‘Australia and New Zealand’s interference with Fiji’s judiciary’

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The following is the full text of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s statement delivered at the Ministry of Information Conference Room, Tuesday November 3, 2009 at 6pm. “The Chief Justice has already highlighted the interference into our Judiciary, the Fijian Judiciary by the governments of Australia and New Zealand.

“It is a matter of great shame that Madame Justice Anjala Wati a respected member of our High Court bench was harassed and humiliated by the New Zealand High Commission in Fiji when she applied for a visa on medical grounds to take her baby son to New Zealand.

“In fact had the Attorney General not highlighted the matter in the media she would not have been granted a visa.

“In addition to this shameful incident the Sri Lankan judges who have been appointed to serve in the Fijian judiciary were told that they would not be able to travel through and to Australia because they had taken these positions.

“Again when this matter was highlighted in the media by the Chief Justice there was frenzied denial that visas had been refused by the Australian government.

“However, we now know that one of these Sri Lankan judges had the foresight to tape the conversation in which she was informed by the Australian official in Colombo that travel sanctions would apply because she had taken the position in the Fijian judiciary.

“The culmination of these incidents displays a consolidated effort to attack Fijis independent judiciary. It also shows that the Australian and New Zealand Governments have been dishonest and untruthful over the matter of travel ban for judges.

“In the circumstances it is not surprising that the Chief justice took the rather unusual step of holding a press conference on Sunday 1st November.

“This morning he had a meeting with me.

“In that meeting the Chief Justice reiterated his position that the interference by Australian and New Zealand governments in our judiciary undermines the judiciary.

“The Chief Justice told me that this policy of the Australian and New Zealand governments stops him from nominating credible, well qualified individuals to serve on the Bench.

“He also highlighted the fact that such interference is unheard of in particular in the absence of evidence that members of the judiciary are breaching any laws, either internationally or in Fiji.

“If anything, the brave men and women who have joined our judiciary are contributing to the enforcement of the rule of law. They have shown fortitude and a commitment to the law.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, following the meeting with the Chief Justice, given the seriousness of the matter at hand, I visited His Excellency the Vice President, who will be sworn in on Thursday as our 4th President.

“I briefed the Vice President of my meeting with the Chief Justice.

“We discussed the impact of the Australian and New Zealand governments position in relation to members of our Judiciary.

“We discussed the importance of our national interest to maintain an independent Judiciary with credible and well qualified judicial officers.

“We also discussed and agreed that the mandate given to my Government by the former President which includes a reformist and modernising agenda, as supplemented by the Peoples Charter for Change, must be implemented.

“Indeed, we agreed that we cannot be deterred from this path.

“We also discussed that we must engage with the international community and inform them, and indeed, partner with them to take Fiji forward.

“We discussed the need to have an equitable and just society based on common and equal citizenry and an economy which is liberalized, investor friendly and which improves the living standards of all Fijians.

“I am this evening holding this press conference to inform the public of Fiji about these events since it has an enormous impact on our country, on all our people as it affects our day to day living.

“I am, to be candid, baffled by the position taken by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

“On one hand they are our largest trading partners; they are members of the Pacific Islands Forum; 60 per cent of our tourists come from these countries and their numbers are growing on a daily basis; majority of our people who have migrated have gone to these countries; we have studied, worked and holidayed the most in these countries.

“They claim to be our friends yet on the other hand they fail to recognize the efforts that we are making in being a good international citizen; they fail to understand that we are creating a country that will be based on equal and common citizenry, a country of modern laws, a country which will have true democracy.

“Only today Cabinet approved a new Crimes Decree, a new Criminal Procedure Decree and a new Sentencing and Penalties Decree that will make us compliant with CEDAW, with international standards on human trafficking and with the Rome Statute.

“We have ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC); we have introduced new laws and strengthened existing laws in relation to corruption and bribery; we have introduced Domestic Violence laws; given protection to our children, paving the way for compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“We have consistently said that we want to engage with our neighbours and indeed all our international and multi-lateral partners. We have also left the door open for bi-lateral engagements.

“My focus is not disengagement rather it is engagement. My focus is on the future not the past.

“My focus is to deal with ills of the past to create a better future.

“My focus means that in my engagements I am upfront, candid and honest.

“That is why I cannot understand why Australia and New Zealand are engaged in a dishonest and untruthful strategy to undermine our judiciary, our independent institutions and our economy.

