UM, WHAT WAS THAT FIGURE AGAIN, as oink runs out of fingers and fums to count THE OINK VERSION OF a fiscal SURPLUS

The pathetic ole oink will believe anything his overpaid bean counters tell him.

The false economy he announced today may have fooled him just as his beancounters intend to justify their illegal salaries, but it hasn’t fooled anyone else.

If it was Norway or Switzerland the extraodinary announcement was about we all would have applauded.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah, pull the other one oink.

Can you imagine the laughter from all the bankers and world leaders around the globe, ‘There he goes again, believing in his own rhetoric, whassisname again,oink or something like that, haw haw haw, that’s the problem with idiots who always had a hole in their pockets and a bigger one in their heads, haw haw haw’

Smarter spending and a more prudent expenditure control have been labeled as underlying government’s ability to rein in on its finances.

It announced today a third quarter result that sees it recording a fiscal surplus of $30.7 million or 0.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product, a complete turnaround from a forecasted net deficit of $117.5 million it was expecting for the quarter.

“Cumulative to 30 September 2009, Government collected $1,008.8 million in revenue and spent a total of $978.1 million, which is well below the spending level forecast for the period. I am pleased with this fiscal performance because it confirms that our efforts to curb wasteful spending of the past are producing results,” said Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

The revenue collected was 3.9 percent below forecast. This was attributed to slow economic activity in light of the global financial crisis which has in turn affected business and employment, from which government collects its revenues in the form of direct and indirect taxes.

While government’s total spending of $978.1 million was $64.9 million more than what it spent during the same period last year, it still was below forecast by $249.3 million.

This, it said, helped offset the impact of lower revenue but it hopes economic recovery would come in time for better yield in tax collection.

Bainimarama said government’s spending trend now allows it the opportunity to redirect unutilized resources to implement policies that were agreed in the course of the year but were not allocated funds in the Budget.

“Given the low spending levels in certain programs, Government intends to redeploy unutilized resources from these programs to initiatives that support import substitution, assist the poor and improve infrastructure, in particular, national and council roads, water and sewerage services and bridges. These are areas where funds can be productively expended quickly and add to stimulating economic activity,” he said.

Given this scenario, Bainimarama is optimistic of achieving the 2009 Budget deficit target of 3 percent of GDP.


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  1. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Frank asked in the Fiji Sun about why economists like Ron Duncan do not appear to accept official “economic data” and figures released by various Government entities in Fiji.

    The answer is simple – nobody trusts those figures these days, because nobody trusts the Government. When you have people in charge who do not believe in the real independence of any institution, and who had no qualms about sacking anyone who does not toe their line, it is not much of a stretch to believe that official figures are being fudged.

    Especially when we hear reports about FIRCA holding back payments to international consultants for no good reason. Or the RBF dragging their feet on international payments, and suddenly trying to re-shuffle certain long-serving staff in its economics department for no apparently reason, either.

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Neither do we trust the Judiciary … thanks Jean.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Yes, yes, we don’t trust the Judiciary – you dumbass, because of the pressure put on by NZ and Au on their judges and lawyers – those guys will not take up positions in the judiciary – and NZ and Au is where most of our higher court judges came from.

    You buggers support that policy and so now the regime goes judge shopping to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka – and try and find judges who are willing to take up position – despite the travel bans and all that.

    …and then you bytch about these judges – that we can’t trust them.

    Jean – what “economic data” released by this government is not being accepted by this Duncan dude.

    I am sure there are economists on both sides who can argue how bad the Fiji economy really is, or whether they should have devalued the dollar. Or whether the tourism industry is bringing in the money that it should.
    ..and this argument can still be based on the same economic data.

    So what “false” economic data are you talking about – that this Duncan guys is refusing to accept.

  4. ofa Says:

    No soldier is ever going to benefit from this coup….We have elections in 2009….The economy is in good shape….

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Hey Bud – long time!

    Just read the the Sun article – it’s all in there. Frank was just being his usual selective-focus self.

    The main “indeces” he touted were the RBF’s estimated 0.2% growth for this year, and the alleged $1million in reserves that Fiji now supposedly has.

    The reserves figures are suss because A. Sada Reddy’s recent reinvention as a closet politician; B. They have no real impact on economic growth per se anyway – all they do just give you the assurance that the bottom will not suddenly fall out of the economy because you can’t meet your international commitments; And C., even if reserves did portend something positive for the economy, you still couldn’t have any faith in the RBF’s F$1million figure since they are being artificially fudged by delaying permission for large international payments, and they only represent 3 months of import cover in our newly devalued reality, anyway. This is not too much different from the 2.x month figure quoted for our erstwhile ~$400k+ reserves that we supposedly had before the April coup/devaluation.

    As for the 0.3% growth projection for 2009 currently being touted with a straight face in the teeth of all that is currently going wrong with the Fiji economy, it is simply unbelievable even if Sada was not a politician trying to “talk up” a desired economic outcome.

    Since tourism and sugar and overseas remittances are all significantly down, where are the revenues coming from that can underpin any growth – even one as humble as 0.3%.

    The recent paper by Lal et al, estimating Fiji’s 2008 growth at minus 4.7%, also casts real suspicion on the RBF’s 0.2% figure for that year (which is STILL an estimate figure more than 3/4’s of a year after the fact).

    So against that backdrop, I don’t know how they can keep sticking with their 0.3% estimate for 2009. Especially when the January floods supposedly did more than $100 million damage to Nadi and the surrounding areas/infrastructure alone. Where is Fiji going to make up that shortfall within one year? Sugar and remittances are in freefall, and tourism is struggling to even keep up with last year’s humble performance. Mining, Fishing, Timber and Mineral Water are all flat (which IS from the global economic crisis). So you can count them all out.

    So no Bud – the fat lady is singing, and it’s no longer just the freedom blogs who have low hopes for Fiji any more.

    And as for the judiciary – you’ve missed the real villains in the piece AGAIN. The blame for the lack of independence and credibility of Fiji’s judiciary today, can only be laid at the feet of Bai, Khaiyum and Gates! They were the ones who engineered it, so it doesn’t make sense to “blame the Ref” when the predictable consequences come to pass!

