Well lookee here at who’s got shit on her liver about the useless illegal, ill conceived decrees she wastes her time concocting.

The oinks personal hand maiden, in more ways than one, Nazhat Shameem has a severe case of the screaming mimis from not being taken seriously.

Who said she’d retired gracefully, the evil sister is still out there waving her crazy wand trying to make everyone pay for her never having had a life. Her constipated father never let them out of his sight until they were married off. Ask anyone who was at USP back in the 70s with them. They got a taste of the dalo there, and have been more dissatisfied with their lot, even without old abah keeping his eagle eyes on them.

Be warned there’s a workshop coming your way, like that incongruous charter that seems to have gone down the same well of confusion that the whole of the illegal regime coupsters exist in.


Media ‘should understand Crimes decree’
February 08, 2010 02:25:03 PM

It is very important for the media to understand what the new Crimes Decree entails before informing the people, says former High Court Judge Nazhat Shameem.

In an interview with FijiLive, she said it is essential that the media in Fiji are not manipulated by people who have either not read the decree or do not understand what it is.

“In order for people to understand and be able to apply the new laws, the media is the only vehicle that can ensure the public knows what the new decree says on offences,” she said.

She adds while there is some confusion on certain aspects of the new decree, it is better to get a copy and read through it properly to gain a better understanding.

“I think the confusion is because of the stories that were written before it had been read, but I believe the situation is improving slowly,” Shameem added.

Workshops are being organized for the media on the decree which came into effect last Monday.



  1. hari Says:

    Bunch of fools ,they are not fooling anyone but themselves.Instead of trying to look smart by constantly puting out Decrees why don’t they put their ilogical minds, on the economy and try to stop, its downward spiral?I noted with disgust how their idiotic leader went to the village in Yasawa to try and boost up their smelly images to the I Taukei but was immediately involved in a shouting match with the villagers who told him to piss-off and the best thing for him to do is to hand the Government back to people who knows how to run it etc,etc,. He shouted back at the villagers that no money was coming to any village in the Yasawas and they will have to help themselves first. Someone was heard to have shouted back from the villagers side “we’re not worried since we’ve been looking after ourselves the day you took the Government by force”?What a fool!!!

  2. Annon. Says:

    Anybody with any doubts about AUS taking own backyard (Pacific) seriously – here’s a clue?

    Rowan Callick today reported ‘Pacific envoy job left vacant’. Position as AUS parliamentary secretary for Pacific islands affairs formally held by Duncan Kerr SC still vacant after 4 months.
    Can’t help neighbours – busy saving planet – own political skin.

    Things go pear shape in Viti? Expect boats from the East – can’t ever say they were never warned.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    And what would you expect the Pacific Envoy to do?
    Is it possible that Pacific affairs are now being dealt with at a higher level? See picture in Fijilive with three Foregn Ministers, including Ratu Inoke, who is no idiot like Voreqe. Meanwhile Voreqe is out in the villages thinking he can impress the under-educated, but they can see right through his promises and bullshit and the fact that the economy has been dive bombing since the military came out of their rightful hole. What they see is things like transport costs and the cost of kerosene, tea, and tini coqa. And now the Idiot is telling them they need to build their own churches and community hall. Well haven’t they been doing that forever, but with incomes to help? You close down the Methodist church and how are they going to get help with their new church building? Bure kalou vakaviti maybe? How do you build a community hall when no one has any money, FNPF has been robbed, you Unit Trust money is gone, your former Minister has lost his pension, and you cannot afford to call your relatives in California?
    Who cares about a Pacific Envoy in Australia when you have brain dead military goons extorting whatever wealth is left in Fiji and trying to justify it with the ethereal “emergency”. The only emergency is the shit that is in your pants!

  4. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Various decrees are utter rubbish! Mains_street cares only for the food they can ill afford since your Junta tossed normalcy out the window.

    And whatever happened to Laite, Sack of kaka, Seni Vasserman, S Naila of Raiwaqa and the like … always bragging about this coup and hating the word JUNTA what with the Constitution intact and the Chinese’s ethanol plant that will elevate the Fijian’s lot.

    Constitution gone and we are still waiting for ethanol crap; and the Chinese bringing their own people to work on all projects leaving out main street Fiji — the very people you bragged stood to benefit from your coup in the meantime FNPF is bankrupt. Australia and NZ no longer have High Commissioners in Suva. Economy is coming to a grinding halt.

    Pretending concerns over the media will not put bread and butter on non coup participants (97% of population)

  5. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    … table

  6. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    How many gullible Fijians will fall for that retirement in 2014 crap. Everything that comes out of this fool’s mouth is a lie.