“I can accept their ban on me and my senior officers given the personalisation of matters. But why punish those individuals both Fijians and non-Fijians who join the Judiciary?; those Fijians from the private sector who want to contribute to a better, progressive and modern Fiji by way of joining Boards of Statutory Organizations – even the Fiji National Provident Fund is targeted.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not only a short sighted policy but it constitutes an attempt to sabotage national building, economy strengthening and the modernising efforts.

“When the Rudd and Key Governments came to power, I believed that we would encounter enlightened thinking and policies based on friendship and understanding. Unfortunately, it has not happened.

“Instead all we have had is their heads of missions refusing to engage with government and engaging only with those Fijians who have a political interest in holding Fiji back.

“They misinform Canberra and Wellington and wage a negative campaign against the Government and people of Fiji.

“By contrast the ordinary men and women and companies of Australia and New Zealand continue to come to our shores, they continue to do business in Fiji, and they continue to give us their good wishes.

“My message to them is – you are most welcome, we value your investment, your visit and your best wishes.

“We are a safe destination and the people of Fiji are the most hospitable in the world.

“We are also proud of our country and our sovereignty and we believe in living in dignity. Therefore, we should ensure that our sovereignty, our Judiciary and key institutions are allowed to function with independence and integrity.

“It is my Governments duty to ensure that no foreign Government should interfere with such judicial independence and integrity. We must always protect and be proud our sovereignty.

“I wish to declare that my Government fully supports the Chief Justice. We will always ensure that his independence and that of his judges remains unassailable.

“It is for these reasons that I have told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue communications to the Australian and New Zealand Governments that their respective heads of missions are to be recalled within 24 hours.

“I have also informed them that our High Commissioner in Australia is to be recalled, with immediate effect. Vinaka vakalevu.



  1. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    The lies from bananasinpyjamas continue.

    The tame ‘press’ in Fiji continue to spill out garbage.

    What a shame that reporters in Fiji are NOT allowed to analyze bananasinpyjamas silly utterances and print the truth.

    Thankfully, the blogs keep the truth in the public domain.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    What a joke!
    Who is drafting his whining speeches to read?
    Gates? Aiyarse? Kubuabola?
    What is the big deal about Sri Lankan judges having to travel through Korea rather than Australia. Why kick up a fuss over it?
    This is like a small kid throwing a tantrum, hoping that someone is listening.

  3. Truth Says:

    You have the guns and no one is stopping you from making all the changes you want — 3 years gone and another 13 years to come ???

    That is baloney !

    You have lost credibility with the people of Fiji and International communities because it does not take that long to make the changes. All we see is a group of Mobsters who are unwilling to let go of status quo because they fear loosing the perks and the advantage of dipping their hands into the public coffers.

  4. hari Says:

    Very scray for sure, who knows- Soli/Budhau/Fiji Man/….may also be dippin his hands in the same coffers?

  5. Red Scorpion Says:

    If NZ and Aust want to bring Piggy to heel, cancel/revoke the PR status of all IG stooges and cronies, send Piggy’s family in NZ back to Kiuva. Especially his bro residing in Bay of Islands, well known pot smoker/crackhead and degenerate.

    Its about time they got serious and Piggy’s latest actions have just given them that opportunity. Time to step it up. I also hope that this the UN sends home ALL Fiji troops, let them come back go hungry and angry then topple Piggy and his circus.

  6. Anon Says:

    I would really like to ask anyone who is well-versed with the appointment of the 3 judges who were brought to Fiji to decide on the legality/illegality of the 2006 coup to just give us a detailed analysis of who appointed them, and all the events after the judgement so that we can all see the “interference and independence” that these thugs are talking about.
    Please, kerekere to anyone who has some knowledge of that to post it up so that we can at least put that and the current hoolahbaloo into some perspective.
    Come on ragone blog mai!!!

  7. Koya na Man Says:

    Very childish move.

    What baffles me is that bcoz of a small injustice he comes out firing canons on the other side.

    Political imaturity kicks in very quickly and he just lost it.

    What a loser.

  8. ofa Says:

    Its a shame that NZ and OZ governments are so lame. In response to this rantings they should step up sanctions. Freeze all accounts held by Frank’s mob, step up travel warnings and revoke all residents permits of people related to the mob.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Anon, you dumbass – the three judges who decided on Qarase v. Bainimarama were appointed under the old constitution – at that time, since the constitution was still intact – Aust. NZ did not seem to be that strongly opposed to judges taking up appointments in Fiji – even though some judges had decided not to renew their contracts after the coup.

