposes jail for up to five years for a person who “pretends to exercise or who practises witchcraft or sorcery”.

The new Criminal Procedure Decree restricts media coverage of committal hearings to the identity of the court, name of the magistrate, name, age and occupation of the accused, summary of the offence, name of the lawyer representing the accused, and whether the accused is in custody or on bail.

Contravention of this restriction means a fine of up to $F10,000 ($5700). The Crimes Decree also strengthens the laws on sexual offences, including making people who hire prostitutes liable to 12 years’ jail.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said these three decrees “put us on a modern step”.

“They help us to ensure that we have a criminal justice system that is fair,” he said.

Workshops have been held for prosecutors to introduce them to the new criminal law framework.

The Rev Akuila Yabaki, the Suva-based chief executive of the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum in Fiji, says the promulgation of so many decrees “is perpetuating the coup culture”.

He pointed out that “a new element of intention is now incorporated into crimes relating to treason. A person committing treason who can justify that they were acting in good faith or that their action was necessary, will now incur a sentence of less than 15 years or could even go free.”

Fresh considerations “mitigate the offence of treason by making it more acceptable in law if it is done with good intentions”.

These provisions also provide a very useful basis for a defence if the military regime is itself overthrown, or eventually concedes the holding of elections — following which its leaders risk incurring treason charges, as happened to George Speight and his leading co-conspirators, still in jail following their 2000 coup.

But failure to report knowledge of treason can now incur life imprisonment.

However, the new Crimes Decree has removed the statute of limitation of two years that was placed on treason, permitting Commodore Frank Bainimarama and his colleagues to be prosecuted, whereas previously they might have escaped prosecution altogether under this loophole.

The next decree to be issued, said military ruler Commodore Bainimarama, is a Media Decree, “to place greater emphasis on responsible reporting. It will encourage the media to re-look at their editorial policies and the contents of their articles and their television programs.”

Another decree, issued late last month, gives the government the power to stop paying pensions to people who criticise the regime, or bring disaffection against the judiciary.



  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Putting me in jail for 17 years You damn criminals. Akuila Yabaki who was very vocal supporting dictatorship rule for Fiji now has a change of heart how about you make good on that new found wisdom and force the military hands to draw blood because that is the ultimate military wipe out from Fiji’s existence.

  2. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    Please KB, no blood, we are already suffering here.

    What the hell do these crims think they are decreeing. These damn control freaks need to take a look at their own behaviours before trying to authorise what is illegal no matter which way you look at it, because they are in an illegal position themselves.

    An amusing aside is that 9 Asian women were deported for overstaying & for prostitution related activities last week.

    Looks like the Presidents wife is curtailing his activities. Apparently someone onesided him at an ATM last month, now his love you long time playmates have been kicked out. Awwwwww.

  3. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hi Casssava Patch Doll nice to see you again it’s been a long time. I always wonder why people are so afraid of death especially in a country full of people who do nothing but read their bibles, pray, go to sleep with their bibles, carry their bibles in their purses and pockets to take peek at throughout the day and go to mosques every sunrise and sundown when death will bring them face to face with the ONE they are worshiping. Isn’t it better to live a shorter, more meaningful life than a longer drawn out life of suffering? Just a thought ..

  4. ofa Says:

    No decree can revive our economy which is collapsing. Another de-valuation of the Fiji Dollar is inevitable, no matter how many silly decrees Cassava Frank issues. Economic downturn together with banality and brutality of an oppressive regime is the mix that has brought down much tougher dictators than our Cassava hero. The problem is that we seem to need more suffering before we decide to end the suffering.

  5. Koya na Man Says Says:

    The Fiji military is like an army that marches on its stomach,power hungry,having never ending lust for control,moaning for supremacy and would never resist a sensational climax of authority,ejaculating command and force.

    Greatness, is a spiritual condition worthy to excite love and admiration, but evil is wrought by want of thought as well as want of heart.

    We are practically coming to terms with an evil authority,who will refuse by all means to realise their wrong doing cultivating an aroma of arrogance and foolishness wherever they go.

    Their actions simply means that they fear more than we do, their con job has now surfaced, and these decrees they thought are customed made for the cover up.

