Oink is really in a cavuka state, shopping for supporters around the countryside and trying his damnedest to exploit his illegal position & spin his lies.

Have you seen his new hairstyle, looks like a piggys lil ole boci curled up on his head, via via gone, warai sa mimira na vutini oink qase mai ra, ia la na gel, vakamaduas, criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiige.

Read on Ragone the oink is such a fool, we wonder if he has ever understood anything uttered from his weak mouth ……………………………….

Fiji’s illegal Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says his government wants to put a stop to ordinary Fijians being used for political gain by leaders in politics and in churches.

Speaking during his first official visit this year to Nalotawa Village in the western province of Ba, the PM said most of the time, Fijians, especially those in the rural areas, were being used in what he said was useless talk for dirty politics.

“No more will Fijians be used in dirty politics or racist issues. We want Fiji to become prosperous and we want you to become successful,” Bainimarama said.

“We want to make sure that come the 2014 elections, we will not be dealing anymore with any dirty politics as such,” he told the villagers.

“We want our leaders in politics, in churches and in all cross-sections of the community to be good role models, not to involve people in politics,” he added.

Villagers raised wide-ranging concerns from inaccessibility to urban areas due to poor road conditions to the need for a reliable supply of water.

The PM was invited there by the tikina (district) of Yakete.

The government has banned the influential Methodist Church from holding its annual conference until 2014, saying the church’s hierarchy needs to remove political elements from its midst.

and there’s more ……………………………………………

People of Tikina of Naceva support PM

Publish date/time: 28/01/2010 [17:06]

The people of the Tikina of Naceva in Kadavu have given their support to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in relation to his work towards improving the nation and ensuring equality for all.

The Prime Minister yesterday paid a visit to Soso village in the tikina of Naceva.

Chairman of the Bose ni Tikina of Naceva Akariva Durisolo said they had originally opposed the People’s Charter when it was first introduced, however that has changed as they have seen how that Government is committed to ensuring that everyone irrespective of race or religion is treated equally.

Durisolo said unlike previous Governments where they would have to wait or were given the run around by officials, the people of Naceva have noticed that this Government is quick to respond to their needs.

He adds they told Commodore Bainimarama that they were greatful that he took time to visit them as it allowed them to talk directly to him, and they feel assured that their concerns will be taken into consideration.

The Prime Minister continues his visit in Nakasaleka district today.


Go for it Tikina Yakete, Naceva and Tikinas everywhere else, accept the oinks offers to mend your bridges and roads, (and once that’s all mended and paved with gold you can drive your top of the range humvees that the illegal regime will present to every adult,  to visit the wekas), supply fresh water, electricity, iphones, ipods, tractors (for the cassava patches & cane plantations), 6 metre yachts to fish from and to sail to Rabi to visit, new cyclone proof kit homes,  then tell him and his coupsters to go JUMP.  while you  light up the tibi and enjoy your gifts, bahahahahahaha

That’s right, turn the liumuri around People of Fiji, Make the illegal regimes liumuri work for you and your villages.

Revenge is sweet.




12 Responses to “BUSY OINK IS ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL, tee hee hee”

  1. hi hi hi Says:

    these are the same people that liumuri taki ira na kai kadavu,they register mr jimmy ah koy ena ivola ni kawa bula vkb, ni yavu tamata liumuri ni yavu kaisi e saga ni dodonu mo ni turaga.

  2. ofa Says:

    We all know what a great leader you are Frank, people love you and will elect you as president, prime minister and chair of the Fijian Association of Cassava Sprinters.

  3. wame waqa Says:

    97 % of the charter is very very good and will be accepted by all in Fiji. That’s the part which is being preached by civil servants, and is being praised by Tikina, Naceva, and kadavu.

    Beware of the small prints in the charter, which will never be preached by this illegal regime, and the very thing which is selling the Fijian race away.

    The BLV is gone.

    Now they are trying to kill the dorminant church, Methodist, which represent the majority Fijians.

    The Constitution is gone now they will write a new one.

    Other races born in Fiji will be called ” Native Fijian ” and you know where that is enshrined.

    They will make sure that God will not be part of our government–” To ensure the seperation of State and Religion”

    Finally the eradication of all Discriminatory records— VKB

    That’s the 3% hidden in the Charter– which is never, never good for these hoodwinked Fijian, in Naceva and Kadavu, Macuata etc…

    First, they trade their lands. for guns, lamps, whiskey, and you name it, now they are trading their identity for better roads, water, boats, halls. etc etc.