    Since the abrogation of the constitution, both ANZ are opposed to their lawyers and Judges taking up positions in the Fiji judiciary and now they are trying to discourage others from taking up those positions.

    Regardless of what ones position is on the coup, there are many who feel that the work of the judiciary must go on and that we would be better off if ANZ would allow their lawyers and judges to take up these posts. Since they won’t, we are no stuck with judges from Sri Lanka and Malaysia etc.

    Since the regime has put a decree in place that takes away the power of these courts to decide on legality/illegality of the coup and other related matters, all these judges will be doing is relatively routine court work and we would have been much better off with ANZ lawyers and judges who understand our system better.
    But no – ANZ want to see a total collapse of our system.

    Since ANZ decided to play hardball, and since we know how Frank reacts to such behavior, the recent expulsion was expected and it is true, this will isolate Fiji even more – how does this help anyone.

    ANZ – big stick approach has not worked so far and it will not work in future – rather than the big stick approach, they should have a carrot and stick approach – ie, “we will allow our lawyers and judges to take positions in Fiji but in exchange………..”

    Scorpion – you dumbass, don’t you think that NZ is aware of the fact that there are folks working for the IG who have PR status in NZ, and despite that they have made a conscious decision not to take any action. Yeah, how about revoke the PR status, ban all NZ tourists from traveling to Fiji and ask all NZ owned companies to divest – maybe they will do that now.

    Hey, now that the ANZ are going to pull out of Fiji completely, how about that Chinese Naval base in Rakiraki…and we will have those Malaysian, Filipino and Sri Lankan judges –

    Blog on Ragone.

  10. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    The Mob’s ring leader should be ashamed of himself touting his country’s sovereignty when he can not put the money where his mouth is … if you are so high and mighty then why are you crying to ANZ to fix your citizens’ ailments??

    Why haven’t you upgraded Fiji’s Medical facility and pay the monies to send Fiji’s youths overseas for medical training in specialized areas. Only then will you be able to sit at the same table with the 2 big boys and only then will you be able to thrust your chest for right now you are lifting your collar with nose up in the air but nothing to show for.

    Shut up you are an embarrassment to your race. I hope the entire world don’t think we Fijians are all stupid like you.

  11. Anon Says:

    Thanks Bud for that perspective. Any other takers to my humble plea?

  12. Darren Says:

    Fiji diplomat Kamlesh Arya kicked out of Australia.

  13. Jone Says:

    Kena maleka sara

  14. Jone Says:

    I think the Junta lot are seriously looking for a way out of the Pirate Ship. No other explanation for this latest drama.

  15. Soko Says:

    Yes this was a recidivist act of absolute madness.

  16. Edwin Mugabe Says:

    Its a sad sad day for Fiji!. I thought he said the election is set for 2012!, now where’s the 2014 come from?. The guy has lost it big time. Its clearer day by day that he have no one’s interest at heart but his own stupid, childish, idiotic, arrogance, insane, careless, misconstrued and selfish attitude that seems take priority then anything else that matters!.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Australian PM remarks: “The Fijian regime led by Commodore Bainimarama has conducted a military coup, he has violated the constitution, he has refused to hold elections and he’s suspended the judiciary,” noted Rudd. “And so therefore we have taken a deliberately hardline approach to this regime because we do not want this coup culture to spread elsewhere in the Pacific.”

    Even if you totally agree with the Australian Prime Minister’s statement above, that still does not justify Australia’s or any other country to interfere in the internal affairs of Fiji.

    Australia has the right to ban anyone from entry – including the judges. No one is questioning that right. Some may feel that such a policy is counter-productive and Fiji has the right to protest such a policy. But at the end of the day – Australia still has the right to ban anyone, including the Judges hired by Fiji. All it other hardline policies that the PM is talking about is within Australia’s rights.

    That is not the issue here.

    The issue here is Australia’s interference in the internal affairs of Fiji. When Australia contacted those judges in Sri Lanka who Fiji was trying to recruit and informed them that they would be placed on the black list if they took up the Fiji jobs – that is where Australia began to interfere in the internal affairs of Fiji.