  6. Fiji Man Says:

    So?? why you still in this beloved country of Fiji then??? this country doesnt need people who complain like the lot here and bring up false accusations!! You’ve been doing that since 2006 and you will keep on complaining till you drop dead but it wont change a thing!! the economy is picking up, tourists are flocking to our shores, we are happy that our children can go free to schools (1st time that this happened in the Pacific region), what more can we ask for?? You people live in this beautiful country of ours or speaking from China like Katalina Balawanilotu because we certainly having a good life here!! smile!!

  7. Jean d'Ark Says:

    FM, allow me to show you how ridiculous your question is by asking it back to you – why are YOU still in our beloved country?

    Because in fact what Fiji absolutely DOES NOT need, is incompetent leadership who don’t know what they are doing, who ignore reality and lie continuously, but who are not accountable to anybody anyway.

    But that is a formula that cannot possibly succeed in the end. Especially when you guys are all exhibiting the same flaws of failure from top to bottom.

    Just like Frank, you are ignoring all the bad things that are happening at the moment just so that you can focus in on a handful of good ones. So no wonder the country is going down the tubes. It is like getting excited about scoring one try in rugby, but forgetting that the opposition has already scored ten against you and its not even half-time yet.

    Another thing that puts you guys in poor stead to manage the affairs of the country, is that, like Frank and Ului and Leweni, many of you are high school dropouts. That would certainly seem to be the case with most of the FMF media cell ghost-bloggers, judging from your poor writing and appalling logic. That is a sure recipe for failure – a bunch of soldiers trained not to think, led by an officer corps who don’t know how to think.

    And as for your alleged “good life” – easy for you to say when you guys in the military and the police are over-spending your budgets by millions a month like there’s no tomorrow.

    But of course there is a tomorrow, and it not one in which there is such a thing as bottomless pockets or a perpetual gravy trains. So live it up while you can, because sooner or later, one way or another, reality is going to bust in on your little “Emperors New Clothes” fairy tale.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Just checking – have they banned me yet.

  9. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    WooHoo! No contest here either

    Jean d’Ark on our side 100 points. Budhau nee Fiji Military -1 point.

  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Not so. This country does not need dictators.

  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Fiji’s judges receive instructions from Bainimarama, Khayum, Gates how to rule on each case.

  12. Anon. Says:

    @ Budhau.
    Don’t want u banned – just deported – but we can’t given u’ve already settled other pastures – future person non???

  13. Budhau Says:

    Anon – maybe they will deport your ass out of the US because of the marriage of convenience – marrying that short old fart for the green card.

    BTW – even if you were to get rid of every Indo-Fijian, your problem still does not go away – who you gonna deport next – the “Tongans”

    Katalina – you are just some no school dumbass – don’t know what you are talking about.

  14. Red Scorpion Says:

    Butthead’s getting awfully frustrated hia.. someone give him a consolation point at least to get to scratch… somebody…anybody…?

  15. Anon. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    You have no idea how mistaken you are or what a fool your making of yourself – but keep it up – say with you its an inherent talent.

    As for a Tongan takeover? iTaukei already been there – done that.
    Google the name Ma’Afu – may enlighten?

  16. Budhau Says:

    Anon – so you saw the need to deny that you were Ms T – the fat boy peace corp dudes wife.

    You see, honey, when people say such things in forum such as this – most smart people refuse to confirm or deny such crap – if it was crap.

    I see that you had the need to address that issue of whether your were Mrs T or not – Not smart – but then again, that explains why you could not get into a degree programme at USP.

    I wasn’t taking about old boy Ma’afu – it was more about that Tongan dude who is in line to be the next Vunivalu of Bau. That will keep you going with your racist crap of a while.

    Red Scorpion – you are just too insignificant for me to bother.

  17. Anon. Says:

    @ Budhau.
    Your ignorance of such matters is again clearly evident – but anyway.
    No vacancy for a Vunivalu at this time – right now we have a more than capable Roko.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Anon, with that “Your ignorance of such matters is again clearly evident – but anyway.” – you don’t seem to feel very secure in here, do you.

    The only reason you have that Vunivalu position open since 1983 is because some buggers can’t figure out who should get the post – there is loudmouth Litia who would want to see Adi Shamoo, in there, and then there are the brothers – and of course the Tongan dude in line – being the President and the Vunivalu – now that definitely would be pulling a coup.
    So don’t give me this crap – that we are fine with that position vacant since 1983 – BTW – I think you should just do away with that position – for good. But then again – Hey, what about Mara Jnr – sort of like Prince William – skip a generation and get the young dude in there.

    Forgive my ignorance – you are the smart ass in here, I just wonder why you never got into that USP programme…the issue here was not the Vunivalu’s position – it had more to do with the Tongan – sort the us and them thing – first you turn on the Indians, then the Tongans, and who is next.

  19. Truth Says:

    O ho Criminally inclined idiot making noise from that empty vessel.

  20. Truth Says:

    Jean, do you know if there have been job creation in Fiji since 5.12.06?

  21. Anon. Says:


    Know who we are – where we belong – what were doing – where were going – unlike yourself…Tic Tok…Tic Tok…

  22. Budhau Says:

    Anon – that is one of your problems – that some of you seem to believe that your people a gods gift to humanity – that you are all so special – unlike those other folks.

    Ask people from any fricken race, culture, ethnicity – the all know who they are, where they come from and where they are going, yada, yada, yada.

    I think it is this insecurity or some other complex that keeps some of you going with this line that your race is Gods gift to humanity – get over it, honey… you as people are no better (or worse) than the the next group.

  23. senijiale Says:

    Some may view it as being more sinister than that Bud, that it boils down to pure greed and narrow vested interests (one that stems out of a totally unnatural and unrealistic superiority complex of themselves).

    Guess that’s what’s keeping them confined in here, underground instead of getting out there and peacefully voicing their protests, come what may.. if they truly and genuinely believed in the collective interest of the i-taukei being endangered by the current status quo.

  24. Red Scorpion Says:

    Ha ha ha… more nonsense from these playground clowns Butthead and Senijodo/ fijimonkey etc….

