What does the illegal regime do to justiy their illegal stance, exact another PER.
100 points for innovation, MAI ASO!
Is that the extent of the coupsters illegal rule. Certainly is dear friends, because there is not one of them who knows how to run a government department, or has an iota of how to even begin. Looks like the only thing they’re capable of running is a stocking, Duh!
Please someone just give the drummer a biscuit tin & a guava stick to play with, he’s certainly out of his depth like the rest of his colleagues.
Another PER another LMFAO for us bloggers & anticoup supporter, hehehehehehe. 
BTW just what is all the fuss about pursuing  Imrana Jalal. The ig are always looking at the wrong people to prosecute or beat up, She hasn’t done anything wrong at all.
We don’t for one minute believe that her husband would run a business without a license.
Trumped up charges, PER, sa tu na da Reddys creative accounting figures picked out of oinks magicians (Magi Cans is how oink pronounces that word – truesup, the bloody fool) hat,  covering up for the real culprits behind the now dead & defunct sugar industry, dodgy ex Fiji citizens hired to do the igs dirty work then bolting from the country quick fast with their lucrative packages before oink found out they were truly as fraudulent as himself. The ludicrous, illegal ag making up laws to fulfill his obsessive xenophobia.
That’s only a hint of the sheer stupidity that is the illegal regime. What a comedy of endless errors, sounds like a Shakespearean play, Could be, because Shakespeares play ‘Comedy of Errors’  revolves around humour caused by the foolish mistakes of unintelligent characters and the chaos that derives from it.
How about that. LOL


  1. hari Says:

    Whats goin on Bud??Are you off your rocker? Has the Gas from the illegal pressi’s Sonalevu, causing brain to mulfunction or turds from the illegal PM, has finally stimulate your blocked-head? What is it?
    Hopefully, you’re not speaking in riddles or searching for something from us,but go ahead and tell us what the f… you’re quacking about?

  2. Annon. Says:

    Monday Morning Sports Report.

    Soccer – IR (forever be they cursed) V ? (make selection?).

    In soccer parlance – call this an ugly 1 all draw (match of 2 halves).

    IR (forever be they cursed) has every right to expose chronic deficiencies in Viti’s (SCC) current model (structure – personel & administration).

    That a lawyer of all people could overlook such a basic business tenant is???Baffling?

    SCC was a basket case – everyone knew that – place stank – literally & metaphorically. IR (forever be they cursed) took steps – chaged this – appointed (capable?). Administrator. (goal! – Got message across).

    Unfortunately in second half – in haste to enfore advantage – they scored
    (conceded) an own goal.

    ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’.
    WS. (H4).

  3. Budhau Says:

    Hari Bhai, Happy New Year to you too.

    The president, the PM and all them Fijians running the country, they really have big arses, right Hari Bhai?

    Yes, I do believe that the harassment of Ms Jalal only made the regime look bad – I hope Frank jumps on the idiot that had the FICAC go after Imrana…. there are bigger fish to fry.

    Oh, and I also think Aiyaz should get his shit together – while every thing else seem to be kind of moving forward (look at Sada Reddy for example), the judiciary seem to be going nowhere. I know that the ANZ are trying to screw up the judiciary – and by now Aiyaz should have been able to factor that in the equation and still should have been able to move on. I think Sada Reddy and Pranesh Chand and others had a much difficult task than what Aiyaz had – trying to get the judiciary up and running – there is no reason to hire magistrates and then fire them a few weeks later – if you don’t like them, then they should have been thoroughly vetted before they were hired.

    You see Hari, this is called constructive criticism.

    But over all, I think 2010 will be a better year for the regime and for Fiji – with the global economy improving, that in itself should mean good news.

  4. ofa Says:

    2010 will be a much better year for all of us. As a start the Fiji Sun will be distributed for free starting January 15. This will allow us all to enjoy a free press in 2010. With respect to human rights, well as long as we keep our mouths shut and admire the wise leadership of Cassava Frank and Aiarse, no prob. If not refer to Imrana Jalal or all the others who have been sacked imprisoned, harassed and tortured. Driti called it the 2010 coming down hard.

  5. ofa Says:

    Oh and before I forget Driti will be posted in Iraq. This could be really good because it is a very dangerous place…

  6. Annon. Says:

    @ ofa.

    Wonder how their fixed (Iraq) – for bati ni wai? (Gau).

  7. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    @ Annon,

    It’s vores way of getting rid of Driti, he’s wishing that a suicide bomber will get really close to him, then kacabote, no more Driti.

    Driti and Roko Lui are the ones that vore is lamu of because they’re both unpredictable and of course are younger and stronger than he is.

    Watch them all coup each other, there’s no honour among thieves.

  8. Annon. Says:

    @ ofa & any others.

    Don’t be so critical of the FS?

    Don’t underestimate integrity bravery & intelligence of staff.

    Fairly obvious that unlike FT they know & accept what the score is & have adapted – diferent from taking sides? Reckon if it wasn’t for their classified monopoly & history FT would have closed long ago.

    Sure – we all know there are censors everywhere – but as one blogger advised – ‘ can’t beat the Fiji censors your following the right cause in the wrong place’.

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