    The issue here is not whether you support or oppose the Fiji regime. The issue here is not whether Australia has the right to ban the judges. The issue here is whether Australia crossed that fine line when it tried to intimidate those judges before they came to Fiji – that is interference in the internal affairs in another state.

    It would have been OK for Australia to convey this message to the Fiji regime that these judges would be placed on the black list. It would have been OK for the Australian ambassador to respond to the Chief Justice’s inquiry and inform him that these judges would be put on the black list. It would have been OK to actually put these judges on the black list. However, it is NOT OK to contact these judges prior to arrival in Fiji and intimidate them in the hopes that they would not take up the Fiji position.

    This was a flagrant violation of a basic diplomatic protocol.

    Having said that – maybe it was an over kill on Franks part to expel these guys, but we should all know by now what we can expect from Frank….just like he ripped up the constitution after the Qarase case decision came out….definitely an overkill.

    That still is does not justify the irresponsible behavior and interference on the part of Australia.

  18. Soko Says:

    Whether Franco has proof to substantiate his claims or has just an epiphany this in itself does not justify his latest actions which by all accounts are a childish retribution.

  19. hari Says:

    Excellent assessment Jone, maybe the money has dwindle so bad, to a point of bankruptcy, that Bai may plan to abandoned ship before it sank with all its crews? Or is this some kind of political attempt to muster Fijian Nationalism support toward the Military? Bai, Fijians are far more intelligent than you think!!!!
    Thank you Australia and New Zealand for defending our rights to choose our Government, the right to live in peace and the right to determined who we want to administer our country etc,etc,.

  20. Budhau Says:

    Hari – thanks you ANZ for what?

    Those Sri Lankan judges who were going to take up those Fiji Govt appointments – if left alone they would have figured it out themselves that they will come under the ANZ travel bans – but NO, them Australian had to call these judges and tell them so BEFORE they took up their appointments. Did that intimidation work?

    Now ANZ don’t have their fricken Diplomats in Fiji and we don’t have one there.

    And we have one pissed and probably scared dictator in Fiji – who is more fearful now because of the hardball that Rudd is talking about – because that would mean prosecuting Frank after he gives up. And that means that the dude is less likely to give up.

    Yeah lets play hardball – totally isolate Fiji…let the fricken judiciary collapse, the economy is about to collapse and people are poor as hell, and Frank ain’t gonna give up – lets get some radical, Melanesean types and nationalists types running around with militias – who cares if the army gets violent on them, and those Indo bastards, they gonna get to now…..yes lets play hardball. Bring about a total collapse.

    Come on Australia – you can do it – I am sure Rudd can play hardball and totally crush Fiji – fire karo, fire karo.

    You dumbnasses!!!

  21. ofa Says:

  22. ofa Says:

    The key is the UN. Australia and NZ need to lean a lot harder against the UN and convince them that keeping Fijian peace keepers keeps Frank in power. Keep up the pressure and this maniac will stumble, fall and be crushed by his own mob trying to save their sorry asses. I have the feeling that something is going to give very soon.

  23. hari Says:

    Soli/Bud/Fiji Man, You just sit there in Boston and eat up them apple pie-sooner or later BAI WILL HAVE TO GIVE IT UP!!!

  24. Red Scorpion Says:

    Very true ofa, my thoughts exactly. Eventually the pressure will become too great for Piggy on all fronts, he will be stretched too thin and inevitably crushed. After he’s removed then we can start rebuilding our country anew and prosecute all the IG cronies. We have long memories and examples must be made so we never go through this again.

    ofa I wish other long winded posters like would take note, and post sensible, constructive comments that have some value not the same old rehashed childish tirade like our frustrated troll.

    Keep blogging people!! E teri ura me tei damu…

  25. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bula Gang!

    I’m going to take a break from the blogs for a while. It won’t really matter since the Regime will not be able to change history, and so they will never be able to escape the judgement of the people, or posterity. I or anyone else can re-enter the fray anytime and be faced with the exact same scenario and issues which lies and manipulation will never be able to change.

    But anyway, before I go, just a note about my good mate, Bud!

    You will be aware that he is an RFMF mercenary operative with a specific psyops brief for this blog site.

    As such, nothing that comes out of his keyboard really matters, because his motive has nothing to do with the words he types.

    To give you some context, if a girl is being chatted up by a guy in a bar, she may play along if she thinks he’s not too bad. She knows the rules of the game, and where things may end up, but that’s not a problem for her if the conversation’s good as it just enhances the thrill of the chase (which is still a two-way thing at this stage).

