New Zealand moves to restore Fiji link

  • Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor
  • From: The Australian
  • December 29, 2009 12:00AM

NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key has indicated to Fiji military ruler and Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama he would like to start the relationship over again next year in a more positive way.

This marks the first apparent shift from the regional solidarity in which Mr Key and his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd have tackled the aftermath of the 2006 Fiji coup in tandem.

Mr Key revealed that discussions were under way between the New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, and his Fiji counterpart, Ratu Inoke Kubuobola, about the return of a New Zealand high commissioner to Suva, following the round of tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions involving Fiji, New Zealand and Australia last month.

He said that “having a high commission in operation in Suva is important”, with 20,000 visas issued to Fiji every year.

Mr Key and the Prime Minister had previously expressed little interest in negotiating with Mr Bainimarama until he agreed to conduct elections – or at least to bring them forward from the planned poll in September 2014.

The New Zealand and Fiji leaders have so far conducted their conversation via an Auckland radio station, whose audience primarily comprises Fiji Indians: Radio Tarana.

Mr Key told the station: “I’m actually in the process of sending him a letter – for trying to engage in more dialogue . . . We are not anti-Frank Bainimarama. We want to see democracy restored in Fiji. And we are prepared to do whatever it takes – as financial resources and human resources allow.”

Mr Bainimarama responded via Radio Tarana that Mr Key’s new overtures were “a very good change for us, for Fiji. We would like to continue dialogue with New Zealand and Australia.”


Well good on you oink, about time you came around to accept that it’s not all about you, because at the end of the day, whenever Fiji is faced with a natural disaster it is New Zealand and Australia who are the first to offer a helping hand and it’s the wonderful Kiwis and Aussies who invest and holiday in Fiji. Comprende?

Time to swallow that bitter pill oink and admit that you and your irrelevant coupsters just cannot make a go of running a government.

It’s never too late to accept defeat and hand over government to the one’s you took it away from so they can continue from where they were rudely disrupted or have that election that whenever the time draws near, the goalpost is shifted, to noones advantage, least of all yours oink.

Since oink and the coupsters have become the laughing stock of the political world and the fact has been made known to oink he seems to have realised his folly at being used so deftly  to kickstart the progress of his puppetmasters to the White House where they will surely strike out at him without a never you mind.

Did oink ever realise that he and meris eagerness to meet the Pope has resulted in the old fool Mataca being ostracised by the Vatican. Well one cannot fall lower than that in the katolika world, so that any self respecting katolika from Fiji will be screened minutely before being allowed anywhere near Pope Benedict, or any other Pope for that matter.

Let’s hope bloggers that oink has seen the light.



  1. hari Says:

    Seems to me that some unexplained power is working against the IG and Bainiboci admin. Three natural disasters since pulling the coup in 2006? Maybe the old ” MANA” is still working? No money in the Bank, Bais head is getting worse,Epeli Polo needs slings to haul it around and Epeli Presitedi has ED and has rectal cancer.

  2. Tuks Says:

    Sobo Hari what kind of cancer is that?..Please elaborate….

  3. Anon. Says:

    In war the conventional army loses if it does not win – the guerrilla wins if it does not lose. Blog on Ragone!
    Happy New Year – good hunting!

  4. Budhau Says:

    Yes, Anon, in this situation Frank wins if he does not lose.

    BTW – Frank is probably pleased to see ANZ is coming around – he probably knew that it was just a matter of time before they did.

    BTW – has anyone heard any discussion on the new constitution and the election….or any other such demands from ANZ recently.

    I guess now ANZ can discuss with Frank on how Frank can improve on running the country – good governance and all that and how ANZ can help.

    Hari – you idiots – Yeap, it God just watching over his favorite country – sending some bad weather our way. I am sure this has nothing to do with climate change and all that crap.

  5. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau. Carts Horses & Uniforms?

    Amazing? Somehow got it arse about?

