We thought we’d heard it all but NO, the ILLEGAL REGIME continues on it’s path of SELF destruction.

Last week they deported Dr Padma Lal, you got it, she’s Brij Lals wife. Tit for tat,  like the morons they are,  the coupsters can’t behave like adults and just had to take revenge on Brij Lal. This was their pathetic, reprehensible way, what a bunch of sad shitheads.

Then, wait for it …….

Two men trying to help their fellowmen by holding a stress management workshop were taken in for questioning  by the illegal police for alleged breach of the stupid PER. They weren’t charged, Thank God. Maybe tele tapi had a moment of clarity.

But here’s oink in all his wisdom (NOT!!!), this boci decree is a true indication of oinks inability to manage anything, especially his anger …

The Regulation of Pensions and Retirement Allowances Decree gives  Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama powers to stop allowances, salaries, pensions or any other State entitlements to pensioners critical of the government.

The decree covers the Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Decree, 1989, the Prime Minister’s Pensions Act 1994, the Judges Remuneration and Emoluments Act and the Pensions Act “and any other related law on pensions”.

Government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni has said that former civil servants who were critical of the government will have their pensions stopped to change the view of people opposed to the Bainimarama government.

The provisions of the decree are effective against anyone the PM is satisfied has acted or attempted to “bring hatred or contempt or disaffection against the government or any institution or authority of the government”.

Other grounds on which pensions could be stopped are if the person has promoted or incited “feelings of ill-will and hostility amongst the different classes of population in Fiji; or bring hatred or contempt or disaffection against the administration of justice or the judiciary; or incite communal antagonism or racial discontent”.

The decree does not apply to allowances, pensions or any other benefits or entitlements payable under the Fiji National Provident Fund.

A Fund spokesperson said the decree did not apply to its members and that the Fund is separate from the government pension.







  1. ofa Says:

    These decrees clearly show where we are: In a dictatorship of the common variety. After his abrogation of the constitution last year Cassava Franks actions have been utterly consistent with those of any other tin pot dictator presiding over an opera state. Even the most gullible have in the meantime received the message loud and clear: If you are a judge trying to do your job to be independent, you get sacked for disobedience. If you dare to voice an opinion in the media you will be gagged. If you contemplate opposition you will be suppressed by tactics seen in Zimbabwe, Iran, Myanmar or China. If you are on a government pension and critizise the dictator well there is no food on the table of your familiy. And Driti, one of his stooges and major coup beneficiary has announced that in 2010 the military will even come down harder on anyone who disagrees. While still postulating his determination to fight against corruption he has used the anticorruption bureaucracy established by him to harass regime critics such as human rights lawyer Jalal. Banimarama at the same time has committed nepotism and corruption at a scale unseen in Fiji by giving posts, power and money to cronies and yes-creeps.

    Cassava Frank sometimes whines that he is misunderstood by the Western world and other Pacific leaders and demands that more notice must be taken of the underlying issues of racism corruption and the need to fight terrorism all of which he names in attempting to justify his coup. While the terrorism claim he made in a speech at the UN was dismissed as right out laughable and he has in the meantime refrained from uttering this nonsense, the other issues were – at least initially- seen by the outside world as worth a consideration. Unfortunately for Cassava Frank, there are still records intact that clearly suggest that his coup coincided with a closing in of investigators on this involvement in the brutal murder of soldiers in 2000. Most people in Fiji believe that his ulterior motives for his coup were not democracy but were self-preservation and the temptations of the absolute power he now holds. In the context of the history of dictatorships that makes a lot more sense than fighting for freedom and democracy through brutal oppression of any dissent.

    What will be next? What about a total travel ban on anybody, the style the Eastern Block dictators used to avoid that their people see how a democracy works? Or a mandatory ‘praise the dictator’ at the beginning of every school day, North Korea style? Switching off the internet would hurt a few private enterprises in Fiji, but they hurt anyway as with all the power Cassava Frank holds he failed to do anything about a collapsing economy.

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    It’s so laugable to think that this is what Voreqe and his illegal ministers label “democracy”.

    The pea-brained lot just don’t seem to see that their actions continually expose them to be the

    COWARDS (No one will challenge this decree in a court of alw, etc etc)


    LIARS (Decree will be brought upong on who will “bring hatred or contempt or disaffection against the government or any institution or authority of the government”…Hello!!! Voreqe that’s exactly what you did when you stole our government’s leadership and then abrogated our Constituition)

    they are!

    But at least we can be rest assured that the FALL IS GOING TO BE HARDER, NASTIER AND MESSIER than the rise! That the effects is going to be paid on his grandchildren and descendants to come. Ya!

  3. Pheneas Says:

    I’m just disgusted with fact that no one in the previous government is man enough to stand up for democracy, even if it cause the demise of anyone of them or sent to jail for the rest of his or her life, COWARDS..just like them bainimaraga and gangs. Anyways, the bible is clear. Mathew 10 – 28 , “So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.’

    Good luck to all the Parents for the begining of this school year.

  4. this is navoha Says:

    Fiji military your time is up…..stop this coward act….enough is enough….we the people of Nadroga and Navosa can fight you alone… are just people with guns and big mouth …….we have been silent most of the time….but now will show you the real warriors of Fiji…..and with God’s help you’ll see the fun

  5. hari Says:

    Me think Bai is running out of Money. Harri Punja its time to take your money and run. Anyone with a bit of brain knows that its time to show Bai the middle finger and run like hell!!

  6. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    Bainimarama’s Illegal state of corruption

    The recent decree which allows Voreqe to annul the pensions of any opponents of his junta will only add more critics against his IMG circus and also drive many other civil servants underground. This action can only be viewed as childish, immature and furthermore is a display which reminds us of the ugly side of the military’s forceful rule in Fiji since 2006.

    I must remind readers and opponents of this disastrous military coup that fraud and corruption is rife within Bainimarama’s failed junta. A factual account of the state of the country can be viewed on the Fiji Financial Intelligence unit, AML conferences link and “Financial Crime & Money Laundering in Fiji: The Emerging Trends in Fiji” presentation by Director Razim Buksh. Here we see that actual fraud and corruption was on a downward trend up until 2006 where it has since climbed out of control until today.

    One only has to look at the RBF website under Exchange Controls to view Sada Reddy’s so called “Fiji, My second home” initiative. Red flags of corruption and money laundering leap out of this classic case of institutional fraud and corruption by the IMG. It is apparent that this policy serves as a desperate attempt by the IMG to lure funds to Fiji through a tax fee scam which will also lure all sorts of money launderers from nearby Australia and afar such as India, China and Russia. Further danger also lies in the programs easy ‘residence’ clause which allows illegal migration for criminal and terrorist syndicates to set up base in town for easy placement, layering and integration of illegal money and other nefarious activities.

    We only have to be reminded of the disastrous effects that tax havens such as Nauru and Vanuatu have had on their citizens in the past where every aspect of society was affected by systemic corruption and international organised crime. These countries have cleaned up their act but Voreqe’s regime is going the opposite way.

    Again, I say that the IMG’s control of the country is a matter of perception. They are a few but we are many more and does holding the reins of government infrastructure equate to a successful coup? Absolutely not, so we must collectively strive to prevent the type of consolidation that these traitors strive for and rally local civil servants, citizens and international governments and organisations to bring these usurpers to their knees and eventually justice

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