    But if she finds out during the course of the night that, for instance, that he has made a bet with his friends that he would “take her home” tonight, that completely changes the picture.

    All of a sudden, the prospect of going home with him is disgusting, even though it may have still been somewhat alluring a few minutes beforehand. The wine is just as good, and the conversation may be just as good. But suddenly an enticing prospect has instantly become revolting.

    What changed?

    What changed is that she suddenly discovered his motive. She had thought that he was genuine, and was genuinely interested in her. But when she discovered his real motives, it instantly changed her perspectives of him.

    Same with Bud!

    He may put together some plausible arguments on this blog. But that is not what matters. What matters is not what comes out of his keyboard, it is what is his motive behind it all.

    As an RFMF psyops operative, his brief appears to be threefold.

    First to demoralize the people venting on this site (hence his constant use of terms like “dumbass” and other deprecating insults). And second to confuse peoples’ morality by constantly coming up with superficial arguments as to why wrong is right, and bad is OK. And finally, to create false hopes by postulating false dawns or false compromises. These can then act to demoralize coup opponents over time since they are doomed to fail because the Regime was never really interested in them in the first place

    If we had the time and money and training to devote to this that the RFMF and Bud do, we could shoot down most of what he says on a daily basis.

    But since we don’t have those to spare, and since it wouldn’t change anything even if we did, I would like to offer an alternative.

    Since we know Bud is here specifically to demoralize, we actually don’t have to read what he says. Or if we do, then we just need to be aware of the reaction he is trying to induce (and guard against it).

    Anyway, if no-one has ever tried reading the comments and skipping over Buds, I recommend it. Just see how different the blog experience is on this site when you do.

    Anyway, moce mada!

    And tabu soro!

  26. Budhau Says:

    Come on people, do you seriously believe that if there is enough pressure on Frank that he will give up – specially when there is a likelihood that he will be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    What kin of dumbass belief is this.

    What exactly did NZ get by denying or delaying that visa to the Family Court judge who wanted to take her 22-month old child to NZ for a urgent eye surgery for a detached retina?

    Why did Australia contact those Sri Lankan judges to intimidate them from signing up as judges in Fiji.

    What will happen if our judiciary collapses because ANZ were successful in intimidating enough qualified judges from signing up – what do you think will – the masses will get dissatisfied and rise against Frank, or Frank will get frustrated and march up to Naboro himself.
    Or should Frank start appointing military tribunals to fill in for our courts, or appoint third rate judges.

    Scorpion – you dumbass, to prosecute Frank and his boys, you have to take him down by force – and to do that you have to have balls…this “Blog on Ragone” shit ain’t gonna do it…you gotta put your ass on the line…and when was the last time anyone took to the streets – poor TUI.

    As for your long memories – Remember 1987. What example did you make of that coupster dude – a honorary Ratu, head of GCC which endorsed his party and made him the PM and a national hero – and this time around you to put away a coupster for life, because this one ain’t your boy.

    Hari – there is no argument that “sooner or later Bai will have to go” – the issue is that will he leave on his terms or yours. Yes I see him going after the 2014 elections, with a real good retirement package and a airtight amnesty deal…and if that is what it will take to get rid of him, I can live with it. You threaten him with prosecution and I am sure he will remain the commander well after the 2014 election….unless you take on the military.

  27. Budhau Says:

    Jean, I am sorry to see you go – be it temporarily. In our exchanges, I always had the “tackle the ball, not the man” attitude, you on the other hand have always tried to take me down – even in the farewell post.

    Who I am is immaterial and I am not going to get into a discussion to either confirm or deny any of what you say about me.

    The fact still remains is what I usually put in here is analysis – the facts are already there – I don’t make up those facts – just like the above. There is nothing about being pro-coup or anti-coup.

    For example the recent actions of ANZ can be discussed objectively without taking sides on the coup issue.

    BTW – I don’t always follow that “Tackle the ball……” attitude – for example with idiots like Scorpion, I just like to kick him right in the nuts (virtually speaking) because he usually has nothing to say.

    Anyway, Jean, I found you to be a nice, intelligent person to have these exchanges with, I am sorry to see you go and I hope the impasse that we have in Fiji will ultimately resolve itself in a manner that you will find favourable.

    Best wishes.

  28. Jone Says:

    Jean d’Ark, hats off to you mate!

