Oh puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese stop crying wolf khaiyum and get over your irrelevant self.

The illegal regime in Fiji cannot dictate New Zealand or any other countries processes, especially who they allow into their countries.

Judges or any other person appointed by the illegal regime and upholding the illegal regimes processes need to know what they are doing is ILLEGAL

and if there are sanctions in place, well them’s the breaks.

Here is his latest tirade, ha ha ha ha ha, oi lei na keteni dredre:

 The New Zealand Immigration Department has misled the Fiji public about denying entry to a Fiji High Court judge seeking urgent operation for her child, says Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

The department said earlier this week that no decision has been made on Justice Angela Wati’s application yet, since it is still being processed.

But, Sayed-Khaiyum told a press conference in Suva today that Justice Wati was interviewed by the NZ immigration officials last week for her 20-month-old baby’s eye operation in Auckland and was told that a visa will not be issued.

“She was interviewed and she was told verbally that the visa will not be issued. Your child is not going to die…,” he said.

Sayed-Khaiyum said an Immigration official later rang Wati and apologised for the manner in which they spoke to her.

A letter read out by Sayed-Khaiyum, received by Judge Wati on October 15, stated: “the NZ government has placed a ban on the issue of visas or permits to the person who have appointments made by the interim Government of Fiji”.

“By virtue of accepting an appointment to the ministry of justice, you fall within the parameters of NZ travel sanctions.”

Sayed-Khaiyum referred to the situation surrounding Justice Wati’s application and the ensuing comments by New Zealand authorities in the media as “obviously serious”.

“It’s not a matter to be lingered upon and nor should it be a matter to be brought out in the public in such a manner,” he said.

He expressed concern at the NZ Immigration Department’s wrong analysis of the Fiji situation.

“There has not been a single shred of evidence to demonstrate there’s any interference with the day to day functioning of the judiciary by the executives.

“There is no predetermined process that dictates as to which matter a judge will hear. The PM or minister does not pick up the phone and tell the judge what to write. Judges are not told what to do – this is what determines whether a judiciary is independent or not and that does not happen and is not happening and will not happen,” he added.



  1. Frida Says:

    If Anjala Wati has been appointed to the High Court as judge – she must be well educated and should be able to speak for herself. Whys is the gandu talking – nothing to do?

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    NZ has been clear from the start so take that kid to India or China. Why are these so called smart people so thick.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Frida, the Wati lady seems to have accepted the decision of the NZ government….and as a general rule, these judges do not have a lot to say outside of court. The issue is one between the two governments.

    The reason “the Gandu” is talking is because he is addressing the overall policy of the NZ government in putting members of the judiciary on the travel ban list.

    Now you may agree or disagree with the NZ government policy or with the “Gandu” – but do you understand why the “gandu” made that statement..and not the judge.

    Katalina – NZ has not been clear from the start – Jim Ah Koy, who has been working closely with this government was in NZ for medical treatment – I think the judiciary is more independent of this government than Sir Jim is.
    That Sada Reddy dude was in NZ recently – and the NZ government’s excuse was that they cannot do anything about it because of the law – can they change the fricken law… to keep the likes of Sada out if they so strongly believe in it.

    Then there was Pramesh’s Chand tending to his sick wife in NZ in late 2007. Pramesh is a senior adviser to this government and helps implement the policies of this government just like Sada Reddy does and they or their relatives are allowed in. And they then go out and refuse the visa to a sick child because he/she happens for be a judge’s kid.

    What about those NZ lawyers working for the regime – can’t NZ make some laws banning that? I am sure US lawyers cannot go work for Fidel, can they – they can’t even go visit Fidel.

    Thus, not allowing the sick child of a judge into NZ – what purpose does it serve – discourage other competent, potential judges from taking up positions in the judiciary – and the regime will shop for judges in Malaysia and Sri Lanka or Hong Kong – judges who may even be more sympathetic to the “cause” – and then you buggers will complain about impartial or incompetent judges.

    I think NZ should encourage its lawyers and others to take up positions in the Fiji judiciary. You are not going to bring down this regime by attacking judges.

  4. Red Scorpion Says:

    As you said Soli, irrelevant speech by Aiyarse and even more irrelevant long winded nonsenes by Butthead.