  6. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Keep doing the same things expecting different results ..

    and I thought you were schooled

    Forget Fiji

    Open embassies in Samoa

  7. Qaranigio. Says:

    @ KB.
    Seperate (no school) force – same objective.

    Believe ruling cabal poses great danger to traditional Taukei structure & values – of 3 – 2 in Coventry (virtual house arrest) – our own in exile. Goverment appointed (santioned) 3 man committee meddling in matters & places it has no authority jurisdiction or respect – fine — bure falls down – be it on all their heads…

  8. ofa Says:

    Key’s real agenda is not in the open yet. Lets wait and see how this will unfold. Writing a little letter to Cassava Frank does not cost NZ anything.

  9. Budhau Says:

    No ofa, Frank had told the ANZ crowd to phuck off out of Fiji – and they can stay out for as long as they want.
    Now, it looks as if they would like to come back in – because in the long run, if ANZ do no come back, some other countries will step in and fill the vacuum. It is about ANZ’s interests.

    That “Cassava Frank”……. you may not like his politics, but the dude ain’t no idiot. There will be posturing on both sides, but before the ANZ are allowed in, there has to be commitment from them that they will back off of the internal politics of Fiji….which basically means buying into the 2014 election date and the new constitution.
    They just have to find a face saving way to get back without making it look like they have given into Franks demands.

    Hey….. how about NZ pays for the new Election Commissioner and it allows its lawyers and judges to take up appointments in Fiji – that way we will have a impartial judiciary and free and fair elections – and it will make NZ look good also.

  10. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    “NZ pay lawyers & judges to take up appointments”?

    Yeah right…What happened to religion?

  11. gdevreal Says:

    “2014 election date and the new constitution.”
    Yeah, right! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  12. hari Says:

    Sorry Turk, the rectal cancer has to do with the Sonalevu but what can he do when Budhau’s nose is parked in there 24/7?

  13. Budhau Says:

    No Annon – what I said was NZ pay for the Commish – as part of its aid programme – not pay lawyers and judges to take up appointments.
    What NZ should have done a long time ago was to ALLOW its lawyers and judges to take up those positions in the Fiji judiciary.
    You see Annon, in your haste to jump on Bud – you sort of missed a few things there…..right?

    Hey Gdev – It looks as if ANZ are coming around ….this 2014 elections and all that…and even if they are not, you think Frank gives as rats arse about what these two think…..and what are they going to do about it….don’t allow our judges in for emergency medical treatment.

    gdev, have you noticed the shift, now they want dialogue – they want to see that Frank does a good job until the 2014 elections.

    Hari bhai – as for the 24/7 comment…….all I gotta do is show up in here every few months and thats all it take to get idiots like you going in circles.

  14. hari Says:

    Sure Bud, you showed up with a heavy& smelly baggage on your nose.Too much turds on ones breathing apparatus can be totally bad for anyone thinking cap!!!!!!!!!

  15. Annon. Says:

    What cracks me up is intended name?

    Justice Budhau does have a certain ring?

    Decisions would make interesting reading?

    Expect heavy human rights bent – on upward spiral – deifiction etc…

  16. Annon. Says:

    Before I say salako – ‘expect unusual grammatical compositions in written summaries – short concise combinational words – in no particular order – eg; love – phuck – God – fricken – religion – idiot – ho ho ho’…

  17. Budhau Says:

    Hari Bhai wrote, “Too much turds on ones breathing apparatus can be totally bad for anyone thinking cap!!!!!!!!!”

    Is that true – Hari?

    Annon wrote, “love- phuck – God”

    Hey dude,that would be the ultimate.

    BTW – you did figure it out – about NZ allowing its lawyers and judges taking up posting with the Fiji Judiciary.

  18. emenijisu Says:

    Sori beka oink! NZ has been correcting that misreporting from Tarana Radio. BTW Tarana radio owned by Robert Khan the brother of Geraldine Pasad who happens to be Mrs John Prasad (illegal Finance PS etc) and best friend of Ryaz Saiyad Khaiyum…………. see the conenctions?

  19. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau – study selective catagories carefully before deciding selection.

