Man it’s hard work being an illegal prime minister and illegal president, keep sucking in your stomachs na qases, your kanalevu at the Nations expense will eventually return to haunt your miserable lives.




  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    E maumau nai taba ni a tauri vakaukauwa nai tu tu.

  2. Soko Says:

    It is difficult to defend the indefensible.

  3. Wame Waqa Says:

    Nice photo. At the end of the year, their hands will move a little higher to their chest, then the lead will close, and down into hell they go. The saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try again”, has been changed a little to suit Naulukau, ” If the front door is closed, the back door was left open by a Yalowai.”

  4. bodyguard Says:

    drau yavu tamata boci

  5. tuka vai Says:

    Kana loto !

  6. Soko Says:


    What do you make of Tui Savu’s letter to K.Rudd posted next door.

  7. ofa Says:

    God bless Fiji!

  8. Budhau Says:

    Soko – on Tui Savus letter.

    First the disclaimer – I don’t think much of this Tui Savu and I think the democracy movement would be better off without these people who have their own agenda.

    First the guys seems to have an ego issue with his “Solivakasama is one of Fiji’s most popular freedom blog sites” – I don’t see the relevance of that. Then he talks about how “I have been a constant critic against the Military Dictator Commodore Frank Bainimarama prior to his December 2006 coup up to the current time.”
    This ain’t about Tui Savu

    As a lawyer, I am sure Savu is aware of how you lay the foundation before you introduce evidence – but still this has to be relevant.
    Savu then talks about “the torture and unlawful treatment of Prof. Brij Lal an Australian citizen”

    Brij Lal was taken in for questioning regarding his statement to the media – that was not illegal – and the torture that Savu is talking about was described by Lal as some verbal abuse – there was some pissed of soldier questioning Lal yelled at him and I think used foul language –

    Savu as a lawyer should know what torture is and what is unlawful. Fiji had every right to kick out Dr Lal.

    Savu then goes of on Gates, he should not know full well that Gates has not violated any Australian law – if he has taken up that position in Fiji in violation of Fijian law, then it is up to the Fijian authorities now or a future government in Fiji to deal with this. This is where the sovereignty issue come in and no internal interference.

    Savu then brings up the Prasad case, how Gates had ruled in that case. In law there is something called precedent and if a judge rules contrary to that precedent, usually the judge distinguishes this case in point – how this case is different from the previous case. In the Qarase v. Bainimarama, Gates had clearly distinguished that Prasad case – I suggest that Savu go read the last Gates decision .

    Savu also mentioned several other Australian and Kiwis who have taken up positions in Fiji – they are not violating any laws in their own country – if they are violating a Fijian law – it is Fiji’s internal issue.

    Otherwise, ANZ can pass legislation to address such issues. Savu is asking Australia to pass such laws. I am sure Australia has looked into it. And there is precedent for such legislation. Australians who molest or abuse children abroad can be prosecuted back in Australia.

    He then goes on as to why it is in ANZ interests to wipe out the coup culture in Fiji. The coup culture in Fiji is the problem of the people of Fiji. Even by making that suggestion that Australia should interfere in this matter – Savu is defeating his own purpose.

    If I had some time, I would further tear apart this Savu guys argument – but I think above show the kinda lawyer this guy is.

    If this is what the Democracy Movement in Fiji has – people like Tui Savu leading the movement then I definately agree with Ofa GOD BLESS FIJI…because we do need that.

  9. Anon. Says:

    Keep on blogging Tui – keep the focus on the issue – ignore – don’t let this deviate suck you in – you know when your getting too him – launches personal attacks – actually believes this blog’s all about himself. As for lawyers? Judging by his long winded retorts say he charges per word.

  10. Anon. Says:

    Mixed signals.

    Cannot believe US ambassador McGann actually attended this farce?

  11. Red Scorpion Says:

    Keep blogging Tui, can’t make head or tail of what our pet troll is blabbing. So don’t bother. I actually look foward to Tui Savu’s enlightened, factual contributions.

  12. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah…oilei,budhah n some of u boring people in dis site…pls take a break….same old story …men u guys are so fucked up in da mind….all bunch of loosers…cmon time to move on n focus on other things….let him rule n dictate only God will deal with him n his rubbish…pls close dis site forever..…all nonsense talk n no action…boci’s

  13. Litea Vuki Says:

    It is truly encouraging to see that sites such as this are open to the public especially after the Junta have shut down media freedom on the ground. Thanks Solivakasama for this portal. You are doing a great job in here.

  14. Litea Vuki Says:

    Just did the rounds and Raw Fiji News has reported the truths behind the expulsion of the Aust and NZ High Commissioners put up by Fiji Democracy Now. Someone should post it here if you have the time.

  15. Darren Says:

    Welcome all the people for a chat, welcome to the blog site. It’s the place to come to when you are bored and have nothing “else” to do. Unlike Bhudau, he has nothing “better” to do. He’s here 24/7. You are getting addicted man. Not healthy.

  16. Darren Says:

    navoha if you don’t like it here just fuck off to your nako go plant tavioka you useless hypocrite. With one breath you horribly abuse the bloggers then with the same breath you use the name of God. You sick twisted deluded fool. Is that what you learnt from your village church? Kaicolo cici kabasu

  17. Gonei so la e kila Says:

    Hey look at Mary in this picture
    Its a posture of someone with low esteem
    .She is the odd one out in this picture.
    Someone has to train her in the art of,huh, some measurement of dignity.Sa vaka tale nai rairai ni adru in a dress.
    See the class on the pretty one on the left . WOW, thats the old school ne jur rel Sorry folks,but as Sherlock Holmes would say.THE PICTURE ,LOOK AT THE PICTURE MY DEAR WATSON

  18. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    bananasinpyjamas and his mangey moronic military misfits can only wonder when it will be their turn to face justice for their treasonous and murderous acts.