  5. Anon. Says:

    Examine this closely & you’ll see this is a set up to embarrass the NZ goverment.

  6. ofa Says:

    Yes Fiji’s judiciary is independent….If the AG repeats it often enough he starts to believe it himself. That is the reason for his rantings.

  7. fijitoday Says:

    Fiji Judges are only as independant as the Chief Registrar les them be.

  8. Fiji Man Says:

    Who wants to go to shit kiwiland anyway??? shit country.

  9. Tuks Says:

    Illegal ag [Airase] is barking up the wrong tree. Instead of harping against the New Zealand Government’s immigration policy, he would do us and Fiji a favour by knocking on his illegal PM’s door calling for a speedy return to Parliamentary Democracy through General Elections!!. His attempt to lecture the elected NZ Government must be the biggest joke of the week!!!. Start from home buddy!!!and stop fooling youself.You look like a clown with your attempts to deceive and hoodwink the world. It does not and will never work…Before you point fingures at others please remove the specs from your eyes first. The 2006 military coup is truly a learning lesson for the two countries [Aust and NZ] in terms of dealing with coup perpetrators like the illegal ag himself [and his brother at the FBCL], relating to issues of citizenships and PR’s. From a policy perspective, these needs to be dealt with urgently to eradicate, discourage and eliminate the coup culture from within and outside our Nation Fiji into the future. I am sure Canberra and Wellington are closely monitoring the situation to that effect. The more our clown – illegal ag speaks , the more information we get that will facilitate [deterring] immigration policy developments to that effect.

  10. Talei Tabusoro Says:


  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Very funny you idiots. Pretending to be tough with the big boys (NZ/AUST) but cry to them to fix your ailing bodies? Make do with whatever Fiji medicine has to offer. Then die a peaceful death of acceptance. Your fate is your choice. You crooks can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too.

    Jim Ah Koy did not go to Australia for medical treatment. To suggest that he did — and all the way from China >? is an outright lie. Lying, thieving, conniving, idiotic fools. Fooling yourselves. No one else.

    By the way, China’s meds not good enough for the Sir Ah Koy or is it because he does not trust Dictators with his body ? .. figured they will experiment on his body for dog food.

  12. Red Scorpion Says:

    Fijimonkey that’s the extent of your retort? Maybe you need free busfare just like Butthead to finish primary school

  13. Budhau Says:

    Tuks – lot of fluff – very little substance – with that “barking up the wrong tree”, “harping against…”, “knocking on door” etc…..”The more our clown – illegal ag speaks , the more information we get that will facilitate [deterring] immigration policy developments to that effect.”

    Hey Tuks, those NZ folks on the ground in in Suva – they don’t need the “clown” to speak to gather their information – you see what I mean when I say that there is very little substance to what you have to write.

    Katalina – you dumbass – the point I was making was people who are more closely aligned with this regime, people like Sir James, Sada Reddy and Pramesh Chand – they have all been allowed into NZ – and to deny a visa for a judge and her child for medical treatment show that NZ is consistent with their policy.

    I see that they have no given the visa.

    I think that both NZ and Australia should encourage some of their best and brightest lawyers and judges to sign up with the Fiji judiciary – that would go a long way towards the rule of law in Fiji and get a us a independent judiciary – than trying trying to intimidate those lawyers and judges who signing up.
    Do any of you idiots believe that these travel bans would prevent judges from Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Malaysia etc. from signing up for judge positions in Fiji.

  14. Tuks Says:

    Budhau, the alleged “fluff” is better than your hot air contributions totally unexpected from an academic/professor you claim or portrayed yourself to be!!!. By the way,you have shot yourself again on the foot unknowingly by your quick defense of your Gandu [Airyase ag]relating to his statement against the NZ Governments immigration above clearly demonstrated your own affiliation with the curent illlegal regime despite your continous denial. There is a big difference between your poor gandu or “qacaru” illegal ag statement and that from the NZ Government – Legitimacy and legality..!!!. Your poor qacaru Gandu does not represent anybody except ppl like yourself and his boss VB whilst the elected NZ Government speaks with the power of their electorates and people who placed them in power.

  15. Red Scorpion Says:

    Butthead Bhudda, your insignificant whining will hardly convince NZ to do an about turn and accomodate IG clowns.

