As we prepare for Christmas and the gatherings that take place with friends and relatives, the inevitable will be the main topic, no matter what, the issue of the 5.12.06 coup will be discussed and dissected minutely.

After three years, the coup conspirators have raised their ugly heads. We all knew who they were, are or whatever, no surprises there at all.

One couple is now sitting pretty right where they intended at Government House with an unqualified for anything except nepotism (so what’s new you say) sister as the lady of the houses pa

To recap, old Iloilo who was appointed to President was manipulated nicely, vinaka vakalevu to ensure the coup conspirators were able to execute their plan without too much blame.

First the 5.12.09 coup overthrowing the democratically elected SDL Government with Qarase as Prime Minister & accusing them of gross corruption, sacking of the GCC with the bipo oink blaspheming the chiefs by telling them to go sit under a mango tree and drink homebrew (is that what they do in kiuva). Destabilising government departments by putting incompetent coup apologists and military personnel in place of the more qualified and experienced who had earned their positions legally.

The ig in their gross ignorance decided to make the age of 55 the OFFICIAL retirement age yet the incompetent old coupsters aged 55 or more all retained their illegal positions while paying themselves very well indeed for doing sweet FA.

Inching right along, sacking the judiciary and abrogating the constitution as $50 Epeli kept stating from the beginning of the laughing stock 5.12.09 coup of the century. Once all of that was done with, they laid Iloilo to pasture, his use by date had arrived, no law on our islands & all the blame could now be shifted to the infirm old man

So all the corruption, racism and mismanagement the Legal SDL government was accused of was a big fat lie concocted so some members of society who would never ever in their lives reach such exalted positions of power in our beautitul Island Nation could. There you have it.

Meanwhile to those of you who may not know this. Many of our hardworkers who were unfairly made to retire early when they reached the age of 55, have become very ill, some have actually died & those whose 55th birthdays are approaching are stressed to the limit. FACT.

If you’ve read the newspapers, there are too many houses under mortgagee sale and cars being repossessed putting too many families out just because of the inane 5.12.06 coup by mindless, incompetent, useless so called human beings whose sense of entitlement has overshadowed any sense of responsibility.

Three years later and what has the 5.12.06 coup achieved, nothing except too much despair, enormous stress and a great decline in trust for the military. Even those who applauded the 5.12.06 have changed their minds when they’ve realised the enormity of what has happened, sa bera gonei, all that support for the ig only gave them leeway to cause so much harm to the people of this Island Nation Fiji.

Back to the sacking of the GCC, Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna is one of the most amazing Statesman and High Chief Fiji has been fortunate to have. He had specified in his wisdom that no chief from the western region of Fiji ever be appointed to a position of high authority in the governance of Fiji. What happens when his wise words are not heeded, exactly what took place on 5.12.06 and we are all suffering the consequences, even bipo oink who is so frightened of the strange men who haunt him and the unpredictable Lui who has his sights trained on him ever ready to kick the back of bipo oinks knees..

Other countries do not understand why the People of Fiji are not rising up to protest in public against the illegal regime and seem to think we are just a wee bit laid back about this huge dilemna that has been unfairly imposed on us.

One of the main reasons of course is because the military who have usurped the democratically elected SDL government have guns and the bully boys to kill and maim so noone in their right mind is about to fight that, what is the point when one is faced with ignoramuses holding firearms and led by their cruel leaders.
As many expats have stated, they used to be sceptical of our ‘superstitions’ in Fiji until they came across, witnessed or were affected by some of the unbelievable themselves were utterly shocked and became truly humbled and respectful of our beliefs.
We all know don’t we that the universe has it’s own way of dealing with those who offend or cause harm to others no matter how minor it may seem. In Fiji we call it kudru ni Vanua & when the Vanua takes it’s revenge on the miscreants the effect is felt for generations to come of that person.
Let’s take courage from that fact, enjoy our precious moments with friends and family and help those around us who are incapable of helping themselves,
We are the truly free in Fiji and should count ourselves lucky that we’re not involved in anyway with the illegal regime, because we can sleep in peace confident that in the morning the sun will shine, it may rain a bit, the pawpaws  are ready for breakfast and that blasted dog up the road is still barking at everyone or anything that passes its home.
Pity the coupsters and the coup apologists, who needs to keep looking over their shoulder so they can’t enjoy their ill gotten gains? it’s not so cushy after all for the usurpers.



  1. kl Says:

    I like Rt Sukuna’s vision. Who let the pigs out. ho ho ho ho..

  2. Verani. Says:

    2 E from T who aspires 2 V.

    Keep the big house & all it entails – leave the title b…

  3. Budhau Says:

    “We all know don’t we that the universe has it’s own way of dealing with those who offend or cause harm to others no matter how minor it may seem.”