    Ultimates & Reasons? Or why would anyone want the job?

    You sit on a goverment supplied piece of wood in crucial parts of your day encased in a room in tropical conditions – listen thoughtfully – appear attentively as a never ending stream of flotsome & jetsome of humanity floats gently by…. Your function is decideing who & what is worth salvaging? Who gets justice – who gets law.

    Pay is an insulting fraction of what you truly believe your worth.
    Yourself & extended family are bound & encased within rigid traditional protocol’s – rules & regulations that impacts all area’s of your & their lives -you will be however be aided by a vast array of goverment supplied assistants in need of shelter during daylight hours – oh & in light of a recent workplace aggrement all your decisions both written & oral will be vigorously scrutinized & disected – lest you confuse the two.

    You would do this because?

    You need somewhere 2 go & sit during the day – your homesick – position offers vast business & social networking potential – your a volatile anarchist with a penchant for unusual gramatical writing – like dressing up –
    you incurred a religious ‘these are my people’ experience & confused where it came from – often wonder how a nice Indian boy finished up here – have a scary continous vision of old bespecled cloth draped man propped up by a stick wandering around Vanua Levu but not overwhelmed by footware attire pay tour intinerary accomodation & reception?

  20. Budhau Says:

    Huh….this is above my pay-scale, dude….have they started paying you by the word?

    If only they had taught you how to think, when they were teaching you how to write.

    ..and that old dude propped up by a stick wandering around Vanua Levu…yeah, it was he who had said something about religion being a personal matter… so keep it between yourself and your god.

    ..BTW, you figured that one out – the one about the Aleuts and the polar bears….and how about the NZ taxpayers paying for our judges.

  21. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Sega – holidays – pro bono & its I N U I T S – salako.

  22. gdevreal Says:

    Yes 2014 will eventually arrive, but guess what, when it does, Voreqe will have another excuse ready or even no excuse. Look at the PER, does he even bother with the reason anymore? It is just the PER is extended to keep the dictatorship in place, something we all knew from the start, but provided the goons an excuse to silence and persecute their enemy, the People of Fiji.
    2014 is a joke. Voreqe probably chose it in 2009 because it sounds to the ignorant that he is just claiming a term in office. But for a term with no mandate, forced by the power of the gun, what does it mean? It only means that he will need an excuse to re-elect himself for another 5 year term when the time comes, and any excuse will do, even the necessity of feeding the family dog.
    Anyone who believes 2014 will be an election date is either an apologist, a fool, or both. Let us not forget that Voreqe publically anounced in 2003 that he would take over the government by force. That was to the army, because with the army he does not need an excuse, he was commander that that is enough. But when it came to taking the legitimate government from the People, he had to cook something up. So he calculates the race bogeyman to bring Indians on board, and the corruption bogeyman to bring internationals on board, without understanding that while he may have gotten away from it, none of this is justification for a coup. But of course with the level of ignorance and self-delusion in some communities in Fiji, that does not matter.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Annon – so it is Inuits and not Aleuts.

    Listen you dumbass – both the Inuits and the Aleuts hunt polar bears.
    Neither one them argue with the facts that the bear numbers are declining – as you tried to suggest.
    Some of of them do suggest that their subsistence lifestyle has little to do this decline – that is why they have a problem with any restrictions on their hunting.
    The are not arguing with the scientists as the decline in the numbers – all they are saying is that they are not the cause of the decline.

    Hey gdevreal – you have the right to have your opinion that Frank cannot be trusted…but you can’t push that around in here as a fact.

    As for the PER -I think you have have just given us the reason for the PER “keep the dictatorship in place”- you see, any attempt to try and destabilize this “dictatorship” would be a threat to national security and it can also deteriorate into a bad law and order situation. So you see why they have to put the PER in place. This government, regardless of how it came into power, has some responsibilities – and that National Security and law and order excuse for the PER sounds just as good as any other.

