Looks like 2010 has bought much optimism to the Nation, which is a good sign for us all . It means we’re really over the illegal regime, they can carry on with their idiocy and the rest of us can get on with our lives.
We’ve all realised we can manage, cope and get by without the illegal regimes intimidating presence.
Of course it still doesn’t auger well for our economy and the huge mess that has to be rectified since the illegal takeover of 5.12.06. by bipolar oink and his ignorant coupsters.
But it certainly is a great improvement in our National psyche. It means we are strong and have the ability to fend for ourselves, especially as the illegal regime has not done anything for us at all except try to make our lives miserable, beating, killing, sacking and abusing our friends and relatives.
Game Over oink, it’s all very well to state that he wants to rid the Nation of the ‘old’ elite, look again O blind, dumb unholy porcine of Fiji, you’ve put them right where they want to be. in the White House where they can order that you and your irrelevant little friend sayed khaiyum whose  New Years resolution is to lose weight, can be locked up so you both really do lose weight. The weight was lost long ago from between both your ears, so maybe the middle age spread put on from living off the fat of the land, and the sweat of the people of this Island Nation might need drastic incarceration in Naboro, Jao!
That’s what has always been lacking with people who have instigated coups in Fiji. No matter how much material assets and illicit cash they gained or accumulated from their illegal stance, like anything stolen it is very quickly lost and it’s back to less than basics for the losers. We call it POTE in Fiji.
One thing most humans have is Hope and the determination to improve their lot in life. That’s exactly what’s happened in Fiji, those who have been treated inhumanely by the coupsters have recouped (no pun intended) their strengths, YES, the very strengths that made them all successful in the first place, landed back on their size 14+  feet, regained their footing & are back on the road to better success from where they were unfairly felled.

9 Responses to “NEW YEAR NEW IDEA”

  1. JACK Says:

    Common sense has finally prevail, because where there’s life, there is certainly hope for the future for our beloved nation of Fiji. We should not be afraid nor dishearten by the political or economic situation back home. We must stay positive and remain faithfully that our perseverance and determination will take us to the “Promise Land”. Look on the bright side people.

  2. Matanivanua Taukei. Says:

    Could someone please clarify Col Tikoduadua’s comments regarding eligibility for the uncoming forum?

    ‘ must not represent organisations based on communial representation’.

    Does this include (exclude) organisations who enjoy communial support?

    Say for instance the SDL dropped any objection re above – agreed one vote one value?

  3. Annon. Says:

    So what happens if this rigid one vote one value does come into effect? (enforced). What befalls the traditional occupents (owners) of Tailevu Rewa & Suva vo etc etc? Swamped (outvoted) by a sea of Vulagi?
    Where is their voice in all this?
    Mathamatical Democracy?

  4. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Bula fellow bloggers

    This is to let you know that, in response to the military dictatorship’s efforts to block Fiji freedom blogs, including Fiji Democracy Now, we have launched a new blogsite.

    It’s a blog version of our website and carries all the same news, views and comments as the original FDN, which continues.

    If family or friends in Fiji cannot access FDN’s website due to blocking, tell them to look up:

    To all other blogs: please link to our new blog.

    Long live democracy and long live freedom of speech!

    Fiji Democracy Now

  5. Annon. Says:

    @ Justice Budhau. Try this? Open Court.

    Imrana Jalal. On the Record.

    Lawyer – charged with operating a business without a licence – carries maximun $20 fine.

    Wants transfer High Court – alleged persecution – re political (business?)beliefs (convictions).

    Off the Record.

    “There are a number of very large business’s which are new and operating without a licence” – ‘ 50% of business (in Viti) operates this way’.

    Wouldn’t you think – given profession? This dude would have seen the phucking obvious? (Lawyer pleading ignorance of basic tenant of Law? Accepting illegal practices as governance? Status quo?

    Hasn’t IR (forever be they cursed) implemented measures – made appointments to alleviate this glaring abnormality? (SCC). Will this same publicity – privilege & access to High Court be afforded the Barrow Boys of Suva Market – Peanut Sellers of Viti etc etc – if & when they are charged?

