Stranger than fiction, yep that’s the illegal regime alright.

 Nailatikau has been appointed president, of course that was no secret, noone really cares as the CARE FACTOR stands at an enormous O.

 Nothing like achieving ones wishes illegally, hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, it will surely have awful ramifications somewhere down the track. But then that’s not our problem is it, no it isn’t. Nothing to do with the illegal regime has anything to do with the honest, peaceloving Nation of Fiji.

 The Nation as a whole is suffering, but we the human inhabitants are moving onward and upward in our own way, getting on with life as best we can considering thecircumstances imposed upon us by this rapacious, unscrupulous illegal regime & their apologists.

 We haven’t murdered or robbed anyone else of their freedom, employment or property, so we can all sleep contently in our own homes & not have to watch our backs as we haven’t done anything wrong or untoward to another person, right?

 Back to the stranger than fiction, whispers are that the ole oink is rather upset (AHEM) with some of the parasites he appointed to certain high faluting positions who had gone in with all guns blazing, assuring him and his co-conspirators that they could and would take that company or department to unbelievably high levels, instead have totally stuffed up whatever they were supposed to do then scuppered off with the all the do$h.  Apparently he wants them all back in Fiji so he can teach them a lesson.

Well we could have told him that, & if he’d left the qualified and accomplished persons there in the first place his ignorant illegal regime wouldn’t be in such a stew failing and flailing left, right and centre.

Sa tu na da Reddy had better come up with something more than his creative accounting because he’s on the radar, the ole oink when he has a lucid moment, ego allowing, reveals his real self ranting and raging when he realises that the world including some in his’ inner circle’ are laughing at him ha ha ha ha ha and his so called ‘experts’

Well we could have told him that, & if he’d left the qualified and accomplished person there in the first place his ignorant illegal regime wouldn’t be in such a stew failing and flailing left, right and centre.

 The circle is closing, oink as the self appointed prime minister, Nailatikau the illegal president (he should know better than anyone else about all things Vanua and the ramifications of not abiding by the rules, but he, his wifes & oinks families are the ones already cursed by the Vanua so he most probably doesn’t give a toss hey), Naivalurua inching his way up the illegal ladder. $50 macawa man still in a daze as he desperately tries to get his soiled fingers on more paisa only coming out of his ‘I am the Tui Cakau”  daze now & again to make a press statement, oh lifes just too hard for this great underachiever and his cruel tavales.

 Now it’s been settled by the illegal regime that Nailatikau is president, he’ll move into the big house, the best place to plot the demise of more innocent citizens, running all of old hag Koila and her awful sisters enemies up to Delainabua for a scary time while they get pissed as hell up there where noone can hear them.

























  1. sami Says:

    You’re absolutely right Soli, I wonder what has happen to your old nemesis&Boss Sammy? Is he back in New Zealand with all the Tax Payers dough, from the military IG?

  2. Litea Vuki Says:

    Darn right! This crap pf a presidency was born out of corruption and it is corruption and we could not care less. They can maek themselves whatever they so desire …

    They have the guns

    Doesn’t mean they will get respect. Oh hell no!

  3. Anon. Says:

    See now why this oppurtunist & greedy cretin never made & never will make Vunivalu – respect within Kubuna 00.2% & falling.

    Enjoy while you can – nobodies unaccountable.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Anon – why do you come up such dumbass responses – that “respect within Kubuna 00.2% and falling”. What part of your anatomy do you pull out these numbers from?

    BTW I think his appointment as president is actually laying the foundation for the Vunivalu title….. President, former Speaker of the House, Former head of the armed forces, Blah, blah, blah… you see where this is going.

    As far as why he never made the Vunivalu title – well no else has, have they? – he, like several others, are all in the running..and there ain’t no clear cut front runner. Isn’t that why we have not had a Vunivalu since 1983…you can’t hold that against him.

    My vote is for the Mara kid, this guys son…but then again who am I, people like me should not even talk about these things – right?

    ..and SV, that ‘I am the Tui Cakau” line – well don’t you think that these guys have learnt from that and will not make the same mistake twice….tell that to Anon.

    Sami, the other Samy’s job is done – no more People’s Charter, now they have gone for the whole enchilada – a complete new constitution.

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Doesn’t matter, Bud!

    That Constitution will be as useless as this lawless interim meandering – neither will ever have any legitimacy, so it really doesn’t matter what they do.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Jean – I was just explaining to Sami what happened to John Samy – that Samy’s work had to do with the Charter, and since the abrogation of the constitution the Charter project went out the window, thus Samy is no longer needed. I was in no way trying to legitimize the process by which they are trying to put a new constitution is place or endorsing the Charter.

