Just what is the purpose of oinks trips overseas when he has done nothing except increase his frequent flyer points.
Here he goes, off to Copenhagen where Leah Wickham has upstaged him most superbly with her impassioned speech. Good one Leah.
How on earth is oink going to top that eh?
Well he can’t, simple as that. The fool can only quote from his bhai sayed khaiyum without understanding whatever khaiyum has written for his own gain.
Of course before his departure he had to ensure there were road blocks, Lordy, whatever for, are we in the Middle East war zones here in Fiji, last time I looked the cars on the road were still avoiding the potholes that haven’t seen a bit of tar since 5.12.06.
Truth be told nothings been done since the Legitimate SDL government was overturned by the military try hards on 5.12.06, nothing, zilch, no improvements except for the consistent abuse of office.


  1. ofa Says:

    Whenever Banimarama goes on a hunt for per diems and frequent flyer points at the expense of the Fijian tax payers, there is also an opportunity to remove him from office. Is there really nobody in the ranks of the military with the balls to make a move and end this protracted nightmare.

  2. kuitamada Says:

    Unfortunately there is nobody in the military with any balls….Vore has taken all their balls with him to Copenhagen.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    I reckon he was off to try his luck for a Nobel Peace Prize.
    After all, he invented the “coup to end all coups” and should receive international acclaim for such a brilliant idea.

  4. ofa Says:

    Ending coup culture with a coup is perhaps one of the most innovative concepts in human history. Normally, coupsters are tried for treason and sent to prison. In Fiji, the public seem to embrace new ground breaking models that reward these thugs with high office, travel, ten years leave pay out and very fancy white uniforms. A side effect of this innovative social engineering is that Fiji does not have to worry about building an opera house. The government and the judiciary step in an perform the most entertaining operas on a regular basis. They have even created their own specialist art magazine that so colorfully describes the performance of the opera stars on a daily basis.

    God bless the opera state and the Fiji Sun

  5. ofa Says:

    Is this blog dead?

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Hey, it is getting near Christmas. More important things to do.
    Let God punish the evil ones.
    Lets focus on love and family.
    Pick up the commentary on the Regime assholes after the holidays.

  7. Verani. Says:

    @ ofa.

    Careful about the Sun? Goverment outlet maybe – but locally owned & operated definately – given ongoing pressure – people there lot smarter & braver than often given credit? Whereas FT & affilates confronts responsibilities by exileing itself on a self imposed news hunger strike in some barren media nomansland? What now of Ruperts plea for greater global vigilance & media freedom?
    Taukei Q?
    Given Frank came via Kiuva & Gau – but was born in Bau – this make Frank Bauan?

  8. Budhau Says:

    Nostra, you dumbass – yeah, lets focus on love and family and let god punish the evil ones….the Indians and the military types – right?

  9. Annon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Halleluiah! What you want on the epitaph???

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