1. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    Just wondering when the boring vb will start printing his own money, the bokola.

    Rumours rife that the Ganilaus, as in Epeli and Ateca will be promoted soon to Prime Minister and little brother Lui da fly will be the new commander.

    Atecas nose has been put out of joint. Being the eldest she is demanding a postion of prestige for her hubbie and herself. We must admit the Mara sisters are much better looking than Kavu and Meri.

    The circle will finally close as the ‘family’ take over, vb will be put to pasture at St Giles (kena maleka), his illegal judiciary will stay put and do as the new ‘man of the people’ president demands, after all they have no where else to go to.

    Methnks that is one of the reasons the GCC was made de trop by the illegal regime…. softly, softly, catchee monkey

    Let’s see how this rumour pans out.

  2. Soko Says:


    Where are you hiding?

    Come out come out wherever you are.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Bud is thinking it over.
    Cassava I think you have a realistic scenario there.
    Frankenstein has served his purpose and is beyond his use date, more of a liability to the Mara’s now. Let Ganilau take over the gurgling at the UN and let articulate Kubuabola put words in everyone’s mouth. Make VB the fall guy for the coup and move on. With the Mara’s and Ganilau’s traditional stature, they might even get away with it for a while, but ultimately the People will bring these useless offspring of chiefs down to their place. Note that none of them have been installed to any chiefly position and likely never will be. But do they need Frank to hide behind?
    Wouldn’t head of the army, PM and Presidency in one family be a bit too much, especially from a family which has pillaged the Nation to retain the positions which their forefather’s got legally and traditionally.

  4. Uta Says:

    Be careful overseas people. Is there a catch when sending money to Fiji.

  5. Verani. Says:


    Sure is – Fiji Post employee’s steal it (cash) – been doing it for a long time -scan – then scam (steal).

  6. this is navoha Says:

    I hope the president doesn’t repeat the action taken by his forefather’s in getting the approval of all da powerful chiefs n giving out our sovereignty just for some unpaid debt.

  7. Darren Says:

    What chiefs? No one seem to be around today. You are better off without them anyway. No Ratu and Adi is the best thing that can happen. The titles I mean. If you like you can be Fiji’s chief. That should be a hoot. Grog swipe all day long.

  8. this is navoha Says:

    @ Darren
    Yes you could be right….”No Ratu and Adi is the best thing that can happen”…but we need chiefs who are not morally corrupt to keep our social structure & hierachy intact…including our unique identity.
    I believe by now they would have learnt from their lesson from supporting past coups.The Qaranivalu is one good example.

    As regarding the debt…i was refering to Cakobau who was summoned by the american for unpaid debt & the american ship that got burned down.So the only option for him was to ceed fiji to the British.

    So with his power & influence over eastern Fiji, he was able to get the approval of all the chiefs except the wild west which did not agree. Through manupilation & blood ties of the roko tui Dreketi to the Nakuruvarua the Ka Levu finally gave in & approved on behalf of west. And that meeting was held in Navola,Baravi Nadroga(where the nasikawa vision college is situated today)

  9. Darren Says:

    that history belongs where it is, in history. Many young people don’t know and don’t care. Today you dont need chiefs. Times have changed. Chiefs belong in the past. Today, there is only one high chief that the world needs. And that is not your ratu and adi.

  10. brad Says:

    Darren what world was that , are you referring to the world of Indo Fiji.It is a simple logic understending how important to preserve the so uniqueness of Fijian tradition and culture,is for the native to gain recognition and identifying their position as owner of the land. Thats what we tourist pleasantly admire “after all it is the world of Fijian brave where talking about not Euro, or Indo.

  11. Annon. Says:

    @ brad.

    Don’t worry 2 much about native Fijian tradition – cultural identification & land ownership etc. Leave the towns – resorts & mouse for awhile & go & look? We’re doing OK – were called Taukei – these are our Islands.

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