There’s one thing the illegal regime can do, yes make us all laugh, yes LOL! LOL! LOL!

The latest news that bugle boci may, just may be the illegal regimes formal representative to the beautiful Land of the Great White Cloud as counsellor at Fijis high commission in Wellington  is surely a joke?  Counsellor no less, Sa Yawa man.

Ah, what the heck. The alternative rep could be worse, but they all are anyway,

Their irrelevant leader (?) oink  is no better, so sending one of his dumb henchmen across to show the NZ public just what we have to put up with here is not such a bad thing for us who vehemently oppose the illegal regime because the Kiwis can see for themselves how ill equipped and absolutely inept oink and his mentors really are. Good Oh!

A word of advise to the illegal Pip Squeak  for Misinformation, it is most uncouth to fart at the table and to pick your nose in company. Got it?

Ca gona na no school, qanibul!

Then again the illegal president and his CONsort + all those coupsters who helped them along their illegal way are known to have qanibulu between their ears in place of brains and the power of reasoning.



  1. hari Says:

    Is this another one of the guessing game again? Who may we ask is the new Rep in New Zealand? Who brokered this one-Budhau maybe?

  2. Tamanikaira Says:

    The illegal circus in Fiji may appoint whoever they please to these overseas missions however has any of the Fiji residents living within these countries explored avenues of walking into these embassies and conducting a citizens arrest of these IMG hooligans?

  3. Koya na Man Says Says:

    lewinsky is not going to be playing drums out there, cleaning buggles,nor mixing grog for murray mccully…

    I’am sure if u ask him to quote some trade policies/agreements which are very important Fiji and NZ that he will even respond, he might fluently answer the tactics of trading bowls over the tanoa.

    Just send him as ambassador of the illegal regime to niu siladi lailai, where he could sharpen his natural talent and skills.

  4. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We think we know the reason why Frank wants to send Leweni to Wellington.

    When you have a pet dog that keeps making a nuisance of itself by barking night and day and dropping turds in other compounds and you haven’t got the heart to take it to the Vet to be put down you try to find a good home for him.

    Check out our take on our blogsite:


  5. kaba Says:

    truez up man

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