    “””Six charged over Bosnian atrocities

    Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor has charged six former Serb fighters over their alleged roles in the killing, rape and torture of Roma civilians in eastern Bosnia during the 1992-95 war.

    “Five were arrested in the swift police action overnight, while another is already in jail serving a sentence on different counts,” said a statement issued by the office of war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic.”””””

  19. Koya na Man Says:

    Navoha drau domica kei budhau,drau saga(na) me dua madaga na nomudrau blogsite vataki kemudrau(drau pamu).

    If u want to bcome the next PM / Presidente join the the army, its free, the prestigious college of wanna be political leaders at delainabua.

    Sa da mai vakalolomataki e na i vadi ca va qo.

    Navoha tonoka nomu sona…

  20. Koya na Man Says:

    Navoha Sonalevu………..

  21. Asgrocky Says:

    Everything in this picture is symbolic.The men in black with blue tie and red tie under the portrait of the queen in white. Can’t help noticing. The man on the left (next to the woman in brown) serves the man on the right with the red tie. Both are subservient to the queen in white. Interesting symbol on the lapel of the man with blue tie.
    Why don’t you just wear your aprons guys and be done with it. These men serve a higher evil power. They have to do or die. You gotta feel sorry for them. Live once, die twice is the destiny they have chosen to take. You’ve got to be afraid, very afraid. Poor, poor ladies.

  22. Soko Says:


    I have read his two letters to the Australian authority and believe the Moderator of the site would do a better job in addressing such issues.

    What say you.

  23. SViade~ Says:

    How come Nailatikau does not look straight @ the camera?.

    Why does Koila look nervous.?

    How come Bainimarama always has that “KINDERGARTEN” look?.

    Why is Mary waiting to exhale?.


  24. Darren Says:

    That’s because Nailatikau is eyeing out the “ladies” by order of his wife Koila who is nervous as she is busting to take a poo which she will do after the photo shoot. Mary spoils her “teddy bear” rotten that explains the kindy look
    from a very stuffed up teddy bear. Mary wants to hear a compliment for her handiwork she is busting to break out into smiles if you so much as mention it. But Mary forgot to give him a lollipop to suck on and his teddy bear kindy bag with his lunch. Can’t see it anywhere. Can you? You guys should buy your wives better clothes than those. They are simply not suitable for the upper echoleon. They just won’t do. You won’t make the cover page on Vogue, only the Fiji Times. Only in Fiji man, only in Fiji. And you say you want to change da mind set of da people. Oh boy, oh boy. You know where you can start.

  25. Budhau Says:

    These people in the picture look no different than any other Fijian couples.

    What I have a problem with is what is the Queen doing in this picture – is she sort of like the big kahuna – equivalent of the biggest Ratu ever.

    Soko – this thing is not allowing to send in more than a few lines…and yes, I think any good lobbyist would have done a much better job with that letter than Tui Savu – BTW asking for new legislation, as Savu did in that letter, they should be sending that letter to the A-G’s office, not the PM.

  26. Gonei so la e kila Says:

    The dress and the shoes.
    Please someone ,get Mary some fashion magazine. and her hair is far too short.
    Im sure that with a bit more touch up here and their she’ll be a prettier gal. Keep away from the weights too please.
    If it seem impossible Mary,than may i suggest you swap clothes with the gringo on your right.

  27. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    Twenty two years later and Nailatikau has reached the position he has hankered for that he would not otherwise have in the real world.

    Let’s not be naive Fiji, he was behind the 1987 coup, but conveniently left our shores a couple of days before his stooge Rabuka executed it.

    He learned well at Sandhurst.

    But Nailatikau better learn how to put on his daipers because the moemimi time is upon him and his scheming mrs won’t be wiping up the da that’s for sure.

    The above picture is puzzling, he is the only one who looks pleased with himself, well who wouldn’t be after they’ve been made presidente, the others look like they’re suffering from flatulence.

    Then again, vore may have dropped his guts, the women are embarrassed and Nailatikau has looked casually the other way as he mutters for only the four of them to hear, ‘veka na vuaka kaisi’.

  28. Darren Says:

    Let the men swap clothes with the women. Shoes too.

  29. Darren Says:

    Public rejects

  30. senijiale Says:

    Oh crap, Tui Savu is a wife basher!!

    Bud – why waste yr time tearing that coward TS’ argument apart? He’s already lost the moral high ground with his cowardly behaviour.

    Yes Tui, am in total agreement with you that “ACTIONS DOES SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS” so enough with your crap already! Am I so glad that I trusted my instincts and didn’t join your silly, doomed SV worldwide (mai vei!) stupid movement.

    God bless this godforsaken country!

  31. Budhau Says:

    Hey senijiale – I think there is a bigger issue here than this Tui Savu dude.
    Why hasn’t the Democracy Movement attracted quality people – not only Fijians and former Fiji residents, but others too.

    Tui Savu is trying to impress us with him lobbying the Australian government to introduce new legislation to address the involvement of Australians in foreign coups…. Don’t you think folks in Australia are aware of that.

    Was the purpose of this letter really to lobby or to impress the “worldwide” crowd.

    If the purpose was to impress the SV worldwide crowd, Savu has failed miserably – that letter – an assistant in law firm that does lobbying would have done a much better job – did they teach Savu how to write appellate briefs in law school.