    Very long posts but impractical and rather boring. U parents know that ur typing all this nonsense on their laptop? Quick go and iron ur uniform and pack ur lunch for tomorrow before daddy gives u the strap and u’ll miss the free ride tomorrow…

  25. senijiale Says:

    Little red kuka or qari or qauri – yes, u may call me whatever and it don’t matter 2 me unless it furthers your ’cause’ somewhat…? lol…

  26. Tuks Says:

    Budhau, your jumping to conclusion of the Vunivalu position and attempts to make hasty generalisations with the Fijian issues has only revealed the real loose cannon you are. Your generalised statement about our Fijian ethnic communities in relation to our commitment to God is an insult to our heritage that must never be allowed without a response. So what is important in having a University degree?. At one stage.. we used to use USP as an acronym representing -University of Stupid People…[Just joking here of course].But you-Budhau, seemed to fully believe that the only ones who get a fair and well balanced view of life are the ones who secure themselves a University degree – of course without the Fijian Affairs scholarship[to further qualify Budhau’s definition in this blogsite]. As a race we a proud heritage of our land, its Resources and people. We treat all other peoples of the world as God’s gifts and we only wish that they too acknowledge these for our rights to our portion in our land we call Fiji. Problems u mentioned above are part and parcel of life for all. They must never be at any time question the fact that we like other people of the world are God’s creation. For a purpose we are all created and that is for the Glory of God….There are no insecurity at all there. None at all…

  27. Soko Says:

    Bud and Turks and any other that is interested.

    Can anyone honestly express without prejudice the root cause’s of fiji woes?

  28. Tuks Says:

    Ephesians 6: 12 and I quote…

    “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”

    [END OF Quote]

  29. Budhau Says:

    “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”

    Steven Weinberg (1933) US Physicist

  30. sami Says:

    Budhau, you are one piece of turd and a heckva blockhead. I would assumed that you are metally challenged, since you don’t seems to complete one discussion with a blogger, before taking on another? Blockhead like you shouldn’t be permitted to live in a democracy like north-America.

  31. Anon. Says:

    @ Soko. The Hydra.

    Sap Root 1.
    The Leonidas – Levuka May 14th 1879. 463 Girmits.

    Sap Root 2.
    1940. Decendents of above refused to defend Viti.

  32. Budhau Says:

    Defending Viti – my arse!

    Most of those dumbasses who went to lay their lives on the line were told to do so by some Ratus who were convinced by the Brits to send his people to war – no one was there defending Viti.

    BTW- I don’t see anyone trying to put their ass on the line to defend Viti this time around, when they should – do you? This time they are afraid that Frankie will make them run around some rugby field in their underwear.

    Hey just like if I was living in the US – you think I would go to war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam – to defend what? ..and anyone who feels that they are doing this for their country – they are idiots.

    Sami – who said anything about me living in North America – I thought I lived in Sydney..making $14/hour.

  33. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Yeah – there may have been some new jobs created since 2007. But these would be heavily outnumbered by the jobs that have since been revoked out of the civil service, or lost in the commercial sector, or just downgraded to part-time anywhere.

    They were talking about a blowout of unemployment to some 8% in 2008. But you know they include the informal agriculture sector in that, which is something of a fudge if you really want to focus in on the kind of careers people actually aspire to, or the actual effect of Government policy interventions on above-the-poverty-line income generation.

  34. Fiji Man Says:

    Buds you hit the nail on the head!! tell those native nako’s where they truly belong!!!

  35. Budhau Says:

    No Fiji Man – it is not about “telling them native Nakos” – but people have to face facts.
    This anti-Indian crap has been pushed by those Nationalists elements ever since.

    Hey folks – the British would not even allow the “natives” in their army during WW1 – and in WW2 they decided to let the “natives” in but would still not recognize them as equals with their white counterparts – and Indians in Fiji were ready to go, that had a platoon together – but the British refusal to recognize the Indos and the Fijians as their equal – including equal pay – was the reason the Indo refused to go.

    And the Malay campaign – that was a Anti-British National Liberation Movement – we should have been on the other side on that – they were not “communist terrorists” as the Brits would want us to believe – and we were not “defending Viti.”

    You also have to consider the cultural aspects of this – here was a “warrior race” being urged by thier chiefs to fight a war – orcourse they will go – and compare that with some farmers and farmers who had little to do with being “warriors” and did not have a tribal system where a chief would tell him what to do.

    The fact still remains – where have all the warrior gone now – are they all in the army.

  36. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Tell the carawaipani kanikani too much red hot curry where they belong. Fiji Military nee Budha give decent Indians a bad name.

  37. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    @Anon you spot on 🙂 The insignificant Fijimonkey/Budha is a joke.

  38. Soko Says:

    Wow everybody is an enemy.

    I suppose we all harbor some form of racism in our own way.

  39. Fiji Man Says:

    Wow, Vasiti your wild woman, maybe you have the warrior spirit within you!! join the Army and expend that energy lady!!

  40. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Your call Fijimonkey nee Budha If you think you can call the Fijians native nako and get away with it think again ..

  41. sami Says:

    They seek him here,they seek him there
    Those Fijian bloggers, seek him everywhere
    Is he in Boston,Connecticut,Springfield,Worcester or Hartford
    That damned slippery Budhau,the coup makers hoe
    Are we getting warm,yet??????????????

  42. Fiji Man Says:

    Fijians are nako’s, natives and if it werent for the white men colonist we’d be the same as the PNG highlands, look at what they did in 87, 2000 then try to justify things in 06, all the same nako mentality. So sorry for that Vasiti, hey your Osbourne PART, ancestor a white man??? so we thank you for bringing sanity to us Natives!!

  43. Soko Says:

    Well its two months shy of three years since that dastardly coup of 06 and yet we still perpetuate our preposterous and mendacious ideals in the most racist and inconsiderate manner.

    If we are as many Christian pundits would have us believe Fiji is a God fearing country and exude nothing but honesty then we ought to at the very least look beyond our prejudices and arise courageously from the wickedness that has infected our nation.

    That said we must also be vigilant against those who mastermind and meticulously plan and execute the most imperceptible of crimes on our society, we also must not allow these crimes to continue unabated.

    All perpetrators of these heinous crimes must surrender themselves to the people and be dealt in manner befitting their pernicious motives.

  44. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Similar to that Anthony part ? with gratitude to the white man for bedding that girl perhaps.

  45. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Well Soko -isn’t that proof enough for you that the 2006 coup has failed – and miserably?

    The reasons for the coup keep changing, so it’s very hard to pin them down.