    Is that why Qarase got it?

  4. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    FYI Budhau Prime Minister Qarase, Tui Kubuca is relaxing in his village and getting on with life.

    At least he has homes to go to in Suva and Mavana that he paid for with money he earned with honest, hard work.

    Unlike your hero Chaudary and other coup apologists who are reaping their just desserts and cannot control their bodily functions.

    Maybe you could send him some diapers from the USA because the carawai pani has become tedious for his carers.

    While you’re at the supermarket, order a couple of container loads of industrial strenght diapers for the coupsters, incontinence has become a real problem for them all.

    DAKAI DA IS THE NEW BLACK for coupsters.

    How trendy.


  5. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    @ kI, have you seen this video on You Tube, take a look, the end
    of the video is appropriate to the above post

    Ratu Sukuna was a true visionary.

  6. Budhau Says:

    So Qarase has decided to get on with his life – good for him, he should have done that a long time ago – all those court case and other such bullshit, never did no good for anyone.

    As for as his hard earned cash – so how much did he get out of the FHL deal – Oh I get it, we do not want to talk about it – right? Lets change the subject and talk about Chaudary and his cash.

    As for those who cannot control their bodily functions and all that – listen Cabbage Patch honey – all these guy – on both sides of this political divide, they will all come down with some – heart attack, stroke, accidents and what not – so it ain’t god – I guess God has better things to do. BTW – I guess Chaudary, if he comes down with anything, he can write this off as “one of those lives”, maybe next time he will be born as a Ratu – but the rest of them, this is it – you only go around once.

    Hey, I better go get that H1N1 vaccine, before God strikes me down also.

  7. Darren Says:

    in his next life chodo will be a cobra and you will be its jeje

  8. Budhau Says:

    Hey Darren – you also believe in that “next life” crap.
    Probably makes you feel really good that the Chodo would be born as a Cobra…but what if he gets born as a some big Ratu and becomes the next President of Fiji – boy..that will suck …right?

    You guys honesty believe that God is sitting up there somewhere and keeping an eye on Fiji – because Fiji is somehow special – compared to all those other countries….and that the Fijian race is gods gift to humanity.

    Come on guys…. every race and every culture believes in the same crap.

  9. Annon. Says:

    Budhau – what I’ve been saying – 2 cultures into one Island doesn’t work
    – never has – never will – ask the Singhalese?

  10. Budhau Says:

    Annon – cut out the two cultures crap – look around the rest of the Pacific and see where else there trouble and their ain’t two cultures.

    This conflict in Fiji is not about two cultures – this is mostly an Intra-Fijian conflict and it will be there even after all the Indos as gone.

    One group of Ratu trying to get their turn at the feeding trough – and fighting over this.

  11. senijiale Says:

    Hi Bud!

    Don’t waste yr time with these USURPING phuckers who know exactly what u’re talking about but choose to ignore the obvious truth!

    They’re either goons playing the race/culture card for obvious reasons or are the REAL cohort of thieves from last administration awaiting their turn to rule with impunity once their guys are back in.

    No difference betw these phuckers and those anonymous bootlickers supposedly in some ‘exile’ board encouraging the NBF $220million thieves currently at the helm of power since they needed more dough to foot their sordid lifestyles!

    Just imagine all that money unaccounted for… down the drain… monies that could hve benefited those who just never had a chance and had the most need for it. Sick.

  12. Budhau Says:

    senijiale – Happy New Year.

    These people here – they are my people.

    As for the race politics, hey if they don’t play the race card, they don’t win – Qarase knows that better than anyone – these guys will use every trick in the book to divide votes by race.

    Just like Annon was telling us – that there is no room for two cultures on one Island, maybe Annon can take thins one a bit further and suggest that Chaudary has figured this out – that there is no room for the two cultures on one island – that is why the coup.

  13. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    ? – No – No.

    Coup like a voyaging Drua – started well but hit turbulence & got lost – realised what a big ocean it was? Crews problem compounded with realization Drua was stolen?

    Offer insight of much misunderstood Taukei culture?

    My late esteemed Momo was custodian of some very valuable & productive traditional land which an old Girmit farmed on which the lease was about too expire. Elderly tenant respectfully approached & asked if his lease could not only be extended? But also transferred to his younger son? Other forces in faraway places heard about this & were displeased – pressured Momo – they met? Momo conveyed to them in no uncertain terms that this was his land – he alone would decide what became of it.
    He not only extended the lease – also transferred it.
    I asked him why he done this as like myself he was a dedicated Taukei?
    He replied that he had known the Girmit since he was a young boy & they friends & he was a good man & the boy was like the father.

    Don’t criticise us concerning cultural matters – you can’t even spell the cobras name? Old Taukei proverb about starts places & finishes.

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