    BTW – Why haven’t some of the better lawyers both Fijians and those abroad have joined in such lobbying effort – if this proposed legislation is so critical for the region.

    Talking about the Democracy Movement – why are we not seeing “University Committee in Solidarity with Fiji” on every fricken university campus in ANZ? Why are we not seeing the trade union movement abroad getting involved.

    You know why – because we have allowed the likes of Tui Savu, Attar Singh, Victor Lal and others to hijack the Democracy Movement – rather than let people like Madariwiwi, Richard Naidu and Leung and other better qualified more capable people – and those who do not have a personal agenda to lead.

    Compare these losers to those who were leading such a movement in 1987 – when ANZ unions would refuse to load ships going to Fiji, when there was a democracy committee in most major cities in ANZ, on the west coast of N. America and Canada, in the UK etc….compare this with the this silly ass Worldwide movement

    Worldwide movement …… ass! Blog on Ragone.

  32. Darren Says:

    Yeah, blog ga ragone. Keep on keeping on. There’s nothing better to do.

  33. this is navoha Says:

    Darren sonalevu o iko tamata boci….viavia tagane tu ivei tamata kawaca…iko kei koya na man….dou yavu sona lelevu…..drau kei vei kemudrau???….o boletaka tu na vanua au gole mai kina ….baleta ni keimami tamata qaqa….dou threesome mada kei koya na man & budhau…tolo….sonalevu…dou kai macawa.

  34. this is navoha Says:

    Darren loucai vavo….sonalevu…iko kei koya na men……sa stale my na ka dou cakava tiko….levu ga na kakase macawa boidada….dou via vala ….dou vala…kua na kodrodro vaka na kuli ni kaidia….dou sonalelevu.

  35. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    …ooops what’s this about >?

    go to Tui’s site and talk big there if you wanna answer from him. unless you are lamu to get up in his face .. he is not here though.

  36. Darren Says:

    you just came back from church. The spirit of the “tevoro is in you”.You are a loser man, go back to the koro, tei tavioka, sili kai, whatever you do over there. Na kaisi ga na kaisi.

  37. Darren Says:

    you don’t like it here just piss off to the koro make more babies who talk like you. All kawaca.

  38. Save the Sheep Says:

    Budahau and your allies, for once on thi Blog you rrally sound silly beyond belief.. Normally I like to read your baner aka sledging of the status quo.

    This time, you are no more and no less, plain silly!!

    Sorry if that insults you but you really need to wake up and smell th coffee. the 2006 Coup is no more and no less a repeat of the 1987 coup. Sad thing is, Aiyaz an Gates have not yet realised it.

    Such is the problem o having and inflated EGO!!!

  39. senijiale Says:

    U’re right sheep, a ‘military’ coup is a coup, is a coup, as in baa baa baa… except this latest one (2006) has been perceived by most indigenous Fijians as a counter coup – all because of the few Indo-Fijians supporting it for ’causes’ which I tend to believe is far different to that of those posing in the photograph above plus the majority coup2006 supporters who happen to be our own kind i.e. indigenous Fijians and who of course are in it (like the foursome above) for $$$$ & a jail-free card.

    @ vo – if u’re referring to me, how ’bout u fake pro-democracy bloggers go tell Bainimarama in this face all that u’ve been saying in cyber space… for he’s not here y’know 😉

    On a serious note though, YES! I would tell Tui Savu in his face just what I’ve said above if I ever had a chance to meet him in Oz (btw do u think he’s a bit ‘lamu’ to come to Fiji?). Anyway, to help answer yr silly question ‘vo’, let me just say that I, on the other hand, am NOT lamu to tell him so in his face in Oz… and of course TS would know better than to resort to his ‘caveman’ tactics (displayed at some Fiji law conference) lest I hve him stripped of his legal practicing certificate faster than he can say Oi Oi Oi!

  40. senijiale Says:

    Hi Bud – I really don’t know the answer to yr Qs so pls indulge me.

    I also love the same guys as you do but what is yr problems with Attar Singh and Victor Lal??

  41. senijiale Says:

    my bad, shud b ‘problem’.

  42. SViade~ Says:

    @ senijale….

    YOU GO GIRL !!!

  43. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Talking here to Tui does not make sense … as if he blocks you from his site. Don’t have to wait for that pretendupcoming meeting in Australia. And why is Tui the enemy

  44. Soko Says:

    Vasiti Osbourne:

    Tui like that of the entire Fijian population isn’t the enemy infact it’s his and our self-aggrandisement which is the enemy.

    Up until such time that we can curtail or control our self-importance and personal agendas the nation of Fiji as we know it will continue to malfunction.

    We need to set aside the differences we each posses and collectively work towards repairing the damage inflicted by various factions that has caused nothing but wretchedness.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Exactly Soko – I could not have said it any better.
    Save the Sheep – the question here is not whether this coup is no different than the 1987 coup. The issue here is how do we get out of this.
    You go research how the Pro Democracy movement both in Fiji and abroad organized to put pressure. How they agree to go along with incremental changes. The 1990 constitution was forced upon them by decree and they did not get an acceptable constitution til 1997.

    So what are we going to do now – should we put Qarase back in power, send Frank to Naboro, refuse to get into any negotiations with the other side about the proposed electoral changes and the new constitution, boycott the 2014 election, help bring about the collapse of our economy and the judiciary and the hopes that Frank will march back to the barracks and then to Naboro.

    We seem to be going back to the 4 or 5 SDL people who are making their rounds in Suva – and this Tui Savu guy, with his ties to the SDL, in Australia.

    BTW – if you had your way, what would you like to see happening.