    Go and iron your uniform, with the free busfare now u have no excuse to keep skipping school. Jaaldi maro

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    NZ and Australia’s best and brightest Lawyers delivered a verdict in Fiji’s courtroom which your idol disregarded by way of abrogating the constitution and that, in your dumbass perverted crooked mind’s eye does not constitute criminal minds’ rule over Fiji’s Judiciary? Go to school dumbass fool. Anon is right take advantage of your free bus fare.

  17. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    NZ / Australia denying visa (medical or otherwise) to the IG cronies families proves they open our letters. Each time the IG is denied is a victory for our side. And why didn’t Ah Koy seek medical help where he is ? suddenly your “look North policy” is not so rosy afterall. Chand and Chaudhry should have taken wives up north. Your mantra on Australia and NZ is “I hate you, berate you, but please take care of me” Shallow nitwits.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tuks,
    I will keep this one short – just one issue. You were bitching about my vulgar language – I agree that terms like arsehole, bitch etc is mild profanity. However, when you refer to the AG as “Gandu” – what do you think that is – Gandu is someone who is into anal sex – comes from the Hindi word “gaand”.

    The language that I use, while mildly profane, is in everyday use – while you go around accusing people of being into anal sex – now, I would not use that kind of language in mixed company…next what – are you doing to discuss the size of a certain part of the AG’s anatomy.

  19. Truth Says:

    @ Anon could be but my take is that Australia or NZ can not be bothered by trivial speeches coming from small time potatoe who does not even respect Fiji’s laws. The Gandu (thanks for the tip Tuks) is a laughing stock as far as right minded people are concerned … taking a swipe at NZ immigration policies when he is front and center of thievery.

  20. Budhau Says:

    Hey Truth – the Gandu had a masters degree in law – and he did not do that on some FAB scholarship – The guy ain’t no idiots…and yes it is OK to disagree with his politics – but don’t belittle the guy.

    ..and BTW – that swipe may have had something to do with the NZ government change in tone as it relates to Judge lady’s visa.

    Oh BTW – some people might say that this Gandu, that you keep mentioning, is on the “giving” end of it – and you can guess who are at the receiving end of what this Gandu and that Barka Gandu is giving.

    Talking about Gandus – so how long you gonna take this lying down.

  21. Jone Says:

    On that receiving end of the Gandu’s you know what is Bainimarama and his boys up at Nabua lol! Thanks for the info Fiji Military nee Budhau

    Too bad that all the reading for Law Degree (more like bush lawyer ) did not enlighten that criminally inclined Gandu STILL A CRIMINAL AND STILL A GANDU

    ooohhhh we are so impressed


  22. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    A Lawyer who does not uphold the Law ?

  23. Red Scorpion Says:

    Ha ha ha ha.. what a joke… the gandu is has an obscure track record in legal practice, what big case has he successfully delivered in court? Nothing, he was brought in out of the blue and has to enlist the services of highly paid specialists from abroad to supplement his pea brain. So he has a masters? Big deal, is he the only 1 in Fiji? Where was this Masters from? The Inns of Law in England or Havard or Yale? Oh from Hong Kong, yes that mecca of international law… I find it hard to believe that he’s the pinnacle of the legal minds here in Fiji

    I remember the picture of him in F/Times looking dumbfounded and thunderstruck after the Supreme Court decision ruling that the IG was indeed illegal. Ha ha ha, that’s all we need to know about his incompetence.

    Butthead, u and him can catch the free bus to primary school tomorrow. If its too full u can “tene” on the driver and his gearbox…

  24. senijiale Says:

    More like a lawyer who does not respect the RULE OF LAW, with its
    democratic principles and processes.

    iAG is a usurper/revolutionist, but they’re also a dying breed, now
    commonly referred to in the 21st century as L O S E R S.

    Speaking of those anguishing over iAG’s anatomy, methinks the term ‘ghandu or ghandoo’ is more often than not, used by the MSM (i.e. men who hve sex with men but are in total denial about their!)

    I tend to hve more respect for the GLBT (hey little red kuka – that’s not some fancy word but an acronym for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites), as it appears to be a culture, a lifestyle and an identity for them, not just some sordid activity – a whambamthankyousam that’s usually found in the military, prisons or whereever you find huge congregates of males e.g in our very own Fijian Parliament.