    But if it was truly done to try and eliminate “racism” out of Fiji and her institutions, then we can see from here that it has been an abject failure. If anything, it has only aggravated peoples’ bitterness and victim mentality.

    Three years is surely long enough to get some “runs on the board” in terms of the coup aims. But the three years of excuses that is all we have to show so far, is surely grounds to start expecting that perhaps excuses are all we’re ever going to get from these guys…

  46. Truth Says:

    Jean, thanks for the reply.

    Am sure many join the declaration we aren’t experts on matters of the economy but seems to me it is common sense to grow the economy by investing in the private sector where employment is generated. The international communities taking a step back from investing in Fiji since the events of 5.12.06 is the only contributing factor THAT SAID where/how will this illegal government generate income the next 19 years they intend to hold the country to ransom since No country in its right mind will invest in this Fiji. We most certainly do not trust the figures they toss around. Also, you mention agriculture – here again, who will buy from us Or is that not the goal.

  47. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Truth of what’s happening in Fiji right now is the pirates are in charge of the bank and the media. Free bus rides and overpaid military personnel on the backs of drastically reduced in numbers taxpayers and so that coffer’s running on empty already. Won’t be long before the poor bus owners find out they won’t be getting paid.

  48. Jone Says:

    Fiji’s self imposed government just need to know that data and figures are used even under the most normal circumstances to distort.

  49. sami Says:

    Soli-the good cop. Budhau the bad cop. OMG??????????????

  50. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The military are playing many important roles in our government. FDN have an exclusive picture of an officer doing something a civilian couldn’t be trusted to do. Check it out.

  51. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    FDM Visitor’s lounge is a blast! like the new look 🙂

  52. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    In case you missed it Fiji Man slash Budha … the word is expand. Take Red Scorpion’s advise take advantage of the situation in Fiji; hop on the bus for the free ride to school.

  53. Budhau Says:

    Fiji Democracy Now – stop pushing you website in here – you see how the RFN came in after SV and now are a more popular website than SV – mainly because of the infighting and the hijacking and the coup that happened in here.

    ..and you are here with your fricken website – Why can’t you guys get your shit together and and put a on major pro-democarcy or anti-Frank website – and I am not suggesting that you all go join that idiot Tui Savu.

    Vasiti – that thing about the “free ride” – that has always been the root cause of most of our problems – the Kana Loto gang.

  54. Budhau Says:

    Some of you, including Jean, keep bringing it up – what was the reason for this coup and that the coup has failed.

    So what are supposed to argue, that since the coup was about transparency, and wiping out corruption and racial equality and all that crap – that the coup has failed.
    When are you guys gonna get it – that all coups in Fiji, including this has been about one this, or maybe two – POWER and MONEY.
    They gave that crap about “indigenous rights’ as the reason for the past coups and for this coup – the the clean-up, racial equality etc….and you guys buy this crap.

    You see, when Frank pulled the coup, he was not sure what the reaction would be locally – so he had to come up with a good reason for local consumption – the anti-corruption, clean-up, transparency etc. When he realized that there was not local opposition – that is when the corruption thingie went out the window.
    Then we had the international opposition – and for that we needed something – sort of like “support the cause, not the means” crap. That is when they came up with the racial equality line – remember, Frank’s trip to Tonga shortly after the coup – and the one-man-one-vote plan.

    So stop arguing about the fact that the coup has failed – it hasn’t.

  55. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Woo Hoo ! great news for the Fiji Man Budhahoo now you get a free bus ride to school and pick up from where you left off. Right on the mark there Vasiti only a mtter of time before the Bus Operators are given the sour news and if anyone object the military will deal them the usual running around naked on the grounds at camp Oh those poor Indians just never saw that one coming.

    For me personally if anyone is to be taken seriously with figures and data and statistics Jean has my respect.

  56. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    FDN that’s great trimmings you have there .. tons of laughter too. Thanks.

  57. Fiji Man Says:

    Well anyway folks by the time we get to elections these blokes running the IG would be so high on the people’s popular agenda I dont know if they’d remember who the lot in the previous Govt were!!! Thats the bottom line!!

  58. sami Says:

    Soli-the good;Budhau-the bad and Fiji Man-the ugly! What else is next???

  59. Anon. Says:

    Fiji Sun claims failed Vunivalu & Kubuna outcast Nailatikau is Viti’s new
    el presidento.

  60. Fiji Man Says:

    Sami you mean soli – na – mai – muri??? Well at least in Nailatikau we see hope in an outcast not like the wannabe, nothing kekebau’s!! Good choice for HE, thats be’a than been a dumb ass Stoneage Vunivalu, this is 2009 not 1870.

  61. gdevreal Says:

    Speaking of fudging figures, how did those goons down at the FHL come up with the $55 million profit figure? Was this the long term appreciation of Foster’s Fiji Bitter shares all of which was realized when sold to buy that abortion BP purchase? If so, then give Siti a bonus. No credit due to Sereana, Isoa, and the rest of the clowns over there now. What about the $millions lost on the BP fiasco? This sounds like Cummins St with two sets of books, one for the goons and one for the public.

  62. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – you simply need to ask yourself what “failed” means.

    In context of the 2006 coup, it means failed to achieve its stated objectives! Chopping and changing those objectives every year or so still doesn’t change the fact of whether they were achieved or not.

    And if they weren’t achieved, then that’s a failure in everyone’s language.

    And since those stated objectives were allegedly the reason for prosecuting the coup in the first place, failure to achieve (or even make any progress towards) them therefore implies that there is no more reason to keep pushing them (except for self-preservation. of course).

    Everyone can see that either Frank’s excuses were not true in the first place, or else he simply hasn’t made any one of Fiji’s alleged “problems” any better (while paying a heavy, not-worth-it price with his coup and its aftermath).

    Meanwhile Bud – do you really think anyone would agree that it is OK for Frank and his fellow traitors to overthrow a legal and democratic Government just to get more POWER and MONEY for themselves? More to the point – do you accept it??

    By the same token, your explanation of why Frank kept changing his coup excuses doesn’t fit the facts very well. If there was no local opposition to the coup as you claim, then why change the reason for it at all. All that would show is that he didn’t know what he was doing in the first place. So why risk alienating people if he already had them on side as you claim?