  46. Asgrocky Says:

    What I would like to see happening in Fiji is for the Fijian landowners and their children to make a move back towards their lands, back to manual labour planting growing, harvesting and making an income from it and the government to ensure that this become a reality in every way also in the area of health care, electricity and water so that every landowning fathers and sons can sit at the dinner table with his family and be proud of his progress on the day with everything dear he possesses right there with him. Stop the pursue of pen pushing and living a life of hypothesis and live a life that is practical and satisfying. The man, with his family, on his land. No chiefs. Just the man and the govt and God.

  47. Freefiji Says:

    Budhau why dont you get a frikin Job?..we know your identity and we know that you have been supporting Bainimarama and co,,,be very careful because there is an ex CRW officer very near you that you and Bainimarama tried to kill in 2000

  48. Fiji Man Says:

    Freefiji, freewheely the whale dont talk rubbish my man!! all CRW poofters are either dead, St Jiles or shamefully living their own lives! they have had enough shit so dont involve them into your toilet mouth talk!! Give them a break, they only have one life!!

  49. this is navoha Says:

    Darren….problem with u is that u a confused man…with no identity, n no land….kai loma boci

  50. this is navoha Says:

    kaisi ga na yacamu ulukau….haha @ Darren…..u not fijian so shut up

  51. Darren Says:

    you are an idiot making assumption. Go to the village teitei make yourself useful, kawa ni maqe.

  52. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    hmmm so the response to a threat from Free Fiji is answered by Fiji Man slash Fiji Monkey Lol! thanks for the confirmation Nipped on the Bud.

  53. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    And the way to get out of this mess ?? Go look at the world’s history. People uprising is answer. People be willing to loose blood is the answer THE ONLY ANSWER.

  54. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Figure the Mobsters intend to hang around the people’s coffer 50 years. That’s along enough time for people to hit bottom and walk out from their front doors one by one onto the streets of Suva .. burning, looting, destroying, killing. Happened everywhere in the world

    Why not Fiji? Why not a coup infested country?

  55. FreeFiji Says:

    Budhau or Fijiman ,

    You are dead wrong there is always one who gets away from Bainimarama and he has been given a protection visa from the Australian Government.
    and he has been blogging as well.

  56. FreeFiji Says:

    Bud or Fijiman
    They always say in the land of desert storm,what goes around comes around myman!!!

  57. C.I.A Says:


    Freefiji knows all and If I were you I will watch what I am saying here against the Fijian people!

  58. Budhau Says:

    Tabusoro – the term is “nipped in the bud” – just for future reference.

    FreeFiji – fuck you.

  59. C.I.A Says:

    Bud FREEFIJI never in the history of blogging ever say a bad word as the saying goes comes around good evenning from USA.

  60. Red Scorpion Says:

    butthead budhau and fijimonkey ur level of “contribution” is frankly embarassing you ignorant deadbeats….

    Freefiji – na qai qo ena qai ga. Guilecavi rau na kawa ca i cake, keep blogging and lets not be distracted by these intellectual pygmies

  61. Budhau Says:

    CIA – you stupid dick head, so just because you and that other a/hole does not use foul language – does that mean you are better than me.

    You see, anyone who goes around making personal threats against another in a discussion forum – is a lowlifer, SOB. much lower than someone who uses foul language.

    BTW – bastards like you understand only one language….and Frank knows that. What makes you any different than those regime goons who identify and harass the critics of the regime.

    Now, having said that – you want to have a reasonable exchange on some of the issues being discussed in here.

    ..and Scopion – can you out more than two sentences together?

  62. C.I.A Says:

    Bud Tui Savu is standing for allthe fijian people when you attack Mr Savu you are attacking the entire fijian race and he is the man who is better then you and Frank put together my man.

  63. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Nipped on the Bud in the Bud or stomp on the Bud makes no difference .. as long as you know its meaning ————– TO TAKE YOUR DUMBASS HEAD OFF 🙂

    What say Fiji Monkey lol

  64. SViade~ Says:

    @ CIA

    “Standing for all the Fijians” ……..Am proud of that !!! BUT A WIFE BASHER…….


  65. Budhau Says:

    CIA – just because someone is allegedly fighing for the return of democracy in Fiji – that does not mean he stands for the “Fijian race”.

    Just because someone attacks a loser like Tui Savu – that does not mean that this is an attack on the “Fijian race”

    Just because I am critical of some of you idiots, and you think I am an Indian, that does not mean that the Indians hate you.

    So you get it – you idiot, we are discussing individuals in here, no race.

    What about 99% of the Fijian army – who probably don’t like Tui Savu – do they hate the Fijian race too. What about some of your big Kahuna chiefs who support Frank – do they hate the Fijian race also.

    You see CIA, the idiot that you are – well I can’t blame, maybe you just had to drop out of form four because you did not have the bus fare or school fees because of the policies of the Qarase government.

    Because anyone with a high school education would be able to think and reason better than you just did…that an attack on Tui Savu is an attack on the Fijian race.

    If TUI SAVU represents the Fijian race – GOD BLESS THE FIJIANS.

  66. this is navoha Says:

    Darren kawa ni maqe o tamamu….vosa vinaka tiko luveni bitch tinamu….hahahaha.
    Sa o tamata boci….ni o via kaiviti qai yaca vavalagi……………..boci wavivi…hehehehe…ouch!

  67. C.I.A Says:

    Bud can you answer this questions

    What is a form four? how many indians in Fiji?wha are they doing there in the first place?
    what education you talkin about did they come through higher education exchange?
    IS Bainimarama an indian? why is he supporting the muslims and indians so much…

    Are you indian how do you arrive in Fiji? were you are refugee from Sri Lanka ? are the Srilankan judges desperate to rule Fiji when they got lot of shit happening around them…!!!

    look forward to be educated from you Budhau!

