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Only bad OINK we can afford to heavy

  • Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor
  • From: The Australian
  • November 05, 2009 12:00AM

THE Rudd government has mishandled the Fiji situation from the start. This is a classic case of moral grandiloquence producing absolutely rotten outcomes.

We live in a very nasty world. The Taliban murders people by the hundreds in Afghanistan and Pakistan and boasts about how many girls’ schools it blows up.

Most of the nations in our large aid budget are mired in corruption and governance crises.

A good part of Africa is struggling to avoid being failed states. In our own neighbourhood, the Melanesian world, you cannot find an unequivocal success story.

There’s not much we can do about all this. But there’s one thing we can do. We can beat up on Frank Bainimarama in Suva.

This is the true rule of international relations. The strong do what they will, the weak give what they must.

China can beat up on us because it’s big and we’re small. And we hear very little of jailed Australian executive Stern Hu these days. We can beat up on Fiji because in this case we’re big and it’s small.

Of course, the morality of our actions is different.

Bainimarama came to power in a coup. His political plans, which once had a touch of coherence, have totally unravelled.

This, too, is partly because of external pressure. By some accounts Bainimarama is now determined not to give up power because he fears that, out of power, he would be prosecuted, either by a future Fijian government or by some expression of that fatuous construct, the international community.

This might almost be a textbook case of how international law retards the resolution of real world problems, if in fact it’s impossible now to negotiate Bainimarama out of office.

But perhaps the most important aspect of Bainimarama’s rule is that he hasn’t killed anybody since he came to office. ***We beg to differ Greg Sheridan, there have been many unexplained deaths under oinks illegal watch and numerous beatings of innocent citizens,  FACT*** That doesn’t make him a good dictator. His determination not to restore democracy is wholly objectionable. But it does make him an almost unique dictator. **** Yes, unique in the fact the he is a first class moron who cannot think for himself ****

Undoubtedly, Australia can crush Fiji. There are not many countries about which you can say that.

If we want to we can isolate Fiji, destroy its economy, impoverish its people, radicalise its Melanesian militants, set the army on a violent path, expose the Indian population to who knows what in the chaos that might follow. We sure can do that if we want to.

Surely the Sri Lankan judges thinking of taking on Fiji government appointments could have been left to work out all for themselves that they might come under our (ill-advised) travel bans, without our telling them so before they took up their appointments.

Now we don’t have a high commissioner in Fiji and they don’t have one here.

Congratulations, Canberra, a brilliant result.

We are in grave danger of making a very bad situation much worse. We can certainly isolate and punish Fiji with unique effectiveness, if we want to.

God knows why anyone in Canberra thinks it’s a good idea.



  1. Soko Says:

    Well for the sake of ordinary Fijians the author is quite correct.

  2. Budhau Says:

    What the above piece said – I had already posted the same analysis in here about two days ago.

    As far as SV’s responses in red – SV – cut out the crap about “many unexplained deaths” – there have been three know deaths in custody – and I think most of them were do to what the refer to in the US as “harsh interrogations tactics” – they were not due to an intent to kill – unlike what we have seen with other dictatorships – that is what the author was talking about.

    Unique – in the sense unlike most dictatorship – we have not seen the violence and brutality that usually goes with dictatorship.

    Come on guys – I don’t think the above author has an agenda.

    It is true that Australia man on the ground in Suva screwed it up.

  3. Anon. Says:

    Buhau’s murder by numbers.

    Only 3 deaths in custody?

    How many murders constitute a homicide?

    Something definately wrong with you?

  4. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah…oilei,budhah n some of u boring people in dis site…pls take a break….same old story …men u guys are so fucked up in da mind….all bunch of loosers…cmon time to move on n focus on other things….let him rule n dictate only God will deal with him…pls close dis site…all nonsense talk n no action…boci’s

  5. Roko. Says:


    Above is what happens when a small mind takes too many drugs.

  6. Litea Vuki Says:

    Thank you SV totaly agree with you since a life taken is one life too many.

  7. Budhau Says:

    Anon wrote, “Buhau’s murder by numbers. Only 3 deaths in custody?

    How many murders constitute a homicide? Something definitely wrong with you?

    Hey dumbass – go figure out what homicide means – “How many murders constitute a homicide”. BTW a homicide is not always a crime.

    My point was that the 3 deaths in custody were most likely due to the regimes “harsh interrogating” methods – and not political murders that we usually associate with dictators – I think that was the point the Australian news was trying to make. BTW – you may want to check on the numbers of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody also.
    Or compare that with the killing of that police officer by Speight’s boys, or those two soldiers and the police officer being shot and killed, the last time around.

    While the deaths in custody are still not justified – this coup has not been as violent as the previous one – including the looting, burning and all that. And when you compare this with other dictators and their political killings – we have had a relatively bloodless coup.

    BTW – it don’t look like it will remain that way for too long… go for it, lets take down Frank by force.

    BTW – Anon, figure out what homicide means – sounding all legal.

  8. Darren Says:

    Cicikabasu just fuck off from here kawani maqe sucu mai na sewer ni kinoya, kawa ca. You are full of your bulshit mostly extracted from your arse. Kubu vei voreqe

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