    “Clean Up” would have still been just as good an excuse as “Electoral Reform” in the international community’s eyes, so no need to change there either.

    However as we already know, the problem was not how admirable the excuse was. The problem was how true is was (or wasn’t in this case).

    So once the corruption excuse turned out to be empirically wrong, Frank saw that needed something stronger to shore up his only local coup support base. He needed something “push Indian buttons”, and keep them “on side” regardless of his inability to prove any of his charges, or deliver any positive results.

    Hence he switched to “multi-racial reform”. The proof of how effective an excuse that has been is the number of overseas Indians like yourself who are still mindlessly supporting Frank despite all his failures, and all the harm he has done to Fiji and her people.

    But that still doesn’t change the fact of his reform failures, or his coup excuse errors. And it doesn’t change the fact that nothing lasts forever, either. So the “Multi-Racial Reform” excuse might last a deal longer than “Clean Up” because of the deep wells of anti-racist and anti-Fijian resentment and bitterness in the Indian community. But those will eventually dry up too in the face of Frank’s fundamentally-flawed, and thus, doomed-to-fail reform guesses.

    When they do, Frank will be left marooned alone on his island of coup lies and failures. And that, as they say, will be the end of that!

  63. Red Scorpion Says:

    Hear hear Jean d’Ark. Exemplary post, well written and thought out. We need more of these kind of quality posts.

    Keep blogging people!! Vinaka Soli and co

  64. Budhau Says:

    Jean, you wrote, “Bud – you simply need to ask yourself what “failed” means.”
    I think it is you who needs to figure that out – First figure out what the objective was.

    The objective for the coup never was the corruption clean-up, transparency or racial equality. These were just excuses given as needed. Initially, they had to give some excuse to the locals – and the “anti-corruption” reason seem to be as good as any. Later, when it was realized that there was no local threat, and thus, no need to explain the coup to them – the regime focused on the International community. There, they did not have to explain why they pulled the coup, it was more inportant for them to explain why there must not be a immediate return to democracy. There the racial equality line was expected to go down well – and it did – the only problem there was the “support the cause, not the means” attitude.

    Jean, note that the anti-corruption excuse was given to the locals as the reason for the coup, the ‘electoral reform’ had more to do with “where do we go from here” now that the coup is done – it was not an excuse for the coup.
    The need for reform had more to do stopping this cycle of coups. That was done to buy time – that we need time to put these reforms into place and thus, the international community should not be demanding a immediate return to democracy. (here again Jean, I not not buying this reasoning, I am just explaining it)

    Since the above were just excuses and not the real objectives of this coup – why do you and others keep harping about the fact that the regime failed because they have not been able to meet these objectives.

    The real reason for the coup was that Frank was pissed off at Qarase, because Frank felt that he had placed Qarase in the position as the PM and Qarase had turned on him. Based on the coup culture that we have in Fiji – Frank realized that he could pull a coup and get away with it. So far, if that was the reason for the coup – and Frank has been successful, if his goal was to remove Qarase.

    So the coup initially was about power…and who has the power now? Frank, right!

    After the coup, the power went to his head, and their was a realization that not only this is about power, it is also about money. The only problem is that the International pressure has not gone away – as some may have expected. Otherwise these guys are on target – they have both power and money and they have survived for much longer than expected…and I think, when they do leave, they will also have a air tight amnesty agreement before they ride into the sunset. I don’t think that is “failure”.

    Realize that I am not here supporting the coup – I am just doing an analysis. I am not saying that it is OK what Frank did.

    I think one wrong move that Frank did was not installing a “civilian” government – and that also has more to do with the power going to his head, and his experience with his previous installation of a “civilian” government with Qarase after the last coup. If he had put Nailatikau or Ganilau as the PM – I am sure many among the international community would be on board with his “multi-racial reforms” by now.

    Jean, you wrote, “Meanwhile Bud – do you really think anyone would agree that it is OK for Frank and his fellow traitors to overthrow a legal and democratic Government just to get more POWER and MONEY for themselves? More to the point – do you accept it??”

    You see Jean, you missed the point again – no one is saying that it is OK to overthrow any democratically elected government for power and money – what I am saying is that all our coups were about power and money – NOT that it is OK to do it.

    Do I accept it? Hell no!

    The question now is where we go from here. Do we reinstall the Qarase government and hang Frank for treason – in a perfect world this may have worked. Do we go to court and prove that what Frank did was illegal – we all know that it was.

    Here is what I think – first, we should be willing to give these guys amnesty, just like it was offered to all previous coupsters, to get out of this. Doing that means that we have to have a negotiated settlement – so everyone should cut out the crap about violently bringing down this regime – and that includes NZ policy of trying to bring about a total collapse.

    As part of that negotiations, we should agree to makes changes to the constitution that would bring about a non-racial electoral system. This system will not benefit Indians, whose numbers a declining fast.

    We then negotiate a early election date, from 2014 to 2012 or sometime around there.
    Once we have a elected government in place in 2012 (or even in 2014), we make incremental changes to fine tune the new constitution and phase out the military. Give Frank a attractive retirement package and put in place a new commander who is supportive of the military down sizing idea – the Qarase government already had a white paper to downsize the military – they couldn’t do it because of Qarase v Frank confrontation.

    The place to start is by getting NZ and Australia to start off with a carrot and stick approach – the stick only approach does not seem to work. We all know that things have not worked out for Franks as he would have liked to to – which means that he may be more open to negotiations now than he was a year ago. We have to have some leadership on our side who is willing to negotiate with Frank – and Qarase and the SDL ain’t gonna do it. and neither will and Qarase/Chaudary combination do it.

    BTW Jean, do you get it why they had the “clean up” excuse first – as the reason for pulling the coup, and the “electoral reform” reason for remaining in power – it wasn’t a change from one excuse to another – both served different purposes.

  65. Fiji Man Says:

    Ha!Ha! when will all these imaginative phrases, statements and comments end?? reforms will go on despite what others say, elections will occur despite others say, FB will win the next elections despite what others say, the Military will remain stronger then ever and more o’sea deployments despite what others say, and you and I will remain here in this country growing olders each despite what others say!!!

  66. sami Says:

    The slimy slithering snake is back with more turds-OMG!!!