  68. Koya na Man Says:

    Navoha e vaka o katakata sara mai vakatotolo,ka sa vaka e tubu talega nomu rarawa.

    Au kasamitaka ni o gone dau vosavosaca talega,au vakabauta ni dodonu mo na sili rokete mada me na vakalutuma mai nai vakarau ni katakata kei na rarawa e sa toka qori vei iko(Koya na kawa ni rokete ya na, vuvale).

    io sa veitalia mada ga, dau nanuma ni gauna o vakasagai kina dau vakayagataka nomu vakasama,kua ni o vakaraitaka votu vei keimami na nomu ulu lala(birds of the same feathers stuck togather).

    O vosataki tiko ni o lomani, moimuri o sa na motu.

  69. Budhau Says:

    I am really sorry that you did not have an opportunity to go to school….but never mind, I know that there were many like you who did not get a good education – some due to the coups that we have had in Fiji since 1987 and others due to the thieving Ratu’s and the Fijian elite who have stolen the money that was earmarked to help the poor Fijians and also due to the policies of the previous governments who have done little to improve the living conditions of the Fijians, specially the rural Fijians…who have poor health facilities, no electricity, high infant mortality, lower life expectancy, road that do not go all the way to their villages – and when they move to the urban areas, they live in squatter settlement in the Suva-Nausori corridor – again, in unsanitary condition, with no electricity, running water, poor heath services, high crime, high unemployment and the rest. One of five Fijians today is living in a squatter settlement – and we now have squatter settlement springing up in the west around Lautoka/Nadi as rural/urban migration of the Fijians continue.

    So I can understand why you were unable to get a good education – and I am sorry that I made fun of you.

    However, I still feel that you are not capable to participating in these discussions.. with your lack of ability to think rationally and write properly.

    Maybe that is the reason why you and few others in here make threats against me like “be very careful because there is an ex CRW officer very near you…” – sort of like the kid in kindergarten who has some learning disabilities that frustrates him and he ends up hitting other children.

    Once again guy, I am sorry for what happened to you and others like you……I hope you can figure it out who did it to you – and it wasn’t Frank.

  70. Soko Says:


    Here’s a question for you “If Tui as you claim is so good for the entire Fijian people than Why He isnt on the ground in Fiji taking up their cause”

    Hope you can give an honest answer.

  71. C.I.A Says:

    You never answer any of the questions that were put to you.

    This is what you said in the the previous thread remember

    “Freefiji, freewheely the whale dont talk rubbish my man!! all CRW poofters are either dead, St Jiles or shamefully living their own lives!”

    Dont be scared because the only threat coming is from you and Bainimarama destroying the Fijian way of life and trying to force them with Indian way.

  72. Budhaus Dada Says:

    budhau… are maka chodo, u shud be in school instead u here din maro on the computer. Tumar ghan sala! gormunt give free bus fare and u sarka at home, mai chod. Hahahaha

  73. Budhau Says:

    I NEVER said that – that ““Freefiji, freewheely the whale dont talk rubbish my man!! all CRW poofters are either dead, St Jiles or shamefully living their own lives!”

    Now – you go figure.

    BTW I think it is Free Willy not freewheely….you see, I would never make a mistake like that.

    With you being no school and all that – maybe I should also offer you some roti-curry…but then you may accuse me of imposing the Indian way of life on you – I will just give that roti-curry to my dog.

    Oh and CIA – as for the scare tactics – many have come before you – and they were smarter than you and soon figured it out that scaring people in here does not work and it is not good for your cause – it only makes you look like thugs, just like the other guys.

    I remember Natewa Prince in here long time ago, he pulled the same crap you are doing. BTW – Natewa Prince was a bright, intelligent guy – what he did in trying to scare me was stupid and it was more emotional – but he was not a stupid person – you, on the other hand, are just an idiot.

    BTW – if you see Natewa Prince on that “worldwide” crap – you tell him I said hi.

  74. Red Scorpion Says:

    People don’t be distracted by our resident trolls butthead, tamu kwai navoha, fijimonkey and co. Just the same old empty words, long boring posts that are outweighed completely by sensible posts such a Tui Savu’s.
    In fact, the trolls nonsensical posts have the opposite effect of gathering more support for the Tui Savu and co (i.e. anti-IG)… Moce Jo(do)

  75. Budhau Says:


  76. Koya na Man Says:

    navoha cici levu,tonoka nomu sona va na dua na yame ni katavila(oi me mosi)…

    Vosavosa tiko ni tiko e na nomu moimuri na gusu ni dakai(sorry i ligamu beka).

    Ni oti na ka o ni cakava tiko qo qai macala mada.O na lai motu i loma(namaka,waraka)……

  77. C.I.A Says:

    Bhudhau I noticed that you have failed onebit to answer the question asked you earlier….anyhow here is another one. do you think that Caudary sho
    uld be charged for supporting the junta?

  78. this is navoha Says:

    Koya na man …boci vavaku rogoca mada…lol…im totally against the takeover…..1987,2000,2006. What i was trying to say that its time to move on n love your enemy….cos thats Gods teaching in the Bible.

    If u still have animosity n jealousy towards other people then dont call yourself a christian…. e na mamau ga nomu lai lotu tiko…… vosoti au na noqu vosavosa ca…baleta ya noqu malumalumu…which im trying to eradicate.

    I think once the people of Fiji take that Godly approach then surely he will hear our prayers n remove this evil regime.

  79. Koya na Man Says:

    O.K. Navoha, point taken…

    Its good to know where u stand bro..