    In China for e.g. it was found that 95% of MSM are MARRIED. Perhaps
    Mr Lewensky could enlighten us more…

  25. Tuks Says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to again ask my earlier question you deliberately avoided to respond to – What is wrong with having a degree through the Fijian Affairs Scholarship?. Let me remind you that your illegal hero ag can never qualify for such scholarship scheme in the first place. Well, well, … unintended effects yes …has only revealed the hidden truth about you..It has only publicise the slur deeply wrapped of your own personal racial biases . Yes ..and of your continous efforts to deliberately sidestep the issues before us.Part of your ongoing flight strategy…ye!!! To put the issue in perspective [again], we are talking about the biggest joke of the week!!. How an illegal, treasonous ag is making a mockery of his own illegal & treasonous Regime . How he is deluding his own selfish self accusing the democratically, legal NZ Government immigration policy when the clown himself is immersed in the thick of breaking the Rule of Law.!!.
    I will forgive you Budhau because of your earlier public admission that you are still in the stage of problem identification phase therefore your inability to the truth before us. Your defense that your clown ag has a Master’s Degree in Law makes his situation even more worst mate!!. How can one with such a qualification in Law deliberately squandered and break the Rule of Law??. It makes us wonder as to what kind of Legal fraternity he actually qualified from. If its true that your Gandu was making bombs after the 2000 coups planning to destroy our own Nadi airport, then that speaks for itself. Your hero gandu is a Master with full law qualification in terrorism acts. His own thesis proposing to destroy our Fijian administrative machinery is an example of the terrorist activities he has already put in place through the illegal Charter. His actions against the NZ Government must never be taken lightly. The guy is a danger. He is a terrorist with unexplained potential to bring harm to Fiji, NZ, and the world.
    Thank yopu for your defining the word GANDU. If you look clearly again, I only borrowed from another blogger. I will avoid it now after your clarification. I only wonder when you too will start avoiding using of those vulgar langauges even with full knowledge of their meaning.

  26. Budhau Says:

    Tuks – I am having some problems posting on this board – specially messages that are some what longer – so I will make this one short.

    FAB – it is the scammers who end up getting most scholarships earmarked for Fijians – just like everything else under affirmative action. Thus the Fijians best and the brightest do not get these scholarship. Another thing, unlike other scholarship, there is no means (income) test for these scholarship – so those scammers, the wealthy Fijian elite end up with the scholarship – Nothing racist about this view – is it?

  27. Budhau Says:

    On vulgar language – So you just borrowed the word Gandu from another blogger and had not idea what it was – yeah right.
    The word Gandu is on of the most widely used slurs in Fiji – mostly to do with Homophobia.
    The language that I use, agreed that it may be mildly profane – but you see that in any movie that is rated PG 13, and you hear that on cable TV in programmes like Jon Steward and Colbert.
    So now that you know what Gandu means – someone who is into anal sex – I am sure you will jump on those others in here you use such vulgar language – and besides, the prejudice and homophobia related issues – a enlightened person like you should see that also.

  28. Fiji Man Says:

    Katalina Balawanilotu is harping on about BS when she herself is living in China, or tracing her ancestral roots!!

  29. Tuks Says:

    Budhau, have nothing to add. Thot my above explanation sufficient. There’s nothing new to be discussed.

  30. Red Scorpion Says:

    @ Tuks, u said it mate Butthead and Fijimonkeys comments can be condensed down to this “__” i.e. irrelevant empty space, posts are so long becos lots of free useless time lol

  31. Budhau Says:

    Good Tuks – I hope in future you will refrain from using profanity such as the regular use of the word Gandu (i.e., someone who is into anal sex) I also hope you will object to others who use such language – just like you had objected to my use of mildly profane language.

    BTW – as a general rule, I think it may be a good idea to refrain from name calling when we refer to the major players involved with the current political impasse. You don’t see me calling Rabuka or Speight by any other name do you – and neither to I get creative with names like Qarase – so the correct spelling for of the AG’s name Aiyaaz (I think), and it is Chaudary and not Chodo (BTW the word Chodo in Hindi means “to Fuck”)
    So do you see who has been using profanity in here.