  67. Litea Vuki Says:

    I am reminded of the debade between

    Serulagilagi, Tevi, Iyer


    Narsey, Draunidalo, Naidu

    There was just no contest. Our guys took those coup apologists to the cleaners from start to finish just as in this case Bud is on bended knees –with concerted effort to match Jean’s superiority with the “length” of post but comes substance??

    o segai! leve davo ga ko Bud.

    Too bad that he can not use some of the guns up at delainabua to neutralize our side.

    For what was founded on corruption is a work in progress about corruption resulting in corruption and stinking to high heaven in corruption and will only give rise to more corruption.

  68. Litea Vuki Says:

    why aren’t you taking my post

  69. Litea Vuki Says:

    The board’s automatic respond is “it looks like you have already said that”

    I have not said anything yet — my post, you rejected

    First you havfe to take my post before you can say ” duplicate post” etc.

  70. Litea Vuki Says:

    so I will try again

  71. Litea Vuki Says:

    Am reminded of the debade between Jo Serulagilagi, Loraine Tevi, Kamal Iyer vs Wadan Narsey, Tupou Draunidalo, Richard Naidu. Our team swept the floor with the coupsters’ team.

    There is just no contest here. Jean the heavyweight is stomping on the Bud nipping the Bud on the head.

  72. Litea Vuki Says:

    What is borne out of corruption entails corruption and give rise to corruption no matter how you want to dress it. If it walks like a duck, smells like duck, quaks like a duck then by golly IT IS A DUCK!

  73. hari Says:

    Sorry folks, nothing personal but sound like Bud has finally being hit with the “Swine Flu” ,as he,s more conciliatory and not in his right abrassive self, in his last posting above? Did someone tunneled their way into his firewall or something???????????

  74. Budhau Says:

    Ms Vuki – I am not here to win some popularity contest.
    The fact still remains – that it silly to take the reason for the coup as explained by the coupsters on its face value.

    So next time one of you see a lack of transparency or some corrupt practices by the this regime, don’t go pointing out the discrepancy between what they say and what they do.

    Haribhai – you got it wrong – I am never abrasive with Jean, there is no reason to.
    Most of my posts are not about whether one is anti-coup or pro-coup, most of the time it has more to do with folks’ critical thinking ability – and when I come across some dumbass folks, I let them have it.

    Do you honestly believe in the reasons given for this coup or the other coups, and if you don’t, then why complain about the coupster not going along with what they said they had set out to do.
    Just because I can see why they came up with the reasons they did, does not mean I buy into it.

    Vuki – you seem to be new in here – that name dropping, that don’t help none…and talking about name dropping, you no relative of Fina, are you?

  75. Litea Vuki Says:

    Serulagilagi, Tevi and Iyer lost on substance.

    So do you.

    Narsey, Draunidalo, Naidu (‘s) side was argued based on truth, justice, the rule of law, the constitution, Fiji’s history, etc.

    Like Jean, they won on substance.

  76. Budhau Says:

    You see honey, it really does not matter what do you think about which side won.
    What is more interesting is to do an analysis of what you are talking about and then tell us why you think one side did better than the other.

    Otherwise – anyone can come up with the “one side won on substance”

    You repeated that substance stuff a few times in here “Like Jean, they won on substance.”

    Here, Jean and I are having a discussion, this is not about winning and losing. If you think that there was no substance in what I had to say – You should point out an example where you think I am wrong.

    We are not arguing about Truth, Justice, the rule of law, the constitution etc. I think we are all on the same side on that.

    The discussion here was whether we should take the reasons given by the coupsters as to why they pulled the coup, at its face value and try and hold them accountable if they stray from those “objectives”.

    BTW – Litea, everything that you have posted in here – how much substance is in that – I see a lot of fluff – very little substance. There are some others in here who when they lack substance, they make it up style – you don’t have that either.

  77. Red Scorpion Says:

    Thanks Jean d’Ark and Litea very good posts, and lot of original factual points.

    Not like the usual repetitive, redundant, unedited and uneducated posts from butthead and fijimonkey.

  78. Budhau Says:

    Scopion – you dumbass – are you suggesting that I edit my post in here, and maybe do a spell check.

    You one very smart dude, right? You sure saw all them facts ( or is it all those facts) that Litea had – that two heavyweight lawyers and a University Professor kicked ass of the other debating team made up of some head of a Provincial council, a trade unionist head of some Hindu organization and some Social services person.

    Scorpion – you one real dumbass.

  79. Fiji Man Says:

    Mr/Mrs Draunidalo?? which one?? what did that debate prove? nothing just a pure waste of time and money Vuki!

  80. Truth Says:

    @ Litea, my sentiments … Jean nipping it on the Bud is an original too. Love that one 🙂

  81. Truth Says:

    Nipped in the Bud and coup beneficiaries are desperate to get approval and acceptance from us.

    This is not going to happen. We will never ever ever give support to this lot of Mobsters. You can rule 20, 30, 40, 50 years and take the country down with you we could not care less. It is your funeral! either way.

  82. Budhau Says:

    So Truth, it is OK with you it these guys ruled for the next few generations – as long as “we” do not approve – sort of like “we couldn’t care less”. – I think that is the attitude in Fiji – that this is a Suva thing – I fight between Frank B and Qarase – the rest of the folks couldn’t care less.

    Here is the plan – with the electoral changes in the constitution, the Ratus and the Ratu endorsed political party controled by the Fijian elite will have a harder time winning an election – unlike what happened in the past.
    Thus, we shall see more Fijian political parties who are not aligned with the Ratus or the Fijian elite. The Fijians themselves will align with these political parties based on their interests, not their traditional loyalties – So a worker Fijian is likely to vote for Labour Party on a non-racial basis since he has more in common with the Indian worker than the Fijian elite, a farmer or a businessman will also vote according to his interests. Some of these political parties will also form alliances and coalitions with the smaller, race-based parties such as the NFP or the SDL. That is how we will see political parties that may be conservative or liberal, left wing, church backed etc – and not race based.

    At the end of the day, since the Fijians make almost 60% of the population – that will be reflected in the numbers in Parliament. So this is not about Fijians losing control of parliament and political power – it is more about the Ratus and the Fijian elite losing power – and the money that comes with that power.

    ..and Truth – that “nip in the Bud” very original – right…BTW I am more into the other kinda bud – like the Rakiraki bud, sort of like the Mendacino bud.