    BTW- if you are not buying into the 2014 elections – what exactly are you planning to do about it. I think for Frank, 2010 would be a better year than 2009, and it looks like ANZ are also coming around. You got any plans.

    That crap about the 2003 announcement that Frank would pull a coup – take that one to Raw Fiji News. It might get you some out there.

    As for cooking up some excuse for the coup – wonder how these guys always come up with something. Old boy Rabuka and Speight did it for the indigenous cause, and Frank did it to wipe out corruption and for racial equality.
    BTW – I see that you have picked up on Frank – how his corruption excuse was for local consumption and his racial equality excuse was for the International market. I wonder why some of you have never figured out that Rabuka and Speight’s excuse about the “indigenous cause” crap was just that – a load of bullshit.
    Of course none of this was the justification for the coup.

    So when you point out the “level of ignorance and self-delusion in some communities in Fiji” – are you suggesting that the Fijians still believe that the previous coups were about indigenous rights.

    I think the Fijians have realized that they had been used twice before by Rabuka and Speight and maybe that is why they are sitting this one out on the sideline and let Frank and his boys sort this one out with Qarase and the elite that was in power.

    BTW – maybe if there is no election in 2014, and this regime turns out to be much worse than what we have had in the past, who knows, maybe then the Fiji people may decided to do something about it.

    You, Tui Savu, RFN and the like trying to feed them crap through these blogs – you may have misjudged that level of ignorance and self-delusion – the Fijian people ain’t stupid.

  24. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    EO we know – put the Bure on it – so get off Tui’s case – least he can phucking spell.

  25. Budhau Says:

    You still don’t get it it, do you- it ain’t about spelling and it about the writing skills. It is about the ability to first spot the issue and then it is all about the ability to THINK straight. (BTW – I refuse to run this through spellcheck or proof read what I post in here)

    As for Tui Savu – you think he is in line to be the next Attorney General in that new SDL administration. Hey, maybe those Fijians, the ones who own those highrises in Suva built from SDL provided funds, maybe they will give Tui Savu the free use of the top floor in one of their high rise buildings in Suva when he returns to Fiji after this administration is taken down.
    BTW – those highrise buildings – No, they are not owned by the various provinces….Kadavu House…my arse!

  26. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Its all about clarity of thought spelling writing skills & proof reading – how else do you convey ideas & contributions in places such as these?
    As for Tui Savu future ambitions? You’d be better asking him? (this is his blog) because right now such things are of no interest – above our periphery & objective – have no priority. (ditto Suva property ownership).

    Offer advice & observation?
    Personal attacks render you vunerable & although it sometimes makes strange reading – your current thought process appears fragmented. (BTW & Others?). Take a break? Some good cricket on.

  27. Tuks Says:

    Below is today’s editorial in today’s Wellington newspaper, The Dominion, which I hope will be a pointer in how NZ will engage with the illegal regime in Fiji.

    Dictatators Must Not Hold Sway in Pacific
    The Dominion Post

    OPINION: Prime Minister John Key wants to renew engagement with Fiji. Good. The relationship is certainly in need of repair.

    Fiji and New Zealand have a long history of strong links. Those links have been loosened in recent years, and relations reached a nadir in November when New Zealand and Australia’s top diplomats in Fiji were told to leave, accused of meddling in Fijian affairs.

    Last month, Mr Key said he was in the process of sending Commodore Frank Bainimarama a letter, “trying to engage in more dialogue”, and that New Zealand was not “anti-Frank Bainimarama”. Thankfully, he added “we do want to see democracy restored in Fiji”.

    The New Zealand Government has a fine line to tread between trying to build a relationship with Fiji’s leaders and making it clear that the current situation there is unacceptable. Mr Key should never forget that, whatever his motives, and whatever the wrongs he felt he was righting, Mr Bainimarama took power at the point of a gun and deposed a democratically elected government.

    Nor should Mr Key forget what has happened since. Mr Bainimarama promised the restoration of elections, but broke his promise.