  29. Truth Says:

    Hi Jean ! You’re right. We just ignore the Bud as his ramblings have no meaning. I look past his posts most of the time BUT especially when they’re long winded. Long posts I read are those attached to your name. In fact you are the reason I keep popping back in here ..

    Always refreshing reading you.

  30. Fiji Man Says:

    Well people Bud has the last say!! all he been saying is true and has been actually happening so I’d have to take my hat off to him, suck on that truth!!

  31. senijiale Says:

    Uh oh, looks like the full moon brought about a lot more more break-ups than make-ups!

    Aside from Bud’s tit-for-tat insults, he still makes good sense to me but Jean is usually the voice of reason. So how how does one reconcile and marry their views so we could stop the looting of the public coffers once and for all and give it back to its rightful owners – the PEOPLE?!

  32. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    To answer your question senijiale

    The dictators rule and it is the dictators who have been making ALL the decisions and will decide when it is time to step away from the PEOPLE’S coffers.
    And history’s lesson is : THEY DON’T GO WILLINGLY and no one can NEGOTIATE with them — Never have and never will start now in one small island nation.

    The dictators are in this for the long haul thoroughly enjoying the PEOPLE’S pot of honey which is what drove them in the first place and it just makes sense that they will stay until they all die off one by one YEAH ruling for 50 years is Fiji’s reality. People accept that by way of “not willing to put their lives on the line” and until they do take to the streets sorry to state the obvious once gain — THIS IS YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN.

    What say Jean ? Totally with you. I too for a time went away and occasionally peeping in then returned only to find that nothing has changed NOT that it surprised me. People pretty much keep true to their convictions. Bud and the military cell doing their number in here does not get them new recruits. If they fail to convince me, they can not convince anyone for it is I who should convert given my blood ties to the Mara children and our personal history together not to mention my ancestors’ traditional role in relation to theirs — TO PROTECT THEM —

    Fijians should decide if they are loyal to their bibles or loyal to veiwekani.
    Decide if you are loyal to Fijian old traditions or loyal to the constitution and to the rule of law.

    For old traditions would require me to look the other way when they (Valelevu) have raped the people of our country. It is a rape. The raping of the foundation of a nation is the tossing of its constitution by the barrels of guns.

  33. Budhau Says:

    You see Katalina, the the Fijians as a people have been discouraged from taking an active role in any kind of a government.

    ..and before you start jumping on my ass – let me back up what I say…and if you have an issue with that, then be specific.

    The British decided to govern the Fijian people through their chiefs – no participation required from the common Fijians. Even before independence, the British when they gave the Indians a right to vote, the Fijians were not given that right to vote…their chiefs were going to rule them.

    After independence – the GCC actively tried to become the big player – either directly or indirectly. So it was the GCC which endorsed a political party and the Fijians were expected to vote for that party. Once they voted for that party, once every five years, that is where their participation in politics ended…until the next election.

    If a Fijian ever tried to question, he was told to shut up and that he did not have a proper upbringing. That is why even today, when Fijians faced with some situation at a meeting or something decides to back away and fade “into the night”

    When a non-Fijian tried to raise any issues relating to the Fijians – he/she was told to shut up because it was none of her business.

    ..and now all of a sudden you want these people to get actively involved into this democracy crap – constitution and all – did the Fijians approve the last constitution or was it their provincial council that did it for them.

    They would rather sit on the sidelines and let the folks in Suva sort it all out or let the Provincial council decide on their behalf. TO most of them this is something between Frank and Qarase and some other Ratus trying to gain power. Some of these folks have been used twice before in 1987 and in 2000 for the “indigenous cause”, that is why they are not buying into this crap that this is their fight.

    You see the Fijian system had become like a big bulldozer – while it was large and powerful and all that – to control it, all one had to do is to remove and replace the driver – so you see why it was so easy for Frank to ease out Qarase and move into that driver’s seat. Once you are into that drivers seat, it is plain sailing – that is it until someone else comes and removes that driver.

    So when Rabuka used the Fijians and got into the driver’s seat – no one complained. Then it was Speight and the chiefs who felt that it was time for them to ride the gravy train – and they also knew that the folks would go along with it – it backfired because, due to intra-Fijian conflict, the army did not come in to back up Speight and his gang.