  83. Truth Says:

    Vore and Mob expelling NZ and Australia’s High Commish.

    We expect NZ and Australia to do likewise

    Like I said You can rule Mobster style 10, 20, 50 years and take the country down with you — either way it is your funeral.

  84. abeche Says:

    Why can’t we just ask Frank to get on with it…change the constitution, change the elctoral system, and any other changes that he wants to make and let us get on with it and have elcetions. He has the guns and he can make any changes that he wants now. He does not have to wait till 2014.

    Let us have elections and see what people do. No amount of pontificating being done on this site and any othe site will bring the people of fiji to the fore… and that is what we should be doing… bringing the will of the people to the fore.,,,and by that i mean all of us, who call people fifji home.

    This country is so blessed with the make of of our peoples that what is happeninhis criminal. There is so much potential amongst our people that is being wasted byall this silliness….so if any of your are out there that hs any influence in the MC or with Frank, please do something!!

  85. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – you say “you are not endorsing the coup, just explaining it”
    But your explanations don’t lead to any workable advice!

    And in at least one case, they are inhuman!

    Take for example your ambivalence regarding whether or not it is okay for someone to overthrow a legal and democratic Government just to get power and money for themselves.

    That is an absolutely objectionable attitude. Completely unacceptable! Only someone without a conscience, or completely lacking empathy, could abide it. It is flat out sub-human.

    This coup is costing Fiji billions of dollars in lost GDP growth – money that could have easily been used for poverty relief, or infrastructure investment, or job creation, or improvements in health and education delivery. But instead it is just being pissed away! On what?

    No Bud, we cannot just forget the evil and the error of this coup as if it was some kind of minor and random aberration. Those who engineered this coup did so in cold blood – and they reserve the right to do so again! They premeditated it for months – despite being warned on a number of occasions that it was wrong, illegal, and would be very costly and risky. And now after all that, you are telling us that the underlying reason for it was to just to commandeer more power and money for themselves? Unconscionable!

    But not only is your attitude soulless – it is also poor management.
    Something is evil and objectionable, so what are we supposed to do in response? Let it slide? Are we just supposed to console ourselves with hand-wringing defeatism by saying “Oh well, if Frank wants to behave like a spoiled child and wreck the future of our nation and our children for nothing more than petty, self-serving reasons, what can we do?” What kind of advice is that? More to the point – what kind of society will it help create?

    Here are you guys trying your make-it-up-as-you-go hands at social-engineering an entire nation, and you can’t even see the fundamental harm of allowing selected evil to reign unopposed. Not only that, but also want us to let it reign unobserved. We’re just supposed to ignore the lies and the pretense and the awful consequences? Let me ask you another way – what if Nelson Mandela had just let Apartheid “slide”? What if Gandhi had just said “Oh well, never mind” to British rule?

    You see – we’re not just talking about how to get Fiji out of its present predicament here. We’re talking about the moral compasses of everyone in Fiji – the same moral compasses by which they will judge and respond to every future crisis and predicament we will face.

    If you guys are so hell-bent on forcing Fiji to be the guinea pig for your “Charter” social-engineering experiment, then you should at least understand that the strength of a nation is the character and ability of the people it produces.

    One of the catch-cries of this coup is how poor leadership over many years allowed Fiji to deteriorate into the political enmity and rancour it was in pre-coup. Well, you guys can forget about producing any Gandhis or Mandelas if situational ethics or weak morals are all you guys are going to aspire to, or uphold with your coup excuses and behaviour.

    And what kind of moral foundation will the Charter get built on if people have no strong convictions of anything? Because even when they face the most obvious and destructive and premeditated evil, they were continually forced to let things “slide”!

    What will they learn from that? Not to take any initiative in opposing evil themselves? How could such people be motivated then to, say, “think globally and act locally”?

    And what will they be taught by example of the compounded evil of evil-doers misusing propaganda to save their own cowardly skins? Don’t admit your mistakes, just pay any price to cover them up?

    And what they get for all this inculcation in moral flaccidity? A new dawn? A better Fiji?

    Or would they just get more wickedness upon wickedness – no independent media for people to be able to get in the habit of making up their own minds, and no independent courts for them to be able to develop faith in any kind of transcendent truth or justice.

    What kinds of decisions will those kinds of people make when they’re on their own with only their own moral compass as a guide? How could their compasses tell them right from wrong since they’ve simply never been allowed to develop them on matters of obvious or strong conviction? Or when they try, they find the ethical waters muddied for them by despicable misuse of psyops and propaganda against innocent civilians, by trained operatives and unprincipled mercenaries like you, Bud!

    We pay you guys our taxes to defend us, and here you guys are treating us like we’re the enemy. Unarmed civilians who aren’t doing anything any normal civilian wouldn’t do, and who aren’t expecting anything that any normal citizen wouldn’t demand. What kind of honor or courage or heroism do you guys find in that? This country’s future is about our future. It can’t be about anything else.

    But what kind of future are you creating for us when plain truth means nothing in the face of the Regime’s preferred propaganda? When plain evil means nothing as long as it is done in support of the coup? When merit means nothing as long as you are in support of the Regime?
    At best, you will be producing a raft of apathetic, demoralized people. At worst, you will produce a bunch of sychophants capable of the kind of moral vacillation that saw many Germans abide and even abet the Nazi evil of WW2.

    No Bud – we won’t stand for any of that! So you can take your propaganda and your psyops brief and return them to sender!

    This coup is evil! You don’t solve or even deal with evil by abiding or abetting it. You solve it by opposing it! You don’t develop strong moral backbone by caving in to evil. You develop that by refusing to take part in it! When Frank finally tires of his repeated failures, then he will come to the negotiating table. But if not, don’t insult us with the bait of compromise when the Regime doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. Let them commit their crimes on their own, and let them lie awake at night wrestling with their own consciences and failures. We might not have been able to prevail upon Frank to see common sense yet. But at least we can still sleep easy at night, and look ourselves without reproach in the mirror each day.

    In the end, truth has always, always won out in the arena of human struggle – throughout history. So all we have to do is just stick with the truth, however long it takes, and it will prevail eventually, just as it always has.

