As the refrain states, and what have you done? Yes just what has the ig achieved in the last 3 years of illegal government/military occupation.
OK, this daylight saving has played a bit of havoc with the body clock for some of us sleepy heads, but we must not detract from our fight against the illegal regime here in Fiji and continue to condemn, criticise and bamboozle the coupsters with truth, something the whole bunch of them cannot fathom and never will.
All the coupsters have achieved is the contentious issue of more lies, deceit, unparalleled corruption and more disrespect, moral bankruptcy, economic bankruptcy,  distrust  & considerable ill luck visited on themselves.
People, we have done well not to argue with the ignorant coupster fools. Remember to never argue with a fool, they’ll take you down to their level and beat you with experience. Ho ho ho.
Let’s all move forward and get on with our lives. It has been a steep learning curve but a valuable lesson has been learned and we have come to realise what great inner strength we all have in defeating the ig with our minds.
 Did we need guns to defeat the ignoramuses, NO! Our strong minds have led us to get over the deprivation of our liberties and help ourselves and each other to stablise, move onward and upward.
 The ig did not anticipate that we’d get on with our lives, start our own businesses, utilise our land, planting and selling food, using long lost talents to sew, design, build, tutor and mentor. Yes there’s a whole lot of talent being put to use in the most positive way and learning to appreciate what we really have, our land, the sea and the rivers that supply us with so much that we took for granted.
Meanwhile certain coup apologists are suffering badly, oink with his demons, chodocis had a stroke, $50 Epeli either has a humungous dose of sicini or ceke has afflicted him, Big Mama Bernie of the scabby dreadlocks has shrunk considerably (nacres will have their revenge if the people don’t), daily burials from Delainabua. Lordy why don’t they just ‘soro’ to the NATION and leave us to rebuild a better future for Fiji.
Well maybe it’s because she who has recently taken occupation of the White House and her siblings have a few more steps left to avenge their father and to take everything that they think is rightfully theirs. Not such a bad move from the Mara siblings keeping their friends close BUT keeping their enemies CLOSER, it’s the only way to ‘fix them up’.
Yep, that sense of self entitlement is certainly extraordinary to say the least.
 Macbeth Vatuwaqa Style and “qu’ils mangent de la brioche“, it’s ok, we are eating cake, and will continue to eat cake ignorant coupsters, because we can bake. We can bake, sell the cakes, bake more, sell more and makes loads of dosh.
 Next move is to get the illegal pres to drink from the poisoned chalice, blame the ‘love you long time Latus’and long may reign free. Sounds ridiculous? Nothing surprises us anymore with that lot and it’s no wonder the respect and pampering usually accorded them has diminished greatly. That’s the least of our worries, the lesser the number of  coupsters the better off our society will be.
Apparently the households of most of the coupsters did not enjoy Christmas, wonder why that was? Food and presents bought with tainted money just does not quite have the same effect hey!  
Hah that’s the least of our worries, the miti sosoko went down well with the vavavi at our homes, simply fantastic. Presents, what’s that? We have each other, family and friends, love and laughter & the roof wasn’t blown away by Hurricane Mick, who could ask for more.
This is an opportune time to remind the coupstes there are no fans in hell.
  Sa matata mai na matani meke qo


  1. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    Oi lei SV, we’ve seen Eveli G and his sister in law Bernie G, man sa varerevaki.

    Sa kani ira na nodra valavalaca.

    Check out

  2. hari Says:

    Time for EG to ask for forgiveness from his cousin and the Real Tuicakau? Either that or ask Santa for a sleigh for Christmas cause the Ceke may need a sleigh ride real soon!!!

  3. Billy Benau. Says:

    Think positive – EG’s ill conceived actions will be the makings of current incumbent – made him thoughtful of what’s at stake – who he is – where he comes from – reckon best is yet to come. EG gang well covered – has been for a long time…thing they should ponder are bailiffs.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey Cassava Patch Baby – that Youtube you keep bringing up, does that have something to do with the Pre-Christian stuff. Like those clubs at the Museum, have they started to fight with each other yet – you know, sometimes if you can get into the museum in the middle of the night, you can see those clubs going at each other.

    So when are you guys gonna figure out what the real issues are?

    Hey SV – they have all been enjoying Christmas – since independence – celebrating Christmas with stolen money – that is why we have the Kana Loto culture, so this time it is their turn – who do you think will be next.

  5. Annon. Says:

    Indian lawyers.

  6. hari Says:

    Annon, good answer!!! Oh, we forgot Budhau from Boston, maybe he’d like to come back to his old Kana Loto job, with the IG military admin?

  7. Annon. Says:

    Old fellah sending mixed signals?
    Not swearing anymore – become sage like – concillitory – religious?
    Then suddenly pops up with idea about ANZ taxpayers bearing costs of new constitued judicial system – wait for it? Recruited from impartial overseas practitioners. In US parlance: a hobo searching in a park.
    Kinda weird certainty surrounding Budhau – always know what you’ll get – just doesn’t know what he wants? Imagine Girmit Raj Girmit Raj transition confusing?

  8. Budhau Says:

    Annon – next time read the stuff first.

    Where the phuck did the old fellah say that “ANZ taxpayers bearing costs of new constitued judicial system.”

    What the “old fellah said was that maybe NZ to pay for the Election Commissioner and that was based on on earlier remark by the former NZ PM Clarke that NZ would be willing to pay for the cost of the the next election – whenever that may be.

    As for the Fiji Judiciary – all I said was that NZ to allow its lawyers and its judges take up positions in the Fiji judiciary – no one suggested that the NZ taxpayer pay for this – you get the difference dude.

    As for the sage like – conciliatory – religious stuff – all I was saying was that keep your fricken religion to yourself – it is something personal – between you and your god.

    The crap that we see in here, day in day out – is an attempt by some to inject religion in this conflict – thats all.

    So Annon, all this confusion – have you been partying too much……ho ho ho.

  9. hari Says:

    Hey Annon,good call there-“the old fella”-Bud/Soli has ED and his Fijian wife had dump him, for non performance in the bedroom, like the 2 Evelis’ in the IG Military Admin. Why would the “OLD FELLA” parked his nose in Evelis cebo 24/7? He has nothing else to do or look forward to but the turds from evelis’CEBOS’.

  10. this is navoha Says:

    Budhau r u lecturing at auckland uni?

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