    But to move on as u’re saying its o.k., but to forget, bau va lotu e na toso ga lol (no doubt about that), io me ratou na taura nai sau ni ka ratou cakava me vaka na accountability ratou vunautaka tiko.

    We will fight them to the end….

  80. Budhau Says:

    CIA – I think that this political impasse will end with a total amnesty for all those who were involved in this coup – so your question about who should be charged and who should not is moot (you know what that means).

    If we are able to forcibly remove Bainimarama and if the people who come into power decide to charge these people with the crime if they think that would be in our national interest – I am sure the legal minds in Fiji will be able to figure out who should be charged with what – and I am sure Chaudary, like all others may have to defend themselves in a court of law. Just like if we could have removed Rabuka, then I am sure you would have supported a charge of Treason against Ratu Mara, who was in a similar situation and that time since we had the death penalty for treason – you as a supporter of law and order would have supported that Ratu Mara should he hanged for his crimes – right.
    I on the other other hand do no think that either Ratu Mara or Chaudary should have been charged for treason.

    BTW – CIA why did you ask me about Chaudary – because you think I am an Indian, just like when I criticize Tui savu, I am being anti Fijian.

    Here is a polite suggestion – if you want answers, next time you should frame your questions a little better. “Should all those people who a played significant role in this administration that was put in place after the coup be charged with treason.”

    My answer is no – because that would not be in the best interest of our nation.

  81. Anon. Says:

    Above is absolute bullshit – “not in the best interest of out nation” – or not in your own personal best interest?

    There is only one way you’ll end the coup culture – charge everyone – no exceptions.

  82. Soko Says:


    Yes we ought to bring to justice all those who participated in various
    coups including all politicians’ who has amassed their wealth on the back of poor Fijians and other nationalities notwithstanding those that support or are complicit in illegal activities.

    One need not look any further than yourself it is patently obvious you like most seek self-preservation therein lays the greatest quandary of all.

  83. Anon. Says:

    How on earth did you arrive at the conclusion that someone who advocates
    charging everyone – no exceptions – somehow seeks self preservation?

    Maybe I can clarify?

    What part of ‘everyone’ is giving you trouble?

  84. Soko Says:

    There’s always an ulterior motive irrespective of your protagonism.

  85. senijiale Says:

    Bula VO – No, i didn’t think Tui Savu wud hve blocked me, most likely it’s those irritating little poohs around him who must’ve blocked me when tried 2 post on SWM many many moons ago…speaking of which i think that matavakasese C.I.A sounds awfully like that blogger pr!ck F.I.R.M. These little poohs are the ones giving Tui a bad name.

  86. Anon. Says:

    @ Soko.

    Correct – get the military out of politics once & for all – install a democratic (transparent) goverment asap. Don’t know if your aware of it & we truly trust were wrong? But right now Viti is wobbling on the edge of a very deep precipice. Don’t claim too have all the answers – but what is blantently obvious is whats happening right now simply doesn’t – & never will – work. If you believe that Viti is somehow immune from the pitfalls that have befallen other less fortunate countries?
    Examine history & think again?
    Hindsights easy – foresights not.

  87. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys, they way out of this is not insisting on prosecuting those involved and sending them to jail for life.

    What we need is reconciliation – and that must happen somewhere down the line – otherwise there will be no end this this.

    If Frank knows that he will be prosecuted for what he did, what are the chances that he and his military council will step aside for a democratically elected government that expected to turn around and prosecute them

    Let us now compare Chaudary joining this administration after the coup with Ratu Mara joining a previous post coup administration. In Mara’s days, the punishment for treason was death – how many of you would support the idea that Mara should have been charged, convicted and hanged. Just like Chaudary should be charged, convicted and sent to jail for life.
    What if we can have our legal experts in a post coup government find a loophole in Rabuka’s amnesty deal – should be then prosecute Rabuka and all those who had anything to do with that coup – including all the judges who had signed up after Rabuka had abrogated the constitution.

    Anon – about my suggestion you wrote “Above is absolute bullshit – “not in the best interest of out nation”.

    Do you think it will be in the best interest of out nation to pursue a policy of reconciliation – a good faith reconciliation – not the crap we saw with Qarase trying to release George Speight because of his promise to the Matanitu crowd.

    It is easy to make some idiotic remark that this is all “bulshit” – BTW – even if we send Frank to jail for life – do you honestly believe that this would be a deterrent for future coup.

    When Rabuka pulled his coup – we had the death penalty for treason – do you think that factored into Rabuka’s decision. Rabuka’s thinking was that “there is no other way” and “I did it and I will swing for it if I have do”

    So anon and a few others in here, you cut out your bullshit – that the other coups were OK but we nail these guys ass to the wall.

  88. Anon. Says:

    @ Bud.
    Your eitheir mad or compromised?
    Prosecute everyone “without exception” – this is the only way we will deter future coups. Reconcilation does not equate automatic amnesty.
    You have somehow accepted that Bainimarama will stay in power forever?
    Not so – Fiji is still part of a wider global community & there are forces at work that even dictators have no control over.
    A week is a long time in politics.

  89. Budhau Says:

    Anon – I thought you were more intelligent than that.

    Anyway – Let us look at what you wrote.

    First, you wrote that “You have somehow accepted that Bainimarama will stay in power forever?”

    Come on lady, why would anyone accept that Bainimarama, or for that matter, anyone else can remain in power “forever”.

    Here, I will tell you what my assumption is. If Bainimarama and the military were to leave voluntarily, than he will make certain that there is a airtight amnesty agreement before he leaves. No amnesty or any threat of prosecution and they ain’t leaving 2014 or 2030.