    There should be a decree, that whosoever is deceiving the Fijian people to get life imprisonment.

    May God help Fiji.

  4. hari Says:

    Just wondering, who is making up his schedule for such a visit? Why the Visits? Doesn’t he know that someone could accidentally messed-up some Draunikau in his Yaqona, Tea or Cassava resulting in his speedy demised? Seems to me that the VERE Vaka Bau is beginning to take its course. He was a wee bit safe in the Cities and Towns visits now he is been pushed by his gang to face the Vanua.Lets wait and see how long this idiots will last before he has a heart attack or stroke?

  5. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Let’s hope that krudd wakes smith from his slumber and gets him to respond to the oppressive regime that will be unleashed in Fiji in a few hours.

    Why I could go to jail for life for saying that bananainpyjamas is the biggest loser ever in the dictator stakes.

    Wake up krudd; our neighbours are hurting.

    For the first time in your life, do something that actually makes a difference.

    Update the travel advisories to inform Australians who are misguided enough to travel to Fiji, that they have N O legal protection whilst they are in a military dictatorship.

    One slip of the tongue over a beer in a bar in Fiji could find an Australian tourist behind bars in a third world prison for the rest of their life.

    The illegal, immoral, ill-conceived ‘decrees’ by the jaundiced junta are meant to put away all of the opponents of the illegal junta; many tourists will also get caught in this draconian nonsense.

    KRUDD; wake up! Do something to help Fijians and Australians.

  6. gdevreal Says:

    The following table shows the deterioration in purchasing power under Voreqe, using IMF statistics, with Fiji GDP valued in $US to take into consideration the fall in purchasing power due to devaluation.

    Purchasing power under Voreqe estimated to 2010 and extrapolated to 2020.

    2006 100%
    2010 60% As of today, the average purchasing power of a family has deteriorated by 40% compared to what it would have been under Qarase
    2014 35% As of 2014, the average purchasing power of a family will have deteriorated by 65% compared to what it would have been under Qarase
    2020 16% As of 2020, the average purchasing power of a family will have deteriorated by 84% compared to what it would have been under Qarase

    2006 is date of the coup, which is the base for this analysis
    2010 is now
    2014 is the time an election has been promised by the serial liar.
    2020 is the likely time VB will survive before his death.

    With GDP currently hovering at about $US 6 billion, this means that as of now, Voreqe has cost the economy about 1.2 billion $US or about $US 1,300 per head of population, or about $US 6,500 per family. or about $F 12,000

    By the timie VB promises an election, the loss will be about 1.9 billion US$, or about $US 2,100 per capita or $US 11,000 per family, or about $F 21,000

    By the time VB expires, the loss will be about 2.5 billion US$, or about $US 2,800 per capita or $US 14,000 per family or about $F 27,000.

    Now lets us compare these multi-billion dollar losses with the total amount of corruption he has uncovered which is probably less than $50,000.

    If anyone wants additional statistics, bring it on. I am using the IMF database which has alreay corrected for Voreqe and his brother (the government statistician) bullshyt.

    Bottom line facts: The Qarase administration wins the prise for growth in raw purchasing power in Fiji. I use that as the baseline. In comparison Voreqe has already lost 40% and by 2014 (his bogus election date) he will have lost 65%, and by 2020 he will have lost 84%. There are more cost effective ways of dealing with corruption than employing an illegal pig who costs the economy $billions in order to save $thousands.

  7. hari Says:


  8. Koya na Man Says Says:

    At the moment he still got more enemies than friends.

    When u give peanuts u expect monkeys, so don’t worry about bhaini, he hasn’t got much to throw around.At the same time our economy is sliding down the drain…

  9. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Michael Field is back at


    Some good reads.

  10. Annon. Says:

    Naceva is not Kadavu – Kadavu is not Burebasaga – Burebasaga is not Viti.

    Wonder if he mentioned opening all that unused land in Kadavu to Vulagi?

  11. Annon. Says:

    Regime knows only too well that this is where the battle for Taukei hearts & minds will be won or lost. People have this strange misconception that Suva is Viti? Far from it…

  12. Frida Says:

    Annon – you are damn right – Naceva is not kadavu. There are others that make up Kadavu and at least i know where I belong – it is a no no to the regime. if they want to build the road, do it beacuse it is their job since they are running the country.

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