  32. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Jim Anthony and Apisai Tora is more like it.

  33. Tuks Says:

    And of your most popular “idiot” word..Budhau. Its funny you are calling everyone an idiot except yourself..Superiority complex???????

  34. Budhau Says:

    Tuks, it a see an an idiot in here, I call him – I don’t think you should have a problem with that – I don’t go around calling him a faggot – do you see the difference.

    As for the the superiority complex – lets say that I do have that complex – you are perfectly within your rights to tell me that – I have no problem with that.

    BTW – I do think that I am better looking, younger, wealthier, better educated and more intelligent than you and whole lot of others in here – is that what you are referring to as my superiority complex.

    You see Tuks – terms such as Dumbass, idiots etc are OK specially if the guy is an idiots – but terms such as Gandu, faggots (which is a Gandu equivalent) other homophobic remarks, racist statements and the like – they have no place on this board. As for those creative names, Airarse, Chodo, Gh-arse, Butthead and the like – usually that kind stuff kids give up at about the sixth grade level.

    The issue in this thread was 1) should NZ extend its travel ban to the members of the judiciary 2) if they do, does the AG have the right to protest and 3) is NZ enforcing its travel ban in a even handed manner.

    You wanna discuss any of the above.

  35. Soko Says:

    Bud and Turks:

    You both idiots.

  36. Red Scorpion Says:

    Again, let us compare the inverse relationship between Butthead and Fijimonkey’s long rambling posts and their relevance (zero)

  37. Jone Says:

    Mod, please remove the “selected” trigger words that keeps my post from the board. They aren’t inappropriate words if compared to all other swear words used here.

  38. Tuks Says:

    Vinaka Soko…Vinaka…

  39. Asgrocky Says:

    Actually Bhudau
    Everything you know is ever changing so you keep yourself up to date. These people don’t really care for the kind of knowledge you have when it comes down to the crunch because their belief and value system is around their faith in their God as you can see from their posts. They are just a few you can count them off your fingers but from their posts that should be enough for you to see their main interests is elsewhere and not entirely with their govt. In the country itself, people get about their normal life as if there is no coup, they know there is a problem at govt level but God will take care of things. There is the belief and value system strongly at work here in the Christian Fijian, has it not clicked in you yet? This is a culturally sensitive issue. It would be very inappropriate for anyone to trash it as I have seen you time and again do it. You and every non Christian in Fiji should in fact be appreciative of the peace the Fijians have so far demonstrated in the past 3 years despite the fact their world and values have been trampled over.

  40. Soko Says:


    Don’t take it personally at some stage in our lives we are just simply idiots for one reason or another.

  41. Budhau Says:

    Good, I see that folks have mellowed somewhat – now we can get back to the discussion about NZ position.

    Does NZ have double standard – letting Sada Reddy, Pramesh Chand and Sir James into the country and denying a visa to the child of a Judge who was in need of some medical treatment.

    Should NZ put members of the Fiji Judiciary on its travel ban list?

    Does the Fiji AG have a right to protest this policy against members of out Judiciary.

    BTW – why can’t NZ pass some law that allows it revoke the PR visas of people who a involved with the Fiji regime.

    Why doesn’t NZ do more to keep its citizens from traveling to Fiji – it is the revenues from tourists – mostly NZ and Australians that is keeping the regime afloat.

    Why does NZ have a double standard for dealing with dictatorships? They deal with some and not with others.

    You see guys – it is stuff like this that need to be address – not who is the bigger Gandu.

    Scorpion – you are just a dumbass – trying to impress folks in here with your “inverse relationship” remark – If you were trying to say that the more these two guys write, the less sense they make – that I can understand – but what was that zero for – what has that gotta do with anything.

    ..No Soko – sometimes in our lives we may do some stupid things – being an idiot has nothing to do with that – that does not make one an idiots – Scorpion here is a idiot, two notches below an imbecile and a moron….. has more to do with intelligence.

  42. Red Scorpion Says:

    Butthead ur posting is still irrelevant and boring. Lol… u pose idiotic questions no one is interested and can’t even answer ur own idiotic questions properly.

    U must be joking u ingrate peasant, can’t even construct basic rhetoric. Evidently my comments have touched a nerve judging by ur long drawn out post, must’ve taken u

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