    And don’t give me any rubbish about pragmatism, either. Would it have been pragmatic for Nelson Mandela to just give up after 25 years in prison without having made any significant progress against Apartheid? Sure! But did he? Did Gandhi? Did Martin Luther King?

    Pragmatism is simply about finding a way out of what is “wrong” and into what is “right”. That process may take time. And it may go through a number of chequered, intermediate steps. But its journey always ends in a promised land where the evil it opposes has been overthrown, and the good it aspires to reigns.

    We aspire to a Fiji where truth reigns over propaganda! We desire to live in a nation where merit matters more than sychophancy. Where ideas can compete openly with each other on merit in the court of public opinion; or the forum of expert debate, or the score-sheet of actual deliverables. We aspire to a Fiji where leaders can respond sensibly and straightforwardly to the reality that people are actually living in, not some unrecognizable world of ancient history politics that only the leaders seem to know, or care, about. We aspire to live under leaders who accept and respond to the perspectives that we, the people, give them – not be constantly bombarded with spin or propaganda or guile or manipulation or state terrorism. We aspire to live in a Fiji where freedom and accountability and excellence reign, and are not sacrificed daily to warped ideas about reality. Or a self-serving bloody-mindedness prepared to wreck everything else for an obsessive crusade to solve vague allegations of racism that cannot even be properly articulated or specified, let alone solved.

    So let freedom ring from the mist-capped mountains of Monasavu to the sun-drenched shores of the Yasawas. From the rain-washed peaks of Taveuni, to the turquoise waters of Kadavu

    And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every province and every town, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, Hindus and Muslims will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

  86. Budhau Says:

    Jean, your comments on my attitude, your wrote, “Take for example your ambivalence regarding whether or not it is okay for someone to overthrow a legal and democratic Government just to get power and money for themselves. That is an absolutely objectionable attitude. Completely unacceptable! Only someone without a conscience, or completely lacking empathy, could abide it. It is flat out sub-human.”

    Jean, Jean…. You got it wrong again.
    Here is where I stand – ALL Fiji coups were wrong, I do not support them, I do not endorse them – but the fact still remains that these coups happen and it is very likely that they will happen in Fiji in future – based on our coup culture. That is stating the obvious – not endorsing coups – now where in here am I endorsing the coup, am I.

    The second thing we discussed was the reasons that are given for the coups – the earlier coups were about “indigenous rights”, this one is about transparency, corruption clean up and racial equality. That’s all hogwash – All coups were about power and money – no one is buying their reasons for the coup given by the coupsters.

    That again does not mean that I support coups that are just for power and money – All I said is that I do not buy the reasons for the coup – because, unlike most of you, I KNOW the real reasons for the coup.

    Which part of the above line of reasoning suggests that I think it is OK for someone to overthrow a legal and democratic government just to get power and money for themselves.

    The overall point I was making was that it is silly of you and others to come up in here and make the argument that since this regime had stated that the coup was about clean-up, transparency etc – and since they haven’t been able to achieve that goal, they have failed. To that I responded that the coup never was about clean-up, transparency etc, it was about power and money – just like all other coups. So you reasoning is flawed when claim that the coup has failed.

    I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS COUP IS OK, I am saying that your reasoning is flawed.

    The rest of your post – I don’t disagree with most what you said about the mess we are in and most of it caused by coups – this coup and the previous ones.

    Our disagreement has more to do with how we get out of this mess.

    I do not think that we can put the old Qarase government back in power, simply because this regime will not allow this and we do not have the might to take down this military. So the settlement will have to be a negotiated settlement. None of this talk about sending Frank to the gallows or to Naboro. No matter how much you hate them, you still have to offer these guys amnesty for them to go away… just like we did in the past.

    So accept the idea of amnesty, that there will be a new constitution and a electoral system that would not be race based. Once we have a Democratically elected government in power, any further changes would have be done incrementally – you cannot just go back and make radical changes after the new government is elected – you will again have a coup on your hands.

    Talking about getting rid of the army – Qarase already had a white paper to downsize the military. So now, when we have the new government in 2014 or hopefully a few years earlier, Frank would be ready to retire and we should give him an attractive retirement package as an incentive to retire. We put in place a new commander who is more open to downsizing the army and we do that slowly over the years – be having a hiring freeze, retire the old guys, and move certain units such as intelligence under the police department and have a bigger budget for the police.

    So this is all about negotiations, reconciliations and the like..being pragmatic. So none of this crap about lets abolish the military now, lets hang Frank, lets send the rest of those guys to Naboro, lets get even with the Indians – I see a lot of that in here – day in day out – specially from people like Anon, gdevreal, Nostradamus and the rest.

    And hopefully freedom will “ring from the mist-capped mountains of Monasavu to the sun-drenched shores of the Yasawas. From the rain-washed peaks of Taveuni, to the turquoise waters of Kadavu.”

    On the other hand if we are unable to resolve this peacefully, these guys will be fighting each other for generations – and as for those Indians, with the low fertility rate and migration – by 2030, the Indians will not be significant payers in politics – this has always been a intra-Fijian conflict and will remain so – and if not resolved peacefully, we will see more tribalism. Just like we started the coup culture and cannot get rid of it, once we start a culture of violence, we will have to live with it too.

  87. senijiale Says:

    O M G! round and round the merrygoaround we go..

    G’day bloggers.

  88. Red Scorpion Says:

    Interesting reading Jean d’Ark. Butthead… not so much.

    Jean very factual, accurate and appreciated; our resident troll – let’s just say that your desk and chair at school are missing you.

    “School’s back in, sucker!”

  89. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Kudos to Jean d’Ark.

    It’s forced upon Fiji by this crew of self serving and irresponsible individuals.

  90. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Agree Jean

    This coup has been costly — monies that could have gone towards upgrading` standards and enlarge FSM & FSN, sent our doctors overseas to specialize and better their pay. Then we can boast delivering treatments to our citizens right here in our own country. Dependent on the international communities for all the big perks in our lives then continue having coups so that those we are dependent upon “can make the decisions” on whether we get treatment or die is not very appealing. Not to me. I get goose bumps listening the dictators’ ring leader toss around words like sovereignty and independence UUuuuUUu sa yawa! ko lialia. Sega tu na ka vei keda — we cry to them big boys to please fix our ailments because we are so lacking of resources and facility neither the monies to hold our own … you get the picture

    It’s embarrassing !

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