    Instead, he has tightened his grip on the country. Last April, after a court ruling that the 2006 coup was illegal, President Ratu Josefa Iloilo effectively tore up the constitution. As Human Rights Watch Asia director Brad Adams commented, despite claims that basic rights would be respected under the new order, “it appears that the only current guarantees are ones of impunity, prolonged military rule, and reprisals against those who attempt to exercise basic rights”.

    Inconvenient judges were replaced. Opponents continued to be intimidated. Fiji’s media remain under the control of the military. Mr Bainimarama now rules by decree. Elections are now not due till 2014.

    It would be a shame if Mr Key’s desire for a renewal of engagement or his statement that “we are not anti-Frank Bainimarama” were to be seen as any sort of endorsement of the commodore’s regime.

    The problem is that few options are open to Mr Key. The stick of sanctions has not worked. The Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth have suspended Fiji from membership. The United Nations has ruled out using its soldiers in future peacekeeping operations. The European Union has cut sugar subsidies. New Zealand and Australia have denied government officials, the military and members of their families, entry to their territories.

    Whatever else he does, Mr Key should not accept advice such as that from Auckland academic Hugh Laracy, who believes Mr Bainimarama should not get heavy-handed treatment “when he should be trusted that he’s doing the best for his country”. That is what defenders of dictators always say.

    Ad Feedback
    Mr Key is right to try to make a new start with the commodore in the new year. However, that does not mean forgetting that he is a dictator. The aim must be that dictatorships do not become the “Pacific way”.

  28. Budhau Says:

    You see Tuks, what this editorial seems to be saying is that NZ is about set to engage with Bainimarama on his terms, i.e., softening its stance on Fiji and that the editorial team at this newspaper believe that NZ should not back down from its tough stand.

    So you see, the writing is on the wall – that NZ is softening its position on Fiji.

    Sure NZ wants “to see democracy restored in Fiji” – everyone does, and I guess NZ would now be willing to go along with the 2014 election deadline. Who knows, given the right incentives, Frank might be willing to move that date up a bit.

    For NZ to get back with Fiji on “talking terms”, they have to back down from their “anti-Bainimarama” position (the pro democracy position is fine) – and that is what they seem to be doing now.

    If you read my earlier posts, I have always said that NZ policy should be that of the “carrot and stick” approach – not “the stick” approach. This editorial seem to agree with me that “the stick” approach of sanctions has not worked, the EU cutting its funds, the UN cutting back on peacekeepers etc.

    You see Tuks, coming up with this type of an analysis does not necessarily mean that one is defending Frank.

  29. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Could be worse – could be a Pakistani Cricketer?

  30. Budhau Says:

    Annon – you old fart, dumb*ass – figured out the polar bear story yet?

  31. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Eo – & the mysterious sinking islands (countries – coral atols – overpopulation?). Not into conspirary stories in faraway places –
    Viti far more interesting – enjoyable – enlightening – urgent & worthwhile.

    What are you like behind the stumps – with gloves on?

    No classic hard fought Oz victory – all too predicable (spectacular)
    P implosion – P cap like Serevi Teleni & many many others – internal professional conflict – international sportsman (team) or solitary travelling evangelist?

  32. Budhau Says:

    Yeah Annon, there ain’t no global warming and who says the polar bear numbers are going down – ask the Inuits. Its all a conspiracy – right?

  33. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Unfortunately not – real living breathing talking & potentially dangerous hydra (reality).

    Given from Gau (definately not Bau) – appears strangely defficient in commication dept? (doesn’t talk (say) much?).

  34. Frida Says:

    Budhau – why don’t you go and talk shit somewehere else. The Editorial of the Dominion Post is spot on – whtever Australia and New Zealand wish to do to better the relationship, hey must not forget that they are dealing with a dictator who took power from an elected government through the barrel of a gun. So there is nothing to be proud of there.

    the cassava runner is thinking that he has won but let’s wait and see on the new development in relatinship building offered by NZ at this point. It just might be the button that is needed for people of this country need to eject the wannabe leaders currently managing the country with already appalling results.

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