    Pick or Add?

    Lawyer? Restaurantuer? Publicity seeking oppurtunists? Elitest? Chook – being unknowingly manipulated by a military Hook? An under worked ativists seeking both cause & employer. Potential Whistlblower? Political advisior? (shouldn’t consider).

    At your consideration.

    Hasn’t by chance got a baby with a medical condition?

  6. Budhau Says:

    Fiji Democracy Now – cut out the crap – pretending that you are someone important, that authorities would be trying to mess with your blog.

    Annon, the discussion about who is operating without a business license on Viti Levu is not relevant. You see, my cousin in Sorokoba, he does not require a business license to operate his business.

    So let us confine our discussion to Suva – yes, if you plan to conduct business in the city of Suva, you have to apply and obtain a business license from the relevant licensing authority.

    First, one has to realize that Ms Jalal is not using the argument that “others were breaking the law, so it is OK for me to do it also” – that usually does not work, I tried using that one with the police officer who gave me a speeding ticket.

    Here, I think Ms Jalal is trying to say that this is a case selective prosecution – that the authorities are selectively trying to harass her and the true motive of the regime is to single her out for harassment, not to enforce some city council ordinance. (you see, in case of the police officer giving me a ticket and not others was not that she was out there trying to nail my ass, it just happened)

    As for the case being transferred to the High Court – it is not Ms Jalal who is asking for the transfer, it is the authorities who are attempting to do this. Imrana is trying to point out that the authorities a judge shopping, specially after we had seem some comments from a magistrate who was questioning the actions of FICAC.

    I think the actions of FICAC made the regime look bad. This regime should choose its battles, and taking on Ms Jalal and her husband is not a high priority – this looks like someone is trying to get even. It is a clear case of harassment and the international coverage that we have seen of this story – it is FICAC that has egg on its face. I think there are bigger fish to fry, even if they want to get even.

    Here is how FICAC should have handled it – they should have got some at SCC to go after this restaurant.

    Since the restaurant in question is operated by a corporation (I think), the right thing to do here would have been to let the SCC deal with the offending corporation – charge the corporation, fine it, shut the restaurant down – whatever. The entity that they should be dealing with is the corporation, not some individual director of the corporation.

    Bad move by FICAC- someone in the military seems to have an axe to grind and they are making a hero out of Ms Jalal.
    You see, you have to “give them a fair trial and then hang them” – that would make the regime look good – it seems that someone at the military does not know this.

    BTW – that photo of Imrama in the media – she looked pretty.

  7. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    On the Record.

    Corporations (companies) are merely entity’s? (sometimes headed by naval captains? (see Exxon – precedent Viti – bati ni wai Gau).

    Those behind (in charge – responsible) are somehow unacountable? Invisible? Gee dude phucking business model & food couldn’t have been real flash? Or expensive? If (when) $20 impacts bottom line?

    Case dimissed on grounds of gross insanity & incompetence by all parties
    – defence forensic (photo) evidence.

    Court orders somebody or anybody please pay $20 phucking fine?

    Off the Record.
    Eo – did didn’t she – ummm? Very nice – you from Bau?
    How do you reckon she’d go in Bollywood? Can she sing? Dance?
    Does she play Cricket? (Wicket?).

  8. Budhau Says:

    Yes Annon, that is what I said about the corporation – “that the entity they should be dealing with is the corporation” – and the authorities should be going after this entity rather than the directors.

    This is the kind of thinks that people higher up in the administrations should watch out for – that guys lower down trying to settle score and in the process make the administration look bad.

    There was no need for for anyone to go after Ms Jalal in this case.

  9. Annon. Says:

    @ Hon Justice Budhau.

    Gee dude – some of these phucking democracy sites very selective in material submitted (published?

    Wouldn’t? (reluctant?) publish direction (www SV) re your summary – findings – judgement & orders?

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