This piece is really hard to comprehend  in this day and age considering the amount of collateral damage the illegal regime has imposed on Fiji and its People. (smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand in disbelief!)

Who in their right mind would extend a traditional apology to an illegal government, let alone the oink unless it involved skullduggery.

Kuki says the people of Nabukelevu support oinks illegal governments move to eradicate political elements from the GCC and the Methodist Church.

Huh? Say, come again – did he really say that. (head swivels, eyes speed read the article again)

Unless one is as tunnel visioned as the illegal regime and is a follower of politics 101 it’s fairly obvious even to the  newest school aged children of Fiji that there’s something clearly amiss in Fiji and has been so since 5.12.06.

So a question to Kuki of Nabukelevu, just what the hell do you think oink is doing, he’s interferring most unwisely with the GCC  himself, because he has more than a personal axe to grind, like the title RATU, which is not bestowed. It is a title that one is born with as befits those of Noble birth, everyone knows that in Fiji except the common oink it seems, who likes to add the title before his own hated name. (Just blew a raspberry)

Then,  Kuki of Nabukelevu, what is all the fuss about the Methodist Church, isn’t the most catholic predator on our shores fada barr not interferring most indecently in Fiji politics today aiding and abetting the illegal regime in the disgusting criminality they are trying  so hard to defend yet failing miserably like everything they attempt.

Same dif? Not in sunny Nabukelevu it seems, all so oblivious to what is ailing our beloved Nation. Read on Ragone, it truly beggars belief ……………………….

Nabukelevu presents traditional apology to PM
Publish date/time: 28/01/2010 [07:50]

The people of Nabukelevu have presented a “Tabua” or whale’s tooth to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to traditionally apologise for having gone against the People’s Charter when it was first introduced.

The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday visited the village of Daviqele in Nabukelevu.

Tui Nabukelevu Ratu Apakuki Nanovo told Fijivillage News that when the Peoples’ Charter was first introduced, his Tikina did not support the document and had spoken out against the implementation of the initiatives outlined in the Charter.

Ratu Apakuki said they have come to realise that this Government is trying to put in place reforms that will benefit the country as a whole, and they have backed the Government in trying to see through with the implementation of the Charter.

Ratu Apakuki said they also told Commodore Bainimarama that they support his Government’s move to eradicate political elements from the Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church.

The Prime Minister told the villagers that the government wants to remove politics from the GCC and the Methodist Church.

The Tui Nabukelevu said they will stand by government’s decision, as they believe politics should not be involved in the running of the two bodies, as it will also sidetrack from the original roles that the two bodies are supposed to play.

Ratu Apakuki adds the GCC is an institution that the ordinary Fijians look up to and with the inclusions of Senators and Parliamentarians, the GCC will be affected as these people will bring in their own agendas and forget about looking after the needs of the indigenous Fijians.

On the Methodist Church, Ratu Apakuki strongly believes that church ministers should not be involved in politics as they have a spiritual role in guiding their congregation, and politics will only be a distraction, and serves no purpose in their work.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is making his views very clear, as he has revealed that the military will keep a watch on the government that comes into place in 2014.

As he tours Kadavu, Bainimarama said the military will ensure that the next government stays on track.

He also said that people need to accept the proposed reforms that will be brought up by the government from now until 2014.

He stressed that anyone opposing the reforms should step aside.




  1. hi hi hi Says:

    these are the same chiefs of kadavu that register jimmy ah koy in the vkb,kadavu people wake up

  2. hari Says:

    A TU NA DA!

  3. Koya na Man Says Says:

    io, sa basika sara e dua nai yaloyalo e sega ni ka ni vakidacala vei keda baleti iratou na wekada mai na naceva..

    E tiko voli ga na nuiqawaqawa ni vakasama e na vukudratou na wekadatou oqo e na veigauna kece, me baleta na ka e ratou kilai tani kina “manu dui tagi”.

    E da na masulaka tiko me na raici sara vakavinaka nai yaloyalo e boroya tiko o bhaiya na Turaga na taukei Valesasa(Turaga na Tui Nabukelevu).Ni na volitaki na noda kawa vei ira na vulagi, kei na noda qele e sa na tu e na taudaku ni noda lewa.Na ka oqo e tiko e na charter(kevaka e ra tokona), ni gauna e veisau kina na gacagaca taucoko ni veidigidigi me common roll, e sa na qai oti kina vakadua na noda kaukauwa nai tauikei.

    Dua na kenai vakaraitaki voleka sara oya na nona sa mai veisautaka o mahendra chaudhary me saumi vakacavacava na Fijian holdings, na ka qo e ra vakatabuya tu na matanitu taukei e ra sa lako siviti keda yani.Dua tale na scholarship nodra na luveda e dau solia na Ministry of Fijian Affairs e ra sa na rawa ni okati talega kina na vulagi, e na noda na vakatokai raraba me da Fiji Islander.

    Na lawa e virikotora mai na UN. e Declaration of RIghts of the indigenous people kei Indigenous peoples right under International law, e vakamacalataki koto kina vakadodonu na noda galala nai taukei ni vanua….

    O bhaiya e saga tikoga me bula mai na nona lai sogo i Naboro, ka vuni nona vesumona taki keda tiko kina.

    Kua ni dua e veitosoyaki,se lomaloma rua, da nanumi ira tiko na luveda ka sa sureti tiko kina na noda rai vakayawa e na vuku ni vakaloloma e rawa ni bikai keda…

  4. Frida Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu koya na man – the piece above will be printed and shared with all.

    Can solivaksama make available the people’s charter?

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