    O.k. they may be covering the top but their arse are still vissible n we could on the spot do a DNA confirmation

  6. Annon. Says:

    Anybody serious about the state of play in Fiji legal system should Forget Sugar – RBF – NPF – NLTB – suggest concentrate on conspiracy kill trial currently underway. Anybody with an inkling of common sense would have reached a conclusion (verdict) a long time ago – are military inteview tactics & procedures admisable (scrutinised) in civilian courts?
    Witness’s bandages? Frank (no pun intended) & open admission that witness’s were (are) beaten. (tortured).

    No qualms with eitheir (seperate) systems – military justice is tough (physical) justice – civilian justice is not.

    So who’s court rules?

  7. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe’s justice is not even military. It is jungle. Witness the way he had those CRW captives killed without any hearing of trial. One of them was not even around the mutiny, he was in school at FIT the day of the incident. Did that bother Voreqe? Hell no, the main objective is to strike fear in the minds of his enemies. The way to do that is to convince them that neither the police, nor the courts, not the internationals can do anything to stop him. The only thing that can stop Voreqe is a mass uprising of the People. It probably won’t happen until after the next two devaluations and until he can no longer afford to feed his corrupt soldiers.

  8. hari Says:

    Wow, 5 years for practising witchcraft or sorcery? Trying to protect the Idiot Bai from the village draunikau? Sorry guys, you’d have to take out the whole village,tikina or vanua-when Bai contracted the cancer of the SONA?WHO YOU GONNA CALL? OR rather who yeah Gonna charged?You can’t assassinate this sonalevu with former stupid military personnel, yeah gotta use the old, ancient standby,trustworthy DRAUNIKAU to do its dependable mission!Just keep on encouraging him to go back to the village level to seek help and drink a bilo yaqona or nice cup of coboi/drainimoli? Bai, the draunikau takes time to work its way through your stupid system and its guaranteed to SHUT-OFF the old heart.

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Has there ever been a “willing dictator” is the question
    A dictator who so willingly handed over the reins

    Point out such a dictator PLEASE

  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    “Toilet paper” is how Fiji’s dictator labels the famous petition by our honorable citizens. Reported on

    No reasoning, no negotiations. It’s his way or the highway.

    So deal with this dictator the same way other countries have dealt with theirs — give him a hiding and flush him down the toilet.

  11. Annon. Says:

    @ K B.

    Kemal Ataturk.

    Have it on reliable information this is VB’s template – major difference being Ataturk enjoyed popular support & good council + a plan – also had interest of ‘nation’ as motivation.

    Right now can’t figure out what VB (they) are about?

    What does he (they) actually stand for?

  12. Annon. Says:

    @ K B.

    Try Kemal Ataturk.

    Have it on good authority this is who VB is using as template.

    Difference being Ataturk enjoyed popular support – had a visionary plan –
    good advisors – always had interest of nation at heart.

    Right now don’t know what this gang are about?

  13. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I don’t view Mustafa as a dictator of his time. He led Turkey to full independence after giving a hiding to his country’s invaders and flushed them out and championed human rights for his people.

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Bainimarama and gang are Fiji’s invaders.

  15. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    If you meant to say another, a different dictator then let’s hear it.

    Remember the question I posed : Name a dictator who gave up reign so willingly

  16. Annon. Says:

    @ K B.

    ‘Name a dictator who gave up reign so willingly?’

    Repeat – Kemal Ataturk.

    All I can surmise from your reply is that you’ve obviously not studied him (KA) – I have – suggest you might do also? & although not fitting usual ‘dictator’ (or any other) criteria – he most definately was.
    One off type – gave dictators a bad name.

  17. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    He did not give up reign so willingly IS THE POINT YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ulu kobo. He ruled until his death. He ended the Ottoman Dynasty of 600 years. He gave Turkey new life. He gave women the right to be elected to parliament. He gave equal rights to education. He harnessed peace with Turkey’s neighboring countries. He was loved by the Turkish and respected by world leaders. He died at the helm leaving behind a thriving country.

    Dictators the world over Bainimarama included) are despised and unseated only through massive resistance.

  18. Annon. Says:

    @ K B.

    Try reading Deryck Scarr’s ‘Tuimacilai’ without becoming hard core iTaukei?

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Lol !

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