    Of course you don’t have to agree to a amnesty, however, this only means that Bainimarama or the military will not leave voluntarily. In that case, I would like to hear you plans as to how you suggest we remove this military by force.
    Just remember that this military rule can outlive Qarase, Chaudary, Bainimarama, you and I – it might not be for ever but it sure can stay in power for a very long time.

    You do realize that this about a military dictatorship – not about Frank alone, and some of these military dictatorships have a life of their own.

    Even if you have a plan to take down this military by force, we still have to figure out at what cost and than balance that with the alternative ways of getting out of this mess. Remember, if the military council and Frank are faced with a life in prison, they will go down fighting – and they will take down a whole lot of other folks with them.

    As for the Global community – all I have seen so far is that the ANZ policy of destabilization – economic destabilization, collapse of the judiciary and that may lead to hardship in the population and that would lead to social upheaval and hopefully that may lead to the downfall of this regime. Is this the price that we are willing to pay.

    What I see on this board and a group of bastards who are more interested in revenge than anything else. They would love to nail Franks ass to wall – never mind what the cost and by letting emotion get in the way, these buggers are not capable of thinking rationally.

    Without amnesty, there will be no political solution to this impasses…. if you want a military solution to this problem, well those guys are the military.

    As for your remake “A week is a long time in politics” – how long have those goons in Rangoon been running the show…and I am sure the “global community” is working hard to sort out things out there too.

    We have been in this shit since 1987 – how much longer do you want this to continue….maybe another several generations.

    Oh, I get it…. Fiji is a dinky little country and ANZ should not have any problem crushing Fiji – right?…. its just that they have not been able to do much in the last three years.

  90. Anon. Says:

    It doesn’t make sense? Give him (them) an amnesty & it continues?
    Stop it here once & for all – draw a line in the sand – apart from the political & social damage inflicted he (they) must be held accountable for some very serious allegations against individuals? VB has Rabuka for a role model – let him (them) off scot free and it just continues – a khaki nigtmare streaching into infinity. Do not be lulled into the mistaken premise that its our problem – problem is theirs & time & history is on our side. This gang will implode – be it sooner or later – its inevitable.
    Don’t concern yourself about executions or jails – think Rotumah.
    Sa lako.

  91. Budhau Says:

    “They” are not the reason why we have a coup culture in Fiji. Giving them amnesty or not will have no effect on whether we have coups in future or not. The first coup happened because a group of loser Ratus wanted to get the power back, the 2000 coup happened because another set of Ratus wanted their turn on the gravy train, and this coup happened because the descendants of the Ratus involved in the 1987 coup wanted to get back into power.
    Sending these guys to jail will have no impact on the merry-go-round.

    We gave amnesty to one coupster, we nailed the next guy and sent him in for life…we still ended up with this coup. So how do you think giving them amnesty or not will make a difference as to whether we have another coup or not.

    Secondly, for you to draw that line in the sand, you have to do that position of power – which you do not have (remember how Bush senior drew that line in the sand with Saddam).
    Here, you draw a line and Frank will throw that sand right in your face. that sand in your face and will continue to do so. (Nice line though – drawing that line in the sand – very American)

    The problem in Fiji is the unwillingness of certain segments of the population to accept the results of a free and fair election..and the belief that certain people have this god given right to political power.

    Even some idiots like you, who keep referring to others in here as “your types” – when you realize that accepting the results of an election is in the best interest of the country – even if you do not support that government or if that government has some Indians in it – that is when this coup culture will gradually fade away.

    But no – next time it will be some “nationalist” idiot who will pull another coup – and folks like you will jump on that “indigenous rights” bandwagon…sort of like “support the cause and not the means” and then you will elect that coupster to parliament, elect him as PM, make him the head of the GCC and a national hero.

    BTW – You still have not explained how you propose to keep the threat of prosecution alive and still get Frank to hand over power or in the alternative, how would you remove Frank by force.

    And your silly remark about “This gang will implode” – The question isnot about them imploding, I think you should not be too concerned about how many people would they take down with them when they implode – and it may be in our interest to make sure that they don’t implode.

    BTW – a side note – in 2002 when they were deciding on that Lalabalavu v. Ganiulau title – Rabuka had made a statement in the newspapers that if the tribunal did not do the right thing, there will tribal war – you think we are going to see some action this time. Fire Karo, fire karo.
    ….and do you think trying to remove Frank forcefully may also see tribalism raising its ugly head.

    The Khaki nightmare was started when the Ratus thought that the boys in Khaki will guarantee the Ratu’s political power – I guess the moster they created turned around and just bit them in the arse.

    So, you get this, it ain’t simple – so keep your emotions out of this – you hatred of these guys and the Indians sometimes affects your ability to think rationally.

  92. Greenarmy Says:

    Vinaka Senijiale na Liumuri tiko

  93. C.I.A Says:

    The identity of the Hijacker has been identified

  94. C.I.A Says:

    His name is Budhau paid by the Indians and Chaudary to come in here and create conffussion,

    Budhau you are the confussed one regards to FB

  95. C.I.A Says:

    It appears that fire has started at the Navy base in Walu bay Suva. posted 5 minutes ago

  96. kaiviti Says:

    veiratou na taba tiko i cake qo….sa voga qo mo dou veikuburi vakai kemudou…

  97. SViade~ Says:

    hahahahahahahaha……@ veikuburi……….na…!!!