    ….and your reasoning that the next constitution would be useless because it will be a product of some lawless action – do you remember how the last constitution came about?

  7. sic Says:

    bitter,bitter twisted little people…how sad you are! blogging your little hearts away pretending like what you’re doing makes the slightest difference in the real world. How sad! How pathetic! You probably feel like freedom fighters making a stand against tyranny when the truth is you’re on the same level as trolls on other internet forums. Sad,ineffective,bitter,bitter,twisted little people.

  8. Soko Says:


    If its taken you this long to figure this one out then Dakuwaqa help us.

  9. Red Scorpion Says:

    Automatically Butthead rushes in 2 give his worthless opinion.

    Shouldn’t u be in school, child? Free busfare’s on again, now run along and stop playing truant. Leave the complicated talk to the adults.

  10. sic Says:

    @Soko…it’s just amazing how such bitter individuals think that bitching and whinging and moaning anonymously on an internet forum will actually make a difference or help this country.

  11. Soko Says:


    Wellcome to the real world where you would find allsorts of people some have legitimate gripes whilst others just stir.

    Which camp youre in?

  12. sic Says:

    @soko…neither.I think what’s happening in fiji is too complex for everyone to be put in ‘camps’. The problem is that some here think that’s the way it is and that’s why there’s several brainfarts here every single day.

  13. Soko Says:


    The complex bit is right but should there be such complexities?

  14. sic Says:

    Soko: There has to be. Especially in a country as young as ours still trying to navigate its way the treacherous waters of nationhood. There’s really no clear cut black and white here…a lot of greys. Think about our now discarded electoral system. Hoe racist it was. I’m glad it’s gone. But then think about how the ig came into power in the first place…using the gun.That’s bad! Just 2 examples of all the complexities surrounding us as we try to work out our common destiny.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Nice exchange between Soko and Sic. Scorpion – you are just a dumbass.

    BTW – Sic, you are right, may in here feel that if they post some mean messages about the military regime, they are doing their share – and they do not have to do anything more.
    You guys wanna stand up to the regime, you have to put you ass on the line – none of this blogging crap. But then again, this might be a good thing – sort of a pressure release valve, otherwise few of this idiots might decide to do something stupid and get themselves hurt.

    Oh and if you really want to stand against tyranny – just go check what others in your situation did – I am sure there is more to it that blogging.

    Blog on ragone!

  16. Darren Says:

    The adults stopped talking a lot time ago. The little children have come out. Bhudau don’t you have a life? Cook some roti and curry and bring it to Tradewinds. I like mine with lamb lots of tamarind. Now that’s nice. Leave the kids alone to their soapy you wasting your time here. Or are you just lonely your here 24 hours trawling.

  17. Fiji Man Says:

    What we’re talking about here??? by the way Soko do you have a job? you sound like someone who got kicked out in this clean up process!! poor dejected soul!! Go join Souls to Jesus maybe you’ll find your true soul there!!

  18. Darren Says:

    Leave the children alone to talk. They don’t need supervision. Your daughter Fiji Man does though. She is turning into Sabrina’s black cat by the day.

  19. Soko Says:

    Fiji Man:

    There is nothing more pernicious to the educated mind than that of an ignorant jackass.

  20. sic Says:

    Fiji Man: There is no need to start talking like that. Evereyone has their own views on our situation.How about we discuss it like rational adults?

  21. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    It’s wonderful to see that the ignoramorases like bud and fm have been relieved of guard duty at last.

    The more they type nonsense here, the more bananasinpyjamas’ junta crumbles.

    I wonder when the jailing of the criminals occurs, will bud and fm steep forward to explain their pathetic attempts to rescue he fiasco?

  22. sic Says:

    Ex: Come on guy…enough with the ad hominems.Let’s discuss the issues. Do you honestly think the members of the IG will be jailed. Or are you just hoping they will be? What do you base your argument on?

  23. Soko Says:

    Our insatiable desire to live in peace in what one can only described as a resplendent country have been thwarted by rogue elements of society, who by their very nature manufacture and perpetuate disunity among societies underclass.

    Some may ascribe to this mode of evilness whilst others simply adopt sheep mentality and “tag along for the ride” the latter is far worse than the former.

    We’re on the cusp of the third anniversary of what is often stated as the coup to end all coups, however one of the greatest question yet to answered is quite simply:

    “How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one finds wickedness not only in one’s culture but within oneself?”