  7. Nostradamus Says:

    Like in April 2009 when he “stepped down” and was back the next day.
    He is a bastard, and also a fool.
    Funny how he has a credible person working for him, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola. One wonders what is really being said between the big three foreign ministers. I doubt Voreqe is privvy to it. He has relegated himself to village hopping, thinking he is God’s gift to ordinary Fijians, not realizing that they are cursing him as soon as his back is turned.
    There will be no new constitution in 2012 and no election in 2014. The legal system is a joke and the economy is tanking. When enough people feel it in their pockets they will speak out and Frank will be history. But will he be replaced by another ignorant goon, or by an elected civilian government with the political will to prosecute these bastards.

  8. hari Says:

    Retired to 6ft under would be more like it?

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    Now that Leweni has explained what the military logic of “retirement” means, it is more understandable. Retirement means that government will be a bunch of puppets while Voreqe and the military council replace the Cabinet and will make all important decisions. One wonders how a Parliament might fit into this picture. Only approved candidates can run for Parliament? Any decision by Parliament must be reviewed by the Military Council? Anything is possible under this bunch of armed lunatics, but one thing for sure, Voreqe will never give up control as long as he has the army under him, and the rest will just a facade to fool himself into thinking there is democracy – or demockery?

  10. Fiji Demockery Says:

    You are brilliant – ‘Fiji Demockery’. It summarises the whole farce in Fiji under the junta – a dictatorial regime in power with guns. The Fiji Military forces are a joke – totally discredited and with a ruined reputation internationally – all because of a bullying cowardly clown.

  11. hari Says:

    Nostra you da man, clearly Cassava patch Frank does not think things through properly before opening his BIG MOUTH. Here’s another screwup Retirement? He should have retired at 55.isn’t he’s over 60 years old? More like 80s is what i think he is? I don’t think that he will reach that 2014 in your dream Bai-you’re still in big do-do- and just keep lookin over your shoulder, cause a silver bullet, has your name on it- still!!! You better pray to get through 2010 first.

  12. mark Says:

    the only thing that will prevent coups are a firing squad, agree to whatever this bunch want then have them rounded up and summarily executed. Then have an inquiry giving amnesty to the firing squad. but make sure you ban any ‘negative media coverage’ as we do’t do that anymore. Fixed. What goes around boys and girls…

  13. ofa Says:

    Fiji will go over the brink and see a major economic melt down well before 2014. Than the day of reckoning will come. Alternatively, we can work towards sending the cassava sprinter into his well earned retirement at the Naboro coastal resort.

  14. Pheneas Says:

    ‘Education is the way forward’ accoding to the illegal pm. It should have been ‘COUP’ is the way forward…dahhhh..You have destroyed the spirit and the determination of those who excel in education and promote leadership with barrel of gun. BOCI

  15. archiebald newton Says:

    It is now realised by many people that shorter route for our young people to get good jobs in the Civil Service is by joining the Army first.
    Came thru Nadi recently from overseas and immigration booths at the arrival counters were all manned by soldiers in civilian clothes.Commisioners of Divisions offices are now filled with soldiers because the colonels and majors sitting as Commisioners have brought their own men from QEB to fill middle and senior management posts. Nearly all permanent secretary positions are now filled by soldiers. No graduates but mostly of average form 4,5and 6 background.
    Many parents now seing how frustrating and wasteful to put their kids thru colleges or uni when soldiers will bypass them.
    How ironical for the illegal PM to state that “Education is the way forward”

  16. Pheneas Says:

    archiebald! the mind set of our parents and school children is changing now….. Like you mention, there’s no need for pursuing further education now in Fiji. Just drop out from high school, join the army and get the promotion after every 2 years like those who have got it so far and immediately get a job in other government departments, easy. Its unfortunate but it appears to be the trend now.

    The 8am old school hours is no longer applicable now, they have move it to 9am or qai levu ga na vucesa….8am was suppose to teach kids of the importance of being prompt and be a committed human being so when they grow up they can be a competitive person in these tough world we living in nowdays. I guess they are defining toughness as having a GUN in their hands and nothing on their heads.

  17. Amelia Says:


    In the tropics school started early and finished early because of the heat.

    With daylight savings the kids are at school @ 7am and finishing at 2pm. Either way they are at school during the hottest time of the day which is between 12-2pm. Na cava ga na daylight savings. Daylight savings are for well to do countries.

    Daylight savings is carried out so as to give everyone an extra hour of daylight for other activities.

    Poor Fiji – sa sega mada ga nai lavo to pay for the school fees etc so where is the money coming from for the extra activities. These children will have an extra hour of daylight to create havoc on the streets while their parents are at work trying to earn some money to keep them at school.

    Good thinking Regime or is it that Flipe Bole

  18. Annon. Says:

    Amelia – your only saying that because you obviously don’t live in Somo2. (pristine mountain river – stone bridge – happy leaping children).

  19. Frida Says:

    Funny that Nazhat can find it in herself to now explain the decrees sourred out by the illegal bunch. Disgusted with groups and organisations who are now using her as a consultant after what she had done which has made the Fiji judicidary a laughing stock of the Pacific

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