  98. Darren Says:

    @ navoha
    you call yourself a christian but you spew from your mouth like an overflowing sewer. Its people like you who turn christianity into a joke. Scrub your mouth with sand soap and your brain with steel brush. Idiot

  99. Darren Says:

    @ navoha you said

    “I think once the people of Fiji take that Godly approach then surely he will hear our prayers n remove this evil regime.”

    This is your godly approach and a few more like that

    Darren loucai vavo….sonalevu…iko kei koya na men……sa stale my na ka dou cakava tiko….levu ga na kakase macawa boidada….dou via vala ….dou vala…kua na kodrodro vaka na kuli ni kaidia….dou sonalelevu.

    That’s the kind of teaching you have learnt from Sunday school. Well done luveni tevoro.
    You must have been conceived in the toilet. Kana da poo poo

  100. C.I.A Says:

    Analysis of National Spectrum Decree

  101. LUVfiji Says:

    Me da kana ga me da cegu!

    Na cava tale meda kaya rawa, ie?

  102. this is navoha Says:

    Darren loucai vavo…sa rauta mada…ululala vakai tamamu

  103. senijiale Says:

    Good to hear from you LUVfiji, welcome back!

    @ Greenarmy…. ka gonei na ‘Liumuri’ cava tale o kaya jiko mai qori? Sha qai fereferea ga a veivosaki kei kemuni kei CIA. Gooosshhh! This is soooo boring. TGIF!! Safe wknd people!

  104. Darren Says:

    “loucai vavo” na style nei tukamu kei tamamu together they produced a maqe like you from tinamu. kawa ca

  105. Fiji Man Says:

    Talei Tabusoro dina!! so how many men did you get last nite?? 15 including Free Fiji and his father and you still cried for more!! sa rauta mo tabusoro!!

  106. C.I.A Says:

    Vinaka GG na veitokoni and Senijiale na veitonoki

  107. senijiale Says:

    hahaha! Now u sound familiar ‘C.I.A’ but i understand the wisdom in changing your pseudonym constantly to avoid the green goon trawlers surfing close by 🙂

    But seriously, ni vosoti au kemuni, niu a sega ni nakita me’u a ‘tonoki’ e dua – in whatever sense that might hve meant to you.

    My stance has always been consistent from the get-go. Whilst I share some of the dreams/objectives expressed by Gates/Shameems and of course, wacece Aiyaz, I absolutely abhor the manner/methods by which they’re trying to realise them if only in their lifetimes tut..tut, for the simple reason IMHO, that – 1) Riding RFMF coattails isn’t the way to find lasting solutions to our nations problems when our very RFMF is and has been PART of the problem from the get-go; and 2) the changes currently being made are almost cosmetic/superficial in nature and cannot be sustainable in the 21st century whichever way you look at at, esp. if the undercurrents I’m hearing/feeling on the ground is anything to go by.

    Our people hve been through 4 coups and are not going to be hoodwinked again that easily. The joke has always been on the coupsters. They know that. We know that & they know that we know hence, this continuous ruthless monitoring, draconian phuckin clampdown on our media freedom and FREE expression – which only serves to INSULT the collective intelligence and wisdom of our people!!

    Who and what are they trying to protect? Fiji had lost its innocence ages ago and this Dec06 notch on the RFMF belt (with more to come if we carry on this path… oh yeah u bet, idiots!) has demonstrated quite clearly to everyone (minus the compromised FEW) the urgent need for the RFMF to STEP ASIDE & let a civilian administration guide us back to a real & meaningful democracy(and yeah a democracy with warts and all, for you can’t possibly attain a perfect world overnight – just look at India, the oldest democracy in the world yet……….. AND yet as they go from strength to strength, its so enriching to observe the robust & healthy levels of debate plus the freedom of expression accorded to their people & their media) Btw experts predicted that by 2050, they would be the biggest economy behind China and the US, a slow but sure power-base to be reckoned with, thanks to their own people.

    Anyway, as i was saying – given May & Aug 1987, 2000 & this counter coup of Dec 2006 (3yrs & counting…) I think everyone has come out the wiser for it. Thus I just don’t see the need to keep masking your insecurities in rgd to the illusory ‘tyranny of the majority’ – isn’t that what the Bill of Rights was there for in the 1st place? Duh! So yes, I still believe that 1997 Constitution was never a bad one (check out the cut and paste job coming up of the Pig’s version of a constitution. Oilei ra tai!).

    Anyway, as I was saying, I didn’t think our 3 wise men (Professor Brig Lal, Sir Paul Reeves and the late Sir Tomasi Vakatora) made a mistake in drawing up the contents of our 1997 Constitution as it were, as I still believe that it was totally appropriate at that stage of our nation’s development)… and I know Gates/Aiyaz/Shaista know that fully well. Its the 21st century for goodness sake, either you demonstrate that coupled with your quality education & professional experiences, u hve what it takes to help mould Fiji’s budding democracy into what we ultimately and collectively envisage (even if we didn’t attain it in our lifetimes), OR would you care to step aside and find the HELP that you probably needed to address whatever perceived slights, discrimination, disrespect etc etc that you’ve all personally suffered at the hands of the previous administration including those who were at the helm of Fiji’s judiciary.

    Sigh…. this getting quite tiring to say but life is indeed a bytch and we’ve all had our fair share of wrongs to last a lifetime but that does not mean we quickly jump on the coattails of the RFMF (always the wrong train Shaista!) when we all can clearly see its own inherent structural flaws. You compromised lot hve underestimated the goodwill of the i-taukei as well as insult their collective intelligence of our people.

    So… please all – stand down and hand the reins over to a civilian administration to take us forward before the damage you’ve caused Fiji becomes irreparable.

  108. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    About the picture leading this thread I just want to say what no one else have brought up


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