  24. Fiji Man Says:

    Dream on people!! you sound like dejected people here in particular Soko!! ex-fiji tourist must have been also kicked out from a foreign mission somewhere, poor people, poor souls, go join Souls to Jesus to find your inner-selves people!!! otherwise you can only find confirm in your homes!!

  25. sic Says:

    Soko: In all fairness though and this is a serious question. Have not the Fijian elite themselves been one of the main ‘oppressers’ of the Fijian
    From where I stand it seems to me that as more and more Taukei get educated, the less reliance there is on the traditional ways. And that in my opinion is a good thing. So now, you’ve got Taukei who want their voices to be heard and if everything today went back to pre-2006…would they be heard?
    This is what I mean by the complexities surrounding the issues in Fiji. Let’s not be like the Americans and reduce everything to us and them…our issues are more complex than that and the solutions(if we find any) will be just as complicated.

    FijiMan:Come on guy. Stop the attacks. Rather, attack the issues not the man/woman!

  26. Red Scorpion Says:

    Vinaka Soko, excellent post that gets to the point and captures the issues in a nutshell. Kudos to you.

    The other long rambling posts from butthead and fijimonkey are quite boring and frankly worthless. More of the same irrelevant nonsense.

    It is pleasing that we are not getting distracted despite childish efforts to dissuade us. Keep blogging people!!

  27. Truth Says:

    Fiji’s Mobsters are doing whatever suits them and there isn’t much we can say or do about it UNLESS of course they decide to share the Guns with us — half for them and half for us — then we will be in business.

    In the meantime their appointed illegal and corrupt, Presidents, Prime Minister, Judges, will continue. Making a spectacle of themselves hoping upon hope they will be fully accepted by the people. Giving out free bus fares just before this announcement of their illegal President. .. But it is that — “theirs” and not the “people’s”

  28. Nostradamus Says:

    Don’t forget the “dividend” paid out to FHL shareholders so that they would not vote out those clowns where are currently there killing the geese that lay the golden eggs.

    What kind of investment banker would tell their clients that they can make more money by putting their money in the bank, and that we don’t “need” to invest in alcohol production.

    So that’s right, give all the gravy from Fiji beer drinkers back to Australia even though the beer is made in Fiji with Fiji sugar, water, and yeast.

  29. Soko Says:


    You raised a very interesting question that cannot go by unanswered; now for many years I have been vociferous in my condemnation of the Fijian hierarchal system one that was born out of necessity to complement the British ideals of governance.

    However as such this organisation was charged with the duty to collate and disseminate to the British the desiderata of the indigenous people along the way this organisation became politicised then began the subjugation of the people.

    I am glad the educated younger generation have witnessed the duplicity of their forbearers and in fact doing something about it.

    Just don’t let you education go awry or be in vain

  30. Budhau Says:

    Sic and Soko – excellent exchange, keep it up.

    Nostradamus – you dumbass – So now you an expert in economics, with all that “advising” that you did to the Island governments…and dude did John Samy get your ass fired back in the good old Alliance days.

    Hey Nostra, so they paid the shareholders dividends so they do not vote the board out – you can see this so clearly but those Shareholders, they didn’t see the light…. you trying to insult the Fijians…the same colonialist mentality that got your ass kicked out of several countries.

    So Nostra, you some economic advisor with that line “beer is made in Fiji with Fiji sugar, water, and yeast.”

    You dumbass, Pepsi in India is made “in India with Indian sugar, and Indian water” – I see that you got that line from some Indian. for the yeast – that you should discuss with your doctor.

  31. hari Says:

    Hey Bud,Talking about been fired by Samy? Of course you would know cause he did the same to you as well. What a bastard that Samy was or still is?Hopefully, Bai will not be calling him back soon for more socialism bullcrap? Hey Bud, you could probably do a better job then Samy.

  32. Budhau Says:

    You see Hari, even if this Samy dude or anyone else would have fired me, I do not make such a person the center of my universe – like this “former economic adviser” to Mara has.

    Putting aside Samy politics – for anyone to make it to the position that Samy did in the Alliance administrations, then on to his other jobs and lately landing that position with Frank – you have to give the guy some credit – compare that with Nostra – fired in Fiji, thrown out several other island states, went to another region and is now a marginalized old fart who is on various forums 24/7… this guys was able to con a lot of people for a long time – but no more. I am sure that Foster dude would have been a senior adviser the Dr Baba had Baba won that elections – there and many con artists like that.

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