    If we are to have a democracy, than Fijians have to get more actively involved in the day to day running of the country, the need to question their leaders – specially the scamming types. And they need to get away from voting on racial lines and vote their interests – and the interest of rural Fijians are a lot different from the urban Fijians, the interest of the Fijian worker is different from the wealth Fijian elite – So I think the Fijian elite would probably vote with the Gujju businessmen for one party and the Fijian worker should vote with the Indian worker for maybe another party that will look after their interest.

    Look at them fricken Indos – If one donated $20 to Chaudary and he would try to track down that money five years later as to where that money went – and look at the Fijian leadership, they would scam away $200 million from some bank – money earmarked for the Fijians and no one asks a question.

    So Katalina – stop playing politics of race – Stop taking positions based on race – look to see what is in your interest and find some common ground with others similarly situated, regardless of race.

    This coup culture did not start with Frank – we were all OK with it when it first started, now when the military turned around and bit you in the ass, you want to complain…that this is a rape of democracy and freedom and all that.

    Maybe this coup has shaken things enough so that our society that was slowly evolving, moving away from the chiefly rule towards democracy – would now move faster in that direction – on the other hand, if we can make this into a racial and a tribal issue – than our grand children would still be dealing with the mess that we started.

  34. hari Says:

    Hey Jean you live close to Bud/Soli/FijiMan/ maybe you can drive across the border and let him have it in the ears? Boy,isn’t it nice to be able to tunnel your way into peoples’ house,islands etc?

  35. Budhau Says:

    Come on Hari – you not into that are you. Just keep away your cousins from my beach house in the west.

  36. Anon. Says:

    Western beach house?

    Nice try Bud – but we got your number a long time ago.

  37. Red Scorpion Says:

    Thanks Jean d’Ark and Truth, I just ignored our pet troll and his long boring posts yet again. What a laugh it is. Keep blogging people, na mata ni cagi ena sega ni dua tu ga. Eventually all this pressure will pay off.

  38. Anon. Says:

    @ RS.

    Truth be known – already is – in some most unlikely places.

  39. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah…oilei,budhah n some of u boring people in dis site…pls take a break….same old story …men u guys are so fucked up in da mind….all bunch of loosers…cmon time to move on n focus on other things….let him rule n dictate only God will deal with him…pls close dis site…all nonsense talk n no action…boci’s

  40. Litea Vuki Says:

    Hey Jean d’Ark you do light up this board and you do educate and put many silent majority at ease. There is a lot of craziness on the ground now; people are dissolutioned and it is therapeutic reading your pieces. So for your time I want to say thank you.

  41. Darren Says:

    navoha you sound bitter. If you like, you get the fook out of this site. Some of us still like to come here, boring though it might be it still provides information we can’t get from the news media.

  42. hari Says:

    According to our social Engineering and security tunneling we’ve concluded that Budhau/Soli and few other bloggers on this site, lives pretty close together in the vicinity of Boston,Sprignfield,Mancester,Worcester,Hartford or thereabout? Our Social Engineers are continuing to dig deep and wide,with a view to find and finally exposed this imposters once and for all?

  43. Budhau Says:

    hari bhai, remember when this regime went after the bloggers when this whole thing started….and what was our complaint – that these bloggers have the right to do what they are doing and it was a freedom of speech issue and all that.

    Now you are trying to dig up and expose bloggers – so what makes you any different from those goons who where trying to track down pro Democracy bloggers.

    Or is this one of intimidation tactics – that “we know who you are and we will come down and burn your house down or kick your arse”.

    hari – you immature little prick – first go figure out what your cause is – If one of your boys had done this coup, it would have been you tracking down pro-democracy bloggers.

    So what if someone tries to figure out who you are and than stick some goons on your sister in Fiji… you dumbass son of bitch.

  44. hari Says:

    Ha, it seems that someone is having a bad day? Didn’t mean to rattle your cage!!! Ha, talkin about prick, you haven’t seen nothing yet????Hows yours working for you?????????

  45. this is navoha Says:

    Hari n Budhau..dua ga vei kemudrau na handsome pump & a glowing dildo

  46. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Katalina 100 points. Nipped on the Bud 0 points.

    Hey Bud where in that post was the issue between Indians and Fijians ?

  47. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    That’s why Fijians just keep having coups. The soldiers won’t have a leg to stand on if their parents spouses and children admonish their behaviour …

  48. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    The Bud have lost the plot

    Totally disoriented ! sounds silly.

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